Eren Jeager loved his parents. Nice, kind, and conservative. They always prayed before a meal, and went to church every Sunday. They were almost always nice to others. But, that was the thing. They were almost always nice to others.

And that was why he couldn't tell them his secret. The secret so many people had accepted as a part of who he was, save for a few. And he was afraid his parents would join that few.

So, he kept quiet.

Eren walked on the sidewalk, glancing at the people passing by him. All people on their way back from church, maybe to a nice brunch or a park. His parents, Grisha and Carla Jeager, had decided to go out on an early date this morning before Grisha went on another business trip.

They had asked if Eren wanted to go, but he had work, and he knew that his parents would want some time alone before his father began his long absence.

Eren stopped at a cosplay cafe and sighed, walking inside. His co-workers nodded at him as he walked by. Ymir and Christa walked out of the female changing room, giggling. Christa smiled at Eren. Ymir just scowled.

"Armin's having trouble with his suit, says Jean." Christa said.

"Why didn't he just help him?" scoffed Ymir. "Really, they're practically a couple already."

Eren smiled and nodded as he headed back to the male locker room. There stood Armin, trying to tie his tie. His tail coat was still unbuttoned. Eren changed into the tux without much difficulty and helped Armin with his.

"Thanks." Armin said gratefully.

"No problem." Eren said, heading out. He was immediately assaulted by the eyes of he customers. Maid Day was one of their favorites. Eren wondered why they didn't just go to a maid cafe or a butler cafe instead.

He didn't mind working here. He actually quite liked being admired by both girls and boys alike. Sometimes, the regular customers went so far as to ask to be served by Eren. He and Christa were the two most popular employees, Mikasa coming in at a close third. Eren glanced around the shop. Mikasa wasn't working today.

Eren glanced up as a short man with a permanent scowl walked in. He looked like he was constipated. He was quite handsome, but his intimidating glare took away from it all. Eren walked over to the man and greeted him.

"Right this way, sir. Table for one?" He asked, smiling.

"Five." said the man. Eren took him to a table for six - close enough - and smiled again.

"I'll be right back."

Levi sighed. Why had Zoe chosen this place, of all the places in town? And just for some stupid college paper they had to turn in next fucking week. And it wasn't even a group paper. Zoe just liked to mooch off of other people. He glanced at his waiter. He wasn't bad looking. His emerald green eyes shone with some sort of determination, but they looked sad.

Get it together! He mentally slapped himself. Now was no time to be checking out boys. He had a paper to do. But where was Zoe?

There. She paraded in, with Erd, Petra, Gunther, and Auroro. Zoe slid next to Levi and Petra and Auroro sat next to each other. Of course. Erd and Gunther sat on either side of them. Auroro smiled at Petra, who blushed. Levi threw up a little and turned his head.

The waiter walked back up to the table. "Welcome, honored guests. I am Eren, and I will be your butler today." He sat five menus down on the table and bowed.

"What would you like to drink?" he asked, licking the tip of his pen. Levi shivered in disgust. How could he lick something so... filthy?

They all ordered their drinks and Eren left. Levi couldn't help but watch him go. He glanced at Erd's paper and snarled.

"That's disgusting." He said. Erd's paper had coffee stains on it. It was just his rough draft, but it was hideous none the less.

Zoe laughed. Petra and Auroro were still acting lovey-dovey. Levi turned away. In truth, he had had a crush on Petra, once. That crush was long gone, but he still couldn't help but feel a bit hurt when he saw them together.

"Here are your drinks." Eren said, suddenly appearing at the table side. "Have you decided what to order?"

They ordered their food. Levi had chosen a stack of pancakes that didn't look too revolting. He watched Eren leave again. He moved with a certain grace, something Levi couldn't quite place. It fascinated him.

"What do you think?" asked Zoe, gesturing around the cafe and grinning like a lunatic.

"Why?" Levi asked simply.

"Because!" she gestured at all of the cosplaying workers. "It's so nice here! And tomorrow is glasses day! Guess what? I have glasses!" To emphasize her point, she took off her glasses and slammed them onto the table.

"Is there a problem, Mistress?" asked a blonde girl in a maid outfit, rushing over to their table. Erd giggled. Her name-tag read: "Christa".

"Not at all." Zoe said happily. Christa smiled at her, nodded, curtseyed, and left.

"Hey!" Zoe nudged Levi with her elbow. He had been trying to write his paper. He looked up at Zoe, who hadn't written a thing on her blank piece of paper. Why had she called them there if she wasn't going to do anything?

"What?" Levi didn't bother to keep the irritation out of his voice.

"I got to dissect a worm!" she said happily, and launched into a description of her fun. Levi ignored her and glanced up. Eren was carrying their food toward them, so Levi set his pen down and put his paper in his bag. He didn't want to get any food bits on it.

Eren gave them their food and stepped back, going to tend to the other customers. He couldn't help but look back at the incredibly handsome man, whose scowl had lessened slightly. A wave of sadness hit him and he turned away, quickly.

How was he going to tell his parents his secret? They would disown him. But he had to do it. Not today. Tomorrow.

There's always tomorrow.

A/N: Whee! Don't worry, it'll start picking up in the next chapter. Sorry if it sucks, I don't work at a maid cafe.