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The three boys placed their Gundams back in the valley between Mound Mindolluin and the White Mountains. They believed that if they left them there long enough, they'd go back to Earth.

As they made their way out of the valley, a loud pounding of hooves was heard. Shadowfax appeared first and was followed by Shinigami and another chestnut mare. The mare immediately went to Heero and nudged his shoulder playfully. It took a while for Heero to recognize Wing.

"Shadowfax says he found her wandering at the border of the Riddermark and brought her with him. She sure is glad to see you,' Wufei said normally, as if he didn't know the impact his words might have on his friends.

"Riiiight. The horse says that. You'll always surprise me Wu-man,' Duo mocked. The Chinese boy cast him an angry look.

The boys mounted bareback and Wufei saw immediately that Heero and Duo were uncomfortable without any equipment. Duo surprised him because he had ridden so well bareback just yesterday, but he guessed it was because his 'dark' self was in control. They went at a fast walk so that the two brown-haired boys could stay on their horse. The walk back to Minas Tirith was made in silence as they kept to their thoughts.

They reached the white city at dark. Grim soldiers were pilling up bodies and burning them while others took care of the wounded. Wufei called after one that did not look too occupied and asked him where they could find Aragorn.

"In the dungeons. He's interrogating the General who lead this attack,' the man replied and continued his business. The three boys gave each other a significant look and Duo and Heero risked a trot to get to the castle as quickly as possible.

The guards at the gates refused to let them in, but when they recognized Wufei, they grumbled about an order to let them in armed. They stared as they passed with resentment clear on their faces. They obviously blamed them for what had happened.

A servant guided them down to the dungeons where the interrogation was taking place. Aragorn did not even turn when they entered but called them over.

Rear was chained by his wrists and ankles to the wall. He was badly bruised, but none of his injuries were serious. His eyes grew big when he saw the boys. Then his head sagged on his chest when he recognized Heero. He knew then that they had totally lost.

"I am afraid I can not make a single word come out of him, but by his reaction to your presence I believe I was right about your importance to Ineluki's eyes,' Aragorn said as he turned to leave. His face did not wear the same happiness as his soldiers. He knew they had lost a lot of men. Even if the battle had been fairly easy, there were still a lot of damages.

"Come with me. You will want to wash up. I will have someone bring you food,' the King said as he opened the door for them. Duo did not move.

"Please go ahead. I have to speak to Lord Rear,' he said, staring at the man intently.

The three others looked at him surprisingly but Aragorn urged them forward and set a watch outside the dungeons door with the order to make sure nothing suspicious happened.

Duo waited until the door closed with a loud metallic noise before crouching in front of Rear's cell.

"Tallien is dead,' he stated. The man's head shot up and his eyebrows were creased in anger and surprise.

"How do you know his name, and by what manner do you know of his death?' he asked in a harsh and wavering voice.

"We've met before in another world and he told me his name. I know he died because I killed him myself,' the braided boy answered in a neutral tone. If he wanted his message to get through, he could not afford to let the man see any emotion.

The way Duo had said it did not leave any place for doubts. Rear lowered his head and clenched his fists so hard they shook. The braided boy waited patiently. He knew Tallien had been Rear's closest friend and he respected his need for time to assimilate the hard news. Finally, still not raising his head, the officer laughed bitterly.

"So it's over. We've lost and our world's hope with it,' he said. It sounded so much like Tallien that Duo suddenly felt guilty for what he had done. It took him a second to remember what he was talking to the man for.

"No, it's not. Tallien left me a message for you. He says he's sorry but that he does not regret anything. He just hopes someone will continue his work,' he said. He voluntarily put more emphasis on the last part. He knew that if someone could help the EasternMore make peace with Middle Earth and maybe even build an alliance, it was Rear who'd do it.

"Maybe you should try another method. War can't always be the solution,' Duo said and got up. He had said everything he had to say. The man needed to be alone.

Just when the braided boy was about to leave the dungeon, Rear called back to him.

"Tell that King to come back here. We have to talk,' he said. Duo smirked. The man had gotten the message.


Duo was in the grey forest again. He tried to find Tallien's world, but, like he had dreaded, it was gone. He slouched against a tree and sighed.

"Back again, manchild?' the woman's voice interrupted.

"Like always, Lady Galadriel,' he replied. He felt the hesitation and surprise in the elf but waited for her to speak.

"So he has told you,' she said finally.

"Yes, and I understand your legend now,' Duo replied half-heartedly. He was still dealing with the man's death and it wasn't entirely comfortable speaking about it.

"I knew you would the moment you first stepped here,' she said. Then, as if she had always been there, Galadriel was before Duo. She was smiling sweetly and her blue eyes shone with deep knowledge.

"You have yourself recovered your balance, although it is very fragile and will shatter at the slightest push,' she said, pointing to the top of the tree beside her. It was full of singing blue birds. Duo was immediately reminded of the waterfall and he felt his inside squeeze.

"I know what you're talking about. It's my double personality isn't it? I wish I could do something. Just being able to remember what I do while I'm 'black' would be enough,' Duo said with exasperation.

Galadriel shot him a knowing smile and shook her head slightly. Her golden hair shimmered in the light. "Have you ever tried asking that other you? Maybe you are not as closed off from each other as you think,' she answered in that sweet voice of hers that made anything she said seem like the truth.

"Yeah, I guess I should try that.' The braided boy nodded thoughtfully and looked at the trees around him with a sort of sad look.

As if reading his thoughts, Galadriel laughed softly. "I know what you miss. But do not be so sad. You will always be welcomed here. Maybe, with time, you will grow a world of your own and shelter and guide the lost ones. Like you were at the beginning.'

"I can do that?' Duo asked, surprised, and with a bit of hope.

"Of course. Anyone who can visit this place can make one of his own. And someone must take care of it when I am finally gone,' she answered serenely. She did not seem at all sad about her death.

The two looked at each other, but Duo closed his eyes. He was feeling tired. When he opened them again, Galadriel was gone.


The boys decided to rest in Minas Tirith a few days before leaving. They had agreed on going to Fangorn to try and get on the other side. They'd also go on foot. The three of them had grown fond of their mount, but the Earth as they knew it was no place for horses. So they would leave them behind.

The white city was in full celebration. Aragorn had announced the day after the battle that it was all over and that they had won the war. The merriments were nothing compared to those that had followed Sauron's fall, but everyone was glad to once again put away armours and swords.

The three pilots left discreetly the fourth day. They told nobody, not even Aragorn, and, using all of their skills, left the city before dawn without a soul knowing. The horses were just outside the gate, as if they had been waiting for the boys to come out. Although they patted them, the pilots did not ride and continued on foot. They had shouldered packs that held enough food to last them their journey to Fangorn.

Shadowfax snorted confusedly at Wufei but the Chinese boy ignored him. Shaking his mane, the Mearas followed him. Naturally, Shinigami and Wing were just after him.

The small procession took about a week to reach Fangorn at a brisk walk. The Riddermark was particularly tiring with its many hills, but the boys did it without so much as breaking a sweat. They finally reached the forest on an early Sunday afternoon. The snow had started to melt and the big trees were shaking off the last of the white powder's remains.

Duo turned and patted the black stallion sadly. "Here's where we go our separate ways. I'm glad you were there to help me out.'

The two other boys had already started to make their way through the underbrush and the braided boy ran to join them. The three animals stayed where they were, as if knowing that they could go no further. Shadowfax reared and let out a piercing whinny that the other two echoed as strongly. Then, with a swish of his tail, the Mearas turned and galloped away, followed closely by Wing. Shinigami lingered behind a little, but turned away and hurried to catch up with the two others.

Duo watched him go over his shoulder and shook his head sadly.

The three pilots walked slowly and completely aimlessly. They did not know how to get back to Earth, and if it would work with the three of them together, but it was worth a try. Besides, they did not know what else to try.

"Hey, Heero, while I'm thinking about it, you remember that fox girl of the deserted village?' the braided boy asked. The Perfect Soldier tensed visibly and nodded.

"Well, it seemed she was under Tallien's service and that she had to capture or kill us,' Duo said lightly. Heero turned to glare at him.

"You said you didn't remember,' the brown-haired boy said icily.

"I still don't, but I asked myself.'


Quatre wandered through the ruins, avoiding the mounds of blackened metal. He looked at the forest intently as if trying to decide whether to go in or not. Since his three companions had disappeared, he and Trowa had doubled their workload to compensate and Quatre had even made a few mission with Wing Zero to make sure OZ did not think they were dead. But they were starting to be suspicious. Deathscythe and Nataku had not made a single appearance since about two or three months ago, and that was far too long to be inactive when two other pilots were working so hard.

He sat carefully on a fallen tree just at the rim of the forest. He and Trowa had changed location many times since Wufei had left last to search for his two lost comrades, but by some lucky circumstances, he was back for two weeks. One had already past but he kept going to the place every other day to see if his friends would ever come out. He had thought about coming everyday but someone might get suspicious, so he had come every three days instead. He knew they weren't dead. He could still feel them although they seemed far off, almost like an echo. But as long as they weren't dead, he'd keep coming whenever he could.

He was so lost in thoughts he did not hear the small rustle of leaves. It lasted a second, but for a Gundam pilot searching for something, it could have been very important.

"Hey Q-man! What are you thinking about that's got you so spaced out? Any normal person would've heard us a mile away!'

The blond boy jumped at the familiar voice. He searched in the woods for a barely a second before he spotted Duo walking quickly towards him with Heero and Wufei in his wake. The braided boy looked normal enough even if his priest clothing were torn and bloodied, but Quatre's eyes widened at the other two. They were dressed in old rags that seemed to belong to the age of knights and castles and they even had swords in their belts. That's when he noticed that Duo had one too. He stood, frozen in bewilderment, as Duo placed an arm around his shoulder and lead him away from the forest and to the car not to far away. He kept joking and laughing at how wonderful it would be to finally be back in a world of cars and computers and Gundams but how he'd miss the big spaces and fresh air. The poor confused Quatre look over his shoulder at the two other boys with a look begging for explanations, but they simply smiled. Even Heero. And it was not his usual smirk, but a real happy smile.

The blond boy pointed to their swords and Heero looked down, mildly surprised, and shrugged. They had all gotten so used to the blades that it had seemed natural to wear them and the idea of leaving them in Middle Earth had not even crossed their minds.

"How did you get those things?' the blond asked with wide confused eye.

Duo raised an arm, revealing his black knives. "It's a long story, but let's just say they're a precious souvenir.'

With a knowing smile, Heero took out the Necklace of Alliance and Wufei the journal of Saruman. Quatre looked at each of them then shook his head, resigned. Simply overjoyed that his friends were back, he started skilfully directing Duo's comments on where they had disappeared and what they had done.

****** The End ******

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