Turn it off...Caroline!

Caroline was in the grill. She was meeting Elena, Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, and Matt. Caroline rolled her eyes, she was there for the billionth time listening to another kill Klaus plan. Every other plan failed miserably. Especially, when the son of an original was always three steps ahead of them.

"Caroline...what do you think? Will you help?"

"Caroline..." Elena said waving her hands in front of her face.

Caroline stared at her friend for a second. What the hell? "What?" Caroline managed to say.

Elena frowned. "Caroline, we were asking you if you could help? We need to find the hunters sword in order to find the cure..."

" The cure...of course...what do you want me to do?"

"We need you to distract Klaus so we can search his place for the sword.."

"Distract Klaus...of course..." Caroline rolled her eyes.

"Caroline...we need the cure...I...can't live like this...I can't be a vampire..." Elena said with tears in her eyes. She grabbed Caroline's hands pleading her friend for her assistance once again.

Caroline sighed . If I say no…then I'm the bad guy... but if I say yes…then I have to see the big bad hybrid ass again. All of this for what? For Elena? Again? "Let me think about it." Caroline said. She smiled at Elena's appalled face. Caroline got up and walked again. "I'll call you..."

Caroline almost made a clean get away. Damon grabbed her arm. "Blondie...what do you mean you'll think about it? What is there to think about? Your friends need you. Elena needs you..." He said crushing her arm.

"Let go...what the fuck Damon..."

"Not until you agree..."

"You think for a second I would agree to do anything you say, especially after you threatened me...Is that how you get things done? Is that how you treat your friends Elena? If I don't do what you say Elena...you are going to allow your boy toy to kill me Elena..." Caroline said directing all her rage to Elena ignoring Damon. Caroline ripped her arm away from Damon. She turned towards the table of her friends and shook her head. "I said I will think about it...and if I hear anymore threats from Damon or anyone else...you will lose your distraction permanently!" Caroline yelled.

Caroline walked to her car annoyed. She got in her car and sped off. She put the radio on blasting trying to clear her mind. The nerve of Damon. I don't have to do anything I don't want to. Elena. All for Elena. Why? Because she can't handle being a vampire. Because she wants the cure...Elena...Elena...Elena...Ugh! What the fuck?


Caroline picked up her phone and looked at the caller id. It was Elena. "Ugh...Ignore!"

Caroline smirked. I said I will call when I will call. Caroline turned up the radio and stepped on the accelerator.


Caroline rolled her eyes. What now? She looked at her phone again. "Unknown caller? Why the hell not?"

Caroline decided to answer ."Hello?"

"Hello, love?"

"Klaus..." Caroline rolled her eyes. "What does his royal original ass...want now..."



"I love it when you call say my name..."

"Okay...okay...is that what you called me for?"

"Do I need a reason to call you , love?"


"Okay, I was hoping you can join me for a drink..."

"A drink? Why?"

"For the pleasure of your company..."

Caroline rolled her eyes.


"Klaus I..." Caroline paused for a second. Should she? What would be the harm? "Where are you? Are you home?"

"Yes, why love?"

"I'm driving...home actually...I had a real shitty night...I really can't tonight..."

"Okay...sure. Another time, love?"

" Hey, Klaus..."

"Yes, love?"

"You should sleep with one eye open..." Caroline hung up the phone before he could respond.

Caroline arrived at home a few moments later. She had a huge smirk on her face. She wanted to see him but on her terms. She had her own agenda. She opened the door to find a pair of dark eyes looking at her.


"Hello, love?"

Caroline rolled her eyes. Of course he came. "What do you want Klaus?"


Caroline frowned. "Klaus you have five seconds before I throw your hybrid ass out..."

"I'd like to see you try..." He said grinning sweetly.

Caroline shook her head. She put her bag down on the couch. This was going to be a long night. She walked into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and pulled out two blood bags. Klaus was behind her looking at her body bend and flex as she reached on the top shelf reaching for the blood bags. She absent-mindedly threw one of the bags towards Klaus. He caught it of course.

"Thank you, love..."

Caroline nodded and drank the blood bag in silence. She closed her eyes. She loved the taste of the blood's sweet nectar as it trailed down her throat. Caroline looked at Klaus curiously, what was he up to? What did he want? Why was he here?

"Klaus why are you here?"

"I wanted to see you, love?"


"Yes, of course..."

"Well...you see me...now you can go..." Caroline said walking towards the door.

"Caroline the last time we spoke you said to sleep with one eye opened. What did you mean?"

Caroline swallowed the rest of the blood bag. Shit. Why did she say that? She knew he wouldn't be able to let it go. He would continue pestering her until she surrendered. She knew it. A part of her wanted him to come running and a part of her was appalled at the intrusion. "Klaus…it was a joke…" Caroline smirked at the look of concern in his face.


"Yes…but surely, the big bad hybrid isn't afraid is he…"

Klaus looked straight into her eyes. "Afraid…no…but I know that your attentions to me are a distraction…so what do your friends have planned now…"

"Paranoid much?" Caroline rolled her eyes. She had to think fast if not he would find out why he needed to be out of the mansion.

"A thousand years of running will do that to you, love."

Caroline looked at the sadness in his eyes. It gave him a vulnerable that made him even more attractive…at that moment he became obtainable. Caroline shook her head. No. This was Klaus. He will never be for you. He is and will always be prohibited. "I couldn't imagine…always looking behind your back …it explains a lot…" Caroline said walking away towards the living room.

Klaus was sitting in the coach before she had a chance to look.

Caroline laughed. "Sure…sit…make yourself at home, Klaus…"

"Don't mind if I do…"

Caroline flopped on the coach and started to take off her boots. She took them off one by one. She frowned. The damn shoes were killing her. They were sexy as sin but felt just as deadly. She started to rub her achy soles. She closed her eyes groaning.

Klaus looked at the baby vampire. She was delicious even when she was not trying to be. Klaus got up and kneeled in front of her. He moved her hands from her aching feet and started to message them instead.

"Wha…Klaus…" Caroline jumped slightly.

"Shh…allow me love…" Klaus said smiling.

"Ok…but no funny business mister…" Caroline said shaking a finger at the hybrid between her legs.

"Yes ma'am…" He smirked a little too much for her comfort. Klaus messaged her feet rubbing circles all over.

Caroline closed her eyes. The bastard knew how to give messages, too. Was there nothing he couldn't do. She smiled a thousand years of experience really showed.

"What are you smiling at, love?" Klaus said stopping momentarily.

"Oh, please don't stop…" Caroline said pouting. She loved being pampered especially by such a sexy man.

"Ok…what were you thinking of…"

"I was thinking that if you ever decided to retire from world domination you definitely have a career in message therapy. " Caroline said chuckling to herself.

"Funny…" Klaus said as he continued to message Caroline's feet.

Caroline was loving this treatment…being pampered definitely was nice.


Caroline rolled her eyes. "What now…?"

Klaus continued his manipulations as Caroline sat up to retrieve her phone from her back pocket. She looked at the caller id. Stefan.

"Hello, Stefan."

"Caroline…how are you…"

"Fine…but I can't talk right now…"

"Why is something wrong? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine…Stef…I just can't talk right know…"

"You sound weird…what's going on?"

"Stef…I have company…I can't talk right now…"

"Really…who…Tyler's back?"

Caroline looked at the grin on Klaus' face. "No…of course not…you know if he were here Klaus would kill him…"

"I see..."

"Anyway…you have a lot to do Stefan before your guest arrives…"

"Right…good luck call me if you need me…"

"Bye Stef…" Caroline hung up the phone and tried to smile to hide her guilt.

Klaus raised a brow at her suspicious smile. "What guest is my friend expecting?"

"Your friend? Who is that?"

"Stefan Salvatore…"


"What are they plotting, love?" Klaus said getting up crossing his arms over his chest.

"Klaus…that's his business…"

"Indeed…well I think I should be off…" Klaus said walking away. He needed to investigate. Who was this guest of his?

Caroline think quickly…you can't let him go…you have to help your friends even if they were acting like shits. Caroline grabbed his arm stopping him from going any further. "You can't go…"

"Really, why is that?" Klaus said frowning slightly.

"You…can't just…message one foot and not the other…that wouldn't be nice." Caroline said pouting slightly.

Klaus stared at the shiny blue eyes of the girl in front of him. She was up to something but he couldn't say no to that look in her face even if he tried. "Ok...let me make a quick call…"

Caroline smiled. "Of course…let me give you some privacy…" Caroline said starting to get up.

"No...stay…" He said holding her arm.

Caroline smiled. He was being charming again. This could get a bit dangerous.

"Hello, brother…"

"I'm going to send you an address…I need you to investigate. "

"Thanks brother…"

Klaus hung up and walked towards the couch. He sat down and started to text an address. She leaned in to see what he was texting. His fingers were typing at vampire speed. He looked up and smirked, "Can I help you, love."

"No…" Caroline said keeping her eyes on the hybrids phone.

"Did anyone tell you it's impolite to read over someone's shoulder?" Klaus said putting his phone away.

Caroline rolled her eyes. She saw a bit of the address…70 US Highway 211 W Luray, VA. She would investigate later…for now she had to keep him here at least for a while. She vowed she would stop being used as the distraction but somehow she always managed to be pulled back in. Damn them. Well…might as well enjoy his company. Caroline, what are you thinking? Anyway…I had to distract the hybrid. "So…what about finishing the job…?"

Klaus laughed. "Of course sweetheart come here…" Klaus said putting her foot on his lap.

Caroline raised an eyebrow and shrugged. She let him guide her foot. She blushed slightly, this was the closest she ever was to him. She could practically smell his skin. He smelled like the woods…beautifully dirty. She bit her lip. His hands on her soles felt so good. She slumped back… her body starting to relax.

Klaus smiled. He enjoyed the look in her face even if it was innocent at least for now.

"It feels so good…" Caroline purred.

"Just imagine what I can do with the rest of you…" Klaus said teasing her a bit.

Caroline jumped. "What?"

Klaus laughed. "Just kidding, love." Klaus held her from moving for a second.

Caroline started to blush again. He was getting a bit too comfortable. "Thanks I…think it's good…" Caroline said trying to release from his grip.

"You sure…love?" Klaus said leaning in closer.

"I…I…" Caroline tried to say as she saw Klaus leaning in. His lips were inches away from her. She felt her heart start to pound faster and faster. Her cheeks started to blush. She felt his breath cool the heat on her face. " I…"

Klaus smiled. He leaned in and lightly pressed the tip of his bottom lip over hers. He moved his mouth painfully slow. Caroline let out a soft moan. Her eyes widen at the feather soft caress of his mouth. She moved closer and met his lips. He groaned. He grabbed her head and pressed his lips hungrily onto hers. She closed her eyes and let herself give in to him. She put her arms around his neck bringing him closer towards her. Klaus brought her closer putting his arms around her waist. Caroline wrapped her legs around him feeling the warmth of his skin all over her. She moaned. He opened his mouth and plunged his tongue into her mouth. She sighed and complied. Her tongue danced with his. She felt her body starting to become weak. Her heart was pounding faster. Her chest heaving uncontrollable breaths with every moment that passed.

Klaus pulled her closer. He wanted to wear her as a second skin. He caressed her back and inhaled her. She smelled of vanilla and sunshine. He was starting to lose control as his mouth fought for dominance. She was intoxicating, Her lips…her mouth…her kiss…were making the big bad feel weak in the knees.

Caroline moaned. She put her fingers through his hair. It was so soft. She entangled her fingers in his hands as she deepen her kiss.


Caroline opened her eyes and heard her front door open. She pulled away from Klaus and gasped. "Tyler…"