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Chapter 16: A sight of love, life and death

Xia's POV

Shazza was gone. Dead. It wasn't her death itself that bothered me however, what bothered me was the fact that I hadn't been able to save her, like I hadn't been able to save my parents. Her screams replayed in my head, intermingled with my parents' and I hated it. The feeling of helplessness just made me want to hide; the only thing stopping me was Riddick, who was still holding me close to his chest.

He helped me up on my feet and nudged me forward carefully, wanting to get me safely inside with the rest. Well it wouldn't be particularly 'safe', but it would always be better than staying outside, everything would be better than that.

I headed inside, noticing how Riddick wasn't following me. Instead he lingered back a bit, which I didn't like at all considering Fry was with him. My feelings of jealousy weren't gone now that he'd marked me, if anything they had tripled. Fry's obvious attraction to him, though masked by how uncomfortable she sometimes felt around him, wasn't helping much either.

"What is it Riddick?" The captain asked him as they stood in the doorway, "What is it now?"

I took a deep breath to stop myself from doing anything stupid, making my way further into this part of the ship instead. Now that it was finally dark around me I could see, noticing how the inside of the container was a complete mess. There was scrap metal all over the floor, but that wasn't what I wanted to see, that wasn't what was interesting. The only thing that would be interesting to see however was staying outside instead of fucking following me in.

I growled softly, feeling anger rise in my stomach. He was so fucking-

"Like I said," The convict interrupted my train of thoughts amusedly, though I wasn't sure if he was amused because of my anger or Fry's fear. "It ain't me you gotta worry about."

A few seconds later I heard the door close behind me and realized that everyone was inside now, including the one person I wanted to see. My heart was going mad in my chest, while every fiber of my body tingled in anticipation. I tried to control my breathing but it was a lost cause and eventually I just decided that it was time. I turned around-

-and ended up seeing nothing.

Johns' flashlight blinded me as he lit my face and I felt like baring my teeth, even if he didn't deserve a warning before I would rip out his throat. Before I could act on my instincts though, Jack's voice penetrated through my haze of anger.

"She should've stayed down." The girl muttered softly, on the verge of crying. "If she would've only stayed down, she'd be okay. She wouldn't have died."

I closed my eyes and locked my jaws a second to calm myself before walking over to her and putting a comforting arm around her shoulder. The flashlight didn't provide them with much light, which made it possible for me to see most things around me, as long as they weren't in the direct area the light was being pointed at. Riddick however was in that direct area, as for some reason Johns seemed to want to keep an eye on him, which made it impossible for me to get a good look at him.

"You remember the boneyard?" The merc asked the girl, not agreeing with what she'd said. "These just might be the fuckers that killed every living thing on this planet."

"Shut it." I hissed at him, not liking the way Jack shivered at the idea and still pissed about the light. I knew he was right though, there weren't many things that could've killed those creatures in the boneyard, but the things flying out there right now were more than capable of doing such a thing.

"What are we gonna do now?" Jack asked as she huddled against me.

I was still trying to stay calm, listening to their wailing outside. "We have to get out of here." I then said, and I felt everyone's eyes on me. Johns pointed the damn flashlight right in my face, which resulted in me squeezing my eyes shut instantly from the pain that the sudden light caused.

"Keep that damn thing away from my eyes, Johns." I growled, though he didn't listen immediately. It took a low warning growl from Riddick to get him to lower the light.

"How do you suppose we do that?" He then sneered, referring to my first exclamation. I didn't get the chance to answer him though, as that was the moment Paris decided to open his mouth.

"Are these the only lights we have?" He asked, sounding almost frantic. He didn't seem to even be aware of the conversation Johns and I had been having, even if it hadn't really been a conversation. He was too caught up with what was going on outside I guessed. "Is this everything?" he asked again.

"No," Fry answered him from where she was on the ground, searching the floor for something. "There's a cutting torch on the floor here somewhere. I just can't find it."

I sighed and pulled Jack back a little so I could get to where I'd been standing before. I remembered seeing one of those things lying on the floor around here somewhere. I wasn't looking forward to the light that the thing would emit, but I couldn't just leave these people in their own darkness.

While I was scanning the ship I heard Imam ask for everyone to be quiet, putting his ear against the wall and listening for the sounds of the creatures.

"Why do they do that? Make that sound?" Jack whispered to no one in particular.

"It's the way they see." I said as I listened to the noises. "The sound reflects back." I explained to her from where I was standing, my back facing them. That was when I saw the cutting torch and picked it up, walking over to Fry next. "That's easier than having eyes when it's always dark." I finished with a shrug, handing the thing to the captain. I felt her surprised gaze on me and smiled feebly, though she probably couldn't see it. Before either of us could say anything though there was a rattling sound behind us, making me spin around at once.

"Could be a breach in the hull," I heard Fry say behind me, sounding rather unsure of her own words. "I don't know."

"Come on, Johns. You got the big gauge." Riddick said, his voice coming from just a few feet behind me, making me shiver. It also reminded me that I still hadn't seen him, which made me grind my teeth together in anger and frustration.

"I'd rather piss glass." The merc spat at him. "Why don't you go fucking check?"

I almost let out a growl at the way he spoke to Riddick, not liking it one bit. I wasn't in the best of moods, considering the problem I was having with their damn lights, but I was able to stop myself from doing anything rash like for example killing the merc, though I wanted to.

Instead I focused on the sound of Paris shifting his weight from side to side, nervous as hell. "I'm not staying here anymore." He suddenly uttered, turning around and hurrying back to the door.

"Where are you going?" Johns asked him, calling out to him as he started heading for the door.

"Paris!" Fry shouted as Riddick grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back.

"Sit him down." Johns instructed while Fry started explaining the guy he couldn't go out there without knowing what was out there.

"I know what's in here." Paris countered, not sounding all too happy about the fact.

I turned back to where the rattling had come from, reminded of the sound by what Paris had said. With the lights behind me I had the perfect view on what was in front of me, which wasn't good.

Imam grunted as he was trying to get a passage to the next room open, the thing in front of me turning its head to the side while the both of us were listening to what was happening behind me right now.

Imam succeeded in getting the thing open and told the others to hurry, I stood frozen however. I felt Riddick's eyes turn to me and a growl start in his chest, I lifted my hand to indicate he had to be quiet, he instantly complied. The thing wasn't as big as the one I'd seen underground, but it qualified as being bigger than Riddick, which meant that we had to be careful.

I started backing up slowly, hearing the others call out for us to hurry again. If I did that however, I'd instantly be killed. If I wanted this thing to stay where it was I had to be careful and above all, patient.

It was moving its head from side to side slowly; trying to see what was happening and letting out a soft wail in the process. When he caught a glimpse of my moving figure he took a step forward, making me have to refrain from turning around and running right into Riddick's arms. Instead I continued to back up slowly, until my back hit Riddick's chest.

He grabbed me and pushed me through the passageway, following after me quickly and instructing Imam to close the gap immediately. He rested his head back against the metal in relief while Johns blinded me once again with his flashlight.

This time I didn't growl, I was too busy with keeping track of the thing behind the wall. It was making its way through the room we'd been in before slowly, deliberately, though confused at the same time. It hadn't been able to see us move to the side so suddenly, which resulted in him not having a clue of what happened. It could smell though, and it could smell how we had escaped, like it could smell the guy standing against the passageway now.

"Imam," I hissed with wide eyes, but before I could say anything else the thing attacked, missing Imam's head by mere inches.

He scrambled back quickly; trying to make out what it was that had been used as a weapon. In the dark however, it was quite impossible for him.

Johns started shooting at the claw, though it wasn't helping much and he knew it. I saw Paris scramble back as well holding his lighter tightly, trying to get it to start. It was funny how people held onto the light so dearly, though I didn't laugh. There was someone behind him, someone big, who prevented me from doing so.

I froze, realizing who it was.

My heart stopped as I was finally able to see him, my bite mark clearly visible underneath the band of the black tank top he was wearing. He was broad shouldered, as I had already known. The effect seeing it had on me however was beyond normal, as I noticed small scars visible on his muscles that I wanted to touch so badly. Underneath his tank top were his cargo pants, and his boots, which both were black as well. He had the goggles I'd felt before on his head, darkened glasses that I knew would protect him from every ray of sunlight out there. He was bald, which was a fact I'd also known already, but I'd never thought that seeing it would make me want to attack him.

I felt the need to combine my sight with my senses, to smell him, to taste him, to feel him underneath my fingertips. The urge was overwhelming, and right before Paris got the lighter to start and Riddick used it to get the cutting torch to work, our eyes locked. After that I was blinded all over again, and had only the mental image of him left, which wasn't nearly as good as he was in real life.

His eyes, which had been as white as I normally saw them, haunted me as he started cutting a hole into the wall. They hadn't looked amused this time however; instead they had looked as lustful as I was feeling. He knew that I wanted to jump him right now, and he wanted to do the exact same thing. The problem was that his look only made me want him more, and right now that wasn't such a good thing, or was it?

Riddick kicked the hole he'd just cut in and turned the torch off. It took my eyes a few seconds to get used to the dark again, and our eyes locked once more. We were staring one another in the eye while the rest was making their way through the hole, finally focusing their lights on other things than Riddick.

The sudden movement of the creature behind the door shook us out of our trance, and I quickly followed the others through, feeling him right behind me. We both knew that the rest was too close to do anything now, which gave us only one option: move further away.

I was the first to 'investigate' the area, making my way past more scrap metal, metal boxes and fallen over control boards to a spot that I knew was far enough away from the others that they wouldn't be able to hear us if we kept our volume down.

I could feel his presence right behind me, my heart beating a million miles an hour just because I knew I would be able to see him again if I just turned around right now. He took a step closer and I felt his chest press against my back as his lips lingered on the skin of my neck lightly.

"Hey Kitty," He whispered huskily. "You able to see?"

He didn't have to ask, he knew it, but I nodded anyway, not trusting my voice enough to answer him out loud. He chuckled and turned me around slowly, torturously slow, until I was eye in eye with him once more.

I bit my lip as I let my gaze wander down over his body and back up to meet his eyes. My breath hitched as I saw him from up close like this. The effect he was having on me, well let's just say that it was a good thing I couldn't or I would be jumping him all the time.

I reached up with my hand slowly and touched his cheek, stroking it down to his neck and to his bite mark as if in a trance.

"Yes," so soft that even I had to strain to hear it. "I can see."

He smirked and I felt my heart skip a few beats and pick up triple pace from its already increased speed. I leaned in and bit his lip softly, still not fully aware of my actions. This resulted in a low purr escaping his lips, which was too much for me to handle. I crashed my lips against his as hard as I could.

He kissed me back with as much ferocity and backed me up against the switch boards of this part of the ship. I didn't have time to feel the buttons pricking in my back however, as his lips were instantly covering mine again. I bit in his lip again and this time he let out a growl as he pressed me harder against the switches.

Suddenly there was the flapping of wings and the sound of a squeal, making us both freeze. We slowly looked up to find one of those things looking down at us, his head moving in their signature side to side motion. Riddick turned his head back and our eyes locked again. We both knew that as long as we stayed very still right now we wouldn't get into trouble. That was harder than it sounded however; as we were close enough to feel each other's breaths on our lips. The self-control necessary to not get lost in the moment all over again, was beyond painful. Slowly though, we were starting to calm down, knowing that what we were doing was protecting both of us.

That was when one of Imam's kids appeared, walking in on our very inappropriate position.

"I'm...I'm sorry..." the kid uttered quickly, backing away.

"Stop." Riddick ordered the kid before he could move any further, the kid immediately complied.

"Extremely bad timing." He commented first, which made the kid redden, obviously concluding he was talking about what we had been doing. Maybe he was, but when the thing above us suddenly squealed, the kid's eyes widened and he seemed to realize what Riddick had meant. "Stay very still." Riddick continued, "Don't run."

"Riddick? Xia?" Fry called out to us next. I closed my eyes and locked my jaw. They'd had minutes to start missing us, and then they do it right when it was better to stay quiet. Those fucking people were so fucking annoying.

"Don't stop burning." I said after a deep breath. I hated the light myself but also knew that this thing probably hated it even more than me, which right now was a good thing.

I heard another pair of wings as another creature landed, right above us this time. I felt Riddick's tense body covering mine as he obviously wanted to protect me. I looked up and saw the thing inspecting us, though he seemed to not be able to focus on the both of us at the same time. I narrowed my eyes and slowly started pushing Riddick off me.

"Move back slowly." I said, loud enough for the kid to hear. "Do not run."

I knew Riddick had said the same thing before, but repeating it wouldn't harm anyone. Riddick didn't want to move too far away from me and pulled me close to his chest to make sure I'd stay by his side. The kid however was right in front of us, still staring at where he could see the outline of the thing.

"Hassan." I said, making the kid's head snap up. I guess he hadn't expected me to know his name, and I wouldn't have if it hadn't been for Imam asking where he was right now. I needed to be quick however, or the holy man might-

"Where is Hassan?" Imam asked again, only louder this time. "Hassan!"

That was the one thing that shouldn't have happened, and as I wanted to reach out and grab his arm to prevent him from running, he ran. Riddick grabbed me before I followed after the kid, telling me it was too late already.

The creature screeched and dove head first at Hassan, setting his teeth into the kid's shoulder and making him scream. The creature that had been sitting directly above us was watching this, but soon decided to join in. The two started fighting over who got the kid's flesh and while they were doing that I was being pulled back by Riddick, away from them.

"Hassan!" It sounded again, causing the worst to happen. One of the creatures looked up; while the other was glad he finally had his food to himself. The one who looked up moved closer to us and that was when it was time to run.

The sudden light shone our way when we entered the room the others were in, blinding the both of us and making us duck to avoid the piercing pain it sent through our sensitive eyes. I landed on top of him and heard the creature cry out in pain as it was scorched by the light, both Fry and Johns shooting at it simultaneously. The thing tried to escape but it was pointless, and soon it was on the ground, dying.

"Is it dead?" Paris asked, not daring to take a step closer until he was sure. Riddick and I got up as Johns scanned the thing with his flashlight, making the creature's skin sizzle and burn in what I could only imagine was a painful manner.

"It's like the light is scalding it." Paris exclaimed as he saw it happening.

"It hurts them." Fry then said. "Light actually hurts them."

She sounded happy with the fact, though I didn't think she even knew why herself. Even if light hurt them, as long as those suns were down we didn't have much to work with, did we?

The thing made one last movement before finally dying, making the creatures flying over us screech loudly. They felt it when one of them died, which wasn't a good thing at all. It would only piss them off more, and that wasn't going to help us get out of here alive.

Imam looked around with a frown on his face. "Hassan." He said then, not asking nor stating anything just saying his name. I looked down, "I'm sorry." I whispered and I felt his mourning eyes on me.

"We'll burn a candle for him later." Johns said, checking his gun and sighing. "Let's get out of here first."

I looked up at Riddick and he nodded. Even if we didn't like the merc, we knew he was right this time. We had to get out of here soon.