Day Five Cont.

"Well that's hardly a competition in a duel between the two of us. You would ultimately win my love." Ichiru sighed dramatically, "How about you sweeten the pot."

"You can choose our weapons."

The Iwa shinobi tapped his chin thoughtfully, "You can use a single kunai and I can use any weapon at my disposal."

"Deal." Temari handed off the glass container and dropped her weapons, spare for her kunai. "I've got you now you son-of-a-bitch."

"The Hokage will be our mediator." Temari drew closer to her opponent with a wild grin, twirling her single kunai on her forefinger. They, along with a massive horde of rubberneckers, had moved to an open field on the outskirts of the village. The wind blew wildly against the surrounding trees and peskily at her bangs; she took it as a good sign from her elemental companion. "As a neutral party she'll make any judgment calls. If either of us break the arrangements of our duel the result with the automatic win for the other. I am allowed my jutsu and a kunai and you are granted anything in your own arsenal and jutsu."

"Enough with the formalities." Ichiru motioned for her to come towards him.

She looked towards Tsunade whom gave her an affirmative nod and next to her was Shikamaru; he looked like he was going to blow a gasket. His hands were balled up into fists and they trembled with anger. He mouthed two words to her which she understood as 'poison' and 'chakra'. Temari shot a haughty grin his way and returned her attention to her adversary.

"Begin!" Tsunade's bellowing voice set the duel in motion.

Without missing a beat Ichiru's hand went through different hand signs: ram, horse, tiger, rabbit and snake. "Earth Release: Devouring Earth!"

The earth beneath her feet cracked and begun to engulf her like an earth formed mandible. The ground rose to a height of forty feet and quickly closed in on her. He had not been this strong at their last encounter, not strong enough to keep up this level of jutsu at least; he must be hoping to pick her off early. Temari leapt from one floating rock structure to the next, till she was able to somersault from the jaw of his jutsu.

She leisurely made her way to Ichiru, her smirk growing more and more with each step. This didn't deter her from taking in his form and her surroundings. Ichiru breathed heavily from his massive initial attack but had a mischievous glint in his narrowed eyes. He had something up his sleeve and if she couldn't use her chakra she would need to use her wits and environment. If only she could use her...

Temari didn't feel the wind upon her cheek nor did the trees bend or sway upon its force. When had it stopped? It wouldn't abandon her at a time like now. She felt the air around her and it clicked, "Dispel!"

The genjutsu faded and she ducked to her right, barely evading the massive fist, from the medic Iwa shinobi, that crumbled the floor with its might. Temari distanced herself from the three Iwa shinobi that stood ready for battle before her.

"I call bullshit!" Temari snarled, the kunai feeling heavy now in her hand. Her body swayed, queezy with a sudden churning within her body; Shikamaru was right the elixir was meant to block her chakra. She eyed the group of Konoha nins that met her gaze with solemn faces. They were holding Shikamaru back and by the look of it he was taking a page from her book by using some colorful language. The Hokage nodded, she would allow the three of them to fight her.

"I can use any weapon at my disposal, right?" The silver-haired shinobi licked his lips, eying her hungrily. "These men are just tools for me to use. You know more than most that we as shinobi are mere pawns, cannon fodder if you will."

"Disappointing," Temari readied herself, "a man who can't fight his own battles isn't much of a man at all."

"You'll regret saying that." Ichiru growled, going through another series of hand signs. "Earth Release: Underground Explosions!"

Temari was forced to use her chakra to accelerate herself and dodge the series of explosions that erupted under feet, one after another. The thin Iwa shinobi had cast another genjutsu, this one less cleverly disguised and easily dispelled. They wanted her to use small amounts of chakra, she discerned, most likely because the poison had a small threshold for it to fully reveal itself.

The mountainous medic nin charged her with the fist rock technique encasing his right arm, he swung wildly at her head and torso. Temari easily dodged the blows but the combination of dodging the explosions beneath her, the stone fist aimed for her face and keeping her chakra use to a minimum was the difficult part. The thin brunette shinobi crouched prepping for another genjutsu, which could prove more fatal in her current circumstances. She needed to eliminate him first, then the heavy hitters.

She dropped to the ground, kicking the legs out from under the medic nin and rolling out of the way before the explosion forced the earth to shoot the nin sailing through the air; Ichiru would be the type to attack even when his men were in harms way. Temari dashed straight towards the two men only to be caught in another genjutsu; the Iwa shinobi cast a cheesy illusion of Suna on fire which she dispelled without hesitation. Her chakra seemed to escape her body on its own whim, she was pushing it. Maybe not pushing it enough.

Ichiru was the first to throw a fist, she deflected his arm upward and bringing her elbow down on his nose. He cursed as blood drained from his crushed nose. She turned to the genjutsu user whom stopped dead in his tracks, she punched him in the gut and as he recoiled she forced his head down into her knee. He fell to the ground, madly grabbing at his face wailing in pain. Temari smiled as she flicked one of his teeth out from her shin.

"Lets end this!" Temari lept into the air above her opponents, performing the hand sign of the ram. She prayed that her experimental jutsu worked for her in this time of dire need. "Spirit Cyclone!"

The chakra around her shot down at Ichiru and genjutsu user, splitting the ground and cutting into their bodies. Their screams of pain were well worth the repercussions of her new jutsu. She fell to her knees and grabbed her stomach as the bile rose from her belly and onto the grass. Her chakra seemed to seep out of her and the fear of her mortality was weighing on her brow. Temari couldn't move spare for the lurching that coursed through her body with each purge. The Spirit Cyclone had attacked her as well, granting her graze against her cheekbone and a deep gash on the side of her waist. She hadn't worked out the kinks just yet.

The dust settled to expose a log and the thin Iwa shinobi with a lacerations all over his body and a particularly gruesome one on his thigh; she hoped that it nicked his artery. The man squirmed on the ground ripping off the arm of his long-sleeve in order to tie it around pooling thigh.

"Underground Explosion!"

"Move! Damn it Temari move!" She looked at Shikamaru who was being pinned down to the ground by their friends, they locked eyes before the ground exploded beneath her.

Rocks pelted at her chest and legs, embedding itself within her skin. A shadow formed over her and she caught the sight medic nin before his stone fists collided down upon her chest effectively cracking most of the ribs on her left side. She hit the ground with such velocity that she would have been surprised if her spine wasn't broken. The huge man landed by her head, he picked her up by the two top bunches of her hair and swung her body like a rag doll back into the ground. He pinned her face down, his foot planted on her back and had a firm hold on her arm ready to break it at a moments notice.

Ichiru emerged from the treeline with a victorious grin coating his slimy lips, "I win."

"I'm not done yet!" Temari yelled but was silenced when she was kicked in the jaw by the thin shinobi; she groaned in pain as her shattered jaw hang ajar. "Don't you dare call it Tsunade."

Her words were almost intelligible and she cringed at how weak she sounded. If she hadn't been so prideful, she wouldn't have drank that fucking poison and then she would have easily wiped the floor with these ass-wipes. Then again, Ichiru would have never agreed to the duel without his ace in the pocket. She needed to get out of this; she was still mostly in intact with exception to her tailbone, left rib cage and jaw.

Ichiru nodded to the medic nin and he snapped her humerus, followed by bending her right arm in half till her elbow popped. The sickening sound of her elbow was next to nothing compared to the scream that escaped her. Temari was sure that she was in shock; her head was swimming in the sound of white noise and her vision was could be summed up to shapes and colors.

All she was sure of was that the pressure was off her back and she could move. The medic nin was yelling at Ichiru and the brunette shinobi was in front of her. Temari struggled to her feet and made sure that she still had her kunai in her right hand. She ran the blade across his neck, feeling the burning sensation of his blood drenching her hand. "Weapons break Ichiru."

He screamed something at her and brow blurs ricocheted past her. She felt a numbness and warmth encompass her knee and shin but could only feel a tingling sensation; much like when a foot falls asleep and is first moved. His fist collided with her broken jaw and she barely registered the hit, although she was certain it packed a punch.

"Spirit Cyclone." She whispered, trying to form the ram with her trembling hand. Nothing happened. His high-pitched laughter clawed at her aching brain, she felt his hand stroke her neck, down to her clavicle and over her breast. He kick her knee sideways and she collapsed on her back; snapping her left arm back at her side. "Spirit Cyclone..."

"No my love, admit defeat." He knelt before her, kissing the blotches of unsoiled skin on her face. "I've waited so long for this day."

His hands were all over her body and his maddening smile sent chills through her body. Was this it? This was how she was going out, by some shitty party trick and by three dipshit shinobi?

"No... No. No!" The wind around her raged fueled only by the desperation and fury that kept her alive. "Spirit Cyclone!"

Ichiru bellowed in agony as the wind tore through his flesh, he had been knocked back a couple of yards and he was bleeding profusely. His right arm had been sliced clean off and his stomach had seen a deep laceration to which his insides began to slip out. She crawled over to him and straddled his limp and blood soaked body.

"Mhm love, in public?" He coughed, blood spraying from his lips. "Dirty girl."

Her left fist assaulted his face on its own accord, growing more angry with each hit. Her recently set left shoulder throbbed with pain but that was nothing in comparison to the rest of her body; nothing in comparison to which she would inflict back onto Ichiru. The symphony of snapping and crunching bones were music to her ears and fuel for her fire. She kept hitting him till her entire hand had been broken and his face looked like broken bloody glory.

A massive hand rested on her shoulder and she realized she had forgotten one; his finger touched her temple enacting a medical educed sleep.


Author's Note: Yeah I know, I am the destroyer of hopes and dreams. This was my first time writing a fight scene and I have to say- fuck that noise, that's hard. Sorry it being short... and not as climatic... and for the wait... But stay tuned for next weeks chapter and you'll get to see the outcome of the duel.