Now that the world isn't ending 
Its love that I'm sending to you
It isn't the love of a hero
And that's why I fear it won't do-Chad Kroeger

          Shalimar laughed as Brennan matched her blow by blow. They were training while Jesse and Emma took Luke and Cassandra to a safehouse.

          "Not bad," she hissed as she ducked another kick "Jesse told me what you two were talking about while me and Emma were up in the tree,"

          "Remind me to kill that kid," grumbled Brennan as he swung at Shalimar.

          Shalimar grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back.

          "Break her heart," she whispered in his ear "And I break your face."

          Emma looked at Cassandra and smiled sadly.

          "I don't want to leave you," she wailed.

          "Oh honey," said Emma picking her up "Its for the best. The people who hurt your parents are still looking for you and Luke."

          "They wont find us," she whispered "They wont ever find us"

          Luke smiled at the look of confusion on her face.

          "Cass can see the future," he replied.

          Emma watched sadly as the two kids walked hand in hand into the open arms of the safehouse operator.

          "Don't worry Em," said Jesse wrapping his arm around her waist "They'll be fine."

          Emma put her head on Jesse's shoulder and sighed.

          "I hope so," she replied.

          "Come on kid," said Jesse "Let's go home."


          "Emma!" whispered a voice.

           Emma walked through the haze of her dream. Standing in front of her was Marcy.

          "Its time for me to go." Said Marcy "I just wanted to tell you thanks."

          "Why me?" Emma asked.

          "Emma, your special. Not too many people would risk their lives to help a suicidal delinquent." Replied Marcy placing a hand on her arm "I knew I could trust you. I knew you would help me and my brother and sisters."

          "There's just one thing I didn't understand. Why weren't Cassandra and Luke listed in the database?" asked Emma.

          "To protect them," replied Marcy "Emma, its time for me to go and its time for you to wake"

          "Emma," whispered Brennan "Wake up!"

          Emma opened her eyes and smiled.

          "What's up?" she asked.

          "Can I tell you something?" asked Brennan holding her hand in his.

          "Sure," replied Emma.

          "Do you remember when I found you in that bar with that guy?" asked Brennan.

          Emma blushed.


          "I was jealous, sure you were knock down drunk but you trusted a perfect stranger. And then I was jealous when you chose to share your gift with Shal and not me. Why is that?" asked Brennan.

          "I don't know," replied Emma "I never did any of those things to hurt you,"

          "I know that," exclaimed Brennan.

          Emma looked at Brennan and did something she never thought she would have the courage to do. She caressed his cheek and leaned in and gently kissed his lips.

          "I'm sorry, Bren" she whispered as they pulled away.

          "Dammit Em," he said playfully "That's what I came here to do."

          Emma laughed joyously, and Brennan leaned to kiss her. Brennan smiled inside his head. She felt the same way as him. Whether or not he deserved her, she was his.


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