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Percy POV

Artemis stood up abruptly after the pink smoke evaporated. She was gazing at him first unknowingly than realization hit her as evident in her eyes. I noticed she was furious to say the least. Heck I'd probably be furious too if I were in her position. I held up my hands and before she could do anything, I told her everything that happened at Aphrodite's palace.

"So you're telling me that not only does she care about me but you actually gave her love advice?" Artemis asked stupefied.

"Yeah I guess. Though I only told her what I had observed yet did not really know until I met and spoke with Freya" I said as Artemis scooted herself closer to me. We were all sitting around the bonfire in the middle of the hunters' camp. I had only just been told the names of all the hunters.

Amelia daughter of Apollo, I noticed that she was the blonde haired girl I met along with Thalia when I came with Serena. Catherine daughter of Demeter. Sarah daughter of Ares. Ella daughter of Hermes. Chloe daughter of Athena. Natalie, another daughter of Apollo. Riley also a daughter of Ares. Emma yet another daughter of Apollo. Isabella a mortal girl. Faye daughter of Aphrodite. Aria daughter of Hecate. Morgan also daughter of Hecate. Alyssa another daughter of Ares. Caroline also daughter of Demeter. Mia also a mortal girl. Anna another daughter of Aphrodite.

It was a lot of names to keep track of so I kept getting a few wrong, to which they happily teased me about. However, I knew that one day I would remember them perfectly. That is of course if Artemis still wanted me in her hunt.

"Tell me about what you did all those years" Thalia said.

"Well you'll just have to wait till tomorrow when we attend the meeting" I said as I otherwise would have to tell everything twice.

"Aw come one fish breath we're not attending" she complained.

"Who said you weren't going to?" I asked.

"What you mean we are?" Thalia asked confused.

"Well duh, you have all accepted the fact that I love him and date him, you deserve to know everything well almost" Artemis said as she laughed.

"What is this almost thing we can't hear about? Something you're planning to do with my dear cousin, hmm Artemis?" Thalia teased. Artemis' face became bright red and all the hunters laughed while I chuckled slightly.

"Sorry girls but I think I'm going to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day" I said as I headed for a small tent I had erected.

"Where do you think you're going?" Artemis asked with a slight blush.

"Um, to my tent to sleep" I said confused as to what she was getting at.

"No way, you disappeared ten years ago I'm not letting you out of my sight that easily" Artemis said her blush only intensified.

She led me to her tent and told her hunters she too would retire for the day.

The last thing I remember before darkness overcame me was how tight Artemis cuddled with me as she drifted to sleep.

The next day in the throne room.

Artemis POV

We were all gathered in the council only my hunters and Percy's brother Tyson had been allowed to attend. Tyson had nearly crushed the life out of Percy when he first saw him.

The day had started with Percy telling me he wanted to speak with his mother before the meeting.

I had told him I'd accompany him but he had merely dismissed it saying he needed some alone time with his mother. I had also begun to notice a strange feeling within me. I had talked a bit with Aphrodite before the meeting. She had told me how lucky I was to have Percy. Yes I knew that, I did after all fall in love with him and I don't tend to do that at all. I asked her however what the feeling was and she told me I was simply being jealous.

Zeus cleared his throat to signal silence.

"The meeting has hereby begun" he said sternly. It seemed father and Hera had worked out yesterday's little fight.

"So Percy tell us everything" Hera said clearly ignoring Zeus. She noticed that she winked at him. How dare she do that to my Percy she thought.

"Well that would be a long story we don't have time for" Percy said.

"YOU WILL TELL US EVERYTHING BOY" Zeus yelled at Percy who seemed unfazed my it.

"Well Zeus it would be wise not to yell at my apprentice" a voice said.

A black vortex portal appeared near the doors to the council. A man only a few years older than Percy stepped through along with another person who appeared to be female but the face was covered.

I wondered about the fact he had called Percy his apprentice.

"Ah I sure has been a long time since I've been here" the man said. He looked towards my hunters until his gaze landed on Zoë.

"Ah Zoë I see you've been accepted back among your family" the man said a smile plastered on his face. His face was rather plain, nothing special to remember him by as far as I could see. However, his eyes were completely black. It was as if they sucked in the light in the room.

"Who the Hades are you and how dare you enter your council without permission. I should kill you this instant" Zeus said angrily.

"Shut it Zeus. I'm not someone you want to anger. Let me be clear" the man said. "I never wanted you as the king of the Gods" at this every member of the council gasped and looked at the man stupefied.

"What I'm the strongest of us all it is only fair that I should rule" he shot back with a smirk as if he believe he had won a fight.

The man began laughing hysterically and Zeus face morphed into one of shock and anger.

"You the strongest?" The man laughed even harder.

"Sorry Zeus but you are only sharing the third place with your brother Hades" he said smiling at Zeus.

"Then who is the Strongest?" Poseidon asked as he grew curious at the mention that his brothers was placed third.

"Well you are in second place, Poseidon. As for who the strongest is well she is the one you will not fight" the man said. I immediately looked at Hestia as the first to realize whom he was speaking of as it soon dawned on the others.

"Hestia?" Hera asked.

"Yes she is the strongest child of Kronos and Rhea. She is actually placed above your father" the man said.

"Please I'm not strong. I don't even want to fight anyone" Hestia said as she grew nervous under the attention of the entire council.

"Perhaps you should tell us who you are before we begin to trust your words" Athena said to the man.

"Ah yes well I don't really have a name like you do, however we were born with a divine name. A name you would also show our purpose in this world" the man said.

"And that name is?" Aphrodite asked only now did I notice that she was sitting on Hephaestus lap.

"Well my name Aphrodite is Armageddon" he said "But you can call me Night I was given that name a long time ago by a mortal love of mine" Night said.

"And what is your purpose as you told us of?" Athena asked.

"Well my purpose is pretty simple. Total destruction of everything. Gods mortal the planet the universe" Night said.

It took some time to comprehend this and it was hard to believe. I looked at Percy to expecting him to confirm that this was only a joke. However, he did not such thing. I knew that Night told the truth or I at least trusted Percy.

"I trust your word Night" I said shocking many in the council.

"Ah so this is the girl you've been telling me about Percy" Night said. "Well I must say all the things you said are true, she is as beautiful as the moon" he said which made me blush.

Percy walked over to me and I shrank down in size to be enveloped in a tight embrace with the love of my life.

"True love how beautiful it can be" Night said as he whistled at Percy and me.

"Oh right Artemis I bring another gift from Percy. He sure is stubborn but it was a delightful request to fulfill" Night said

The girl stepped towards Artemis and the hunters. She reached up and pulled off her hood. There stood my other lost Hunter. Biance Di Angelo daughter of Hades. She was back because of Percy too. I kissed Percy before I hugged Bianca in a hug. All my hunters came and hugged her and welcomed her back.

Three flashed appeared in the throne room as the fates stood before us.

"Percy Jackson your godly domains and titles have been chosen" the fates said in unison.

A scroll appeared in their hands and they read:

"As a son of the most powerful children of Kronos and Rhea you have been made an Olympian and are now the 15th Olympian. Your domains are as follows: Storms, Poseidon have now lost this domain. Hope, destruction and the bond shared in a family. Your titles are as follows: Percy Jackson God of Storms, Hope, the family bond and the husband of the Goddess of the Moon" the fates said. Immediately before anyone could speak, the fates spoke again.

"Artemis you have been given the domain of the Moon as Selene has given you her very Essen of the moon and are now the wife to the God of Storms and hope" they said before they vanished as quickly as they came. A new throne materialized beside Artemis' throne. It took the shape of Percy's powers, domains and his adventures. Including some of what I assumed was the Nordic regions.

I also noticed a ring on both my finger and Percy's finger, to symbolize our marriage.

Aphrodite shrieked and engulfed me in a bear hug that I was sure Tyson would be envious of.

"Congrats Artie" she said.

"Now it would be wise to get on it the program. The war is coming. You Gods will train both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter unite them and train them personally. Percy will train the hunters and teach Artemis a few things" Night said in a voice daring us to defy his words. I however couldn't care less as I was now married to my true love. I thought that I couldn't be happier right now.

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