CB: Hey everyone. I'm glad I got some reviews even through a few of my reviewers fell off. -_-;; So I've just decided to discontinue it. Yes. This is it. I'm done with this thing. Completely. Right now. Forever, I've grown REALLY bored with this fic AND I can't think of anything else to write really! :P Very sorry if that sucks. -_-; All flames are welcome. I really wanna get started on my next fic "Elevator". You know a father son, Trunks and Vegeta, type ficcie and I'll try really hard to keep everyone IC. Not too many people write enough T/V father son dealy do's so I just HAD to do one. ^_^ I said it once and I'll say it again, Bra and Vegeta fics are soooo overrated! :P Also I'm thinking of doing a yaoi! *Master Roshi grin* Bye and the thankies go as followed...

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