A/N: I am ending this as a one-shot, but could very well turn into more if reviewers would like it to continue. Rating M for smut; just how I like it ;) First fanfic, enjoy.

Day One

The sun was overhead; searing the un-shaded scalps and shoulders of the volunteers. Konoha had been hard at work trying to repair the damage done to the village during the war. Everyone had come together, young and old, to build new buildings, patch the salvageable ones and to paint. The young children ran around covered head to toe in every color imaginable, until they were wrangled up to pass out waters. The elders primarily helped with plans and the deviation of work. The women were the best and worse part about the whole thing, well at least to Shikamaru. When they weren't barking out orders they all got together in the evening and made a giant feast.

Somehow he was stuck on roof duty, which wasn't all that bad because on a break he could just flip over and cloud watch. But everything else sucked about it. He was pummeled by the constant rays of the summer sun, was on his knees hunched over from eight in the morning till seven in the evening, and his hammer was possessed. Or at least he swears it is. His left hand had felt the brunt on the evil tool for the past week and he was tempted to chuck the damn thing.

Shikamaru glance down to see what the commotion below him was about and he couldn't help but to smile at the sight. Suna had sent help and the new volunteers were led by Wind Witch herself. She brought along three chunnin, all male, and four genin. Temari greeted the elder who was handling plans for this district; she was asking him for the run down and were her troops were best needed. She smiled at the elder and said something that made him blush before she directed her companions.

"Team three you get paint duty in district B. Genin in those groups must be supervised." She stressed the end of her sentence with almost a growl. "Team two, you'll be in district B on construction and Team one you'll be with me here in district A. Any questions should be directed to the elders or Jounin in your district. We'll meet back here o nineteen hours, disband."

Without hesitation the groups took off, leaving Temari and two genin. One girl and one boy.

"Temari-sensei, what are we going to do?" The brown-haired girl asked. Her gaze on Temari told the wondrous respect she had for the older woman.

"Mei you and Sho will be on water duty; the supplies are in that building." She pointed to the main building.

"Yes Temari-sensei." They said in unison before dispersing.

The blonde striped her chest guard and fish nets off before putting on a pair of knee pads. She wrapped the tool belt around her thick waist before she made eye contact with Shikamaru.

"You mind if I join you?" She called out, one hand shielding her eyes from his second mortal enemy, the sun.

He shrugged his shoulders, which she naturally took as a yes. Before long she was standing over him, with less clothes than he'd ever seen her in before. Just a white tank top and black spandex shorts.

"Don't stare too hard Nara, my body tends to blow minds." She smirked placing her hands on her tool belted hips. "And lets face it, your mind is the only thing you've got going for you."

"Rich clan that provides the village it's medical supplies tends to help." The blonde scowled at him, taking her spot next to him. He couldn't help but to copy her haughty smirk. "Just sayin'."

Temari muttered 'prick' at him and started right away at re-shingling the roof. He chuckled at her and she couldn't help but grin. They had come along way from when they were kids. A long way in the sense that they hated one another and now they were best friends. When she was forced to take time off, she came to see him and enjoy a couple of weeks of Konoha's splendid weather. They spent most of their time delving into the knowledge contained in their brilliant minds; he was constantly amazed how he could hold intelligent conversation with her. If he had asked her who was on the cover of Shinobi Gazette this month she would have no idea. But ask her how this past war resembled and contrasted with those in the past, well, she'd give you a dissertation.

With his mind being elsewhere, he shouted as the sudden pain resonated from his thumb. Attack of the evil hammer part three.

"Have you ever nailed anything before?" Temari paused at her wording and decided to correct herself. "Have you ever used a hammer before?"

"Yes and yes." The side of his lips quirked upward, mocking her with his subtle gesture.

She scoffed and stole his hammer from his grip. "Hold the nail between your forefinger and your thumb, methodically tap the head of the nail and once you have it deep enough to stand on its own then you can hit it like you're wielding a club."

"Temari, I'm a man," Stealing his hammer back; preparing to nail in the next shingle. "I just know how to do these kind of things."

"Well it's not the hammer's fault your brain is swelling with chauvinist gender role ideals."

"Well it is the hammer's fault for my swelling thumb."

"Actually its not." She huffed.

Shikamaru flipped on to his back muttering 'break time'. The blonde shook her head in exasperation before casting him a scolding glance. He took the time to really look at her while she continued her work. Temari had become a very beautiful woman. She was always good-looking, more on the curvy side; which still is the case. In the past years, her face had shed its roundness becoming more lean and angled. Her increase of height let her weight disperse more evenly. She was a bombshell and her lack of clothing was making him more uncomfortable than he would have liked; well at least in public.

He had always imagined what it would be like with Temari; sexually and emotionally. Since she saved him during the Sasuke retrieval mission it was safe to say that he had envisioned her in more precarious ways. Whenever he pleased himself it was almost always to her, even during the times he was in a relationship or having sex with other people. The furthest their relationship had ever been was a kiss.

They had just finished eating dinner, both a little pink in the cheeks from the saki they drank. Shikamaru had walked her back to her apartment and they were saying their goodbyes. Temari had leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. It wasn't soft nor was it demanding, just a normal kiss. She turned from him and went inside, leaving him glued to the door mat. That normal kiss was the beginning of chapter in their relationship, the chapter where Shikamaru realized he wanted to be with her.

The lazy ninja snapped from his thoughts when the young Suna nin that Temari brought along joined them on the roof. She walked precariously along the slanted roof while balancing their water in her hands.

"Focus your chakra in your feet, Mei." Temari advised the young girl. "Every step, heel-foot-toes-release."

"Ok." Mei, the lithe brunette, said hesitantly. She paused and continued moving forward. "Temari-sensei! Look I'm doing it!"

"Slow and steady." Temari smiled and took the water container from the brunette. "Thank you Mei."

Shikamaru took the water and muttered a 'thanks'. Mei took off with a smile on her face. "She sure is a happy one. I thought Suna only produced hot-headed brooders."

Temari scowled at him, "I'm sure she would be if she had gone through the culling."

"Culling?" He had never heard of such a thing for ninja, well at least Konoha had no such thing.

"During the academy you have to go through torture simulation." Temari's voice was low and bitter. "The boys are tortured for two days and if they don't break they are allowed to continue on with their training. The girls are raped for two days then tortured for another two days; and if they pass their psych evaluation then they are allowed to continue."

Shikamaru couldn't respond. All he could think about was the female shinobi from Suna that he had met, the few of them. Temari. The look in her eyes were dark and steely.

Temari's voice softened. "Matsuri, Sari and Maki didn't go through it, so don't treat them like their broken."

"Are you implying that you are?"

There was a silence between them for a moment. Temari opened and shut her mouth; trying to find the right words. "You're an idiot. You know that?"

"How can I forget?" He griped. "You remind me constantly."

"Well as long as you know."

Taking the hint she no longer wanted to pursue the previous topic, he went back to work. His pace was sluggish; he sighed and grimaced at every chance knowing it irked Temari to no end.

They continued along with their work till the shadows from the setting sun obstructed the work. Temari stopped to enjoy the sunset and Shikamaru watched her. Her features were warmed by the burnt sienna skies and it gave her a glow he'd only witnessed from pregnant mothers. The sudden thought of Temari pregnant knotted his stomach. He knew through their talks that she wasn't seeing anyone and definitely not slandering her name by sleeping around. But one day she'd get married and eventually would have a child with another man. Political marriages have spiked between the villages now that there was nothing to keep them peaceful. Tsunade let it slip that Iwa had been pressuring Suna; the conflict between the villages had already resulted in two small scale skirmishes. Suna only had two people worthy enough to offer: Kankuro and Temari.

"You're staring again." Her gaze stayed transfixed on the darkening horizon.

"You look so peaceful. I'm waiting for you to turn into a demon or something."

"Shikamaru Nara!" A female voice screamed from below them. It was his mother. "Don't you speak to Temari like that! Rude little shit."

Temari waved, "Hello Yoshino."

"Temari, dear, come down so I can see you." Yoshino beamed at the younger woman and Temari leapt to her feet making her way down to the brunette. His mother inspected Temari closely; pointing out her weight loss with much disapproval. Regardless, the blonde saved face and drew his mother in for a hug. They were so similar it freaked Shikamaru out. His dad was right about troublesome women and he had been right about the Nara genes. "Now gather up your team, dear, so we can feed you all. Plus we need some meat on your bones if you're going to give me grand-babies."

"Temari-sensei, is that true?" Mei and the three other genin stared at her as if she had actually turned into a demon.

"No." Temari waved her hand dismissively. "Shikamaru and I are just friends."

"For now." The dark-haired woman offered her two-sense. "As head of our family Shikamaru will have to settle down soon enough. I've decided you're the woman for him. Now he can't complain about how finding an appropriate woman is 'troublesome' or 'a drag'."

Temari caught sight of Shikamaru hanging his head in embarrassment; she held back the laughter that tickled her stomach. She would spare him, but just this one.

"Yoshino, I am dying for that food." Temari took a large whiff of the air and sighed happily. She hoped the older woman would take the bait of the new conversation. "I've been smelling it for the past half hour."

Yoshino chuckled and led them to the communal dinning area. There were about sixty tables all together, some pushed together and others separated by great distance. Practically the village piled into the area; all sweaty, tired and with smiles that reached from ear to ear. They lined up into seven different lines to get their plates and it didn't take long for the line to move. Within fifteen minutes Temari was sitting down with her fellow ninja and a few leaf as well.

Chouji and Ino were at the table adjacent to her; once Chouji saw Temari, he lifted the table with Ino still sitting and place it next to hers. The conversations were nice idle chit-chat. She enjoyed Shikamaru's friends. Chouji was the most fun of the three, they both had an insatiable love for food and it had sparked quite the eating contest in the past. Ino, in the beginning, represented everything she hated in a woman: obsessed with gossip, overly girly and two-faced. She had grown as a person from then; but retained a mature version of her earlier self. They were a great team and even better friends; and they accepted her into it.

Shikamaru sat silently beside her, sharing a casual glance or off-handed comment every now again. Their arms brushed together with every movement but neither displayed the effect it had on their bodies.

"So when are you and Shikamaru going to get together?" Ino leaned against her palm with a smirk laced on her full lips.

"Not this again." The lazy chunin groaned and palmed his forehead. He looked to Temari with an apologetic smile, "I don't know why everyone in my village is against us."

"It sounds like they are 'for' us." Temari mimicked Ino's actions, looking intently on the pale blonde. "When are you and Chouji going to get together?"

Chouji's started to choke on the food he inhaled when he gasped. Ino stared wide-eyed at the situation before her, a furious blush printed on her cheeks and ears. Shikamaru just chuckled.

"Yea, just as a thought." The Suna blonde grinned mischievously. "Serves you right to relentlessly pick on Shikamaru and I."

"I-I... eh." Ino stammered. "It's different!"

"Mhm." Temari's smirk was still in place, inflated by her ego at the moment.

"Temari." One of the Suna nin called, he pointed to the genin who were trying to stay awake. They had traveled three days straight and then worked.

The blonde stood up, "Konoha doesn't have room to house us. So you'll have to squeeze into my apartment. Mei and I will be staying with the Naras."

Temari's apartment. Shikamaru's safe haven during his teen years. She allowed him to stay, while she was away, if he made sure to air it out and keep it clean. It was a three bedroom, one for each of the sand siblings, two and a half bath. It was perfect for him and her. They had some good memories there, like that kiss.

Shikamaru stood up, "I'll go with. So I can escort you women to the compound."

Temari nodded and they walked to the apartment. Temari got the men settled in. Three in the bedroom, one on the couch and the genin on the floor. She gave them instructions for the morning and information to contact her in case of emergency. Temari threatened any life who dare destroy her apartment and the group understood she was serious. Shikamaru and Temari had to walk at a slower pace for Mei whom was nearly falling over from exhaustion.

"Mei, would you like me to carry you?" Temari squatted down. The little girl nodded and crawled on to Temari's back; almost falling asleep instantly.

"I can carry her." Shikamaru offered but the blonde just shook her head no. He shoved his hands in his pockets, grasping the cigarettes that he couldn't smoke; well at least in front of Temari. Every time she has caught him smoking, she punched him in the gut. Hard too.

"Don't even think about it Nara." The blonde warned, her eyes intent on his pant's pocket. "In a world full of danger, you don't want to die by a disgusting habit."

"Speaking of disgusting habits," Shikamaru spare her a narrowed glare, "Iwa is attacking Suna again?"

Temari scoffed, "Bunch of ass-wipes. Suna has always been in terrible economic predicaments and Iwa sees that as a weakness. They see it as their duty to civilize our backwater country. I'll show them how 'uncivilized' I am when I beat the shit out of them."

"Are they looking to resolve the conflict in any other way?"

"Yea, the daimyo's son Ichiru wants to marry me. Something on the lines of 'I wanna break that Suna bitch for maiming me'." Temari met Shikamaru's scowl with brisk laughter. "It's not going to happen. The council sees me as a more valuable piece than to be given away to Iwa; after my death the war would continue. That little shit Ichiru would do his damnedest to kill me too. I broke his jaw in the last battle, it felt great."

"You are so good at making friends." Shikamaru shook his head. He was relieved that his fears for her, at least for now, were nullified. Though it sounded as if this Ichiru character was going to be troublesome.

"I'm friends with you aren't I?" She growled. It was hard to take her seriously with she gave a child a piggy back ride.

"Looks like mom went to bed." Shikamaru observed the house was dark and only the porch light was on. He opened the door for Temari and led her inside. "I'll go check to see what room you're both going to sleep in."

Temari nodded but her gaze was locked in the living room, "Shikamaru... why aren't there cushions on the couch?"

He shrugged as he went up the stairs and his eyes met instantly with the note on his bedroom door. "What now?"


I forgot Temari was bringing her genin to stay with us so I gave the fourth bedroom to a traveler that came into town. The little girl can stay in the third bedroom and I guess you and Temari will have to share your bed... Don't even think about the couch, you'll never find the cushions.

Love Mom

He felt Temari coming up from behind him, huffing at the weight of the body on her back. "What's going on?"

"My mother is being devious." He held the note up for her to read.

"Let me put her to bed and we can discuss this predicament." Shikamaru held open the door for Temari as the blonde gently laid the girl in bed. Removing her sandals and headband before covering her with the thin white sheet. They went downstairs and sat at the island in the center of the kitchen.

Shikamaru scratched the back of his head, "Sorry."

Temari laughed, "It's ok. I expected something like this would occur some day. I mean after all your mother reads those silly romance novels. Those damn things are jammed packed with cliché's. Only one bed so we have to share. I'm forced to marry someone, so you finally summons the courage to be with me. We are best friends so we must be in love."

"So you are being forced to marry someone?" Shikamaru asked.

"No. What?" Temari stumbled, "I was just naming off cliché's. Are you saying we are a cliché'? Are you saying you're in love with me?"

Shikamaru felt his face spike in temperature, "No. You damn women are always so troublesome, twisting my words."

"You twisted mine first."

"Always needing the last word." Shikamaru sighed, putting the kettle on the stove. "Tea?"

Temari nodded, "Yeah, thanks. So forgetting the awfully awkward topic we just confused ourselves with; sleeping arrangements?"

"You can take my bed and I'll take the floor." He grabbed two mugs for them both, pouring the piping hot liquid inside. "Honey no sugar, right?"

"Yes." She smiled, "This is the first time I didn't have to force you to make me tea."

Shikamaru paused; realizing his actions. He was whipped, they weren't even in a relationship and he was whipped. "Would you rather I dump it? Or are you going to thank me?"

Temari rolled her eyes, "Thank you Shikamaru for making me a cup of tea; you're too gracious oh wise one."

"Less sarcasm and I might get use to that." He smiled and she followed suit.

"We can share your bed." Temari was looking down into her steaming cup, "Unless you're uncomfortable with that."

"What about the whole cliché thing?" He watched her run her index finger around the rim of the glass.

"Not to worry. In the real world cliché's never end well." She took a sip, humming from the warmth in her throat. "So don't worry about falling madly in love with me."

Too late.

"I don't want anyone to question your honor if it got out that we shared a bed." Shikamaru took the more gentleman route versus the one he desperately wanted her to force him down.

"You're being such a girl today." Temari looked at him with her beautiful teal eyes. They were scanning him, asking what was wrong.

"I'm just tired." He yawned. It wasn't a lie because he definitely was dead tired.

"Then go to bed, in your bed." Temari tilted her head upstairs. "I'm going to shower and I'll squeeze in bed with Mei. Don't give me anymore grief, I've made up my mind."

Shikamaru sighed and made his way to his room, "Fine. Night."

He stripped down to his boxers and laid in bed trying to steady his thoughts; it was hard being lazy and a genius. Wanting to fall asleep but your mind wants nothing more than to dissect and analyse today's events. He listened to Temari's footsteps into the bathroom, the shower turning on and the curtain parting for her to enter. He could see it all and it made his body uncomfortable. His hand reached into his pants and imagined Temari in the shower pleasuring herself. Shikamaru was throbbing at the thought; his hand moved frantically up and down his shaft.

She moaned at the warm water against her tired body but to Shikamaru's fantasy it was her finding her clit; teasing it till her legs shook with pleasure. He was getting so close; his toes curled at the tension that spread all throughout his body. She called his name as she kneaded her breast and rubbing her clit; over and over again she moaned his name. His jaw clamped shut to muffle the groans from his climax; his cum dripping on his hand and abdomen. The most troublesome part of masturbating; the cleanup.

He grabbed the hand towel he had stashed next to his nightstand and promptly cleaned himself. The best part of masturbating is the numbness his brain felt, allowing him to fall asleep. He would probably dream about her tonight and repeat the process in the morning. The shower water stopped and he listened to her grabbing a towel from the cabinet and then hanging it up. Her feet padded to the room next to him and groan; she probably realized how small the bed really was. A full size bed for the two of them.

Shikamaru wanted nothing more than to go to her and bring her back to his bed; but he knew that it wouldn't end like the romance novels. No cliché's, no fairy tale endings, and he wouldn't get the girl.

Or will he?