DISCLAIMER: Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Cyborg was created by Marv Wolfman and George PĂ©rez. I do not own any of the main characters involved in this story. This story exists in my own fan-made continuity and should not be considered to be part of any already defined by the comics, television series, or movies, though it takes cues from other established continuities created for Superman and Teen Titans. Also, elements of Cyborg's back-story in this fanfiction are borrowed by the character Steel, created by Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove.

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REVIEW REPLIES: N. Harmonik - Well, Lex COULD have let Corben die, but he needed his confessional to prove Nasthalthia's involvement. After all, the only other individuals that know are Lex himself (who they aren't likely to believe), and Superman and the others (who, let's face it, obtained the evidence through methods that Nasthalthia's lawyers could EASILY declare as being illegal).


Lois Lane rolled her eyes as she heard Perry White yell out from his office, albeit with an almost uncharacteristically happy tone. "Have you seen the sales figures for yesterday's issue?! 'An Inside Scoop on Cyborg, The Man of Steel'! People are buying the hell outta it!"

"You're welcome, Chief!" Lois called over with a smile. "Just doing my job!"

"By the way, where the hell is Kent?!" Perry demanded. "Is he still sick with the flu?!"

"Actually, he's following up on some rumours he heard," Lois noted. "Should be a HUGE scoop if he hits gold with this one."

"Yeah, well, tell him to make sure it's worth it!" White ordered, heading back to his office. "And DON'T CALL ME CHIEF!"

Lois had to stifle a giggle as she went back to typing. After a few moments, she felt a figure behind her. She turned, preparing herself for another round with Steve Lombard, but found herself pleasantly surprised, albeit a little confused, to find Jimmy Olsen standing there instead.

"Something up, Jimmy?" she asked.

Jimmy scratched the back of his head. "Nah...Well, yeah, I guess a couple of...I was just wondering, this Cyborg guy, he seems even more like an ordinary guy than Superman is, but he's a superhero."

Lois shrugged. "Is that a problem?"

"N-No!" James exclaimed, taking a seat. "I mean, it's probably a good thing. It's just...well, I think about how guys like him can become heroes, and..."

Lois smiled sympathetically. "Jimmy, not everybody is meant to go out and fight bad guys."

"I know, but it always bugs me how we're on the sidelines when Superman is going out and being a hero," Jimmy admitted, frowning sadly. "Doesn't it bother you?"

Lois sighed, thinking back. "...It used to. Not just being stuck on the sidelines, but having to be rescued one or two...hundred times."

Jimmy giggled a little, before shutting himself up to let Lois continue. "After a while, though, I realised there were other things I can do to help Superman and the people of Metropolis. I can get the word out about what's really going on, or give emotional support wherever I can, or get people to safety when there's an emergency. Y'know, like we did in the chopper?"

Jimmy groaned as he felt his stomach lurch. "Please...don't remind me of that...I finally stopped throwing up when I think about the helicopter...ugh, shaking so hard..."

Lois patted James on the shoulder. "Hey, you did great back there...and I'm sorry about what I said."

"Nah, it's cool," Jimmy replied. "I really SHOULD try to stay calm in emergencies. Heck, it's not the first time we've done something like that, and it probably won't be the last."

"Anyway, the point is, we all have our own ways of helping out," Lois went on. "Besides, I don't think you'd wanna go through the process of being turned into a cyborg."

Jimmy made a quick yuck face before moving on. "But man, Clark's gonna have some pressure to find a bigger scoop than your look at Cyborg."

Lois smiled, turning back to her computer. "...Well, you never know, Jimmy..."

Batman squinted as he looked through his microscope at the liquid Kryptonite sample that Superman had left him, looking over its flaws. As usual, Clark had wanted him to see exactly how it worked, what went wrong in its design, and if it could ever be perfected to be used against him. Not that Clark couldn't figure it out for himself, mind you, just that Batman had the equipment on hand and the time to use it. Superman, on the other hand, could be needed at any given time in any part of the world. You never knew where he'd be from one moment to the next.

"Any luck with it?"

Batman sighed, looking away from the scope to face the Man of Tomorrow. "...You could at least call ahead. And no, nothing yet. I'll keep you posted."

Superman nodded. "I know you will, Bruce."

"...So then, why did you bother coming over?" the Dark Knight asked.

Clark folded his arms, deep in thought. "...This was twice now I wasn't able to handle a situation on my own. Criminals are getting more dangerous. Even you've teamed up with a full-time partner."

"It's nothing we can't handle," Bruce replied dismissively.

"Granted, but I think there's a bigger issue as a result," Superman explained. "More heroes are showing up in the world. Cyborg. Power Girl. Robin. Heck, I heard a rumour about a group of women on the west coast fighting criminals."

Batman nodded. "I know. I've been monitoring them."

"It's becoming like the old days," Clark observed. "The days of the JSA. Except we aren't in an organized group of any kind, which could be a problem."

Bruce narrowed his eyes. "...If you're thinking about restarting the Justice Society..."

Clark shook his head. "Maybe not the Justice Society of America. Not exactly. Still, it might not be such a bad idea to create some kind of League..."

Victor looked over the diagnostics on his body being given by one of the many scanning devices in S.T.A.R. Labs. It seemed all of the upgrades he gave himself going into the fight with Corben's robot worked perfectly. Still, he knew that if he was going to continue this line of work, being a superhero, he was going to have to keep his systems up to date and well-maintained. Not to mention he needed to make sure what human parts he had left needed to stay in shape to keep up.

"Well, guess I should probably hit the gym or somethin'," Vic commented as he unplugged himself from the scanner. "...Damn, I'm probably gonna have to upgrade THAT, too..."

"I could think of a few things you could do to keep it up to date..."

Cyborg turned to face the one speaking on the other side of the room. He hadn't seen him enter, and his scanners hadn't detected him either, which was VERY odd. He was a man, probably in his mid to late 30s, dressed in a light brown fedora and trench-coat. At least, that's how he appeared to Victor's human eye. To his cybernetic eye, he saw a very different image. One of a bizarre green form.

"Who are you?" Victor demanded, readying his sonic cannon. "How'd you get in here?"

"I am not your enemy," the figure assured Vic. "I know that you can see my true form, but I am barred from reverting to it. My name is J'onn J'onzz. I am an alien."

"Yeah, I can kinda tell that," Cyborg remarked. "What do you want?"

J'onn's eyes narrowed. "I came to warn you. A great threat to this planet has arrived. It is only a matter of time before the world is going to need heroes."

"Then why you comin' to me?" Cyborg inquired. "You need to get on the horn to Superma-"

"I intend to," J'onn cut him off, "but he alone is not enough to stop this threat. In the meantime, I need you to locate another hero who will be needed. He might be the key to solving this dilemma."

Cyborg thought for a moment. He looked back to his sonic cannon, which was locked onto the alien standing before him. He had no reason to trust this person, and yet for some reason...

"...What's his name?" Vic asked.

"His name is Wallace West," J'onn explained. "However, you might know him better as The Flash."

AUTHOR'S NOTES: So, if you haven't guessed, J'onn will be continuing his little quest to bring together heroes in my upcoming fanfiction. One is the Will & Hope one-shot I've planned to do for a while now, and the other is my next major fanfic. If you've read my blog, you'd know it is entitled Birds of Prey: Dark, and is something of a blend of Birds of Prey, Justice League Dark, and Teen Titans. Also, it doesn't have a planned ending, So, as you can tell, this is one big universe I'm building with my DC related fanfiction.

As for the upcoming story where the Justice League is formed, I will say this much: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, Lex Luthor, and a classic Justice League villain will all play a role. There will be others involved too, but I'm just saying those ones for now. In addition to that, however, there'll be a short fanfic that'll cover a lot of the other details going on in this world I'm crafting, and will shed some light on what occurred prior to this story, involving Luthor losing his presidency and the Trinity being accepted as superheroes by the world.