Pride of the Viper

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Pride of the Viper

Five: Choice

Randy kept thinking about John's words. So he decided to get the better advice, he trusted his brother but on this he needed someone else. Randy closed shop and got into his car before getting on the road. He drove toward the only place he could. He arrived at his parents' home and knew at the moment his mom would be with Lillian and his Dad would be in the stables. He parked and climbed down.

"Hey Big Bro." he looked up to see Jaylee standing there.

"Jaylee, what are you doing here?" Randy asked and hugged her. Jaylee smirked at him.

"It appears I am looking for the same thing I am, advice." She told him.

"What do you need advice for?" Randy asked.

"Oh I'm expanding by studio a little bit, and you must be here for Kelly." Jaylee said and Randy looked to the side. "Uh-huh tell you what as far as I know she isn't stuck up and is still very nice." Jaylee told him.

"Where's Dad?" Randy asked.

"In the stables you should know by now." She said and gave him a kiss before going to her own car. "Good luck big brother."

"Thanks little brat."

"Thank you, I'm very flattered." She said.

"Don't think I don't know you're making goo-goo eyes with Styles." Randy screamed after her.

"I'm passed my legal age limit you jerk." Jaylee said. Randy smirked and went inside the house. He walked all the way to get to the stable where his father was brushing one of the horses. It was so natural to see his Father like that.

Mark was brushing the horse and he looked to see his son standing there, he knew that Randy was going to come sooner or later.

"Randy, get a brush." He said. Randy grabbed it and brushed the horse with his Dad. They stayed quiet as they brushed.

"I'm confused." Randy told him.

"This has to do with Kelly's return." Mark said it was a statement not a question.

"Yes, John's thinks I'm stupid and should give it another go, but she hates me we can't even hold a conversation." Randy said. Mark sighed and smiled at the same time.

"Randy, you're my son pride runs in the family and we can hold a grudge for a long time, ask John he has a grudge against Swagger still even if he is married and expecting a child with Mickie now." Mark said and Randy chuckled. "Now I know you and you haven't tried to talk to her, you've tried to say what you felt."

"I…" Randy said.

"If you want to give it another try I would say you first have to let go of your past, talk about it with her because if you don't you won't going anywhere." Mark said.

"How did you deal with Mom's ex-fiancé when he came?" Randy asked. Mark didn't want to think about that one, it had been incredibly hilarious now, since Mark had socked him out in the process but that would not be a good idea to tell Randy.

"The best way I could." Mark told him. "Now think about it, do you really want to be with Kelly or is it just a game to you?"

"Thanks Dad." Randy told him.

"Anytime." Mark said. Mark saw as Randy walked back outside and he was so betting on wedding soon.


"Dad come on you have to eat." Kelly said.

"I hate hospital food." Steve whined.

"Well you shouldn't have gotten here in the first place." She said with a laugh and got the food and did plane sounds. "Come on Daddy open your mouth here comes the airplane." Steve looked at his daughter and he was not amused.

"Not amuse Kelly."

"Fine then here comes the shoo-shoo train." She said and they both laughed. They didn't noticed that Randy was standing there looking at them. He cleared his throat and both father and daughter looked at him.

"Randy, is good to see you." Steve said.

"Um I'll be outside." Kelly said.

"Actually I came to talk to you." Randy told her.

"Oh." Kelly said and she was suddenly nervous about what he wanted to talk about. "Um…Daddy I'll be back." She told him.

"Okay." Steve said. Kelly went out first and Randy followed behind.

Outside Kelly stood in the middle of the hallway and held her arms around her body, she needed to breath.

"What do you want Randy?" Kelly asked.

"I need to ask you something." Randy said.

"What?" Kelly said.

"Can you try not to attack me before I ask?" Randy said.

"I'm not attacking you, but I want to get back with my Dad." Kelly said.

"Go to dinner with me?" Randy asked and Kelly looked at him with surprise.

"You…you want me to go to dinner with you?" she asked.

"Yeah." Randy said touching the back of his neck. Kelly looked at him and she wanted to answer but at the same time she was scared.

"Okay." Kelly answered.

"I'll pick you up later tonight." Randy said.

"Okay." Kelly said. Randy was going to move away and Kelly moved before Randy bent down and kissed her forehead before walking away. Kelly stopped and looked at him go away.


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