"Percy Jackson you alone hold the power to save this earth and not just the Greeks but every God in existence" the man said.

"Every God? You mean there are other Gods than the Olympians?" Percy asked.

"Yes I believe you already met Carter Kane, the Egyptian magician but there are powers that goes far beyond that" the man said a small smile crawling upon his face.

"The story you've been told about Chaos creating the world is only partly true. There are things you are not allowed to know, I wouldn't be surprised if Zeus has kept it secret from the others but he couldn't save his brothers and sisters if it hadn't been for the help he got from my older sister" the man said to a shocked Percy.

"Come with me and I'll train you to save this world however you will be gone for ten whole years with no contact with your friends or family, however I can promise one thing the true love of your life which goes beyond the powers of Aphrodite however I can't tell you whether or not it's Annabeth" he said.

Percy thought for a moment "What if I said no?" He asked. "Well our world will fall into total ruin and not a single life will be left alive" the man said.

"Well I guess I have to accept then" Percy said

*** Ten Years Later***

Artemis POV

The hunters made camp in the clearing. They had been searching for the lost hero Percy Jackson who disappeared after the fight with Gaea. Artemis hadn't been quite herself since his disappearance. Thalia went into her tent but Artemis was so lost I thought that she hadn't noticed. "Thinking about him milady?" Thalia asked. Artemis had shared her most secret secrets with Thalia because she too was obsessed with finding her cousin Percy. Even Nico would travel the underworld to find any traces he could.

Artemis looked up at her and nodded with a weak smile.

"We will find him you know" Thalia tried to reassure her.

"Yeah I hope so but it won't change his feelings about me" she said weakly.

Percy POV

Percy was now back in his own world. Back to earth so to speak. He was currently in Oklahoma to find a daughter of Poseidon named Serena. He turned down one street then another until he found the right one. He quickly found the house and could hear loud noises from inside. Then he heard the scream of a young girl. He flashed himself into the house and between her and her uncle and another man whom Percy presumed had bought time with the girl.

"Leave the girl alone" Percy said with something dangerous about his voice. The men looked at him and then started laughing. "You...expect...us...to...believe...that...you...c an defeat us both?" The uncle asked between laughs.

A grin slowly crept upon Percy's face his eyes glowing a deep red. Fear began to rise in the men as they could see red eyes and a creepy grin upon his face. They couldn't see anything else then his mouth and his glowing eyes through the hood he had on.

Percy slowly lifted his hand and pointed it at the men. Dark tendrils shot from his fingertips and leapt at the men, devouring them and sending them to the underworld with a note that cleared them for the worst punishment Hades had to offer.

Percy turned towards the girl but smiled a warm smile. He took off his hood and revealed one red and one green eye.

"Hello Serena my name is Percy Jackson and I suppose I'm your big brother" he said looking warmly and fondly at the girl.

The girl looked at him unsure whether to believe him or not. "Do you know who my parents is then?" She asked.

"We have the same father, his name is Poseidon and he is the God of the seas. Sadly, I don't know who your mother is, but I think it might be possible to find out if you want to. But to something different" Percy said looking at her seriously. "You are not safe her, monsters will find you. So you have two options either go to camp half-blood where you will train along other girls and boys or you can join an all girl group of hunters led by a beautiful and sweet Goddess named Artemis" Percy said

"I'll join Artemis I think, if she want me" Serena said.

I'm sure she will be delighted to have my wonderful little sister join her hunters" Percy said showing his famous grin.

"But they cannot know about me yet, I need you to keep quiet about me for a while" Percy said in a serious tone.

"Okay if you say so, but can you still visit and stuff, I never had a brother before so... I'l like to know you more" she asked shyly.

"Of course I'll iris message you once in a while" Percy said as he got up and put his hood back up.

"Alright I'm gonna flash us to their camp do be noted that they will probably try to shoot me as they aren't very fond of males. They can't kill me though so rest assured" he said before flashing them close to the hunters camp.