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~Hello. This is the revised version so that it would be better to read and note that the story is unchanged what so ever. Enjoy.~

The day was as normal as any other day. Bulma and Mrs.Briefs were in the kitchen, deep in conversation over recent events while her seven year old son and his best friend play fought outside.

"Honestly dear, I like the new cut." Mrs.Briefs smiled and took a sip of her tea.


"Un huh, but how long will this one last?" she chirped, knowing her daughter's hair styles changes more often the minutes in a day.

"Ya know, I think I'll keep this one." Bulma laughed, brushing her ear length hair to the side. "Why don't you change your look, mom? Dye it, cut it, something."

"Oh no. It's just the way I like it."

Bulma sighed as she looked up to see Gohan coming in the doorway.

"Hi Bulma. Hi Mrs.Briefs." he said, with the patented Son Grin. "I came to get Goten."

"Okay. Tell Trunks to come in while your out there." Bulma instructed.

After saying goodbye to Goten, Trunks came running in the house covered with dirt, his tail wagging playfully.

"Is the food done mom? I'm starvin'!"

Bulma blocked his way of the refrigerator. "Not until you've cleaned up, young man."

Trunks just pouted and made his way to the bathroom. Dinner was all set up about time Trunks returned in his pajamas. He knew after dessert, it would be straight to the pillow.

"Where's dad, mom?" the demi saiyajin asked, piling an adult sized portion of stir fry to his plate.

"You know he's been out training like crazy again since Goku went Super Saiyajin 3."

"Oh yeah."

"Trunks, don't talk with your mouth full."


"Is that little mud ball is the planet he's on?" one of the Crystalinjins said, looking down at Earth.

"Yes, Chalcedoni, that's where Lord Frieza told us where he was." the red one called Karnelian answered smugly. "Schist, is the Ki Deflector on?"

"Yes...er..I mean at least I think so." he replied sheepishly.

"Well then check it, stupid and hurry up. Were going to be in the atmosphere soon."


After ten more servings to Trunks and two more to the ladies, the three rushed off to get ready for bed. Bulma tucked her son in, who complained about him being to old for that, but she ignored him and continued anyway.

"G'night Trunks. I love you."

"Love 'ya too, mom." and was out like a light.

The cerulean haired woman closed the door with a soft click and went to the master bedroom. She changed into her own sheer satin gown complete with fuzzy slippers and waited for Vegeta to come home on the downstairs couch.


About a few feet away from Capsule Corp., a medium sized ship hovered above the ground. Three figures jumped out and hid around the side of the building.

"You've got the scouter" Chalcedoni asked.

"Yeah, let me get a reading." Schist whispered and pressed a few buttons. "What !?! There is around 700 different ki's on this planet!"

"Not so loud, dummy." Karnelian scolded. "Look for the highest one that's closest to us."

The scouter pointed to a ki on the top level of the house.

"That must be it, let's go."

The henchmen floated up to Trunks' room and silently came through the window.

"Hey, that's just a kid." Chaledoni cried lowly.

"So. Frieza's always calling him chibi prince and how many kids do you know have tails?" Schist pointed to the furry, dark purple appendage wiggling off the side of the bed.

"Plenty." the blue giant, countered.

"Just check for the mark." Karnelian ordered.

Charedoni walked over to the boy and lift the bottom of his shirt. There was a light birthmark of the Vegetasei symbol on his back.

"Yup. That's it."

"Well grab 'em already." Schist ordered.

"Nope. You get 'em."

"Nobody's grabbin' me!" the boy jumped up in his bed and crouched down in a fighting position. " Who are you and whaddaya want !?"

"Look kid, just come quietly and we won't hurt cha." the henchman persuaded.

"No way"

"Then we'll make ya!"

Charedoni and Schist charged for Trunks as his hair flashed from lavender to gold. He jumped over his bed and elbowed Schist into the wall and spin kicked the next two. Downstairs, Bulma was awakened by all the rumbling and explosions upstairs.

"What in New Namek..." Her stomach sank, realizing Trunks was up there.

She barreled up the stairs as fast as she could.


"What the hell?" Vegeta stopped in the middle of his flight as he picked up on the large ki's coming from Capsule Corp.

"Damn!" He jetted off leaving a long vapor trail behind him.


Trunks were handling his own, until the three ganged up on him. He blocked all his little form could but was stopped when something prickly shot into his spine. He pulled out two dark red crystals as the room began to spin. Trunks collapsed to the floor as Bulma burst through the door. The four where piling into the ship as she screamed in terror at the site off the kidnappers. Vegeta literally burst into the house and went directly to where all the ki was, Trunks' room. He entered swiftly to see Bulma wailing into Trunks' sheets, who was nowhere to be found, and her mother trying to help.

"What happened!?! Where is my son!?!" he yelled fiercely.

Bulma ran to her husband and grasped him tightly. "Oh Vegeta!..They took him!...They took Trunks! " she said between sobs.

"WHO!?!" the prince growled with extreme malice. Who ever took his son and hurt Bulma was going to pay dearly.

"I don't know...I don't know..."