Chapter 19

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Bad to the Bone


I am trying to learn from the original earth bender or in this case a student of the original and so far everything that I have seen has blown my mind. Blown it harder than a wind I can generate with my air bending. This mouse, Jabali just sent a boulder the size of an elephant flying a distance of what Nala once sent me with a decent water blast. He's still a mouse yes, but I am starting to get the mindset that I should never try eating a mouse without checking. But despite my shock, now I am filled with curiosity at the sight of this slightly creepy lion, Khara and the cub next to him which is surprisingly creepier than the hyenas I met when I was a cub. I was about to ask what their purpose here was, when Sifu Konde beat me to the punch or should I say swipe.

"Well, Khara, what is your purpose here and who is this cub with you?"

"This, insignificant rodent, is my student Mheetu, and I am here to teach him my lessons in my unique style of earth bending." I raised my eyebrow at this strange lion and gave a look at the cub who was not focusing on me but instead on Jabali, the mouse. I could not help but wonder, what type of bending could he possibly want to teach?

"Oh and what would that be?" I spoke up before anyone else could. I know it is rude, but I do not like it when others speak before me. I am a prince and I need people to hear me first. I immediately regretted asking because I saw a smile wider than my Uncle Scar's reach his face and even though I put on a brave face, inside I was whimpering like a newborn. I felt uneasy around him and could not push the thought in the back of my mind. Perhaps it was that unnatural size smile that crossed upon his muzzle.

"Oh. I thought you would never ask."

The next thing I knew, this lion hit the ground. The moment after that, him and his student sent a grassy fragment of earth, the size of a young zebra at us in the form of a rain shower that came at us like an army of angry hornets. I saw Tama and Jabali each react differently to the oncoming shower while Konde disappeared into a quickly made hole in the ground. I guess it is more important that he protect himself since he is a descendant of the original earth benders. Tama managed to form a quick earth barrier which succeededin deflecting most of the shards, but unfortunately one managed to graze her along her front leg. The cut looked deep and knew we had to get her to safety. Just as I go to help her Jabali's moves catches my eye. He was somehow managing to break each shard with his bare paws as they came at him. It was phenomenal to watch and I was so focused. I missed the pebble that managed to hit me in the gut from the young cub. I winced from the pain but somehow managed to growl at the two antagonists.

"What the hell was that for?" Who do these guys think they are? They just attacked us for no reason. Just as I snarled at them, they laughed at me.

"Oh, is the little lion gonna cry?" The cub, Mheetu, yeah that's the name, was really willing to piss off a lion who is twice his size? Time for a good scolding. I moved in on the cub but was soon blocked by Khara, while Mheetu surprisingly ran towards Jabali. The next thing I knewKhara had swung his paw at me, claws unsheathed and coated with sharpened earth. I took the blow and got some cuts on my face that weren't too deep. They did feel weird however, as if something else was happening with them that I was unaware of but was too Once more I faced a head splitting blow from my opponent. I can feel the blood trickled down my cheek that soon blending in with my sapphire mane. As I try to lock my gaze on him once more an odd sensation fills me inside that feels as like I have fallen from the top of Pride Rock itself. Telling myself I must escape, I thrust myself at Khara's chest. He went a good distance and what surprised me most is that he got back up and dusted himself off. He is in the midst of battle and he is focused on looking good. He must have noticed my confusion and merely gave me another sickeningly charming smile.

"A hunter must look proper when making his kills." He then charged me again with his claws coated with earth. He used a pillar of earth at his paws to hurl himself at me with extra speed. I barely had time to dodge and then countered the same as I did the first time. Also, the same as the first time, Khara got up and dusted himself off. He got another smile on his face and hurled himself at me again. This is gonna be a rough fight..


I really wanted to help Simba and teach this Khara guy a lesson in true earth bending, but unfortunately I have to deal with his little cub protégé first. The cub kept bending rocks at me as I moved closer to him and I was beginning to grow annoyed. Really? I am being held back by such a rudimentary technique in earth bending. Time to teach this cub a lesson I thought with a smirk on my face.

"Enough of this foolishness." I dived under the rest of his projectiles and destroyed them with a sharp thrust of my tail. I could not help but smirk at the look of befuddlement on the cub's face as I destroyed his rocks. What? He never fight a mouse who could fight back? Looks like the food chain gets reversed today.

"St-Stay Back." He was obviously scared, for he began hurling slightly larger rocks about the size of a newborn cub and I wasted no effort in destroying them as I did with his earlier projectiles. Instead of indulging his fear, I moved in faster and bent one of his own stones back at him which he dodged and stumbled over his feet like a hyena with a bad itch. I got into a very educative state of mind and got closer to the astounded cub.

"First lesson of earth bending: Always have a strong form. It must be as firm as the earth you bend." I placed my paw on my pride and possibly fruit filled chest and then closed my eyes as I disciplined the cub. Next thing I knew, I felt a pounding pressure on top of me and then was being picked up again by my tail. Really? Again?! I began bending up a rock at the cub's chin but was astounded when he actually broke in the exact spot I was aiming for with surprising ease. Where did this come from?

"You've just been intercepted, mouse."

"You've gotta be kidding me!" I shouted with disbelief. Just a moment ago, this cub was whimpering like a mewling newborn and now he is chuckling like an expert earth bender. What the Hell!

"Time for your own lesson, mousey. First lesson of earth bending," Oh Great. Now this cub is going to lecture me? I already went through my training. Time for him to go through his.I raised my paws again to bend a stone but was then shook violently from side to side. I haven't felt this dizzy since trying to balance myself on one of my spinning rocks. As the dizziness disappears I see the cub who had a vicious smirk on his muzzle. I began to notice a smell coming from his paws and claws that was quite unfamiliar. "Don't judge a rock by its age."

My eyes widened at what he said for I realized what he meant and mentally smacked myself for not realizing it. Curse me for a novice since he clearly set me up. Then, I recognized the smell on his paws, the same was on Scar's after our little meeting on the day of Simba's presentation. His paws reeked of the blood of mice and could feel my world tip upside down.

"I like it!" The cub had a smirk wider than a hungry python and was moving his other paw towards my body in a playful manner. This isn't good.


Just my luck that today's lesson with Sifu Khara got me a free chance to torment a mouse. From the whimper and the constant sniffing , he must have noticed my last victim's scent. I know my master says I should look and smell proper when making a kill, but I can't help myself. My mind returned to the paw that I was inching closer to my helpless captive with movements like a spider.

"Unhand me you ruffian." This mouse is obviously unaware of the food chain. Last I checked, I rank higher than him.

"Stay quiet lunch. I am thinking." I began tapping my claw against my chin as bloody thoughts came to my mind.

Oh what should I do to him? He is not big enough to practice a proper kill that the adults do, but I could still learn something from this. Let's see, I could I run my claws along his body and slowly got deeper and deeper with each cut I make like vultures sometime do with their talons, or slowly crush him against the ground until I see his blood spurt out? Zira says it's like a geyser and is giser when she accidently stepped on her pray once. It must look so cool ! OH, I know. I will break his bones, one by one, then watch him writhe in pain and listen to for his screams of agony. Scar said when they're scared they're basically inaudible. I recall from Scar that Simba came up with some song that said 'He Just can't wait to Be King'. Well let's see how much he wants it after we're through with him. My awesome torturous thoughts were disrupted as I heard chuckles come from the mouse.

"What is so funny?" I heard him continue chuckling and I could not help but think, has he gone slap happy and is laughing about his impending death. Maybe I should let him go. He could prove entertaining.

"You forgot an important lesson." I was about to snarl at him when I felt the earth beneath my feet launch me into the tall grasses nearby and then quickly got back up and faced the mouse. "Always be aware of your surroundings." Curse myself for a lioness cub. How could I have forgotten to save the gloating till the one you are killing is dead? But unfortunately for him…

"Oh how I love a challenge." I gave an eagle screech of challenge and zeroed in on the mouse who clutched his ears from my sound. Thank the kings I learned that screech so well from that ruddy bird, Marahute. I pounced on the mouse, but was surprised when once again he deflected me, this time with an earth wall shove to my side. Definitely am not killing him now, this is too good of practice. I'll be the best sparing in my class by the time this is over. Then again, that really hurt. Time to get serious.

"Having trouble with your little mouse, little cub?"

"I AM NOT LITTLE!" I was enraged. When I get my claws on this bloody mouse, I will show him just how cruel I can be. I charged him, rage coursing through my veins like a flood. "You are so Dead!"

"Oh I quiver with fear!" I crouched down low to the earth and then thrust myself at the mouse faster than a cheetah. He responds by thrust his paw and hit the ground which made a pillar of earth hit me square in the chest. Haven't been hit that hard since my master trained me.

As I gasp for breath a sharp string of pain runs up my side. Suddenly my vision of my surroundings is clouded by a large stone, I promise Mom not to ever play with my food again. He made his move to chuck the rock at my head when he suddenly stopped and began moaning with pain from an unseen force and I knew with a smirk. Have fun, Master.


Normally a gentleman like myself would not dare involve myself in my student's fight. At last my pride as a master is insulted when I see my own student getting bested by a mouse! I mean, I know the mouse is an expert earth bender, but still he is a mouse. I will not tolerate such a disgrace. I moved the claws on my paw in a certain way and pulled the little creature back with amusement. How I love my skills.

"Hey! What are you doing to him?" Hmph. The avatar brat is developing a backbone; well let us see how loud a snap it can make. He was charging me, flames around his body and eyes filled with determination. I raised my other paw towards him.

"A young avatar like yourself should always think before pouncing." I thrust my paw down and automatically I felt satisfaction with seeing him hit the ground running. There really is truth to that saying.

"By Mohatu's name, I can't-can't move." He began struggling against my unseen control. His face looked like he was about to make a mess on his fur and was amusing to watch until he turned to me with an expression of rage, pain, and confusion. A look I am very familiar with. "How are you doing this? Are you a blood bender like that witch Haja?"

Comparing me to that witch Haja was a comical and in some way flattering statement because I know for a fact that Haja's bloodlust rivals my own. At the same time, I felt annoyed by his bluntness and gentlemen, especially princes, should not be so. I made a gesture with my paw and forced him to slap himself with his own paw and was satisfied when I heard him say Ow.

"Manners, young avatar. You should always be polite to the one who is about to kill you." I made another motion with my paw and this time I forced his own hind legs to buckle under themselves and made him completely collapse upon himself. This is so much fun.

"Stop this you fiend!" Damn I forgot the mouse. I saw a rock coming towards my face and immediately broke it with my forehead and stretched my other paw to bind the mouse. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw him begin to twitch again but was again interrupted, this time by the struggling avatar.

"What are you? Why are you doing this? What did my family do to you in the past for me to deserve this?" I actually laughed at the avatar's last question.

"That is funny. You think everyone who wants to kill you does it because of your family or because of the past. You need to open your eyes, young one. The world is bigger than you think. And for your second question, I love to kill others that are weaker than me and it is a way to teach my student my bending style." I saw his eyes widen with fear as he realized I was dead serious.

"What is the gain? What do youget from this?"

"The gain is it helps me feel alive watching others writhe in pain as they die and then rejoice as they slowly begin to beg for death. My heart died years ago and if I don't kill then I don't need to exist." I began to move to begin my torturous methods when I was once again interrupted, by the mouse. Demons below, what does a lion have to do to get some torturing done?

"One more question: How are you capable of binding us like this?" His voice was firm but obviously strained from my binding of his body. Normally I am not one to reveal my secrets but maybe this one time for my victims.

"Of course, well, it all goes back to the time of my grandfather who managed to survive the Bender War after Mohatu's death. He barely survived but cursed himself with weakness and thus began ruthlessly training his own son, my father, in the art of withstanding and delivering excruciating pain. He would slash him numerous times to the point when he became completely numb. This same obsession passed on to my father and later to me." I saw the look of absolute horror in the eyes of my captives as they heard the tale of my family and was delighted that soon it would be a look of total fear.

"One day when I was still a cub, my father had contracted a disease and began to get weaker and weaker. I myself had inherited my grandfather's hatred of weakness and thus I imagined breaking my own father's neck and made a crushing motion with my paw and then I heard it. The SNAP!" I looked to my captives and saw they already knew what had happened next.

"No." Said Simba with disbelief. "You monster!"

"That's right. I had managed to snap my own father's neck with earth bending. As I grew older, I practiced my new skill on creatures such as monkeys and mice and later could control any bones within any body. That is my secret. The secret of bone bending. The ability to bend the earth within the bones within the body to my will."

"But how is that possible? There is no earth within the body." I can understand the young prince asking the question he did.

He is going to die but he is still young and thus he should get some more words of proper wisdom before I snap his neck. But first, I sharply made two of my claws on my left paw collide and then heard two symphonic snaps and then the melody of Simba's scream as he realized, I had broken his two hind legs.

"Since you asked, and being the gentleman lion I am, I will tell you. It involves the speech that when we die our bodies become the grass. Well, I learned that the reverse is also true. For our bodies to become the grass, some part of us must be made of earth and thus bone bending was born. And now that you know, it is time to end this little game young avatar." I made my claws collide once again and heard two more snaps as his front legs broke and then focused my power on his neck. I began to close my paw and could feel as his bones began crumble under my power.


"Music to my ears." I was about to fully close my paw when I felt a thrust to my chest and saw a huge stone in that area. Who threw that? My answer was quickly answered when I heard a snarky comment come from behind.

"Hey dirt pelt!" I looked behind and saw the young lioness, Tama I think standing there looking pretty confident with herself. We shall see how confident she will be soon.


Most say that blind individuals are easy to spot but the truth is we are in fact the ones who are under the noses of others. Hence, why I was able to launch that rock at Khara, get his little explanation on how his bending works and put the little cub Mheetu in makeshift earth shackles.

"You really should not mess with those superior to you missy." I felt him raise his paw through the earth and I knew he was going to try to bone bend me like he did Simba and Jabali. Like hell that is gonna happen! I stomped my paw down and hit his paw with another stone and heard a creak as it collided. "Ah My paw!" I heard a whimper in his voice and smiled cause I knew I had dislocated his paw.

"And you should learn not to mess with an earth bending lioness." I felt pretty confident with myself until I heard him begin chuckling and frowned. Did I say something funny? "Do I amuse you, Khara?"

"Yes you do! Cause you really think I can go down with this?" I felt him raise his paw and prepared to deflect him again when I heard another creak and was astounded at what I felt through the earth. He was right by the way. We animals do have earth in our bones, but it is only possible for an expert earth bender like myself to detect it. What shocked me was that he had put his bone back into place with his bone bending?! Kings above! Can anything stop this guy? "Say Goodbye, fool!" I felt him coming and then I felt something else and felt another snarky moment come.

"Goodbye, Fool!" I saw him get enraged and then saw a large stone mallet whack him in the face and clean out of the Earth Pride's territory. "Nice Shot, Jabali!" I smiled at the mouse and was about to give him a paw five when I heard a moan and remembered. Simba!

I rushed over to my friend and slammed my paw down into the ground just to see how much damage Khara had done. I felt that Mheetu had managed to get free but ignored him so I could focus on Simba and gasped when I felt all the damage done. Simba obviously heard my gasp for he asked me something.

"So Tama, do I look like a bone jigsaw puzzle in there" His voice was pained but still he managed to make a joke about himself in pain. I laughed a painful laugh but still managed to tell him the news.

"Well…. Khara managed to fracture all four of your legs. In essence, he crippled your bending and your ability to move in one strike. I can reset them but will have to heal on their own. I have a solution to your problem of getting around since you still have lessons and you don't want to miss out. But you won't like it?"

"What is it?"

"For the next few weeks, maybe 6 at the least, you have to be escorted and carried to all of your destinations by whoever travels with you. Also, you are not to bend or attempt to protect others during that time." I heard his groan and I knew he was going to argue.

"But Tama…" I cut off his cub like whine and gave him a glare that Medusa would fear.

"No buts Simba. If you do, then I will break your legs myself so you can't do it anyway." I heard his sigh of defeat and then mumble of 'fine' and knew I had won this round.

Next thing I knew, master Konde reappeared and said that during his escape he contacted Mufasa and that he would arrive soon. All the while, I blindly looked at my paw and wondered, if Khara, a bender nowhere near as skilled as me or Konde could do what he did to Simba, then what could I do? I trembled as for the first time, I felt fear about my own bending potential.

Earth, the element of strength but also the element of fragility. Unlike other elements, earth is the most solid and thus the only one that is easily broken. Humans are the same, we are strong but only if we believe we are strong. If we do not believe then our fear makes our bodies shatter like glass.

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