The Lion Avatar

By: TRON0602

Beta-read by: Queenlionesses

Disclaimer: This story is a crossover of the two stories Avatar the Last Airbender and The Lion King. Neither of which I own. All Avatar Characters have been replaced with Lion King Characters. Certain pairings have been reversed from Avatar.


Water, Earth, Fire, Air.

Long ago in a distant land known as, The Pride Lands, there were numerous creatures that lived together in the Circle of life. Each possessed a mastery of one of the four elements. Within the Pride Lands, there are 5 distinct areas, which were separated by both geography and culture. One for each element and another for cubs to be raised, until they learn the basics of their own respective element. This way, each unique bender collective could practice his or her, own special bending style in peace. But among all creatures, only the Avatar, master of all four elements could maintain a true harmony between the four areas and the spirits, but sadly many moons ago, the last avatar, King Roku (Mohatu)of Pride Rock vanished. These imbalances lead to chaos. Will the Avatar come again? If so who will be the next avatar of the Pride Lands?


*Mufasa's POV*

All was not well in my Kingdom. My mind is still trying to wrap itself around the idea, that my own father, King Ahadi is gone. Only a few hours ago, My brother Scar and I found his cold lifeless body, which lied close to the Shadow territory which lie between the Fire and Earth prides. His mane was seared almost completely off, and was covered from muzzle to tail with burns. I knew instantly, that this was the work of the hyenas and their vicious fire benders, as the pattern of burns match their distinctive style of bending. The horror I felt only started to compound upon itself when I saw the bite marks. Zazu, my father's majordomo, was guiding us home as we retrieved our father's body.

"It is not fair!" I sobbed as I raised my head to the heavens and roared in anguish for all lions to hear. When I roared, a great burst of lightning shot from within my burning core and into the sky.

"I know. Father truly did not deserve this fate." Said Scar, who was helping me carry our father home. He lowered his head, so that his tears did not stain his face, but to be absorbed into the dry cracked ground.

We placed our father delicately down on the ground as we stood below Pride Rock. Then our mother, Uru, who must have spotted Zazu flying above, came in rushing through the grass at an astounding speed. The last time I saw her, Zazu had reported to us about our father's ambush, but remained behind in case the attackers proceeded onward and attacked the pride.

"Where is he? Where is Ahadi?" She asked franticly, till her eyes landed on his body.
"NO! He can't be dead!" She roared furiously she looked to Scar then myself, as if she was pleeing to the Great Kings, with hope that we would tell her a different answer.

"I am so sorry Mom." I turned away from mother, so that she would not see my tears. I have always been the strong one, and now I had to be strong for her. When I turned back, her head was submerged in my brother's mane, as she cried. Her air bending skills left her control and a cold wind blew over the pride.

"Mufasa?" said a voice from behind. I turned and saw my beloved mate, Sarabi looking at me with concern. She had never seen me cry before, but could not care less. At that moment, I remembered something my mother told me once as a cub. Those who cry do not cry because they are week, but cry because they have been strong for too long. With that, I let my tears soak the ground, and both of our fur.
"I can't believe he is gone Sarabi. I just can't. I don't know what to do without him." I was about to turn away from her, and lay down in defeat when I felt a whack on my head from a stick. I collapsed into the earth and after Sarabi helped me up, I looked for the assailant. I then heard crazy laughing and saw Rafiki, the mandrill shaman of their kingdom. He was clutching his stick, and soon possessed a stern look on his face.

"Rafiki. What the hell was that for?" I asked, glaring at him, with a flame developing in my claw.

"That was for being an idiot and saying you don't know what to do, you stupid lion." He said with laughter.

"But I don't know what to do."

"Are you sure, your majesty?"

"Yes I am sure." I said with an annoyance. I roll my eyes, only to be hit by a hot smack by my mate. Even for a non-bender, Sarabi's smacks hurt more than any element could. It felt just like my mother's.

"First Rafiki and now you Sarabi! What did I do to deserve this?"

With a smirk she said, "Because you missed out on an obvious key detail from what he said."
"Which would be?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Just think about it."

I then pondered my brief conversation with Rafiki and thought over every word that had been said, until my eyes widened when it dawned on me.

"He said your majesty. Which means… what I have to do is take up my father's throne."

"Yes my love. That is right." She said as she tenderly nuzzled my cheek.

*Scar's POV*

As she nuzzled him, pure rage engulfed me, like the flames did to my father, as I listened to her words. No he can't be king. That is MY throne! I thought to myself. The feeling of anger was escalated when I saw Sarabi nuzzle him. Oh Sarabi, one day, you will be mine and I'll be KING. Mufasa will not steal the life I am meant to live.

*Mufasa's POV again*

"Rafiki my friend." I said to the mandrill with my head raised slightly.

"Yes My King."

"Could you please help with the burial of my father?" I asked with pleading eyes.

"But of course." He then set down his stick and forced his hands up in quick yet powerful thrust. As he did this, the earth rose and covered the fallen king's body. A thought forms in my mind, knowing I will not see him again during my time on earth. The Pride then began to gather around the pile of raised earth and lowered their heads in sorrow. Once I was certain that the entire pride was present, I cleared my throat and began to speak.

"Today, my father left these lands and joined our ancestors that live among the stars. He was a respected King, a master Fire bender, and a talented negotiator." I clear my raspy throat before I attempt to finish this speech. Each passing word, feels like agony.

"He grew up a proud rogue." I say with a slight chuckle, knowing that he would have challenged anyone who thought he'd settle down to raise a family, or rule a Kingdom before he met my mother. At least, that's what I've been told. But that moment of happiness fades away as fast as it came, and my paws begin to tremble. Seeing my struggle to continue, my mother takes on my burden and begins to speak.
"Ahadi was a kind teacher, a loving mate and a caring father. He was loved by all, and his spirit will live on through each of us, myself and our sons. His mark on the Kingdom will not perish with him, as my eldest son takes upon his role as king of these great lands." She says lovingly as our eyes meet one another's.
"I now ask that each representative of each element present a tribute to honor his passing."

First, Sarafina a tawny lioness with eyes as blue as the water she bent, raised her paws slowly with a slight arch and a ring of water formed around the grave.
"Let this pool represent the circle of life, which Ahadi fulfilled his place in. This pool will never dry up and will offer strength to all who drink it so long as hope exists." I nodded to her in thanks of her tribute.

Next, Rafiki raised his hands again and then slowly made a smoothing motion and grass appeared on the mound except for the top.
"This grass represents the king becoming part of these lands and with him his strength. Let all creatures who eat this grass which will always grow, gain strength from their great leader."

I then raised my paw and summoned a flame and lit the tip of the mound where my father now lay.
"This flame represents the flame within him that has passed onto me and will burn on forever in the form of his star in the night sky. That star will never go out as long as we keep his memory alive in our hearts."

Finally, my mother moved her body in a graceful manner and I felt a wind of pure warmth blow past me, over the mound and moved the grasses which made the fire grow slightly.
"This wind represents my mate's spirit which now lives on in the lands and the elements we wield. We may not see him, like we cannot see the air. But we know he is always watching us. This breeze will always blow to provide a sense of peace to all those who come to this spot." Even though she appeared strong I could hear in her voice that my mother was cracking from father's death.

With the union of the four elements, the pride then roared in unison to signify their acceptance of their king's death. But then, I roared again and the pride joined me to signify their acceptance of me as king. As the pride began to make their way to the den, another roar was heard. A roar of pain. I turned and saw Sarabi on the ground and panting heavily.

"Sarabi what is wrong?" I asked in panic as I looked down at her worriedly. She went to answer but then felt another wave of pain and clenched her teeth. I then turned to Rafiki in a frantic state.

"RAFIKI! Can you help her?" I demanded of the shaman with a choked voice.

The shaman approached my mate and his new queen, and started to examine her. He checked her pulse which he said was slightly elevated and saw her eyes were dilated from the stress. When his hands reached her stomach he began rubbing her belly and then a huge smile shot onto his face.

"We need to get her into the den now! I ask only the lionesses to come and that the males wait out here."

At his words, Sarafina and Uru began bending a cloud and carefully lifted Sarabi into the den. I made to follow but was cut off by the rest of the pride who gave me looks that told me to wait. I grumbled but nonetheless, sat down and waited. I must have waited for at least an hour before I heard Sarabi release an ear shattering roar of pain. With great desperation, I moved to barge into the den when I was stopped by a wall of water from Paku, a tawny lion with a white mane. He was my father's friend from the northern water division, who gave me a look that told me that 'everything is alright'.

"I need to be there with her Paku." I pleaded and once again started for the den when the water blocked me again.

"Mufasa. Trust me on this, you need to wait." Paku insisted and shook his white mane.

"But.." I made to say before being cut off.

"You will stay or I will freeze you in place. Take your pick."

Not wanting to be frozen when I was finally allowed in, I again sat down and began the agonizing wait. Hours began passing. Hours that were filled with constant roaring from Sarabi within the cave. It got to the point where the roars got so loud that Scar, who had been tossing a small red flame between his paws to pass the time, stood up in irritation and shouted.

"Enough of this! I am going in now!" He then began making his way to the den and I made to follow when Uru, Sarafina and Rafiki came out with exhausted but happy expressions on their faces.

"OK boys! You two can go in now." Our mother said with great warmth in her voices that caused me and Scar to raise our eyebrows in confusion and then we walked into the den.

As we both walked into the den, I saw Sarabi lying in the middle of the den, exhausted, but with an overjoyed expression on her face. I nuzzled her affectionately.

"Sarabi, how are you feeling?" I asked
"Mufasa. I am more than alright? I am fantastic."

"And why is that?" Scar asked curiously.

Just as she was about to answer, we heard two soft mews coming from Sarabi's chest. Our eyes widened in surprise and saw two golden cubs sleeping in her forepaws. I could not believe my eyes as I saw them and then noticed my mate smirking.

"Congratulations Mufasa! You have two healthy sons." She said with complete love and devotion as she looked at our cubs. Both had golden fur, but one was a bit bigger and had a slight bit of brownish fur that showed his mane color while the other had a surprising red furry arrow on his head. I don't believe it! I'm a father!

*Scar's POV*

"Congratulations Sarabi!"I nuzzled her and then made my way out of the den. As I left, I frowned and cursed myself. How dare Mufasa mate my Sarabi? Those cubs should be mine. Also, one of them will be king which means now I have another obstacle in my way. But no matter, I can work with this. Just like I did with father. As plans began to form in my mind, I made my way down the kopje to rejoin the pride.

*Sarabi's POV*

I could seeMufasa, who had just gotten over the shock of becoming a father, as he layed down beside me and nuzzled our two cubs. As I had just come to grips with becoming a mother a few hours ago. I felt like an idiot for not noticing the signs, but thankfully Uru was there to console me. She said that it's not uncommon for lionesses to not notice until they are almost due that they are expecting. Given their size, and the fact that their twins, it a safe assumption they came a few weeks early.

The slightly bigger cub, purred and Mufasa and I felt heat touch his nose. When he nuzzled the smaller one, we both felt a gentle breeze come from the cub. Mufasa's smile widened at this and I purred with happiness. We have an air bender and a fire bender for sons. He then took our smaller son and held him in his forepaws.

"What should we name them Sarabi?"

"I think we should name this one Kopa." I said with pride as my son purred in contentment and cuddled into my fur.

"That is a very nice name for our tough little fire bender." He said as he looked at Kopa.

What about our little one? He was born first so he is the heir."

"We will present them both to show they both have a chance to get the throne. My brother has been very different since he learned I'd be king because I was older."

"I agree. That way there is no bad blood between them. But what should we name him?" I said with a smirk cause I knew he was bad at names and I would get to name both if he didn't have one.

I silently laughed as I saw Mufasa get flustered as he looked down at the sleeping cub in his paws. He began running what I was sure to be a few names through his mind that he thought would fit. He almost looked like he was admitting defeat when I saw a smile come to his face.

"I have just the name for our little tornado here."

"Oh! And what is it if I may ask?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Simba. His name will be Simba."

"That is a lovely name my love. Our little Simba and Kopa will grow into strong lions together."

"Yes they will. So why don't we get some sleep cause I think night has already fallen." Mufasa said with a chuckle.

I nodded and then laid my head over Kopa and Mufasa laid his head over Simba and together, I slept with dreams of the future that our sons would bring.

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