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"CHASTITY!" I bolted upright panting and drenched in sweat. This had been the fourth time during the night I had awoken screaming her name. Grabbing my chest and pulling myself into the reality I now resided in, this cage my 'father' constructed for me; four magical walls to keep me until I was of some use to them again.

Sighing as she crossed my eyes again, I still remembered the smell of her hair, the touch of her soft skin, the sweetness of her lips. Such a delicate and young mortal, so willing, so eager, so beautiful; never had I been remorseful of anything, yet this young girl, my darling Chastity taken from me without warning was causing me to react in a foreign manner. I crossed to the farthest corner of my new home trying to figure out her mystery. This child had come out of nowhere and shown me that there were parts of humanity that showed promise.

I smiled at the memory of the first sight of her, I thought for certain she would cower and scream but she was intrigued. I had taken her in the beginning as an amusement, a tool for my own need but she became so much more than that in a very short time. I should have kept her safe. Hanging my head, taking her with me was too dangerous, but I wouldn't be parted from her, if only I could have and left her where even if I was defeated she would be alive.

Now, now she has been reduced to a pile of ash, ironically by a weapon made from one only I can control. Poetic justice yes they all believe I should suffer this loss. Perhaps they are correct. However my darling Chastity did not deserve to perish in this way. Her part in this tale was minor, yet she changed me.

The pure and untainted love of a teenager touched the black soul of a god destined to rule a lesser people; making him feel something in the pit of his withered and shattered heart once again. I never got to thank her for that. I felt tears in my eyes again as I paced the small room. It never failed, how this girl affected me so, thinking about her it awakened that piece of me I thought was gone long ago. How I long for this to be gone or to use it to drive a force of revenge once I get out of this cage. No one will ever be able to touch me the way she did. Why?! Why would she do such a foolish thing?! She knew I did not need protecting!

"AAAAHHH!" A scream escaped my mouth as I threw a chair into the barrier wall. It smashed into pieces. Panting once again as I slumped down on my meager bed.

Letting out a rueful laugh or did she? Was she that afraid of losing me that she would put herself in harm's way to protect me? Noble, but utterly ridiculous; however I find myself thinking I would have put myself in the same position. Becoming the knight in shining armor saving the damsel in distress; save the girl and rule as king and queen of Midgard, I let out another mournful sigh. Sadly I shall never see her beautiful face, drink from her sweet lips or explore the treasures of her flesh ever again. Revenge was not an option as I killed the mortal that destroyed my Chastity. This is so unlike me, mourning, showing remorse over a mortal I hardly knew. Still my cold heart yearns for just one more glimpse of her smile.

Something stirred in me amidst the beeps of the machinery I was hooked up to. The pain in my torso was a dull ache compared to the torture I felt in the emptiness of my heart as it beat against my will. I tried to quiet it, make it be still, make it stop, he wasn't coming back. He was gone, left me for dead but I still had that loathsome feeling in my head and in this organ in my chest that refused to die, love. Tears spilled down my cheeks as I whispered, "Loki."