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Dana Scully had had an awful morning. She had overslept, which usually never happened, and hadn't had the time to put on make-up or even do her hair properly. After leaving home without eating she had been pulled over for speeding. That wasn't too normal, either. She had made up a story about a Bureau emergency and had then reached for her badge just to find that she had forgotten it home.

So, when she finally came to work an hour late, she wasn't pleased to see her partner completely disregarding the massive pile of papers on his desk and throwing pencils to the ceiling instead.

"Mulder," she growled, "do you ever work?"

"Hardly," he answered nonchalantly, "why?"

Scully sighed and sat down. She turned her computer on and while waiting for it to start up closed her eyes. Please, she thought, no Skinner today, not any new cases, and something non-irritating for Mulder to do. That was all she asked for.

She opened her eyes and saw that the computer was ready. She logged in, and then it happened. Just like that, out of nowhere, a short message appeared on the screen.

'Error fetching data from hard disk drive,' it read.

And then, the screen filled up with random numbers and letters.

"No," Scully said slowly. "This is not… happening."

Mulder glanced at her. "What's going on?"

"My computer – it… I… Iwannagohomeandsleepuntiltomorrow."

"What was that?"

"Nothing, Mulder. Could you please call the IT people?"

Mulder raised his brow. "Who?"

"Never mind," Scully said. "Something's up with my computer but I don't know what and I'll go and get some help. They're only one floor up, you know, the IT people."


Scully held back her frustration until she had closed the basement office's door. But there, in the lone hallway she couldn't help but let out a little yell.

When she was done, she already felt better. She was just about to leave to the next floor when she heard Mulder from the office.

"Scully? I guess you should hurry to the nerds, there's smoke coming out of your computer."