Author's Note- Hi, welcome to my first ever crossover fanfiction. Honestly I've never been a big fan until just recently of a few other pairings. Eric and Damon just struck me, I think they would be a really interesting pairing and I came up with this idea! So I hope you enjoy!

Story Notes- This follows the Vampire Diaries universe mostly. Eric has never meet Sookie, I haven't decided if I want Bill in it, you can let me know if that's something you want. If you've never watched True Blood, no worries, I'm just taking Eric, Godric and Pam and maybe some other characters. You'll get the idea of what they're like from my fan fiction. It's a good show though, you should watch it! Anyway, this follows after the season three finale where (spoiler alert?) Elena turns into a vampire.

Also I'm taking a few liberties so beware of some plot weirdness. I need to add Eric to the plotline and to Damon's life so things are a little different. Also in my universe, I've decided to have two different types of vampires, the Originals (Klaus and so on) and the actual Originals (Eric, Godric and so on). This will be explained later, it doesn't complicate much, I promise.

Warning- This is an M fanfiction, so yeah there's swearing, sex, violence, mentions of blood drinking and what not. So if you don't like that then you should probably just click the backspace button now. Oh and it's slash!

Summary- It's been one year since Elena transitioned and no one has seen or spoken to Damon until Elijah returns to Mystic Falls claiming to have seen the older Salvatore. After convincing Damon to come back, something is different about him, and Elena, Stefan and the rest of their friends are curious to get to the bottom of it. But what is he hiding? And who is Eric Northman?

Disclaimer (for the whole story)- I do not own the Vampire Diaries or True Blood. Books or Tv Show.

Loving A Heartness


Flashback (Chicago, 1920's)

"You alright?"

Damon flinched, he'd been so consumed with spying on his brother he hadn't even noticed someone had taken the stool next to him. His eyes flickered for a moment to the man seated beside him, barely interested until noticed the unbelievably pale skin. A vampire. He slowly swung around to face the man, bringing his glass to his lips, studying the vampire situated in front of him in greater detail. The stranger was well over six feet tall, with almost shoulder length blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He couldn't help but be almost taken aback by this statuesque being.

He'd met a few of vampires in his day, but there was something peculiar about this one. Maybe the pale skin. The mere size. Or, as he delved into those crystal blues, something old. As if those eyes had seen the beginning of time.

"Yeah," He mumbled, not sure why he answered. He wasn't here to make niceties with the local vampires.

The man gave him a questioning look before leaning close toward him, whispering in his ear."Really? Because honestly, you look pitiful. At least try to be subtle when staring at people who you obviously dislike," The stranger than winked at him, making Damon chock on the last sip of his bourbon.

"Excuse me? Who now?"

"Oh Damon you hurt my intelligence. Come on, the people sitting in the booth in the far corner with a man named Stefan, who I presume by the similar facial features is your younger brother. And let me guess. You disapprove of his, nightly adventures," The man said, smirking before taking a long sip of his drink, his piercing eyes never leaving his.

"How do you..."

"Oh come now Damon. Don't tell me you really are that naive. Still so young. You sparked my interest, a vampire sitting alone in the same place, three nights in a row now just to watch the same person. You watch your brother become a ripper and yet you clean up after him. If I wasn't so intrigued by you, I'd be appalled and kill you for being such an embarrassment to our species. So tell me, Damon, why do you care about your brother's eating habits? He seems happy enough,"

"Look you don't know what's going on, so please, just leave me alone," Damon muttered, standing up. Before he could take a step, he was forced back down and a full glass in his hand. He tried to move away but the hand on his shoulder kept him firmly in place.

He observed his unwanted companion, wondering how on earth this man knew so much about him, and his brother. Better yet, why did he give a damn about him in general? He could imagine a few reasons, each one more disconcerting. He needed to escape his seemingly and increasingly dangerous predicament, but as he searched for answers to the vampires motives in his facial expression, he came back empty. Instead, he felt Almost desired.

"Sit. Relax. Look Damon, honestly I do not care, nor do I want to know your worriment about your brother. I mention it, because I would like to make a proposition to you,"

"And what's that?"

"Your life for your brothers,"

"You want to kill me?" He gasped, watching as the man laughed beside him. Before he could blink, the man wrapped his arm around him, pulling him closer to him.

"No Damon. I want you. You have a certain ability that I could make great use of," the man replied, tapping on his family ring. "I can show you the world Damon. You help me and I can help with your brother situation. Those people he's with are being hunted. I could, if you agree, get this certain vampire hunter. They'll be forced to disappear, and leave your brother behind. Of course I cannot change your brother's ripper nature, but without his friends, his sadistic behaviour would not be so actively encouraged,"

"Really?" He asked, glancing over at his brother and the company sitting with him. He couldn't help but roll his eyes as he watched his brother, blatantly feed off of some blond human, obviously not concerned with the mere fact of him being in the middle of a crowded club, full of curious eyes. He turned back to his strange vampire companion. "You do realize that this ring only works for me,"

"Obviously, or you'd be dead and we wouldn't be having this conversation," the man said, finishing off his drink. "So do we have a deal?"

"What do I have to do?" He asked, forgetting to pretend to breathe as the handsome stranger tilted his head back, invading his personal space. His scent was intoxicating, like a clear ocean in the winter. And his eyes. Those damn eyes. Pools of blue that terrified yet intrigued him. Why was this man so haunting?

"Nothing that you won't enjoy Damon, eventually," The man replied, a playful smirk dancing on his lips. He pulled away then, making him gasp for the oxygen he didn't need. What was wrong with him?

"I don't even know you, how can I trust you?"

"You can't but what other choice do you have?"

Damon took one last glance at his brother. Was he really considering this? He knew absolutely nothing of this vampire, the man gave him no cause to warrant his trust, and yet every fibre of his being was screaming at him to agree. He had this undeniable urge to know this man better. To travel with him. To be with him.

And of course help Stefan, he reminded himself.

"Fine, but I have my own conditions. First, I want to see with my own eyes that my brother's, friends have indeed left Chicago. And that I can contact Lexi, and leave my brother with her. She's the only one who will be able to help Stefan regain his humanity,"

"His humanity? Really? Fine, if this is what you want then we have a deal, "

Damon watched as the man motioned to another, smaller man sitting across the bar before turning back to him. A slow smile formed on his lips before extending his hand. Without another thought, he shook the stranger's hand, feeling the coldness against his own, warmer flesh.

"By the way, the name's Eric, Eric Northman,"

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