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Story Start.

A Sound Soul, dwells within a Sound Mind, and a Sound Body.

This is the princible of those who hunt the souls of Kishin Eggs and Witches for Lord Death, or as many would know him as the Shinigami. They collect 99 Kishin Eggs and 1 Witch Soul to present to Lord Death a weapon known as a Death Scythe, a weapon worthy of death itself. There is a rare saying though that only Lord Death has ever used.

A Rare Soul, resides within the Kind Heart, and a Trained Body.

The Rare Soul is a rare person that is gifted by Death and holds near Ultimate power deep within themselves. This Soul can only be achieved by those that truly wish for the peace of the world, but also love the thrill of battle while also having a body trained and touched by Death. One must have walked on the path of death and come back alive multiple times to gain such a soul. This Soul was desired by all three of the factions in the world.

The Kishin Eggs wanted to Soul to ascend to the level of a Kishin.

The Witches wanted this Soul to gain the power to topple the Shinigami.

The Shinigami and his Meister Weapon teams wanted the Soul for it's potential in combat use, and to protect it from those that would use it's soul for dark desires.

Right now we find a shadowy cloaked figure with a cartoonish skull mask and oversized gloves looking down at a boy of seventeen years old wearing a tattered orange jumpsuit and perfectly intact Red cloak covered at the bottom in a black flame design. On the boys face were three birthmarks in the shape of whiskers on both cheeks, and hair that was kissed by the grinning sun itself. This boy had appeared in the Death Room through a swirl in space/time, and was currently panting roughly.

'Damnit Kakashi-sensei! Where the hell did you send me, and what the hell is wrong with my chakra?' One Naruto Uzumaki though to himself in annoyance. One second he was about to finish off Obito, and the next he was in this weird new world with strange Natural Chakra he had never felt before. He could not even feel Kurama inside him anymore strangely enough.

"Oh my. What do we have here? A new student for my academy perhaps... or a wandering young man who was lost his way on the road of life? How Fun!" The Shinigami said as his body bent at an odd angle. Naruto looked at the figure in confusion, and got into a fighting position but fell back on his ass and exhaustion made it's way to his system. He barely had enough energy left to stand, and his chakra was not acting in the usual way it should. Heck, it even felt more potent than it did before!

"Who the hell are you!?" Naruto shouted while pointing at the cloaked figure, and it would be known that Naruto was not a person that knew how to be polite when he was confused. Naruto heard the figure chuckle and he rose an eyebrow, since most people took offence to his way of speaking not many laughed it off.

"Ah, but that is not the question here is it child. The real question would to as to who you are. Now who are you?" The Shinigami shot back and Naruto got the chance to feel the guys energy reserves, and he was shocked at wht he found.

This guy had reserves nearly equal to his own!

"Naruto Uzumaki, proud ninja of the Hidden Leaf dattebayo!" Naruto nearly yelled in pride and now it was the Shinigami's turn to be confused.

"Well I am sorry to say Naruto-kun that I have never heard of the Hidden Leaf, and the only ninja that might have is starting a school I made tomorrow. You could talk to her... if you joined the DWMA that is." The personifaction of death stated and Naruto grimanced at the thought of going to school, but this girl sounded like she could be a clue to his home so he would suck it up for now.

"Deal, but I have to know... Who are you?" Naruto asked again and this time the Shinigami smiled uner his mask.

"I am... the Shinigami, and welcome to Death Weapon Meister Academy." The Shinigami stated as he started to fill Naruto in on what they did at the academy and the ways people used their souls, and from what he learned Naruto could tell he was what they called a Meister as weird as that sounded.

[Next Day]

"Stupid Shinigami, trying to make me where the stupid uniform." Naruto grumbled as he looked himself over. He was now wearing black pants and a grey shirt with a tag that said 'Meister' on it, and the only saving grace he had was that he was still wearing his Sage cloak... The sage cloak made everything cooler.

Nearly everyone had already had already gotten partnered up and went to to get their classes and Naruto was still waiting for this... Tsubaki girl to show up.

"Hey you! Sitting their acting all cool! Stop trying to steal the spotlight of the great Black Star! The man you will surpass even the gods themselves! Praise me!" A voice yelled and when Naruto turned his head he saw a kid with spiky blue hair that he guessed was named Black Star.

"Kid, I have no interest in praising you so please just leave me alone. I am waiting for someone important to show up." Naruto said with a wave of his hand. It seems that this Black Star kid did not take rejection very lightly and aimed a punch at Naruto's head. Naruto leaned his head to the left and flipped the boy over his shouler. This kid was nowhere close to the level that Madara and Obito had in battle, so he had no chance when Naruto impacted his head into the ground and knocked him out.

"You know, he may have been a little... brash but he is just a kid." Naruto heard another more worried voice say from behind him, and he grinned when he saw her. She fit the description he was given by Lord Death, so he knew she was Tsubaki.

"Yeah, he was brash but he still attacked me. Are you Tsubaki Nakatsukasa?" Naruto asked and she seemed to flinch back from the direct question, like she was not expecting that from him. Naruto used the new skill he learned and saw her soul and tried to figure out her personality. Her soul was yellow with a shy face on it, and a ponytail. From what he saw she was accepting of other and a little more submissive than the average person, with a lot of compassion inside her.

"... Yes, who are you?" Tsubaki asked and Naruto blinked and concentrated on her again instead of her soul.

"Naruto Uzumaki. I was told you were from a clan of ninja and wanted to ask you something. I was wondering if you have ever heard of the Hidden Leaf Village in the Land of Fire?" Naruto asked and she looked at him strangely. Naruto just sighed at how this ended, but smiled all the same, at least this academy would send him around the world hunting Kishin Eggs so he would be able to continue his search.

"I am sorry, but I have never heard of it before... I'm sorry." Tsubaki said with a bow, and Naruto sighed, there was no way that he was going to leave this girl without a good partner. A lot of people would take advantage of her kindness, so sucking up his pride he carefully picked his next words.

"Hey Tsubaki... how would you like to become my partner?" Naruto asked and the girl was taken back by his forward question. So far no Meister had asked her to partner up with them before, but she smiled nicely at him.

"I would be happy to Naruto-san." Tsubaki said with a deep bow, and Naruto gave her a pat on the shoulder and a heart warming grin.

Today was the day that the Camellia bloomed in a Maelstrom, a flower with no scent and a storm with no end unified.

Chapter End.

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