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The tooth fairy sat in her palace in Southeast Asia. She was staring at the clock. It was Wednesday the 13th of February, 2013, 11:55pm. She was practically buzzing with excitement. Cupid was sure to visit her first, like she does every year. A large sum of Toothina's multi-colored fairies were flying around above her head. They were all excited for the holiday of love, as was their leader. She jumped for joy when the clock struck twelve, showing that it was now February 14th, valentine's day. Tooth ran to the window. A giant rose, at least 6 feet tall, sprouted from her garden.

Out of the rose stepped a girl who looked about 16, but was really about 400 years old. She had pale skin and light, pink poofy curls that hung just below her shoulders. A pair of white feathered wings were tucked in behind her back. Her eyes had the same hue as her hair. This year, her outfit had changed. Tooth was used to seeing her in a red dress with grey leggings. Now it was much more spunky.

A thick-strapped grey tank top embraced her curves, cut off just above her hips. She had a white scarf and red leggings. On her feet were black, wedge sneakers with bright pink laces. They made her legs look like they stretched on forever. Toothina, overcome with excitement, flew to meet her best friend in her garden.

"Cue! Cue!" She flew as fast as she could, nearly knocking down the spirit of love with a hug. She clung to the girl's torso and smiled, "Oh, I've missed you."

She laughed, a low yet sweet sound that made the bright fairy squeeze harder, "I've missed you, too, Pearly."

They both pulled away and laughed. Toothina pulled Cupid by the hand, back into her palace. She knew the spirit couldn't stay long. She had work to do, the fairy understood that. It, however, didn't mean they couldn't chat.

"So, Cue, how has you're year been?"

"I must say, Pearly, It's been frustrating," The love spirit fan her fingers through her hair. The year had been rough to her, "With all of the people in the world, it's hard to find everyone a perfect match."

Tooth smiled sympathetically, "I know, but you can do it! You always have and you always will. I believe in you, Cue!"

"That rhymed," The spirit smiled, winking at her fairy friend. Sadly, she turned to leave, "Biggest day of the year, I better get moving," With that she shook out her feathered wings and flew up, leaving Toothina behind.

"Good luck, and beautiful teeth as always!"


North had his glasses perched on his nose, staring down at the names on his list. There was already a solid amount of names for each side. He smiled at the names on the nice list, especially the one on the bottom. Amour Resuvine, also known as Cupid. It was her holiday, she would be visiting workshop.

The large man barely had time to stand when he was attacked with a hug. His face was bombarded with a crazy amount of pink curls, all bouncin. He just laughed, and pulled his good friend in a little closer.

"North, I've missed you guys like crazy! I meant to visit, but matching everyone up is so time consuming!" They both walked out of his office, now going into the factory. Cupid smiled and waved at all the yeti's that she passed, each of them waving back. An elf or two would occasionally hug her leg, but they mostly admired her from a distance.

North brushed off her apology, "Nonsense! You work hard, Amour. We understand," he put an arm around her shoulder, "It's hard to do alone."

Cupid nodded, wrapping her arms around him in a side hug. He was like a father to her. So jolly and happy to see her. She wished she would be able to visit more often.

"Shouldn't you be out, spreading love?" North looked down at her, curious.

"No, it's valentine's day! The humans do that themselves," Valentine's day was her break, literally. Every human got so enveloped loving each other, they didn't need her guidance. She was able to rest, and visit her good friends, "I probably should go say hi to Bunnymund."

North smiled, "He will be expecting you, won't he?"

Cupid smiled, nodding her head. Bunnymund loved it when she visited. It reminds him that spring is just around the corner. She was his most important visitor. The spirit of love unfolded her wings. North walked her to the door, and waved her goodbye as she flew off into the dark sky.


Cupid flew, surveying the sleeping people below her, she flew over various towns and cities, some still lit up. Even though it was still the wee hours of the night, she could already see the various pinks and reds showing up. Valentine's day was here. 'Finally,' She breathed a sigh of relief. It was a rough year and she was ready to have a day off.

The spirit of love shivered in the cold wind. It was still winter, whether she liked it or not. The breeze seemed to be going against her, pushing her back. She flew harder, not realizing the approaching figure. He was riding on a staff and didn't seem to be paying any attention.

Of course, they crashed.

Cupid flew right into the figures torso, surprising them both. The sudden disorientation sent her falling. Her wings were limp and her head was spinning. Whatever she hit must've been awfully hard. The spirit tried to regain control, but her wings would budge.

She closed her eyes in fear of the approaching ground. It never hit. Instead, Cupid opened her eyes to a boy. He was holding her tightly, an arm wrapped around her back and her knees. His eyes were bright blue. She couldn't help but stare. They were so pure and fun, like he was ready for an adventure. Her eyes flicked up to his hair. White as snow, with part of his bangs handing on his forehead, the other part sticking up.

Both of them were wide eyed, staring at each other. Slowly, the boy lowered them to the ground. He set her feet down on the ground, but rested a hand on her back until he was sure she could stand. Cupid smiled, and the boy gave her a lopsided grin.

"Um, sorry about, um, crashing into you," Cupid looked at the ground, blushing. Wait, why was she blushing? Cupid didn't blush!

The boy rubbed the back of his neck with one hand, the other holding his staff, "No, it's fine. I should've been paying attention."

The spirit of love stared at him. He wore a blue hoodie that seemed to be covered in frost. He had brown trousers that went about to the knee, with a frayed, wrap material going to about his ankle. There were no shoes on his feet. The boy was tall and slim. She had to admit, this boy was handsome.

Cupid could tell he was examining her, like she was examining him. The both were staring at each other's appearance. She noticed his eyes linger for a moment at her chest.


Blushing, she shifted her weight, "Um, I'm Amour, by the way."

She stuck out a hand, which he took. His hands were freezing, "Jack."

Cupid cleared her throat, "Well, I better get going."

"Oh? Where are you off to?" Jack leaned on his staff curiously. Cupid leaned back a little, raising her eyebrow. He had that glint of mischief in his eyes that made her hesitate to trust him. They flew into each other, that's it. This wasn't 20 questions.

"I'm going to visit a friend."

"Hmmm," He nodded, pacing back and forth, smiling "And what kind of friends does a winged girl keep?"

Now she was annoyed. Tapping her foot, Cupid stared at him. He had a devilish sort of smile to him. He knew it was making her mad. Sighing, she stretched her wings, "Just, a friend, ok? Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go."

The spirit flew up, but Jack was still on the ground, "You're excused."

She laughed in astonishment. Who does this guy think he is? She could make him fall in love with a rock if she wanted to. If this 'Jack' knew who she was, he would be kissing the ground she walked on. Laughing at the though, Cupid flew off. Jack just sat there, leaning on his staff.

"Catch you 'round, Love Bug."


When Cupid landed in Bunnymunds Warren, she was immediately grabbed by something furry. Smiling, the spirit snuggled into her soft, rabbit friend. His furry head was rested on her curls, and he smelt like spring to her. He let go and held her at arm's length.

"It's been awhile, Curly."

She smiled, "A whole year. How did you survive?" She teased him. He just shoved her lightly, laughing. The two walked through the tunnels that lead to the center of the warren.

"How've you been?" The Easter bunny sat atop one of the many stone eggs that were everywhere. Cupid had forgotten how beautiful the place was. She smiled at the good memories of past years.

"I'm pretty good, Rabbit. I've been busy, that's for sure." She leaned up against another of the stone eggs. The spirit rested her head on the stone, but winced when it rolled to a certain spot. She put a hand to that spot and pushed. It hurt like crazy and she winced again, "Ow!"

"You alright, Love?" He looked at her, concern plastered on his furry face.

She sighed, "Yeah, I just ran into some guy flying over her. I think he got me with his staff."

His eyes went from concern to annoyance, "Was his name by any chance 'Jack'?"

Cupid raised her eyebrows, "Uh, yeah."

Bunnymund pounded a hand on the stone under him, "Frost. That bugger better watch where he's flyin' or I'm gonna knock his thick skull." Cupid let him go like that for a while. He got up and paced, complaining about the boy's carelessness.

She cleared her throat, "You know him then?"

"Yeah, he's the bloody 'guardian of fun.' More like guardian of nonsense if ya' ask me."

"Oh," Cupid frowned. That explained why he was so annoying, sort of. He was just having fun. Even if he was the most rude person she's ever had the acquaintance of crashing into.

Bunnymund was staring at Cupid, who was lost in thought, "You stay away from 'em, Love. He'll get ya' into all kinds a' trouble."

The spirit of love grinned. She had the sudden urge to go chasing after the boy that would get her into 'all kinds 'a trouble.' Cupid wanted to chase after Jack Frost.


He was up in a tree, staring at Manny. His bright blue eyes, gleaming in the hue the moon sent onto the trees. It would be dawn soon. He was there to watch the sunrise. When a light pink started to grace the sky, Jack couldn't help but think of the girl he ran into. She had the exact color eyes. The guardian couldn't deny it, he was thinking about her before the sun rose. He had been thinking of her since they collided.

The outfit she wore was perfect. It reflected her attitude along with her appearance. The scarf she wore was the softest material he'd ever felt. Her wings were pure grace. Being the boy he is, Jack also took notice to the curves. He blushed at the thought. Her smiled had sparkled, even in the dark of night. She was perfect.

Jack shook his head, listening to what his mind was saying. He was fawning over a girl he had talked to for 2 minutes, not even! He didn't know anything about her. What did she like, what didn't she like? Would she mind that when he hugged her, she would be cold? He paused at the last though. Who said anything about HUGGING?! Running pale fingers through his hair, Jack groaned. He was turning into a hopeless romantic, like those people on T.V.

Still, he didn't mind thinking that he might be a hopeless romantic. The girl he met was more perfect than any girl. She had just the right look, attitude, and style that he couldn't stop thinking about.

She was stuck in his head, and it seemed she would never get out.