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STory STart!

The Naruto and Tsubaki hybrid Tsuburuko walked through the semi-chaotic streets of Death City with a neutral look on her face as she carried the unconsious Sounga over her shoulder. She had decided to eat Margarets soul anyway, and the power she had gained from it was impressive. The Tsubaki half of her soul had increased to an incredible power amount, and the seals on Naruto's powers broke within her body. The thing was though, that she felt the soul of the Kishin escape the city.

The combined person sighed in disappointment at how the Shinigami had gone easy on the Kishin from the signs of the battle. It would seem that Death held some sort of affection for the Kishin, and that held him back from ending it in one attack. That was just weakness, and him having gone weak in his time without fighting. She sighed in annoyance when she realized that she didn't know how to turn back into Naruto and Tsubaki seperately. She would have to think about how to do it later, but first she would have to deal with putting Sounga in the dungeons of the school.

Tsuburuko blinked when she sensed five souls come running towards her massive energy signature, and she tilted her head when she saw that those people were Maka with Soul in Scythe form. The others were Kid holding Patty and Liz in gun forms.

'Holy... this woman is BEAUTIFUL!' Kid thought with a blush at how scantily clad Tsuburuko was, only reading blood red bandages. The symble of her Sage mastery, and with part of her personality being male she didn't care for modesty very much.

'I can't see this woman soul...' Maka thought as she prepared for battle, before both Kid and Maka were taken aback when they heard the mixed together voices of Tsubaki and Naruto coming from the woman.

"I take it that the people that released the Kishin Asura had gotten away?" Tsuburuko asked without really asking. It was more of a statement than anything, and the way she phrased it made them think for a second.

"Who are you?" Maka asked, and Tsuburuko tilted her head for a moment.

"It figures that our form would not be known. I am the combined form of Meister Naruto and Weapon Tsubaki, and my new name is Tsuburuko. I am stuck in this form right now, so don't treat me any differently than you would them." Tsuburuko said with a Naruto trait showing through when she rubbed the back of her head with her free arm. Then a Tsubaki triat showed and she tilted her head a little and laughed slightly awkwardly with her eyes shut.

"Is she telling the truth Maka?" Kid asked, and Maka looked at her for a second. It seemed to be true, because besides the extra black marking on the body this girl was like a perfect mix of Naruto's and Tsubaki's traits to become the dream woman that would give many men wet dreams. SHe was pretty sure that Soul would be having a nose bleed if he was in human form right now

"Yeah, this is really Naruto and Tsubaki... how did you two get this way?" Maka asked, and Tsuburuko shook her head. She didn't know how this happened anymore than they did, but she suspected it had something to do with combining Sage Mode and the Enchanted Sword Mode together.

"Who is that you have other your shou-" Kid started to ask before the girl over Tsuburuko's shoulder started to wake up, and when she realized that she was on top of her enemies shoulder she jumped awya and glared at her.

"Margaret! Lets get out... of... here?" Sounga started, before she sensed the presence of her friend... inside the stomach of the one that had defeated them. Her eyes narrowed slightly, before she smirked lightly and her eye started to turn crystal-like. She phased through the ground, and with her escape the others sweat dropped. Tsuburuko just let her es cape, because without a Meister that could properly weild her she was very little threat besides that pesky zombie ability she retained in human form.

"That was Demon-Longsword Sounga, but she is of no importance now. I can find her again later, and then she will be captured and sealed away. I only wonder why she smirked." Tsuburuko said, before her body started to glow a bright red. When the glow stopped Tsubaki qand Naruto both stood in her place, with injuries covering both of their bodies from before. Kid and Maka each caught Naruto and Tsubaki respectivally as they fell to the ground with sweat dripping off of them. The EXTREME stress fusing put on their bodies getting to them, combined with the stress of Enchanted Sword mode and Sage Mode was enough to put them both flat on their asses in one go.

Tsubaki passed out mid-fall, while Naruto's eyes were extremely heavy to him. He could barely keep them open, and his left one was already shut with the right close behind it. He huffed a few times, before the rest of his energy faded when his wounds reopened. With that gone fatigue hit him and he passed out as well.

Great Sage Mode did not come without serious exhaustion.

"We should get them to the hospital." Kid said as she started walking in the direction of the school, since the best doctors were actually the school nurses for some reason. Then again, the students at the school were being sent to battle soul eat6ing creatures on a regular basis so havin the best dotor work at the place where the most people got hurt made a little sense.

- A Few Days Later -

'Waking up to pain... not fun.' Naruto thought as he sat up in the bed he was in, and saw Tsubaki sitting next to him with her arm in a sling. Her injuries were far lighter than Naruto's were, so she had woken up the day after. There was also the fact that she only had to recharge her soul, while Naruto needed to recharge his soul and chakra.

'Hey Partner.' Naruto heard the deep rumbling voice of Kurama reverberate through his head, and he smirked lightly. Not only was Tsubaki a Death Scythe, but now his full power was his to use again. He could talk to Kurama again, and now all he would have to do was find the Kishin and it would be history.

'How have things been hanging Kurama?' Naruto asked, and his answer was a scoff and then silence. Kurama seemed to just want to let him know that he was there, and that they could speak again. Normally he was quiet unless he had something to say anyway, so Naruto hadn't been expecting much from a conversation with him.

"We did it Naruto." Tsubaki said with a smile, and he looked at her with his signature grin. They really did do something before anyone else could, and now Tsubaki was a Death Weapon. Which meant Naruto was a Meister that had created a Death Weapon.

"How long do I have to stay here?" Naruto asked his weapon with a frown on his face, and Tsubaki frowned lightly.

"You had broken bones, shredded skin, major exhaustion, and a bad case of blood lost to go with the stab wounds. Even with your healing you weren't expected to wake up until next week." Tsubaki said with a frown, and she was about to stop Naruto from standing up before she saw him unwrap his bandages and show perfectly smooth skin.

"So anything fun happen while I was out?" Naruto asked with a smile, and Tsubaki shook her head. All that happened was Death showing up and saying she was now a Death Scythe. Nothing out of the ordinary considering what happened. They both already knew that the Kishina had escaped from what they had sensed as Tsuburuko... and damn was that the weirdest sensation they had ever felt.

"Not really... so do you remember what happened when we were inside Tsuburuko?" Tsubaki asked with a shiver, and Naruto turned slightly green for a moment. That had been the weirdest thing that he had ever felt before, the feeling of completely being absorbed into another being. No longer existing as they were, and having their minds changed to fit the mindset of the single entity they became.

"That was the weirdest thing that I have ever experienced." Naruto said and they shared a single thought. That was something they needed to practice and see what they were capable of doing with it, and to see if their were any other forms.

'Great Sage Mode was constantly absorbing natural energy, and no matter how much was used would always stay at full.' Naruto thought as he went over what he had felt during the transformation. The power that form had gifted was far beyond anything Madara could have had, na dhe had barely scratched the surface. Their opponent had been to weak to force any more of the power out. All that power was actually pretty freaky, and he could feel that it was also pretty addicting.

When they had been fused together, it was like being in a constant state of bliss.

The fusion was both repulsive and amazing at the same time.

He could feel it, because in that form he was Tsubaki and she was him. Then there was the fact that he had been turned into a girl... okay that really wasn't a very big problem in his book since he could do that anyway.

This would take some looking into.

Chapter End.

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