Chapter Seven

Batman materialized on the pad. He stepped off and saw the Flash, who was talking to John Stewart. Batman motioned the Flash over. In a red blue Barry stood in front of Bruce.

"Sitrep," Bruce growled.

"Okay, Big Blue is back from his trip through the galaxies and is in a coma. Dr. Mid-nite, Mister Terrific, and Scott Free have checked him over and over and have hit a wall. He's unresponsive. Diana has left for Themyscira. She is asking permission to bring him there in hopes they can cure him," explained Flash

Bruce nodded and then walked away in the direction of the infirmary. He strode down the corridor to the elevator and then he pressed the button for the level of the infirmary. Bruce's mind was racing. When he heard that Clark back, he actually felt relief. Superman was back, which meant that earth was safer, but then he got the emergency call and his stomach churned. He headed for the Watchtower right away.

The doors opened and once again he was striding towards the infirmary. He entered. The first thing he saw was Hal Jordan and J'onn with Kara. Jordan had his arm around Kara consoling her. His eyes then went over to Clark lying in the medical bed surrounded by the three men trying to revive him. He looked pale, almost gray.

"Solar radiation. Are they using solar radiation?" asked Bruce.

J'onn looked over at him and calmly spoke, "Yes, Bruce, they have."

"He looks pale. There something wrong with his absorption of solar radiation," the master detective was using his mind to cure his friend.

Scott heard this and stopped his conversation and walked over to Bruce.

"You think there is something wrong with his ability to absorb solar radiation," Scott said.

"He gains power from the yellow sun. He needs to absorb the solar radiation. Think of his body as a solar battery. It needs to recharge," said Bruce.

"92 percent of suns are yellow," said Scott. "Fascinating. His nearness to death may be shutting down his ability to absorb that radiation."

"So, how do we change that?" asked Bruce.

"I'm not sure how to do that. His physiology is so unique, even more complex than a New God's physiology. Kryptonians were an impressive race," answered Scott then he looked closely at he man in front of him in the bat-inspired armor. "Are you a doctor?"

"My father was a doctor," growled Bruce.

"Oh, so you're a scientist?"

"I'm billionaire with an active mind," replied Bruce then he turned and looked at J'onn. "When do we expect to hear from Diana?"

"She said she would contact us with an answer from the embassy when she had one. It appears her embassy has a magical portal to Themyscira," J'onn explained.

Bruce looked at Kara. She might have the same powers as Clark, but right now she was a frightened twenty year old young woman who feared being alone in the galaxy. Out friendship for Clark, he needed to take care of Kara.

"Kara, you're coming with me. J'onn will contact me once Diana contacts him," he said.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"To my home where you can get a good meal and relax," said Bruce.

Ceremony of Innocence

"Sisters," Diana started her retort to a disgruntled senator, "we have allowed men on the healing isle before in order to heal them. When we did this before we showed the world our generosity as a people, and our ability to care, even for strangers. Amazons became admired in the Patriarch's world. Superman is not a stranger. He is my friend. He is a man who I trust, who I have fought beside, and a man that I..."

Diana paused. She needed to convince her sisters to help Kal, to help the man she loved and Hera be damned.

"He is the man I love, but I had to give up to have you restored to your current state. Hera cursed you because she discovered the truth of my birth, the truth of parentage, and that curse was lifted by having to give up my love for Kal. She saw that love as special. Please, sisters, I cannot bare to think that Kal died because we didn't try our best to save him. He has saved my life more than once and," Diana paused, as her emotions started to spill over.

She forced her tears back. Even if they saved Kal, he still couldn't be hers. If they were ever to consummate their love again, Hera said she'd return her mother to a statue and her sisters to snakes. And Zeus, the King of all Olympian Gods and her father, remained silent. The fairness of it escaped her.

"Honor our love, which Hera understood to be so true that she needed to destroy it more than she needed to punish Amazons, by letting him come to the healing isle," she finished.

Senator Dessa stood up. The senate was silent after Diana's words. She looked around at her fellow senators and those there to listen.

"Princess Diana has given us much to think about. Let us convene and give her words serious thought before we vote," she said.

"I second her," added Demi.

The senate rose from their seats and began to leave the auditorium. Diana stood by the podium with her head bowed. Queen Hippolyta walked up beside her daughter.

"You gave a wonderful speech, Diana," she said. " I didn't realize how strongly you feel about this Superman."

"They need to think about it, mother; they need to think about it," she spat.

"Dessa has given you a gift, Diana. She has given your mother time to influence some senators in order to make sure the vote goes your way," smiled Hippolyta.

Diana raised her head and looked at her mother.

"You intend on helping me?" she queried.

"Of course, my daughter," Hippolyta said. "You are already bitter because of Hera and her unfair actions against us and against you personally. If I allow the man you love to die then what will you think of your sisters or of me. No, we must try our best to save him in order to save you from any more bitterness."

"Mother, you are wise," Diana said.

"I earned that wisdom by living a very long time and making many mistakes," she said. "Now let's get you to the palace so you can eat and rest, while I get to work fixing the vote."

Ceremony of Innocence

After having Alfred take Kara into the kitchen and fix her a meal, Bruce called Selina and asked her to come over. Once she agreed, he dropped by the kitchen to hear Alfred telling her stories to keep her mind off of Clark, while he cooked her up some onion soup. Kara sat on a stool and listen and watched.

When the front door bell rang, he stuck his head in and told Alfred he'd answer it. It was Selina.

"What do you need me for, Handsome? I hope it isn't felonious. I'm trying to go straight," she smiled.

"I need your help with someone," he said.

"A crime boss?"

"No," he answered.

"A fence?"

"No," he sighed.

"A jewel thief?" she teased.

"My best friend's cousin," he answered letting the annoyance into his voice. "Let's go to the study."

Selina followed him into the study. It was one of her least favorite rooms in the mansion with his dark wood, men's club furniture, and musty books. Bruce motioned her to sit, as he sat on the edge of his desk.

"I'm about to let you in deeper into my life sharing secrets that aren't even my own," said Bruce.

"You mean you are showing me even more trust, Bruce," she grinned.

"Yes, Selina, I'm showing you complete trust," he replied. "In the kitchen is Kara Kent, also known as Supergirl. Clark Kent, her cousin, is Superman, and my best friend."

Selina went from leaning back on the loveseat to sitting up.

"Clark and Kara left earth a year ago. Clark got tired of Superman being feared by the people he protected and Kara never fit in here. They just returned," he stated.

"You must be happy to see your buddy," she said.

"Clark is in coma. He battled a monster named Doomsday to safe a planet from destruction. He won but at a cost," Bruce told her. His voice was tight and strained. Selina was surprised at the effort it took Bruce to control his emotions.

"Let me guess, she's upset and you want me to help you with her," said Selina.


"Perfect," she purred with a smirk.

She stood up and then held her hand out.

"I need your credit card and to know what is happening with Superman," she said.

Bruce took his wallet out and handed her a black credit card. Selina smiled.

"You're taking her shopping?"

"I've seen Supergirl. She's young with a great body. Clothes, maybe a new pair of shows, will make her feel better. Now tell me about her big flying cousin," she said.

"Diana is getting permission to take him to Themyscira where they use magic and special herbs and things to heal. She believes that they can heal him there," he told her.

"Okay, handsome, show me the way to Kara," she said.

"Thank you, Selina," Bruce said softly.

Selina slunk up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Anything for you, Bruce."

Ceremony of Innocence

She had been awake for fifty-two hours. Diana had changed into a less formal chiton and joined her mother in her private chambers for dinner. On the floor her mother had setup pillows and a table with lamb, venison, roasted vegetables, hummus, and rice, along with red wine. Her mother patted a pillow and Diana sat down beside her.

"Eat, you need it," Hippolyta said.

Diana reached for a plate and started to mindlessly fill her plate. Hippolyta tore off a piece of pita bread and dipped it in the hummus. She then poured some wine into a chalice for her and one for Diana.

"You haven't asked about my behind the scenes work with the senate," said Hippolyta.

Diana stopped eating and looked at her mother. She waited for her to speak, but her mother decided to enjoy some more of her meal first.

"I swear to Gaea you are straining my patience, mother," barked Diana.

Hippolyta laughed to herself then lifted her chalice and took a sip.

"Tomorrow there will be a vote and helping Superman will pass. There will be one proviso and that is you must be one the isle as his constant guard. As was pointed out Superman has the power of a Heracles, if not even more powerful. Our champion must be here to watch over him," her mother told her.

"That is ridiculous, mother; Kal would never hurt anyone Themyscira," protested Diana.

"Diana accept this and count it a victory. The chances are with Epione's skills and the healing ray, he should be healed in time," said Hippolyta. "Also, you get a chance to spend some time with your sisters."

Diana smiled at her mother's manipulation. Besides getting permission for Kal to go to Healing Isle, she managed to arrange for Diana to spend extended time on the Themyscira.

"After dinner I have to leave for the embassy to let the Justice League know the news and to prepare Kal for transportation," said Diana.

"Eat first, daughter, then we'll arrange for you to use the portal to the embassy," Hippolyta said.

Ceremony of Innocence

Bruce came up from the Batcave to check if Selina and Kara were back from their shopping trip. As the old grandfather's clock moved aside and he walked into the music room, he listened closely and heard whispered voices coming from sitting room. Bruce made his way there to find Alfred and Selina whispering to each other, while Kara was asleep on the sofa with at least twelve shopping bags around the sofa.

"My God woman, how much did you spend?" he said in a voice slightly above a whisper.

Selina faced him with a smirk on her face.

"You've got the money, Bruce, so don't whine," she said.

"At least, tell me Kara had a good time," he said.

"She had a wonderful time and we bonded over sundaes at Good Fortune's," she said. "By the way, you have to introduce him to Hal Jordan."

"Jordan," growled Bruce. "If Kal doesn't kill him then I will. Has he made a move on her?"

"No, Bruce, but she has it bad for him," she said.

"There's an eight or nine year difference between them. If he feels anything for her, he'll regret it."

"Bruce, love isn't a crime, so stay out of it," Selina teased him.

He glowered at Selina, who returned his glare with a pouty face. Bruce shook his head. Before he could say another word, his League comm went off on his wrist. He stepped out of the room and answered it.

"Batman," he said slipping into his Batman voice.

"We'll be able to tale Superman to Themyscira tomorrow. We are making preparations to move him to the Themysciran Embassy," J'onn said.

"I'll be there with Supergirl within a half hour," said Batman.

"You'll be expected."

Ceremony of Innocence

The gurney with Kal was placed in Diana's room in the embassy where she acted as his personal nurse. She convinced everyone to allow her to take him through the portal alone. Once there was improvement she'd make arrangements for Kara to see him. Bruce told her that Kara would be staying with him for now. Diana was gladdened that Bruce was taking care of Kara. She would have done it but she got lost in her taking care of Kal.

In the morning, Diana showered and dressed appropriately for Themyscira waited Mala to join her. Together they would take Kal through the portal and then she would fly him to the Healing Isle where, hopefully, Epione would be able to help him. There was a knock on her door. She opened it.

"Princess, I am ready to leave," said Mala.

"Good, Mala. Let's take Kal home."

Philippus, Artemis, and six of the royal guard along with Queen Hippolyta waited on the other side of the portal for Diana and her guest. There was a buzz on Themyscira about the arrival of the modern day Heracles. The Bana-Mighdall women, who had never been raped and abused by Heracles, wished to see this demigod, while many of the Amazons feared his appearance in their home.

It was ironic that the portal which allowed entrance and exit to the outside world was located in Hera's temple. Since Hera made Diana pay the price of her relationship with Kal, she only entered that temple to use the portal and then only when she was forced and not allowed to fly away penetrating the magical barrier. The Portal darkened and became misty. This was a sign that someone was coming through. Out of the mist came Diana and Mala pushing a gurney with Superman on it. Clark was naked on the gurney, except for a white sheet and his shield, which hung down on his bare chest. Hippolyta greeted her daughter.

"Diana, you, Mala, and your guest are welcome. Epione is waits for Superman on the Healing Isle," she said.

"Thank you, mother," said Diana, who then scanned the temple. "I will fly him there immediately. I've already spent too much time int his temple."

Diana walked over to the gurney and gently picked the larger man up in her arms. Without another words she lifted up and flew out of the temple. Each isle of Themyscira was different. The Hunting Isle was verdant and a perfect place for wildlife to thrive. Farma was perfect for raising vegetables and fruits, while Themyscira was a paradise and the isle where the Amazons and Bana-Mighdall lived. The Healing Isle was a beach isle with a fresh eater source in the middle of the isle and green grass peaking up here and there.

It was with some nervousness that Epione waited for Superman. Through the window she saw the figure of Diana flying towards the isle, so she cleared her assistants out of the nosokomeo. She would tend to this man alone. Diana landed and brought Kal into the airy building.

"Epione," she called.

"Bring him in here, Princess," Epione replied.

Diana carried Kal into the room where a bed waited for him. Epione already had the healing purple ray set up. She motioned Diana to place him on the bed. Diana did so.

"Please, Epione, help him," Diana said.

"I shall try my best, your majesty."

Epione came him a quick examination so she could decide what herbs, plants, and minerals to use on him. She had to admit that he was a magnificent example of a male. Once she was done with the examination, she turned on the healing ray and turned towards Diana.

"I will need to collect the medicinal herbs and such that he needs. You can leave for now, Princess. I'll expect you back tomorrow," she said.

"Epione, if the most minor change I expect you to have someone retrieve him immediately," said Diana.

"I understand, Princess."

Diana walked up to the prone Kal. She gently touched his cheek. He always felt warm, but now he felt cool. It wasn't right. She missed his warmth. Leaning over she kissed his forehead then she fly away leaving Epione to tend to him. She looked at Superman.

"I better get you well or else I'll have an angry Princess Diana to deal with," she sighed.