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"Mr. Jackson!"

Click. Flash.

"Mr. Jackson, over here!"

"Mr. Jackson, smile for us!"

"What are your thoughts of Aquatic Industries?"

Flash. Click.

What do you think about the scandal of Aerial Corperation?"

"What about Zeus Grace?"

"Mr. Jackson!"

"The suited clothed figure walked forwards, ignoring the crowd of reporters on either side of him. The usual amounts of fans of his were also present.

He had never particularly liked it. Not at all. Being one of the most wealthy men on Earth meant attention. Attention meant scrutiny. Scrutiny about his past, scrutiny about his love life, scrutiny about every damned thing. It wasn't a surprise anymore when he found an article on him, discussing the most trivial means of his life. Why people wished to know that he preferred eating his steak rare instead of well done was quite the mystery to him.

He slowly walked up the wooden steps, his expensive shined shoes clacking, and walked across the stage, all while taking a paper out of his inside breast pocket.

He touched the microphone, tapping it softly, and satisfied with the sound, stared at the expecting people. Press conferences were for the press to question him, of course. "Good morning."

The jumble of voices quieted down in the street, although the city noises would be ever present. This was New York, the city that never slept. /p
I suppose you folks were not expecting me to appear up here on the stage, due to my young age.

He paused, and noise came back, due to reporters shouting more questions. He ignored them.

"My father never thought age was important though. While it does give a person their experience of life, and knowledge that you can only acquire with with time, it also makes you lose your innocence," he paused yet again, "Your ability to trust others. It can effect your creativity, and your outlook on life easily. I, think this is true.

He looked left and right, putting his hands on the podium with the microphone. The crowd waited for him to continue, with the clicking of cameras going off, still going wild.

As you know, I have made movements concerning the Aerial Corperation, along with my company, Aquatic Industries. While I have a loose plan, there are still lots of problematic issues that still need to be resolved, concerning my employees, along with the base of the companies themselves."

A couple voices were heard, but they were muted as his voice thundered through the microphone system yet again. "I hope that all of you investors, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, stock brokers, and many others welcome me into this world. I plan on being as inspirational, successful, and revolutionary as my father. While Poseidon left large shoes to fill, luckily I have large feet.

"A small rolling chuckled sounded.

"I look forward to the future. I plan to be the future. Everybody," he spread his hands, "We will make the future."

The press exploded at his obvious end of his opening remarks, shouting questions.

"What are your thoughts on the scandal?"

"How did you survive?"

"What about the list of names of the fired workers?"

"Does Ms. Annabeth Chase have any connections to this?"

The still teenager on the podium stopped, and held his hand up. "I have been asked a very interesting question," he almost drawled, "Does Annabeth Chase have any connections?" he glared at them all, "As far as I know, the woman of which you have insulted the name of, does not like economics in the least. If that does not give you your answer, I hope you think harder. Collectively, humans are amazing when they put their minds to one task. Additionally, I will not answer any other questions regarding her."

The voices rose in protest, but the figure on the podium squared his shoulders, appearing larger, and even older than he was. His voice boomed out authoritatively, just like his father.
"Next question."

August 18th, 1999


Sally Olympian sighed as she looked down at her newborn son. She smiled. Even at his tender age old he already looked like he was ready to take on the world. Sally couldn't help but notice that her son had inherited almost all of her husband's features. Percy was already looking like a mini clone, green eyes, black hair, and a strong jaw and much, much more, although Sally knew that he would have her heart. She could feel it.

"My little Perseus Olympian." Sally sighed as she smiled down at the sleeping figure of her son.

"That he is."

Sally looked up so see that her husband had entered the room. She hadn't noticed him. Poseidon beamed down at her. She could feel pride almost radiating off her husband. They had a son. A perfectly healthy and whether it was just her motherly part of her or not, a beautiful son at that.

They glanced down again to see Percy open his eyes and give a little smile along with an incoherent sound.

"Right you are Percy." Poseidon chuckled as he took their child and rocked him in his arms.

Sally had to smile at that. Like he could understand what Percy had said. Either way Percy gave a sound of a laugh and gurgled again.

Poseidon looked at her. "You know, we should enjoy this while it lasts."

"What?" Sally asked, half curious and half bemused as she shifted in her bed to make herself more comfortable.

"My mother told me that I had the terrible twos."

"Really now." Sally laughed

She couldn't imagine her husband crying and shrieking. He had always been calm, even when he was angry or even absolutely livid he never really raised his voice. Instead it become lower and darker, each word became a knife, each one slowly ripping its victim apart. Sally had never been on the receiving end of it, Poseidon treated her like a queen, even when she didn't want to.

"Oh yes." Poseidon's eyes twinkled as he started to dictate. He raised his voice, no doubt in a humorous way of imitating his late mother. "You just wouldn't believe it! I come back after talking to Metis and he's wailing away! I rush to the source of the noise and the scene meeting my eyes is horrendous! There he is! In the middle of the kitchen with cookies everywhere! The cookie jar is smashed on the floor and the chair is up against the counter! Little Poseidon is screaming his lungs out and dehydrating himself through the amount of tears he's cried! This is weekly too! Weekly!"

"Oh my." She laughed. Somehow after the dictation she could conjure an image of the scene in her head. Only Gaea would rant about her sons, whether they had done her proud or in her mind deserved to be sent to a military school.

As the two stopped laughing as a doctor walked. "Mr. and Mrs. Olympian?" he asked.

"Yes." The two answered simultaneously.

"I've been informed that you're free to go, although if you wish to spend the night here you can, by all means." He informed her.

"Oh no, no need for that. I'll be perfectly fine at our house. I feel great." Sally stated as she started to sit up out of her bed.

Poseidon rushed over to her. "Are you sure? I don't want you to strain yourself. I mean, you just gave birth Sally!"

"I'm okay, besides I'd like to introduce to his home." Sally smiled. There he went again. Always putting her first, always checking in with her. Not that Sally didn't like it though, she felt connected to her husband.

"Are you sure?" Poseidon scrunched his eyebrows like he always did when he was worried.

"Yes." Sally said firmly.

Sally rose out of the hospital bed and took Percy from Poseidon's arms. Poseidon kissed her check and thanked the doctor.

"Thank you…" Sally squinted at the doctor's badge. She found that she was uncannily good at remembering faces and names. "Dr. Sollace." She finished. Sally always liked to call somebody by a name, maybe not their real one, but she found it made the person more unique and real.

"No problem." Dr. Sollace answered. "Call the hospital if you need anything, if it's urgent, they will route it to me."

Sally raised her eyebrows. So it had already gotten out through the hospital that they were very important patients, VIPs. "I'm fine thank you, although I'll keep it in mind."

Poseidon escorted her out of the hospital. Sally couldn't help but notice that even though the night had come how busy the hospital still was. She also noticed that she and her husband, and now Percy were getting the look. She sighed. She had purposely forced Poseidon to a normal hospital, not a special one. Sally didn't want to live big, she didn't like to live big, but with their last names being national treasures as they were it was impossible.

Together the stepped outside into the August air. It had cooled down a bit, but it was still August, and summer stretching itself. Poseidon took out his phone and speed dialed Peleus, their chauffeur. They waited only for about a minute before the sleek black car, one that looked like a taxi rolled up to the hospital.

Just like Peleus. He must have been waiting somewhere in the parking lot all afternoon. Sally thought. Peleus was always putting his best foot forward for them, he loved his work, and he treated Poseidon with a polite tone, but more as an equal and not like an employer. Poseidon did the same, Sally and him refused to treat their staff as their servants, even if they did so themselves.

The front window rolled down to reveal a cheery faced man who looked like he was in his early thirties. He had light brown eyes and light brown hair with a light dusting of small and barely visible freckles across his face. He wasn't exactly big, but we on the taller side. He wore a black suit without a tie and a light purple button up shirt with the top button undone. He looked excitedly at the two.

"Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Olympian. I see we will have another on the Olympian express."

"Yes we do Peleus." Poseidon answered as he grinned at his friend. "Peleus, meet Perseus Olympian. Percy, meet Peleus, your eternal slave." Poseidon joked.

"Nice to meet you Percy, although sorry, I'm only your man if you need a ride, or need help in terms of travel." Peleus laughed.

"Okay you two. Let's get ourselves home. Right Peleus?" Sally smiled.

"Right you are Miss."

Sally entered the car's back seat to see a baby carrier all ready and set for her son.

"Why Peleus, you didn't have to do this…"

"No problem Mrs. Olympian, I need all my passengers to be safe, even newborns. Especially newborns." Peleus assured.

Sally strapped little Percy into his carrier and sat down on the soft leather. Poseidon closed the car door for her and went around on the other side. He climbed in and fastened his seatbelt.

"Hit it Peleus."

Peleus turned his head, raised an eyebrow and answered "Wake up young Perseus? I think not." In a very posh voice before seriously adding "Sorry, the kid wants his sleep."

"Oh shut up, and start driving." Poseidon laughed.

"That, I can do."

The car started to smoothly roll of the hospital pavement and onto the road towards the Olypan estate. Sally felt herself relax in the soft leather upholstery. She was hit with a wave of tiredness. Sally turned her head to smile at her husband, instead of returning it he was already softly snoring away. Sally laughed.

"Have a nice rest, dear, because you are going to need it." She murmured before closing her eyes and letting the relaxing vibrations of the car lull her to sleep.

"Dear, it's time to get up, we've arrived." Poseidon softly spoke as he gently shook her awake.

Sally looked to her left. "Where's Percy?" she questioned.

"Peleus offered to take him in and introduce him to Terminus." Poseidon answered. "It might take a while." He added.

"I'm sure of that." Sally yawned as the stepped out of the car and stretched. Poseidon wove his hand into hers and they slowly walked up the twelve steps to their large oak doors.

They saw Peleus holding Percy, who was scowling at Terminus, who was speaking to him.

Terminus looked old for his age due to his graying hair, although his frame was still large, and anybody could tell that he would be able to still pack a decent punch. He was clothed in a suit with a tie, the whole outfit looked pristine, as if it had just been irons five minutes earlier.

"Young master Perseus. If you are going to enter this property again you will need to frown at me like you are doing so to allow me to let your enter. I cannot allow anything suspicious to pass." Terminus lectured.

Sally and Poseidon looked at each other with raised eyebrows. Terminus was head of their security and was the door man of their estate. They both admitted that he might be the slightest bit paranoid about any potential or her mind non-existent threats entering the premises. Either way, Poseidon spoke her thoughts out loud.

"Hello Terminus." He spoke.

"Why good evening Master Poseidon. It is nice to see you back for the night." Terminus answered before slightly bowing to both of them before continuing. "It's nice to see you in good health My Lady, you look regal as always."

Sally closed her eyes. As much as she liked Terminus she sometimes couldn't stand him. He was always too polite for her when he was talking to her. She had continuously urged him to simply call her Sally, or Mrs. Olympian at most, but he had always politely refused. Over time Sally had given up, and had allowed Terminus to call her My Lady, or something that he deemed appropriate. As much as she didn't like that part of Terminus he was an outstanding guard. He had devised a way to keep their estate safe, and when at the front door he was always alert, and almost never made a mistake between letting a guest in to judo flipping a possible "threat" onto the ground. His judgement in that sense was impeccable, and Sally couldn't feel safer in her own home.

"Terminus," Poseidon continued. "As much as I do understand the reason for security, Percy isn't even a day old yet, he cannot control himself that well to be able to frown at you to gain entry, and you will simply have to let him through."

Terminus reddened, as if the thought had never crossed him. "Pardon me Young Master, I will always be thinking of your safety as top priority." He turned to Poseidon. "Have a good night sleep." Terminus bowed and opened up massive oak doors for us.

"Thank you Terminus, have a good night to you too." Sally answered, even if he would be awake on guard for most of it.

They stepped inside and were ushered by Argus their butler.

Peleus handed Percy to Sally. He then removed his shoes, replaced on his indoor pair, and nodded to Argus before bidding them a good night. He then walked to the employees corridor and out of view.

"Welcome home." Argus greeted them warmly. Argus was one of their youngest staff members, and one of the best looking. He had dirty blonde almost brown hair and dark blue eyes. Even though he had first class eloquence he had gladly obliged to not having to wear a tie by Poseidon's instructions. He still wore a button up shirt and a blazer although you were able to see a white T-Shirt sticking out from underneath.

"I see we have one more added to the family." He noted.

"Yes we do Argus." Poseidon answered back.

"Would you like me to lead young Perseus to his room? Or will he be staying you Mrs. Sally." Argus asked.

Like Peleus he had taken to Poseidon's insisting of being more informal, although he still seemed to struggle with calling them by their first names in a casual manner.

"He'll be staying with us." Sally answered as Argus took their shoes away to a nearby servant who in turn walked over to the closet to put them away.

"Excellent. Is there anything else that you would like? Tea perhaps? I personally find it quite soothing before resting." Argus offered.

"No thank you Argus, just make sure that Percy here isn't going to be wearing anything embarrassing, talk to Lacy for assistance if you need, other than that we should be fine."

"As you wish Mr. Olympian. Ring the bell if you need anything and either I or fellow staffs will be present within half a minute." Argus promised before leaving the three alone.

Poseidon hugged his wife and son before he kissed the now asleep Percy and they headed to the master bedroom. Poseidon opened the door for Sally and she walked in and put Percy down in a crib right next to their king sized bed.

Poseidon closed the door and walked up next to Sally, placing his hand on her waist.

"He's going to grow up to be great. I'm sure of it." Poseidon whispered.

"Oh, I'm sure of it. I just hope that he'll be a good sleeper. As much as I love Percy and children, I love my sleep." Sally responded.

"I agree."

The two sprawled out on their bed on top of the covers with their clothes still on. Sally relaxed on their bed as she listened to her husband's breathing slow and turn into soft snores. She shimmied in his arms to make herself more comfortable. Sally looked at the cradle containing their newborn son.

"Perseus Lexander Olympian." She softly murmured his name.

Sally smiled to herself and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

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