The young red haired girl looked intently down the hall, scrunching her eyes into little slits in an attempt to see better.

"What are you all.." She stopped as the group of women turned to face her. In one terrifying group, they came towards her at a run, screaming and yelling.

The young girl stood firm, taking deep breaths in an attempt to stay calm. "Holt." She said. "It's alright. All is well. There's nothing to be afraid of."

Somehow, the girl's words seemed to calm the group of women, who all started to relax at once.

It was much later that night as the middle aged, overly plump man was wandering down the long, echoey corridor.

"Henry.." Came an eerie chorus of female voices. "Henry.."

The man's eyes grew wide in fear and he began to half run, half stumble down the corridor as fast as his little, stubby legs would allow.