Prince of Tennis fanfiction Meme

Notes: Hi~ So, this is a fanfic meme, where I have to write around 25 words for each genre. So yeah, hopefully despite its shortness, it is still enjoyable~

Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis


Step 1: Write down the names of 10 characters.

1) Echizen Ryoma

2) Echizen Ryoga

3) Tezuka Kunimitsu

4) Sanada Genichirou

5) Yanagi Renji

6) Fuji Syuusuke

7) Atobe Keigo

8) Momoshiro Takeshi

9) Kevin Smith

10) Kirihara Akaya

Step 2: Write a fic of around twenty five words for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

1) First Time

Ryoma remembered the first time he saw Karupin in the pet store, he had fallen in love at first sight with the Himalayan breed kitten.

-25 words-

2) Angst

Ryoga loved Rinko like how he would love his biological mother. So he left. He didn't want to be the reminder of her husband's infidelity.

-25 words-

3) AU

Tezuka hated his modeling job. But it was worth it, whenever Ryoma, who had moved to the US, emailed him, saying he did a good job.

-26 words-

4) Threesome

Sanada sighed, and didn't bother to drink some water when he swallowed his aspirins. He love Seiichi and Ryoma, but his two lovers could drive him crazy at times.

-29 words-

5) Hurt and Comfort

Renji stared out the window into nothingness. He barely registered when Inui's arms wrapped around his waist and started whispering soothing words in his ear.

-25 words-

6) Crack

There was an evil glint in Fuji's eyes as he began plotting his revenge. How dare the second year club members destroy his beautiful cactus.

-25 words-

7) Horror

Atobe's heart almost stopped when his stalker's heavy breathing was heard from the phone, followed by Ryoma's voice, screaming in pain before it became utterly silent.

-27 words-

8) Babyfic

On a lazy Sunday, Momo and An was resting on the couch, Momo's head on An's lap as he talked to his wife's pregnant belly.

-25 words-

9) Dark

Kevin didn't care anymore, as he stabbed a picture of Ryoma and Tezuka holding hands with his knife. If he can't have Ryoma, no one can.

-25 words-

10) Romance

Akaya didn't care that he and Ryoma was covered in sand. He had finally gave in and confessed his feelings towards the female Seigaku freshman.

-25 words-

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