We all love to think about the first time they kissed, and made love, but … what about the second time ? And what has that got to do with the famous ending scene of TCOT Lethal Lesson? ( ' As always, I'll get you the first time around … ' )

Since there are many brilliant P/D scenes in this movie, I took a few moments out of it and combined them with really all types of cliches one could possibly gather, a flash back about the second time included.

Short chapters, and just a few.

No need to say it's good to have seen The Case of the Lethal Lesson before this one. Spoilers, etc.


It's dark, it's late. He holds the phone to his ear with his left hand, grunts. Ticks against the back of the receiver with his ring. The fingers of his other hand tap on the desk in an unstable rhythm, that's getting louder every second. He has been waiting for ten long minutes to have her on the phone now.

He's annoyed.

The damn cruise ship can't be that big. Why can't she be found ? What is she doing? Where is she? Who's she with?

These questions are equally important as one of the questions he's going to ask her, but already knows the answer to himself. He knows he's going to represent poor, afraid, innocent Ken Malansky. He's known that since he set foot in the holding room.

But he needs to hear her say it. As if it's not true if she hasn't said it yet.

Now, where the hell is she?

" Mr. Mason ? " Finally.

" Yes. "

" We found Miss Street, Sir. "

" Good. Now, put her through ... "

" Yes, Sir. Right away, Sir. One moment, please, Sir. "

" Yes. "

" I'm sorry it took us so very long, Sir … "

" My dear man. Put. Her. Through. "

" Sir … "

" Now! "

" Yes, Sir. "

" Thank you … "

" Hello ? " Liquefying, that's the right word to describe her voice with. He licks his lips, is unaware of it.

" … "

" Hello ? "

" Della ? "

" Mmm-mmm. It's me. "

" Darling. "

" Mmm-mmm. "

" It's good to hear you. "

" It's good to hear you too. "

" … "

" Perry ? "

" I'm just enjoying this, hearing your voice. "

" Uh … "

" I am, you know. Makes me feel young and in love."

" Oh, 'young' and 'in love', hmmm? Are you sure the right term for this state of mind shouldn't be 'possessive' or 'suspicious' ? The officer told me it was an emergency, and that you had to speak to me right away. But uhm … this doesn't sound very urgent to me."

" Missing you this bad is an emergency, Della. "

" Well, then it's good I only went around the block just one time, and got here to answer your call quickly, hmmm ? "

His body reacts to these words instantly. Della Street, you vicious little …

" I suppose. "

" Uh-uh. So, do you want me to tell you what I'm wearing ? You used to be very curious about my attire when I was away from you and out of town back in the old days … You always wanted to know where I was exactly, who I was with, why I couldn't be found … And, as I recall, you always wanted to know if someone was courting me … and if he, or she, was succesful. "

" I do want to know. I still do. "

He sighs.

" Della … "

" What is it, Perry? "

" I miss you. "

" I miss you too, baby. "

" I need you here. "

" Perry … "

" I want you in my arms … "

" That could be nice. "

" And I also have a more trivial reason to have you with me, I'm afraid … "

" Oh, dear. Do I want to know ? "

" Frank Wellman Jr. was murdered. "

" Yes, so I heard. He was one your students, wasn't he? "

" Yes. Now one of the other students from my class has been arrested for the murder. "

" Ah. "

" His name is Ken Malansky and he's asked me to represent him."

" And ? "

" I'm not sure I should do it. "

" Well, Perry, is he innocent ? "

" Yes. "

" So, what's the problem ? Why don't you just represent him ? "

" I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do, because … "

" … Mr. Wellman. "

" Yes. His father. You know we went to law school together. He's my friend. "

" So, he should know that every defendant comes into court presumed innocent. And he should be glad that Malansky's not going to be convicted, because he's not guilty. "

" Yeah, I suppose. "

" So? "

" Well … "

" Well, Perry, you'd better take this Malansky's case. "

" I know. It's the best thing to do, right?

" Yes. "

" Will you be coming back ? "

" Do you want me to ? "

" Yes. Yes, I do. Of course I do. But you were so looking forward to this cruise … if you don't want to … "

" Are you still at the Hyatt Regency ? "

" Yes. "

" All right. I'll be with you … the day after tomorrow. "

" The day after tomorrow ? "

" Well, we're not even close to shore right now, and the first opportunity to get off this ship is tomorrow afternoon, and then I have to arrange a flight, and, well, it's going to take time. "

" I suppose, yes. "

" I'll see you soon, Perry. I'll go around the block only one time, dear. "

" Yes, yes … "

" I'm sorry. I shouldn't be teasing you. "

" I love you, baby. "

" I love you too. Bye, dear. "

" Goodnight, Della. "

" Goodnight. "

The receiver lands in its cradle, and he watches his hand.

He swears.

The day after tomorrow. That's too long.

He waits a few minutes, and then makes another phonecall.

- TBC -