School was so boring; as always. I sat in the lunch room with my family trying to act human enough to draw away suspicion. My family was really good at this, but even if we did everything perfect, the humans still knew something was off with us and kept their distance. It was their natural instinct. They shuffled around our table awkwardly, trying to not make eye contact.

I was perfectly fine with this. It was easier when they kept their distance. Not that I had ever lost control, but the temptation was still there. My gift of super self-control really came in handy when I was at school.

Alice was sitting next to me and poked me with her elbow. "In 43 seconds that freshman is going to approach and ask you out." She whispered just loud enough for our table to hear. No human would have a chance.

I groaned, internally. Even though the humans avoided us instinctively, there was always a few that tried to approach us. They couldn't see well enough to glimpse the predator behind the beauty. As if our other strengths weren't enough to capture prey.

I waited impatiently for the child to make his way over in his human pace. I wanted to get this over with. None of the others had to deal with this. They had all found someone to spend forever with; I was the odd one out and the humans picked up on that immediately. Even immortalized in perfection, I was still a freak.

When he finally approached, he couldn't seem to talk.

I looked up, trying to act surprised to see him there. "Yes?" I questioned, hoping to get him going.

"Well, I… I was wondering if… would you like to go out with me?" He looked down at his hand as he finished, nervous.

I tried to smile pleasantly at him. "You were so nice to ask, but I cannot."

His shoulders slumped. "You already have a boyfriend." He guessed with remorse.

"No." he looked up hopefully. I didn't want to hurt him. "I don't think I'm your type."

He shook his head frantically. "You are exactly my type!" he took a step forward.

I tried not to stick out my tongue when Emmett laughed. The boy glanced resentfully at him. "I don't date. But thank you for asking." I turned my head from him, trying to get across the finality of my statement.

He walked away depressed.

"You are such a jerk." I kicked Emmett under the table with all my force.

"You know it's funny. All these humans lining up to date you. If they only knew what lay behind those lips they fantasize about." His grin was so infectious, I couldn't help but chuckle.

"It's annoying. They won't stop asking." I picked up my uneaten tray of food and walked to the trash. My family stood up and followed.

He laughed. I ignored him. Alice danced up to me and laced her arm through my own. "Don't worry about it. You will find someone." She smiled at me knowingly.

"What do you know?" I whispered frantically. "Did you see something?"

"Oh nothing." She smiled; feigning ignorance.

I grimaced at her. She could be so annoying. She had this gift but if she felt we didn't need to know something to survive she would keep it to herself. She could get such a big head sometimes.

We were nearing the doors when a big group walked in. There were a couple guys and several girls. I didn't recognize one of the guys; he must be the new kid everyone was talking about. The group sat down far from the entrance, the girls fighting for the seat closest to the new boy. They couldn't seem to take their eyes off him. They kept glancing at him then turning away; blushes forming on their cheeks.

I turned away, not wanting to think about the rush of blood pooled beneath the fragile skin.

How typical; girls tittering over the fresh meat. The cliché of it all made me groan. School was so boring.