Okay, so I have divide this forty chapter story into nine major parts. Part one is called "The Path to China". I will state at the beginning of the chapter when we get into a new part. The story takes place after the events of "Break Up and Shape Up".

Jessie Prescott, 20 years old. She lived with her dad in Fort Hood, Texas when she was young. After graduating at 18 years old, she came to New York to follow her dream, but accidentally got a chance to be the nanny to the Ross family, and became Emma, Luke, Ravi, and Zuri's best friend. Also, Bertram Winkle, the butler in the house, showed his lazy attitude towards his work for the most of the time, but he would give Jessie a hand from time to time.

That's not all, before coming to New York, Jessie's love life came up and down (sometimes she told everyone stories about her ex-boyfriends). However, when Jessie came to New York for the first time, she fell with Tony Chicolini, The doorman in the building instantly. Unfortunately, it did not last long. She broke up with Tony ten months ago. But they agreed to still keeping their friend relationship alive.

Our story begins at an usual Saturday evening. Bertram was watching the kids. Jessie enjoyed her alone time outside. Although she was tired of the noises that were made by kids, now she felt depressed for this lonely and quiet time, she just felt something was missing from her heart.

Suddenly, Jessie saw a familiar face on the street, she looked closely. It was her ex-boyfriend Tony.

Tony also spotted Jessie at the same time. "Hey, Jessie!"

"Hey, Tony! Where are you going?"

"Well. I'm going to the 7-Eleven nearby to get 10 Mega Million lottery tickets. This is just one of my hobbies. I buy the tickets every week, and hope I could save enough money to bail my grandma out of prison someday."

"Aw, Tony, that was so thoughtful. How much do you have now?"

"Um, I started to buy lottery tickets when we first met two years ago, and now I have…. $574 saved up. But that is no use! I need at least $5000 to get my grandma out."

"I guess if I go to the lottery place with you today, you may have a chance to win." Jessie paused for a second, and then said, "No, you will have a chance to win. Back home in Texas, I went to buy lottery tickets with my dad, it missed by a number, and we won $200,000. Too bad that he decided to spend these money on military equipment."

Ten minutes later, in a 7-Eleven store nearby.

A man about Tony's age walked in, he glanced around and said, "Tony, my man, you come for the lottery tickets again."

Tony smiled and explained to Jessie, "Zack and I are old time buddies. I always come for lottery at this point of time, and he always let others to wait for me for a few minutes."

"So, Tony. What are your Mega Million lucky numbers for today?"

"I will pick number 4, 9, 13, 19, 26, 27, 37, 52 and 55 for white balls. Jessie, you will pick the golden ball number for today, from number 1 to 46, pick one."

"Then I will pick number 5 for you, 5 is my lucky number."

"Alright, the lottery time is tomorrow at 8 p.m., this time's jackpot is $90 million, you can watch it live on TV."

Tony went back with Jessie and bid good night. He could not sleep and kept agitating on the bed. He had this thought on his mind a long time: Although Jessie helped her dad to win the lottery once, that does not win I will win this time. But the result does not matter, she is so kind that she helped me pick a golden ball number, the result will make me happy.

The next day at 7:55 P.M., Tony finished his shift. Everyone was sitting in the screening room, waiting for the miracle to happen.

Emma complained on the side, "Tony, why do you let Jessie to choose the last number, and hoping to win the jackpot? Have you seen her getting her paychecks? Her jackpot is $180 a month."

Bertram said, "I really hope that we win the jackpot, so I can go to La Scala for real this time."

Tony texted her grandmother, and there are only seven words on it: Grandma, I will come to save you.

Luke seemed a little bit overexcited, "If we win the $900 million this time, I could sing this song." After that sentence, he began to sing "I Made Money" (Chinese song on the internet).

Jessie was shocked, "Luke, how did you learn this song?"

"If Americans can sing Gangnam Style, then this should not be a big problem."

It was 8:00, and there was only the noise of TV left in the house.

"Ladies and gentleman, we will start with the five white ball for Mega Millions, they are number 4, 13, 26, 37, and 55."

Luke jumped up, and told Jessie, "Yay! Looks like the lucky star has landed on Tony. What do you say, babe?"

"Luke, there is still one golden ball left. Also, how many times have I told you to stop calling me babe?"

Zuri started at the right moment, "Shhh… They are starting with the golden ball."

A golden ball escaped from a flash of gold. The host announced quickly, "The number for the golden ball is…"

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