Author's Note:

I watched the new Riddick movie a few days ago and I LOVED it. I just love him haha. So I decided to write an OC/Riddick story, in the hope it'll be interesting. I'm also busy with my other story of the walking dead though,and with school, so I'm not sure I'll update regularly. I'll just have to wait for the reviews, favorites and follows to see if I even continue it. It was just an idea that popped into my head, and this chapter is kind of an introduction of my OC. Hope you like it, please let me know :)

Disclaimer: I don't own Riddick, seriously this is kind of depressing...


Exiliria, a planet filled with unimaginable horrors and dangerous creatures. It was a place no one even wanted to lay eyes on. When you did, you instantly were filled with a feeling of dread. From a distance you would only see dark clouds surrounding the planet like a thick blanket. If, by chance, there was a small opening you could see through, you'd notice the emptiness. Long plain wastelands stretching out across the ground, nothing around for miles until you'd come across a creature so hideous you wished you'd never seen it. No wonder no one lived there.

There were rumors though, rumors about a world hidden behind that cloak of darkness. A world of dangerous grace and dark beauty, all hidden in plain sight. It was said that there were forests and grass fields where all kinds of plants could be found. Plants ranging from the exotic Mercury Rose to the common dandelions that infested every garden. These landscapes weren't visible though, they were hidden in the darkness that accompanied the underground world. And as animals would stalk those grounds, dangerous eyes glinting in the dark, my kind would know they were there.

Exilians, that is what we are called. Or at least, that it was we used to be called. Now there are not many left who can be categorized as 'those from the dark world'. The history of my kind is extensive, so many stories have been passed on from generation to generation. Now all those stories are lost, together with my world. There is one story I remember quite clearly though, one my mom used to tell me whenever I felt conflicted over my abilities.

"It all started thousands of years ago," She'd say with a dramatic undertone that always made me laugh. Even though I knew the story, I listened again and again, hanging from every word that left her lips because she was so good at telling it. "There was a group of settlers that lost control of their ship." She would continue. "As they couldn't call for help because of the clouds that obstructed their view of the sky, they were forced to scavenge through the area, trying to find some food or water."

The story continues like that a bit, as the group can't seem to find anything other than sand. They start out with 10 people, eventually there are 6 left when they find a place to hide from the upcoming thunderstorms. That place was a cave, leading to the underground world I grew up in. The legend goes that the pitch black darkness surrounding the world, in combination with the wide range of dangerous plants and animals, killed the others, except for two.

One of those two survivors was a young woman, born blind. During her life she had been forced to depend on her other senses, as she could not see. That was probably what saved her life in the dark several times. No animal could sneak up on her without her hearing the creature coming from miles away. No plant could try and kill her as she could smell the poison running through its stem.

Her senses alone wouldn't have been enough though, she would never have been able to live a full life alone. That is where the second survivor comes in, lending her his strength and his own abilities.

He was a young man, blessed with the gift his people bestowed on him, night vision. There was an animal part inside of him which made most animals fond of him, and those who weren't he could manipulate long enough to kill them. The larger part of his animal side lay dormant however, his senses weren't as developed as the woman's were. If she hadn't been there, he would've often missed things happening around him and he would've ended up dead.

You could say they completed each other, and made it possible for the both of them to survive in that dark world. That is how my kind looked at our ancestors, filled with respect and love. The planet had been buzzing with life the moment they arrived there. And after about a year, a new species was created. The Exilians.

The prime time for our species was over a hundred years ago. Our people and the world we lived in were getting along great, there was balance. Children were born with the abilities of our ancestors, senses enhanced and able to see in the dark. Some of these children were trained so they could go outside, into the light. As we lived in darkness, there was no need for vision in light. Trades, and other things involving ships, had to be done outside however, in the light. Those who went outside underwent grave training so they could handle themselves without sight. The others, the common citizens, didn't concern themselves with the fact that they would be helpless in the light.

One day everything changed, a war raged and people died. Our line of defense got overrun and nature wasn't strong enough by itself to kill them all. Our kind's numbers dropped momentarily and only a few were able to flee deeper into the dark forests.

The attackers left, convinced that this world was dead. It wasn't. Not yet. But the balance was disturbed, and things went haywire.

In the following years, whenever a child was born, it was blind. A lot of children were also deaf, couldn't smell, or were paralyzed. These children died quickly, either natural or they were killed by their parents because of their suffering. As nature was out of balance, animals started to attack both each other and us with no particular reason. A lot of children also died because of that. That war that had raged, had been the start of the end of my life, and I hadn't even been born yet.

My parents never wanted a child. They never wanted to see their flesh and blood be born with no capability to do anything. Both of them had been born blind, in the first wave of those births, but they had been able to survive with help from each other.

When my mother found out that she was pregnant, she cried for weeks. As I grew inside of her though, she felt something, something powerful emitting from me. She told my father and my grandmother, who both became hopeful at her words.

They called it a miracle, and that's what it was. I wasn't blind, nor deaf and I was able to move. They tested my sense of smell when I was a few months older, holding a poisonous plant in front of me. My grandmother told me that when I wrinkled my nose at the plant, they were the happiest people that ever had existed. I was healthy, I was perfect and I was normal.

I didn't grow up as 'normal' however. My grandfather convinced my parents to raise me with a blindfold on, at least most of the times. He never said why, but now I understand. I went through extensive training, with the blindfold, and learned how to fight in the dark. I was taught how to handle myself by my father and his friends, who all cared for me like a daughter. I also developed my other senses, hearing the slightest of sounds, smelling the softest of smells and sensing the smallest of moves. At the age of 10 I was probably better trained than a 34 year old army officer.

One day, when I wasn't scheduled for some training exercise, I went into the woods to see what was out there. I'd been forbidden to go, but I was convinced enough of my skills that I went anyway. I was walking around, kneeling down beside plants to inspect them, when suddenly I heard a small sound to my right. I snapped my head up and quickly saw what was lurking in the bush, an animal. I wasn't scared though, like most would be after hearing all kinds of horrible stories about animals in this forest, instead I was intrigued. I stared right into its eyes, as it stared back at me. I took a small step closer and reached out with my hand, waiting patiently. The animal, which I later would find out was one of the most vicious creatures in the universe, took a hesitant step closer. After another step I was able to touch it, my hand against its nose. At that moment it became my best friend.

When our world went to hell once again, which was just a year later, I was forced to leave everyone behind. I still hear my parents scream in my sleep sometimes. I fled to the forest, my survival instincts taking over. The hell hound I had befriended before was very protective of me, and, as I was only 12, I soon started seeing her as a second mother. I started thinking as an animal from then on, as I was surrounded by them every day. My senses became even more enhanced and I became better with animals than ever before. Once in a while I'd talk to myself out loud, just so I wouldn't forget words. They might be useless here, but I didn't want to lose that one thing I had left from my previous life.

Now I'm glad I remembered those words, it was much easier to survive like that. 'Turning off' you're animal side also helped a lot with communicating. I'm 28 now and am still alive. Sometimes I wonder if I really should be, if I shouldn't have died on my home planet. But if I had, I wouldn't have been on the Hunter-Gratzner. I wouldn't have met him. And god, was I happy I did.