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Chapter 21: From one situation into another

Xia's POV

"Then what about you?" He growled, slamming his fists against the wall and making me cringe away. It wasn't his anger that made me do that however, it was the hurt I could hear in his tone of voice. I hated to hear him like this, almost vulnerable. I wanted to make the look in his eyes to go away, to get the hurt in his voice to disappear.

"What about us?" He continued, anger evident in both his posture and eyes. "Would you throw my life away to help some fucker who got stuck because of his own damn fault?"

I stared at him in shock as the words registered, did he really just ask that?

"How would you feel if I sacrificed my life for Paris'? Or Fry's? Or even Johns'?"

I opened my mouth to yell at him that he was wrong, that I would never do that, but before I could my throat closed making it impossible for me to say anything. The thought of losing him made a pain course through me that didn't resemble anything I had ever felt before. It wasn't anything like the despair I'd felt when Johns had had his gun aimed at Riddick before, it was a thousand times worse, and I knew it was only a fraction of what Riddick must've been feeling when I was out in the open like that. I was just imagining it now, he'd lived it. He'd lived through almost losing me because I was too busy with saving someone else's ass.

"I'm sorry." I finally was able to choke out, not knowing what else to say. The pain was still there, there were even tears running down my cheeks. I wasn't one to cry, not at all, but for some reason I couldn't stop the tears from falling this time. Not when I had hurt my mate like this. I felt horrible and right now the only thing I wanted was him to feel better and to forgive me. I reached up with my hands to cup his cheeks gently as I rested my forehead against his in an attempt to calm both myself and him. "I never meant to make you hurt like that." I continued when I found the right words, looking up into his eyes. "I just," I hesitated a second, looking away at his lips instead of his eyes. "I thought I could save him." I barely whispered, though I knew he heard it anyway.

He moved his hands up and took mine, pulling them down. He then raised his right hand and stroked my cheek gently, calmingly. "You can't save everybody," he whispered back, his voice filled with a different kind of pain, a pain based on his own past.

I leaned back and so I could look at him better, a frown on my face as I did so, "But I have to try." I told him earnestly, wanting him to understand. "I have to. I fled before, letting people I cared about die, and I can't do that again! I have to save them!"

"Fuck Xia, isn't that exactly what we're trying to do here?" He suddenly growled, throwing his hands up in anger as he backed up from me again. "We're trying to save those fuckers, even though half of them don't even deserve being saved." He continued, pointing in the direction of where the others were. "Hell, I'd much rather kill them myself and be done with it." He shook his head faintly, taking a step closer to me again and trapping my head between his arms as his eyes locking with mine. "The only reason I haven't done that yet is you." He whispered, a tone in his voice that I knew was only ever meant for me to hear. "But I can't have you getting your ass into trouble whenever one of them does something stupid."

The way he said it, the burning in his eyes, the look of pain on his face, it made my heart melt. That was the moment that I actually understood just how much I really cared about this man in front of me. I had known about our animal attraction, about the pain that it would cause me if I lost him, even about how good it felt to feel him close to me. Now however, with his smoldering mercury eyes looking into mine and the soft tone of his voice, I knew that his mark would not only forever be on my skin, but would also be forever etched into my heart.

I reached up with my hands again, tracing his cheek lightly as I nodded slowly, keeping my eyes on my fingers. When I looked back into his eyes I answered him, "I know." I whispered.

He didn't seem fully convinced and pulled one arm back, putting his fingers on my chin and moving it up a little so he would have my full attention. "I can't have anything happening to you," he then said. "You have to understand that."

"I know," I repeated, cupping his cheek fully now. "And I do. I understand. I can't have you getting hurt either, it would kill me."

He narrowed his eyes slightly and I remembered the pain I'd seen in them before, making me wince.

"Promise me you won't endanger yourself anymore, for any of them." He said softly and I nodded with our eyes locked, leaning in and kissing his lips softly, shortly. I then nuzzled his neck and closed my eyes, "I promise." I whispered, marveling in the sense of safety and security he gave me. "I promise that I will do anything to get us two through this alive."

An approving rumble sounded from his chest as he traced his fingers over the skin that had appeared as my tank top had ridden up. I shivered under his touch which he seemed to like as he moved his hand under my shirt, over my stomach and then traced his fingers to the small of my back.

"You know," he whispered huskily in my ear as I tensed under his touch in anticipation. "I liked it when you called me by my first name."

My thoughts were working fast, trying to remember when I'd done that. I guessed I'd done it unconsciously as I couldn't clearly remember it, though the thought of calling him Richard did appeal to me very much.

"I didn't like the angry tone of your voice when you said it however," He continued whispering, now tracing his lips from my ear to my neck. "I'd much rather have you moan it.." He finished as he bit softly into the flesh of my neck making me gasp and moan at the same time. I knew that he was trying to distract me from everything that had happened, as much as he was trying to distract himself I guessed, but I didn't care one bit. God he felt so good so close and I couldn't believe I'd been mad at him before for his Alpha manners. That made him all the more sexy, and the thought of him controlling me drove me completely wild.

I knew he could smell my arousal as his lips caressed my skin, just like I could feel the bulge in his pants that was now pressed up against the inside of my thigh. He placed a soft kiss on his bite mark and I couldn't help myself anymore, grabbing his head and pulling his lips to mine roughly. He got the message and kissed me back ferociously, moving his hand underneath my shirt again and moving it to my back to pull me even closer. When I was pressed up against him as close as I could be he moved to pull my trousers down with one swift motion, keeping me pressed up against the wall in the process.

I heard the low purr leaving his mouth at the sound of my hitching breath, as I suddenly felt his hard member on the inside of my legs, nothing in between him and me anymore. I wasn't sure how he'd done it, but to be honest I could care less about what he'd done as there were more important things right now, like what he was going to do.

He moved his head back to look me in the eyes, his filled with a love and desire mirroring my own. The only thing I could think as I could see him clearly in the surrounding darkness was how amazingly good he looked and how amazing he was, reveling in the thought that he was all mine.

I leaned in again and our tongues found each other as he lifted me up slightly, still pressed against the wall, aligning himself with me as he pressed his member against my entrance. I bit his tongue playfully and in response he growled and thrust his hips forward, making me scream soundlessly as I threw my head back and held onto his head for support. He waited a moment, letting me adjust to him, and when I lowered my head again I found him smirking slightly. I was breathing heavily, but I wasn't the only one, and as he started pulling out and thrusting in again he nuzzled my neck. I felt his warm breaths on my skin as he moved up with his lips to my earlobe and flicked it with his tongue. That, in combination with his slow torturing thrusts, made me moan again. That caused a low chuckle to leave his lips as his eyes found mine. I let my hands move from caressing his head to wrapping themselves around his neck, as I whimpered for a kiss. He didn't tease this time, instead our mouths collided and we kissed fervently, feeling each other completely. I wanted him, and everything of him and he was giving it to me without holding back.

"Oh Richard.." I moaned softly against his lips, not having forgotten what he'd said at first and loving the sound of his name rolling off my tongue.

Riddick's POV

I froze for a split second, not having expected that. Sure I had told her that I'd like hearing it, but still it caught me off guard. I heard her whimper at my sudden lack of reaction and she leaned back with her head to look me in the eye. She had moaned my first name and even though I had known I would love it, I hadn't known just how much I'd love it. I was sure that it was the best thing I'd ever heard coming from her mouth.

The moan caused my whole being to boil with an indescribable desire. It was as if right now I wouldn't care if the universe went to hell, as long as I could just hear her moan my name again. It was exhilarating, even more so than feeling her body pressed into mine like this.

Xia rubbed her nose against mine, asking me with her eyes what was going on, why I had stopped. I smirked at the desire I could both see and smell on her and she bit her lip when she saw it. She moved in and brushed her lips with mine softly, again asking for me to kiss her already. I did, thrusting into her again, causing for her to purr softly against my lips.

I felt superior, arrogant but most of all I felt fascinated by how this woman could make me want to please her beyond what any woman had ever been able to do. It wasn't all about my animalistic desires that had to be quenched, it was so much more than that.

She moved her lips down to my neck as she kissed the skin, not missing the wound between my neck and my shoulder. I then felt her tongue trace up to my earlobe much in the same manner as I'd done to her and I purred back slightly, making her chuckle though it was cut short by a gasp, making me chuckle in turn. She leaned back and took my head in her hands as her eyes showed her desire and love for me. I kissed her again and her arms soon wound around my neck. I moved faster inside her, deeper and harder, all because I wanted to hear her moan again. She didn't disappoint me and the only thing I wished other than making her mine once again, was to feel her naked body against me instead of her clothed one.

"Moan for me, Kitty." I whispered softly into her ear, hoarsely. She immediately complied and I could hear she was getting close. It didn't feel wrong to hear her moan, not at all, but it wasn't enough. I didn't just want her to moan, I wanted her to moan my name again, to show me that she knew who she belonged to.

Another moan escaped her lips and I put my lips in front of her ear, hearing her heavy breaths and mine intermingled in the quiet tunnels.

"My name," I whispered, feeling her getting nearer and nearer and growling myself as I too could feel it rising.

She understood this time, though it took her brain a few seconds to process my request. Her nose was buried in my neck, I could feel her breath against my skin, hitching slightly. "Ohh, Richard," She moaned then, her voice going up an octave at the end as I hit a particular sensitive spot.

I felt my animal side wanting her even more because of her complying moan, and I gave a few more deep, long strokes and then, with the moan still ringing in my ears, I released myself inside of her with a growl.

She gasped and threw her head back again as she, in turn, came. I could feel her body tremble and I loved the feeling of it. I leaned my forehead against hers and our eyes locked as our breaths intermingled, the both of us enjoying the aftermath of our high, taking each other in carefully. We stayed standing like that for a short while as we both returned back to earth slowly, until she leaned in again and pressed her lips against mine.

"Richard…" She whispered softly, sounding very giddy that she was now using my first name, which would've made me chuckle if she hadn't been planning on saying anything else. Before she could however a sudden scream echoed through the tunnels, a kid's scream, followed by several gunshots that I recognized as coming from the merc's gun.

Our eyes locked and we instantly disbanded, straightening ourselves up. When we were both ready I grabbed her hand, making sure she was right behind me as we made our way through the tunnel swiftly. I didn't know what had caused the kid to scream but it made me extra cautious. I'd meant what I'd said before, I couldn't have anything happening to my mate.

When we neared Johns' cursing became clearer, he was obviously not very happy with what had happened. "Stay close." I told her as I noticed the lights, pulling on my goggles with my free hand to be sure that I could see what was going on, in case I needed to protect Xia and myself. I noticed her cringe a little at the sudden invasion of lights in the dark tunnels and frowned deeply as we stopped a few feet away from the others, and the thing that was right in front of them.

I saw Xia's nose wrinkle as she smelled the thick and sticky looking blue blood oozing out of the creature's wounds. It was dying, though I could still hear a faint heartbeat. "What happened?" She asked, her voice soft. That didn't stop Fry and Johns from immediately aiming their guns at the sudden sound however, they seemed to be as cautious as I was. Fry quickly lowered her gun as she recognized us, the merc did not. Instead his hostile growl filled the tunnels as he stormed our way. I instantly narrowed my eyes and took a step in front of Xia protectively. He glared at me but still stopped, finally lowering his gun and cursing.

"You fucking told us they wouldn't follow us down here!" He yelled at Xia. She didn't flinch, she didn't even seem to take notice to the guy. Instead her eyes were on the thing on the ground, even though I knew that the lights prevented her from seeing anything. When Johns saw that neither of us would answer him he growled, "Where the fuck were you two anyway?" He asked next, eyeing us both closely as if he could deduce it from our appearance.

"That's none of your fucking business Johns." Xia snapped at him menacingly, making me smirk. Not that the merc wouldn't find out if we didn't tell him, he was smart enough to know where the light bite marks on Xia's neck were from. I didn't mind though, actually I was glad to be able to show the fucker that she was mine.

Suddenly I felt Xia's hand on my arm, asking me silent permission. I let her pass reluctantly, but made sure to watch her closely as she squatted down beside the creature. She reached out and touched its skin, causing it to stir slightly and a small whimper to leave its mouth. I knew it wasn't much of a threat to her, it was on the verge of breathing its last breath, but I kept a close eye out anyway, just in case.

"Well?" Fry was the one to ask this time, though less hostile than Johns had. "Johns was right, you told us that they would leave us alone if we weren't a threat." She said. "Why did this one come down here?"

"Because this lovely little bitch here is a fucking liar." Johns answered her with a snarl, glaring at Xia first and then directing his glare at me as I growled warningly at his words. "They seem to be more intent on fucking each other than helping us out of here. I bet they would just love to see us die so they can finally move on without the extra baggage."

Fry frowned at the merc but Xia just straightened calmly, looking over at him with no expression whatsoever before turning to Fry again. "It was fleeing from something." She answered her then, ignoring Johns' words. She looked back down at the thing and frowned deeply.

"How do you know?" Jack dared to ask softly. She looked up at him with that same frown still on her face, though her eyes softened at the sound of the kid's voice. "The wound." She explained then.

"Oh fuck no." Johns said, taking his gun out. "You can't just fucking be trying to talk yourself out of this shit!" I let another warning growl escape my lips as he took a step towards my mate, but he didn't take notice of it. "I fucking shot that thing, several times even! Of course it has wounds!" He continued, indicating the thing with the gun.

This time she did pay attention to him, looking at him sharply. "Not wounds." She corrected. "Wound."

She sighed as she probably felt the confused glances her way and she squatted back down beside the thing, pushing it onto its back. It was now officially dead, and it was covered completely in that same sticky blue liquid.

"Three of these wounds are from your gun," She told the merc. "Now I don't know how many shots you fired, but the rest you missed." She continued with a slightly satisfied smirk as she heard his offended grunt. "This wound however," She went on with a more serious tone as she touched a larger looking wound than the others. "This one originates from something else. A ship." She got up and wiped her hands off on her trousers, leaving a slight trace of the thing's blood. "A merc's ship."

Her eyes locked with mine at those words, telling me exactly what I already knew. A merc's ship meant trouble, especially around here.

Xia's POV

"A merc?" Jack asked innocently, making me smile sadly at her naivety that had been so easily disbanded by this one fucking trip.

"A mercenary." Riddick's deep voice suddenly sounded, making the kid jump slightly. "A killer, capable of doing anything as long as he gets a pay check with a few zeros." I could see how he directed those words at Johns, who wasn't paying attention to him, though he must've heard. He seemed to be preoccupied with something else though, and I didn't completely trust it.

"What does that mean for us?" Imam asked then, making me look at him instead of at the merc. Not that I could really see, with all their flashlights on it was pretty much impossible. I hadn't even been able to see Riddick's eyes, as he had put on his goggles again. For some reason that was the thing that unnerved me the most, not being able to see him at all. I had gotten so used to at least seeing those mercury pools of his reflecting the light that, when I didn't see them, I felt lonely.

As if he could read minds he was at my side in an instant, his hand resting on my lower back to let me know he was there. "It means we have to get out of here." I explained to Imam, not entirely happy with the turn of events. Especially that merc ship worried me, but at the moment the more pressing matter was the creatures. "We have to move fast because these things, the moment they're attacked, will come down here to hide away. If they find us, they'll attack." I looked over at Fry and Johns, "And I don't think your guns are gonna help much against a whole bunch of them."

Fry nodded, "Let's go." She said, grabbing the bag she'd been carrying around with her off the ground and instructing Imam and Johns to grab the cell. For a moment I wondered why she hadn't asked Riddick, like before, but as he pulled me along to the front of the group to lead them again I forgot about it, who cared anyway. Riddick didn't mind it either as he stayed close to me, our fingers touching every few seconds as we quickly hurried through the tunnels, as if we were both trying to convince ourselves that the other one was still near.

As we were nearing another intersection there was a sudden screech right above us, on the surface. Shit, I thought as there was another sound, a sound of a gun being fired.

"We have to hurry!" I called back to the others urgently, hearing the flapping of wings and more screeches. "Now!"

Riddick and I started running, hearing the others follow as my mind was working at lightning speed. We had to get out from underground. I could hear the flapping of wings, they were soon going to look for a place to hide, and that place would be right here. I stopped when we got to the intersection, snapping my head from one side to another to try and derive which way was safest.

"Do you even know where the fuck we are?" John hissed, Fry telling him to 'shut up already and let her think', which I was grateful for. I looked over at Riddick who was also listening, and as we locked eyes we both nodded. We wouldn't make it if we stayed down here, we had to get up there again somehow and the best way to do that was by climbing up.

"This way." I then said, taking a right instead of the left that would lead us to the well filled with bones. That was not a possibility right now, it was too far away, we would never make it.

The tunnel we'd entered resulted in a dead end, and I heard Johns curse behind us. "We have to go up again." I told the others as I looked up through the tunnel. Riddick was the first to climb halfway up the thing, as he was the fastest climber of them all and he would be able to help the others up.

"Do you fucking want us dead?" Johns asked her as he realized what was happening. "Because if I remember correctly up there is where those things are."

I shook my head. "Not for long." I told him. "Whatever is out there is scaring these things, they'll try and find a place to hide soon and if we're not gone by then we're dead." I explained as Jack started climbing second, Riddick helping the girl up and instructing her to keep the light she was holding on at all times. At least she trusted me.

Imam's son was the next to go, helped up by Imam. The kid was followed by the holy man himself who accepted the cell that Riddick handed him.

Johns seemed unsure of what to do, a deep frown on his face, and I sighed. "Look Johns, I am trying to save your fucking ass here, so get the hell up there or stay here, I am fine with either, just don't blame me if you end up dead." I told him as Fry climbed up as well.

He narrowed his eyes and spit on the floor right in front of me. "Fine." He grumbled. "But I don't need his help." He growled, looking up at Riddick who didn't seem to mind the merc's words one bit.

"Fine," I was the one to snap now. "Then I'll go first."

I set my foot against the wall and reached towards Riddick, his hand encircling my wrist to pull me up. As I climbed out I felt that he followed close behind me, coming to stand next to me on the surface.

What I saw, or rather what I didn't see, surprised me. I had chosen this spot to climb out because there had been no creatures up here that could attack us. I hadn't really been thinking about the reason there had been none, but right now I knew exactly why not. There was light, and a hell of a lot of it. It wasn't the light that came from the flashlights the others were carrying, that was nothing compared to the light that obviously belonged to the merc's ship I had mentioned before. Fuck.

Both of us were distracted by the ship, its noises filling the already with screeches filled pitch black world around this tunnel of light. I guess that was why we both missed Johns' movements as he came up from behind me, snaking his arm around my waist and suddenly pulling me roughly against him. He then raised his gun and put it against my temple.

Riddick, who had noticed the sudden movement, spun around immediately, growling at the sight of Johns holding me captive.

"Now, now big guy." The merc said menacingly, obviously enjoying himself. "You better behave or my finger might just slip, and, with your experience, you must know that shooting a person's head off is not a pretty sight."