Safe and Sound


First of all this is an OC insert so if you don't like those don't read it! Secondly I will try my hardest not to make my character Mary sue but with the way Kishimoto did this bloodline it's really hard not too. -.- Also I don't own Naruto or any of its characters or plot! I only own my characters and my own ideas!


We all like to believe that when we die we go to someplace nice. A place where there is no more pain, hunger and violence.

When I was alive life was hard. I grew up in a rough environment where to live meant you had to survive. You had to fight each day to live your life and if you gave up then you were dead.

My parents died when I was 13, they were killed in a drunk driving accident leaving behind me and my 2 year old little brother. We had no other family to take us in and the foster system was not the place I us to end up in. So I lied to the police and said we had a grandma and left when they went to call her.

Life after that was harsh. I grew up young. I ended up getting a job by passing myself off as 16. As I got older it got harder to live. I was weary and tired of life by 18. My only will to live came from my dear little brother.

I happened upon a book in the library that caught my interest though. It was a manga called Naruto. By this time I had worked my life away and when I first started reading this manga it made me feel young again. Made me feel as though I could escape from this life for just a little while.

I had made it to the very end chapters of the manga before I died. And seeing it all come full circle made me upset for everything that had to happen to get there.

I remember reading the last chapter published before I died and thinking "If I could be reborn in this manga I would change so much."

It was a silly wish coming from the inner child that was forced to grow up early.

I died at the age of 20. Coming home to from work I was shot in a drive by. My only worries as people surrounded me and tried to help was…

"Declan is going to be alone!...I-….can't leave him alone…he's still to young…please…."

I died long before the ambulance could get to me. I don't know what happened to my little brother and I never will.

I don't know if it was god's divine humor to reincarnate me or if he was truly giving me a second chance. A chance to do everything right…And by god or any other deity I was going to change everything.