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Never in a million years, would I think something like this would happen. But it did and all too quickly. This stranger, this other worldly being, this god came sweeping into my life without warning turning it upside down with no apology. None was needed. My tiresome existence was in desperate want of stirring up and I got more than I ever could have hoped for.

Standing in that castle for the art gala or fund raiser or whatever my parents had decided to drag me to. It was just another trip in my short life and I was playing the part of the reluctant spoiled brat; jaded and uninterested in everything happening or not happening around me. Classical music and ice cold air was being pumped through the decadent lobby, I spun around in my gown wholly wishing for something exciting to happen and my prayers were almost immediately answered.

I caught sight of a man I had never seen at any of the functions my parents dragged me to, but he belonged. In a tailored and exquisite suit he wore almost too well. His long black hair hung at his shoulders and he gave the air of sophistication I was so used to seeing, but he wore it differently. His sophistication wasn't forced or bought, it was effortless. He was handsome and had intense eyes that were determined as he made his way down the stairs. My gaze was glued to this stranger, every move he made; every expression was simply extraordinary; in anyone else would be less than mundane.

At the foot of the stairs he spun his cane gracefully before striking the guard knocking him to the floor. Before I could stop myself, I smiled and let out a small laugh. The stranger turned to me, his intense green eyes smoldered wickedly as he grinned at me. He then hurried to the man throwing the event grabbing and dragging him through the crowd, pushing past me on the way back to the altar in the center of the lobby. His hand brushed mine and it was cold. The room was freezing, but he was at least ten degrees colder. I kept my gaze on him as he brutalized this man by stabbing him in the eye.

His face was calm amongst the chaos he caused; he caught my gaze nearly boring a hole into me. He never let go of my eyes and I was mesmerized by this beautiful and pitiless man. A smiled widened his face brightening it, as the flocks of people pushed around me screaming to get out of the lobby as fast as they could. He slowly stalked up to me grinning like a bobcat, knowing I was unafraid, that I was intrigued, fascinated.

He fingertips grazed my bare arm, his freezing touch raised goose bumps all over my body, "Are you afraid child?" his voice was smooth as glass.

"No," my voice hitched in a whisper. I wasn't afraid, that was true, my voice caught in my throat, never thinking such an enthralling person would ever take an interest in me.

"Indeed," he breathed a whispered, his face so close to mine, I could smell him. He smelled heavenly, ethereal, familiar yet odd. I couldn't place the aroma but it was almost orgasmic. My eyes fluttered as he placed his hands on me again, the cold felt like it was actually boiling my blood. "What is your name, my darling?"

Reeling from his touch and the smell of this beautiful man, I composed myself long enough to tell him my name, "Chastity," my voice stronger. I could feel him smile into my jawline as he lightly pressed his lips to my skin.

"I am Loki," he whispered then I swooned into his arms.

I awoke to the breeze in the night air washing over my face and the sound of my mother screaming my name. I was in Loki's arms; his sharp suit had disappeared now wearing a ceremonial outfit of some sort of green, gold and black with a golden helmet that had two horns curving toward the back of his head. His strong grip holding me firm to his chest, cold touch almost burning my skin but it I was too fascinated with his eyes trained on mine to notice much. As I stared into the depths of his green irises I knew he had plans for me. Loki put me down beside him, taking my face in his hands and I could hear his voice resonating inside my head.

"Just do as I say Chastity," he gently commanded.

I nodded slightly, still very unaware of what was to happen, "I will do as you say." My eyes never left his until the god turned to the frightened crowd in front of us.

A wicked smile crossed his face raising his staff at the people, "Kneel before me," his voice was quiet but powerful. The crowd was stunned and now silent, they didn't move. I stood at Loki's side then he looked at me and I kneeled at his side. I heard my mother cry out for me again but I wasn't hers any longer; I belonged to Loki.

The Asgardian raised his voice, "I said, KNEEL!" The crowd responded this time by dropping to their knees. All sides were blocked by images of Loki. The god laughed as the crowd grew silent before him in terror. "Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state?" He turned to me, my skin buzzing with electricity as he extended his hand, "This young girl has shown it more clearly than all of you; that humanity craves subjugation." His icy cold hand wrapped around my neck and I heard a collective gasp from the crowd. "She does not fear me, but wants me to command her every move. I can feel it in the girl's skin." His teeth grazed my jawline, "I am proud of you Chastity," he whispered, "You have done your master proud." He faced the crowd as I stood in complete euphoria. "In the end you will always kneel."