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Chapter 2

Artemis and the hunters had left camp that morning and the hunters were currently staying near a small town in western New York.

"What does it mean by 'city in the clouds'?" Artemis thought out loud.

""Um, I think I have an idea for that one." Thalia said reluctantly, still not sure on whether or not it was a good idea to go on this quest.

"What is it?" Artemis questioned expectantly, she wouldn't have even asked if she had any idea.

"They call Detroit, Michigan, the windy city or the mile-high city." Thalia said.

Artemis thought for a second before nodding and saying, "Yes, that makes sense. Okay, hunters, we have a destination, let us get going."

With that, the hunters departed and headed to Detroit.


Percy had gotten back to the house late that night and saw his informant on the movement of the gods. His informant was also disillusioned with the gods and was in their midst, meaning that he knew their comings and goings.

"Perseus," Nemesis said to him with a nod, "I have news."

"That's why you come here, is it not?" Percy questioned as he grabbed a glass of wine and poured some wine into it and handed it to Nemesis before getting one for himself.

Nemesis smirked despite herself, it was refreshing to have someone other than the Olympians talk back to her. Everyone else bowed as, despite the fact that she was not one of the twelve, she was still quite strong, the only ones off of the council who could match her were Hebe, Hecate, and Hestia.

She had met Percy a few years back watching as he had brutally destroyed a ring of dog fighters in Detroit and sent their corpses to the police with a letter of what they had done.

She had found herself impressed and disguised herself in human form and gotten close to Percy, only for him to push her into a wall and demand why she felt different from the other humans and whether she was a monster or not.

She had answered no and Percy had demanded answers.

She revealed herself only for Percy to attack her and stab her before saying, "I will have my vengeance against the god who killed my mother."

She had laughed before telling him that he interested her and then she started telling him the movements of the Gods and Cronus as well once he had risen out of the pit.

He had a track record of the Gods' movements as well as abilities and powers, as well as what monsters they commanded and their domain.

"What's so interesting that you have to cut away from our meeting schedule?" Percy questioned.

"I have gotten word that the Goddess of the hunt is coming here to hunt for some sort of monster. This is the perfect chance for you to find answers." Nemesis said.

Percy looked up from the manga that he had been reading and said, "So, that means that it is time to prep the trap."

He then got up and fed his dogs before walking to the bathroom and jumping through a large hole in the floor and into the sewer.

He headed to the room in the sewers where all of the water was circulated from and then opened all of them.

The water rushed through the sewers and Percy pushed it down before shutting the gates to the rivers that it flowed out of, letting the pressure build before he walked away.

It was almost time for him to get his answers about who killed his mother.


"So, Artemis, what are we going to do to find this one eyed thief when we are in the city?" Thalia questioned as she sharpened her knife absently.

"Well, it says he has one eye, so we find someone who smells of a demigod and has a single eye." Artemis said thoughtfully.

"I know that, but what about the line that says that he is protected from the Gods?" Thalia questioned her as she put her full attention on the lady of the moon.

"I don't know, but it seems as if he has some people that are protecting him from being found by the Gods, so we are going to have to do this the old fashioned way and find him the hard way by splitting up and searching the city." Artemis said, a little bit weary that she would have to split up her huntresses.

"I'm not sure that is such a good idea, my lady," Zoe said formally.

"I know that it's not, but we don't have any choice if we want to look for this boy." Artemis admitted reluctantly, she knew it was a bad idea.

"If you say so, my lady, but I do not believe this is a good idea at all." Zoe conceded.

"I know," Artemis said as she turned around and walked into her tent to get her weapons ready, they went to the city the next day.


"How is the boy doing?" A dark voice asked.

A hooded figure said, "Good, my lord, he is preparing to meet the Goddess and her huntresses in battle."

"Did everything go according to plan with planting the prophecy to Artemis and impersonating the oracle?" The dark voice asked.

"Yes, my lord, Artemis fell for it hook, line, and sinker." The hooded figure laughed.

The dark figure laughed, "They do not even see that they are being used in this fight, whoever wins or loses, I still win! There will be one less goddess to worry about if Artemis' falls, and I will not have to worry about the boy joining up with the gods and destroying me should the boy fall."

"And in the end," the figure stated, "Cronus will rise!" the figure bellowed, showing himself as an old bearded man with golden eyes overflowing with insanity.

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