Chapter 15

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Girl Talk!


It has been almost two days since we heard about Nala and Simba's little adventure into what Nala came to tell us was the Bender's Boneyard. It was quite a thrilling tale she told us yesterday about how she and Simba managed to ditch Momo and ended up getting chased by hyenas. Despite the thrilling details, I could not help but detect a trace of reluctance in Nala's voice and her heartbeat was quite hesitant when she mentioned one certain part. OH, how I love messing with her. Especially right now when she is retelling lioness is totally sprung

"So Simba and I were singing the last verse going 'I Just Can't Wait To Be King' and then…" There is the perfect moment to start messing with her. Time for Detective Tama to do her work.

"Um Nala? I have a question for you about that part if you don't mind?" I asked innocently and batted my eyelashes. I felt her looking at me questioningly and I already knew that she suspected something.

"Yes Tama, what is it you would like to know?" I felt her heartbeat slow down a bit. Trying to go poker eh? I don't think so.

"It's about that bit before you started singing. You know, the one where Momo told you about you and Simba?" I couldn't see it but I knew that Nala was releasing her claws from their sheathes cause I could feel it through the earth as she scratched against it. She is obviously nervous about something.

"Yes? What about it?" Her heartbeat slowed again and her voice has an even tone again. I know Kula can't read Nala's change in voice but I can. One of the perks of being blind, being able to read lies. My job is to put Nala on the spot and then Kula gets her to spill. Simple, divide and conquer.

"Well I could not help but notice that when you mentioned that moment that there was a hint of happiness in your voice. Is it possible you are looking forward to such a possibility?" I felt her freeze. Her claws came right out of her sheaths and I already knew. Yep sister! You are caught!

"Nala?" I heard Kula speak to our friend with her probing tone and I knew she was trying to find a way to as we have called it verbally pin Nala.

"I have-have no idea what you are talking about." OH ho ho! So now she is trying to cover up is she? From something that is so obvious? It's a little too late for that missy!"

"Are you sure Nala? Because I am pretty sure that I could detect a bit of a giggle in your voice and could feel a smile on your muzzle when you mentioned it. Tell me I am wrong!" I could already feel her shuffling her paws and was trying to form the proper sentence. Strike One Nala!

"Ooo Nice one Tama! I have something else I think Nala should answer for." I could tell by the tone in Kula's voice that whatever she had in mind was definitely going to be good. I fumbled my paws around and then sighed when I could not find what I was looking for. Damn it, what does a blind girl have to do to get some popcorn?


"So Nala, are you sure that you don't say… have a crush on our avatar prince?" I saw our favorite water bender's eyes twitch and heard the chuckle of Tama as she realized I had just reinforced her theory.

"Even if I did, which I don't, where is your proof huh?" I raised an eyebrow at this challenge. For as long as I have known Nala, she has never been one to start a challenge, but always finishes one.

"Okay, how about your reaction to when Tama brought up your betrothal? You practically froze like Momo when Mufasa is giving him an order." I saw a smirk reach Nala's face and I knew she already had a comeback ready. Let us see how this round of Comeback mania, girl confession style goes!

"That was just a look of shock that you guys would even think that. I mean come on, Simba and I? There is no way it would happen. I mean, we are just friends." I could see her smug expression and that got one of my own to hopefully challenge it. This is turning into a good opportunity, or a devastating blow.

"Oh so are you saying you don't like Simba?" I ask a bit heart broken myself. I always thought they would make as good couple.

"No I am not saying that, I…" Tama immediately cut her off cause this was her strategy. Smart off, let her breathe and then cut off her air flow.

"Then what are you saying Nala?" Tama asks utterly confused.

"What I am saying is I don't like him like that Tama. I just don't like him as more than a friend. OK?" I could tell by her raised tone, unsheathed claws and the fact a water ball was forming in the air that she was getting agitated. Oooo this is too good!

"I get ya Nala. I guess you wouldn't like him like that. I mean all that trouble he gets into? I wouldn't want him."

"That just shows he is an adventurous cub who likes to have fun."

"Why are you defending him Nala? Didn't you say you didn't like him as more than a friend?" Nala's tilted head and confused blue eyes made me realize that my question threw her for a loop. People think I am just a cute face, I am just as playful as anyone when I want to be.

"Whatever Kula. You got nothing other than a reaction to base your claim on." I raised an eyebrow and then tapped the ground to Tama to let her know to be listening. I cleared my throat and used my secret weapon.

"I'm gonna be a Mighty King, my enemies beware"

"Haha Kula, trying to play Simba? Don't make me laugh"

"Well I've never seen a king of beasts with quite such funny hair." Ok! I had to laugh at Tama because she did a perfect imitation of Momo and with the fact she can't see makes it hilarious.

"What are you two playing at?"

I decided to skip ahead a few verses and work with a bit that I knew that would get Nala. I tapped to Tama and she got my message and cleared her throat.

"Free to run around all day!"

"Free to do it all my way!"

"AH HA!" The moment I finished my verse, Tama immediately pointed a claw at our friend and possibly future queen. Oh Yes! Score one for blind luck.

"What Tama?"

"I heard you say it Nala." By Nala's shocked expression, obviously she had muttered something that really proved our suspicions.

"You heard what Tama? The sound of silence?" She still keeps trying to cover. It is getting really annoying and I hope Tama can break her facade of confidence.

"I heard you say 'Free to do it all 'our' way' when that line was sung. Care to comment?"

"Uh…." Oh Yes! Nice one Tama.

"So you really do have feelings for Simba?"

"No Kula I don't."The fact I sang that does not mean I like like him. I sang that cause I thought it would sound better.

"Come on Nala, that is just par.." I was suddenly cut off by a voice that I am sure Nala wishes she had not just heard.

"Then, does that mean singing 'I Just Can't Wait To Be Queen' was for the same reason, huh La?" Oh Snap! I was chuckling under my breath for two reasons. One, I had just realized the same thing about that line in the song, and two, I felt bad for Nala now that Simba is questioning her. I turned and looked at our prince and saw he was alone but with his 'Simba' smirk on his face.


I was having a really good day today. My Dad just took my brothers and me out to learn how to patrol the borders and I even got some bending sparring done today. I beat Malka but Kopa still reigns supreme. It's going to get even better now that I get to tease Nala about the things she sung during our song. She thinks I did not hear, but is dead wrong. Walking into this conversation provides the perfect opportunity.

"Simba, how long were you there?" I loved seeing her flustered and I can't wait to see her expression when I tell her how long I have been here.

"Oh, not long." I saw her sigh in relief and then I went in for the kill. "Long enough to see you smile at the thought of being betrothed to me and fumble over your words." I chuckled as I saw her jerk her head up and her eyes go so wide that they looked like they would pop out of her head.

"That long? You peeping cub! You got nothing from that. It was just us girls joking around." I raised my eyebrow at her statement and decided to somewhat play along with her.

"I understand that Nala. It looked like they were really being mean. So every word you said was just a joke?"

"Yes! Thank you for understanding Simba." I am so ready to make her face palm herself with stupidity. I might have to face some pain, but it is worth it for messing with her.

"So does that mean you really do have feelings for me?" I saw her eyes widen and then heard her give me a growl while Tama was grinning. Kula's head was now moving back and forth between us like the waves of the ocean, all the while giving us both looks of pity. I already know she wants to kill me for playing her, but hey it's also why we are best friends.

"Don't start with me, you know what happens when you mess with me." I was tempted to give in to my body's warnings and gulp, but I ran my paw along my arrow to clear my head. I smirked back at her with my standard cockiness.

"But Nala, why else would you say that you were joking about not liking me if you don't like me?" I watched as she fumbled with her words and then saw a big smirk reach her face. Oh No! What is she thinking?

"You are a mess, you know that, Simba?" I chuckled at Nala's joke cause anyone could tell you It was true.

"You know it! Heck you can see it on my awesome fur!"

"Well then maybe you need me to give you a bath to clean you up." My eyes widened and then I felt ice form around me to where I could not move my paws.

"Nala! Please! No!" I saw her smirk and raise a water sphere.

"Bathtime!" She began slashing me with waves of water overhead, another one following the next the moment I'd shake myself dry. I felt my pride wash away bit by bit as she did so. Why don't I stop messing with Nala?

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