Greetings fellow readers and writers! You are about to dive into the special volume of Path of the Keyblade Master and I hope you like it! Okay, this time Sora and the other Keyblade Wielders are taking a break while a slightly different story is told. At the end of Volume 6, we saw our heroes return to Radiant Garden to find the city devastated by an unknown catastrophe. Now we learn the truth of that horrific event from the viewpoint of a different group of heroes whom pay an unexpected visit to The Realms of Light. I'm talking about Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, the 35th Super Sentai and quite possibly the best. Don't get me wrong, I'll always like Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters and the current show, Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, but Gokaiger will always be first in my heart. Here we have a show that combines elements and characters from the history of the franchise of Super Sentai, creating what is, in my humble opinion, the best thing to ever happen to television. I'm sure the franchise will continue to thrill audiences around the world for decades to come, coming up with idea after awesome idea, but they broke the mold with Gokaiger.

This story takes place during the three days between the 10th chapter and epilog of Volume 6, filling in the gap, while in the Gokaiger timeline, it takes place after the final episode and 'Kamen Rider X Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen.'

The idea for this fic came to me when I was at Disney World in April of 2012. I was at The Magic Kingdom and saw 'Dream Along With Mickey' at Cinderella's Castle. If you haven't seen the show, it's on YouTube so check it out. Anyway, the idea of so many Disney characters in one show inspired me, hence the origin of the Grand Conclave between all the heroes and Princesses in the Realms of Light. At the same time, I was still excited over the conclusion of Gokaiger and as luck would have it, the two fit together in my mind perfectly. So here we are, at long last.

Like Volume 3: Keyblade Wielders vs. Super Sentai, I crossed several Super Sentai shows. This one will mostly involve Gokaiger but with special appearances of heroes from Tensou Sentai Goseiger, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, Engine Sentai Go-Onger, Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger and GoGo Sentai Boukenger. There will also be a grand gathering of the many heroes and Princesses of Heart in the Kingdom Hearts meta-verse in both the original games and the characters I've added to my stories. Only my OC's are mine while I'm using everything else without permission from their respective owners so please don't sue me, I'm only trying to tell a good story.

And now, without further delay, the story begins!

Prolog: Evil Meets Evil

The Keyblade Graveyard…

"Are we sure we're in the right place?" Dio Brando asked as he, Gaston, Lady Tremaine, Sephiroth, Regina, Insano, Maleficent and Xehanort, waited along the rusting remains of the final battle of the Keyblade War.

"This is where that messenger from Zangyack said we were to meet with Karlaz ," said Sephiroth.

"And we're still a little early," said Lady Tremaine, "five minutes to be exact."

"And five minutes before they're late," said Gaston in annoyed tone as he leaned against a nearby rock.

"Remind us why we're here?" Regina asked, glaring at Xehanort, "I seem to remember you clearly say on several occasions that you hate the Space Empire Zangyack."

"I remember as well," said Maleficent as she also looked at Xehanort, "you hated Akudos Gill."

"But Akudos Gill is dead," said Xehanort, "as is heir, Walz. But apparently the heir apparent sees to make my acquaintance."

"Just who is this Karlaz Gill?" Insano asked, "I have extensive files on Zangyak and the only mentions I've found on Karlaz was that she's a minor overseer in a flyspeck mining outpost on the far edge of the empire. There's not evidence that she's even related to Akudos."

"And how old are your files?" Xehanort asked.

"Ten years or so," said Insano.

"Or so?" Lady Tremaine asked.

"I said my files were extensive, not accurate," said Insano.

"Well, it seems that little Karlaz has moved up in the empire over the last decade," said Xehanort.

"What should we expect from Karlaz?" Regina asked, "if she is indeed the heir to Zangyack, then what do you suppose she wants with us?"

"Who knows?" Xehanort asked as he placed his hands behind his back and began pacing, "Akudos was cold, calculating and utterly merciless, while Walz was hyperactive, irrational, paranoid and a clumsy fool. As to what kind of person Karlaz is, I believe we will learn soon enough."

Just then the assembled villains heard a distant engine sound above them that quickly swelled into a near-deafening roar. Maleficent and the others looked up and saw thousands of gray warships descending from space, the vessels comprising of a main hull with outrigger wings that had forward blaster cannons, and each ship stylized with the embalm of Space Empire Zangyack.

"Yes, it would seem that Karlaz has indeed moved up in the empire," said Xehanort.

One of the warships, a blue and indigo vessel several times larger than the others and who's outrigger cannons were stylized after manticores, while an emblem with a blue and indigo manticore against a green and white field was stylized in place of the emblem of the empire, hovered over the villainous cabal. From it launched a shuttle similar in design as the larger ship. The shuttle then landed outside the fields of rusted Keyblades.

"I suppose that is where we are to meet with her royal highness," said Sephiroth.

"Indeed," said Xehanort. With that he and the other villains headed towards the landed shuttle, which by now had opened a hatch and extended an exit ramp. From there emerged a woman with medium skin tone and wearing a blue and indigo uniform, boots and gloves. She was tall, well muscled and moved with a liquid grace. Her eyes were dark lavender and her face was highly beautiful, yet underneath that beauty was a heart empty of all compassion and pity. She had waist-length indigo hair tied into a single braid set with a sapphire jewel piece. Belted to her waist was a long sword in a dark blue scabbard, the hilt of the blade was silver-plated and set with blood rubies.

She was flanked by dozens of gray humanoid robots with large, flat-topped heads armed with short gray pole arms that doubled as blasters. Also there were four of the blue, spiked blaster robots that were with the currier.

There was also five different humanoid aliens. The first was over seven feet tall and heavily muscled, with orange and gray skin and wearing dark orange armor and a helmet stylized after a tiger. His gauntlets had retractable claws and he carried a large sword that had a seriated edge.

The second alien was a reptilian female, about 5'3" with green and teal scaled skin, light blue hair and yellow eyes. She wore a blue and green form fitting uniform and had two blasters holstered at her waist.

The third alien was a humanoid female with gray and umber skin and long dark green hair in dreadlocks and dark green eyes. She had four arms that had two opposing thumbs each. Her uniform was red and black with a sword harness with four katanas on her back.

The fourth was the most human-like but with cybernetic implants throughout his body, specifically the upper left quarter of his head. He had short brown hair and one blue eye, the other was an artificial eye that glowed red. His skin was pale and he wore a gray and brown business suit and tie.

The fifth alien was insect-like with attributes of a praying mantis, wearing a green and white uniform and wore a bright red visor over its large eyes. Around its neck was a large metal collar with blinking, multi-colored lights.

"Master Xehanort," said the tall woman with the jeweled sword, "I thank you for coming. I am Karlaz Gill."

"I must admit," said Xehanort, "I wouldn't have taken you for the fruit of Akudos' loins."

"I may have avoided my father's looks," said Karlaz Gill, "but I inherited so much more."

"Like what?" Gaston asked.

"Silence, human dog!" shouted the alien in the tiger-like armor, "how dare you speak that way to the heir to the empire! Prostrate yourself before her royal personage and beg for forgiveness!"

"Easy, Vokarn," said Karlaz as she raised a gloved hand in a placating gesture, "he knows not what he speaks of. None of our new friends are aware of whom they are addressing." She then looked at Xehanort and the other villains, "but that will soon change. Permit me to introduce my entourage," she indicated the tall alien in the tiger-like armor, "General Vokarn, my supreme military commander."

"I am sworn to serve her royal highness," said Vokarn. He then stood at attention and gave an elaborate salute, "Long live Zangyack!" At that the many robots around them gave the same salute, with the gray robots shouting 'Gor!' and the blue robots shouting 'Sugor!'

"Next," said Karlaz, "is Uad'kexk," she indicated the reptilian female, "intelligence officer."

"And quite the assassin," said Uad'kexk, "with over three hundred confirmed kills."

"Not too shabby," said Dio Brando.

"A spy and assassin by any other name," Lady Tremaine muttered, while Gaston nodded in agreement.

"Next, my technical advisor, Professor Xoauiuzzj m'Eossikavo," said Karlaz as she indicated the insect-like alien.

The praying mantis-like alien bowed, while the metal collar round its neck beeped and a synthesized voice spoke from it, "and soon to be the greatest scientific mind in the empire."

"I'll be the judge of that," said Insano.

The collar around the neck of Xoauiuzzj m'Eossikavo beeped and spoke, "ah, yes, Doctor Insano. I look forward to matching wits with you."

"Be warned, insect," said the goggled lunatic, "those who dare to match wits with the demonic intellect of Doctor Insano do so at their own risk."

"I look forward to that," said Xoauiuzzj m'Eossikavo.

"Moving on," said Karlaz as she indicated the humanoid female with four arms, "is Janicia Pzaomsiko, my personal bodyguard."

"Any of you sons of bitches even think of touching Lady Karlaz has to go through me first!" shouted Janicia Pzaomsiko, as her upper arms drew two swords from her back, "you come within arms reach without my lady's permission, I'll cut you up, real nice!"

"As you can see," said Karlaz as the four-armed alien sheathed her katanas, "she's very protective of me."

"You wield those blades as if you were born to them," said Sephiroth.

"And your sword is way too big," said Janicia, "compensating for something?"

"Perhaps is to draw attention from his single wing," said the cyborg in the business suit, "regardless, he certainly is one to stand out."

"And lastly," said Karlaz as she indicated the cyborg, "Huvnario Yr, my majordomo and most trusted advisor." At that Huvnario Yr bowed to Maleficent and the others.

"I already know who your companions are, Master Xehanort," said Karlaz, "Tremaine, Gaston, Dio Brando, Insano, Sephiroth, the former Evil Queen, and lastly the mistress of all evil herself, Maleficent."

"You are well informed," said Maleficent, "yet we are, most regrettably, in the dark as to who you truly are."

"Fools!" shouted Vokarn, "this is Her Royal Highness, Karlaz Gill, heir to the throne of Zangyack! That is all you need to know!"

"At ease, General!" said Karlaz sternly, "we do not need to antagonize our new friends before we can cement an alliance."

"I…I apologize, Highness," said Vokar in a submissive tone, "I exceeded my place."

"And I do wish you wouldn't call me Highness," said Karlaz in a more compassionate tone, "not yet anyway."

"What are you implying?" Lady Tremaine asked, "are you not the scion of Akudos Gill?"

"More or less," said Karlaz, "a genetic scan would prove that I am the daughter of Akudos Gill, but my mother was one of his many concubines. I'm a bastard, plain and simple, one of many whom the old fraker spawned."

"You have brothers and sisters?" Regina asked.

"There were twenty nine of us bastards, including myself" said Karlaz, "with dear brother Walz as the 30th fruit of father's loins. While Walz was groomed to succeed Akudos, the rest of us lived pampered, spoiled lives in the palace, at least until we each turned 13. We were then 'apprenticed' to various occupations in the empire. Some went into administrative positions, others took business jobs and some went into the military, myself included. I was a rare exception among my many half-siblings, possessing a higher intelligence and physical prowess, while the others were either too fat, too lazy or too stupid to amount to anything worthwhile.

"A handful of my siblings showed a spark of promise, a glimmer of genius or strength that could allow them to rise to greatness. Needless to say, my father had these potential rising stars snuffed out in various 'unfortunate accidents.' I was wise enough to feign mediocrity and upon graduating from my military academy, in the middle of my class of course, I was assigned to a quiet, out of the way post on Micandrao IV, from where I could plan my rise to glory without risk of detection. That's where I met my loyal retainers and we began planning my ascension to the throne.

"The years went by as we subtly worked; securing funds in secret bank accounts and off the book financial holdings, forging alliances with nobles, businessmen and warlords, securing support for the eventual day when I would challenge and defeat Walz, taking my rightful place as Akudos' heir. Another year, three at the most and I would have been ready.

"However, even the best of plans are subject to unpredictable events. I was forced to accelerate my plans when I heard that Walz was dead, murdered by those filthy space pirates whom had become such a thorn in the side of the empire. My remaining half-brothers and sisters had the gall to declare themselves as Akudos' heirs when half of them had no idea how to run the empire, let alone how to secure the throne. Some of them had enough intelligence to kill their rivals, which lead to a bloodbath. I am the last of Akudos' children and his true heir. There is, however, my cousin Baccus, but he's a drunkard and is no threat, yet.

"As I scrambled to pull my resources together and journey to Earth where my father had assumed command of the invasion forces, I knew that my chances of convincing Akudos of accepting me as his heir were rather slim. Love was never a factor; Akduos had no love for any of his children, not even Walz. I doubt there was ever a scrap of love in the old monster's black heart.

"Still, I was his last scion and if I played my cards right, he would name me his successor. I had to wait for the right moment of course; Akudos was consumed with destroying the pirate scum whom had dared to defy the empire and either add Earth to the fold, or destroy it, whichever was easiest.

"But just when I was ready to go to my father and stand by his side at the final victory, my plans were all but ruined. Those disgusting space pirates, they murdered my father! Everything I had been working for had been rendered null and void, and it's all the fault of that wretched Captain Marvelous and his scum of a crew!"

"You sound as if you miss your father," Sephiroth.

"I hated the old monster," said Karlaz coldly, "but I respected and obeyed him, just as any true citizen of the empire should. To continue, to say that Akudos' death shook the empire would be an understatement. It was chaos as supposedly pacified worlds rose up in rebellion and revolution; vital trade routes were blocked, manufacturing facilities were destroyed, credit records and accounts were erased from banks and worse of all, noble families and warlords turned against each other.

"I won't lie and say that the empire was built on friendship and mutual cooperation. Nearly all of the gentry obeyed Akudos out of fear, the same goes for the military. With my father's death, Zangyack fractured as noble houses and warlords vied for supremacy, attacking and destroying each other in an attempt to carve out their own spheres of influence. My dreams of ruling the empire were disintegrating before my eyes."

"And yet you come before us, declaring yourself to be the heir apparent," said Maleficent.

"I am the heir apparent," said Karlaz, "but I've yet the means to truly back up my bid for the throne. But with your help, that will change, if I have your attention, that is."

"You have it," said Xehanort.

"I may have the blood of Akudos Gill in my veins," said Karlaz, "and have secured the support of dozens of nobles and warlords, I have an armada of warships and an army of minions ready to fight and die for me. But remember, the empire is vast, spanning millions of worlds across entire galaxies. I might be able to gain further support through bribes, intimidation, blackmail and if necessary, open combat, but in the end the thousands of factions cropping up would eventually overwhelm my forces and I'd be destroyed."

"Just how large are your forces?" Regina asked.

Karlaz then raised her arms to indicate the many warships in the air, and then pointed straight up as if to say there were more, "I brought ten-thousand warships with me into The Realms of Light, each ship containing a full crew of Gormin and Sugormin soldiers, as well as several Action Commanders. I also have another ten thousand warships and supportive ground forces back in my native universe, all of them sworn to obey my every command, as well as an additional thirty-five thousand warships from the personal armadas of the nobles and warlords pledged to my cause."

"Impressive," said Xehanort.

"Not me," said Gaston stubbornly, "I don't see anything about you that'll make you empress of anything!"

"You insolent petaQ!" shouted Uad'kexk as she drew her blasters, while Vokarn unsheathed his oversized sword.

"Hold!" said Karlaz, "it's clear that this boy wishes to challenge me."

"He will regret it!" said Janicia as she drew her swords, "Lady Karlaz, permit me the honor of putting this infidelin his place."

"Put your swords away, dear Janicia," Karlaz insisted, "how can I ascend the throne of Zangyack if I am unable to face my own challengers?" she then stepped forward and looked at Gaston, "you wish to know if I have what it takes of ruling the empire? Very well," she then assumed a fighting stance with one hand over the hilt of her sword and the other steadying the sheath, "let's see if you have what it takes to defeat me!"

"You'll be sorry you agreed to this fight," said Gaston as he cracked his knuckles.

"I wouldn't do that, my friend," said Insano.

"I'm not your friend!" snapped Gaston. He then aimed his hands at Karlaz and fired his destruction beams at her. Karlaz seemed to vanish just as the beams were about to hit her. The beams went on and vaporized the ground where she was standing.

Gaston then grunted in pain and looked down, seeing Karlaz's sword sticking out his stomach from behind.

"You're as slow as you are stupid," said Karlaz as she stood behind Gaston. She then kicked him off of her sword. He landed hard on the ground, grunting in pain as his stomach bleed more.

In a flash, Karlaz vanished again and before anyone could react, appeared in front of Lady Tremaine and sliced off her left arm at the elbow. The former stepmother of Cinderella cried out in agony and fell to her knees, clutching at her bleeding stump of an arm.

"That was uncalled for," said a startled and impressed Maleficent, "she did not insult you."

"True," said Karlaz as she flicked the blood off of her sword and sheathed it, "yet no harm has been done do your minions, other than to teach them a lesson in respect."

Before everyone's eyes, Gaston's stomach wound closed up, while Lady Tremaine's arm regenerated, while the severed part rapidly decomposed and was nothing more than dust within seconds. Gaston and Lady Tremaine both glared hatefully at Karlaz, but remained silent.

"Yes, we learned that you are indeed worthy of leading the empire," said Xehanort.

"There's the understatement of the decade," said an eager Dio Brando, "with skills like that, you ought to run for 'Supreme Overlord of Time and Space.'"

"I would if the job was offered," said Karlaz, "yet my skills will amount to nothing without the support of at least the majority of the factions. There are many nobles and warlords whom would pledge themselves to me, if I were to prove myself worthy to rule the empire."

"But you are the last heir of Akudos Gill," said Lady Tremaine, "despite being a bastard. Other kingdoms and empires have been ruled by bastards."

"Having his blood isn't enough!" exclaimed Karlaz, "I thought I had made that clear! I've yet to partake and win a major military campaign; I haven't conquered or destroyed a world or anything that would give myself the foundation to convince the factions that I am the right one to rule the empire."

"But if you were to have that foundation," said Maleficent, "if you had that victory…"

"Then the factions would support my bid for the throne and I would be empress of Zangyack," said Karlaz.

"Well, I doubt you'll find a major military victory here," said Dio Brando as he indicated the expanse of rusted Keyblades, "unless you've a time machine so you can go back and win The Keyblade War."

"My victory will take place in the not too distant future," said Karlaz as she smiled viciously, "I'm going to conquer Radiant Garden."

"Now you have my interest," said Xehanort, "and curiosity. What is there on Radiant Garden that would make it a target?"

"Aside from a bunch of miserable peasants and foolish heroes," said Lady Tremaine, "there's nothing there but one flyspeck of a city and crystal wastes."

"Crystals that generate oxygen," said Xoauiuzzj m'Eossikavo, "not to mention other untapped resources; gold, silver, iron, oil and other metals vital to the construction of starships. Once you get past the oxygen crystals, then you've hit the proverbial jackpot."

"Why was I unaware of these untapped resources?" Insano demanded.

"What you are unaware of would fill volumes," said the insect scientist.

"Did you honestly believe that we would come here without first assessing the situation?" Uad'kexk asked.

"We've had operatives working in deep cover across The Realms of Light for some time now," said Huvnario Yr, "though each world in this universe is an economically viable conquest with exploitable resources, Lady Karlaz has eyes only for Radiant Garden."

"You've got a bombshell just waiting to drop on us, don't you," said Dio Brando.

"Indeed I do," said Karlaz, "let me ask you a question or two; when was the last time you've been able to get a clear image of Radiant Garden on your Interocitor?"

"How do you know about the Interocitor?" Lady Tremaine demanded.

"And how do you know we've been getting mostly static from Radiant Garden?" Gaston asked.

"I have my sources," said Karlaz, "and I assume you've been in the dark about that world since Sora and his companions left for Hogwarts."

"How do you know about Sora and The Keyblade Wielders?" Lady Tremaine asked.

"And Hogwarts?" Gaston asked, "how do you know about that?"

"I know a lot," said Karlaz, "now, I fully understand the threat of The Keyblade Wielders, but my sources say they are not due to return to The Realms of Light for at least three more days, which is one of two time factors for this campaign."

"What's the other factor?" Dio Brando asked.

"The other factor is the most important one," said Karlaz, "a factor that, without which, this entire campaign would be meaningless. As we speak, King Mickey has gathered nearly all the heroes and Princesses of Heart from not only The Realms of Light, but other realms as well."

"What!?" exclaimed Maleficent.

"They've begun their little Grand Conclave by now," said Karlaz, "and they're discussing how to deal with you, Maleficent, and Master Xehanort. My sources tell me that Master Yen Sid and Ansem the Wise may have discovered the means of fully repelling The Heartless from the worlds and to disrupt Dark Corridor transport."

"Impossible!" exclaimed an outraged Maleficent, "only The Cornerstone of Light can fully repel Heartless incursions and nothing can stop a Dark Corridor!"

"I'm just relaying what my sources tell me," said Karlaz, "hate the message, not the messenger."

"So, you wish to invade Radiant Garden to disrupt the Grand Conclave?" Sephiroth asked, "I admit that all those heroes and Princesses in one place make a highly tempting target. Yet I cannot help but think there is more to this."

"There is," said Karlaz, "six of the seven Princesses of Heart native to this universe are at the meeting, as well as five of the second group."

"Assassinating them would be a serious blow to the forces of light," said Regina, "not to mention all of those pathetic heroes."

"Imagine the suffering Sora will experience when he learns that so many of his friends and allies have been utterly destroyed," said a viciously smiling Lady Tremaine.

"I'll deal with Sora and his companions if and when I get the chance to do so," said Karlaz, "but this isn't about making him suffer, and I'm not going to kill those eleven Princesses, especially not Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine and Alice."

"You're not?" Gaston asked, "then what?"

"Oh, I'm going to do something worse than simply execute them," said Karlaz as she smiled with wicked eagerness, "believe me, they'll wish they were dead after I'm done with them."

"Sounds juicy," said Dio Brando, "so what are you going to do to them?"

"You'll find out soon enough," said Karlaz. She then frowned, "assuming the sixth member of my inner circle ever shows up! Where is that pompous, flamboyant, foppish son of a bitch?!"

"He said he had to visit a music instrument repairman," said Huvnario Yr, "he'll be here as soon as he can."

"He'd better," said Karlaz irately, "it cost me more than I wished to secure his services. He had better learn to obey or he will learn what I do to those whom are weak," she then smiled at Maleficent and Xehanort, "now, am I correct as to assume that you are wondering why you should even consider allying with little old me."

"Indeed," said Xehanort, while Maleficent nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, what's in it for us?" Dio Brando asked.

"Profit, for one thing," said Huvnario Yr, "at least 50% of all financial gains from the strip mining of Radiant Garden."

"And revenge on the fools whom stood against you for so long," said General Vokarn.

"We can keep them alive for your tormenting pleasures," said Uad'kexk, "or we can kill them for you. I'm good either way."

"And an exchange of knowledge and technology," said Xoauiuzzj m'Eossikavo.

"And our alliance would give you an overwhelming advantage against The Keyblade Wielders," said Karlaz, "just think; the resources of an empire spanning entire galaxies at your disposal. Sora and his comrades wouldn't stand a whelk's chance in a supernova."

"What does a whelk have to do with a supernova?" Sephiroth asked.

"It doesn't stand a chance in one, duh!" said Insano, "I don't know about the rest of you, but this seems like a good deal to me."

"I look forward to our collaboration," said Xoauiuzzj m'Eossikavo.

"Yes, our combined intellects shall spread the darkness far and wide!" exclaimed Insano. He then pointed up with his hand, "with SCIENCE!" he then laughed like the lunatic he was.

"I too see the benefits of this alliance," said Regina. She then looked at Sephiroth, whom nodded.

"So long as I get a chance to spill some innocent blood, I'm in," said Dio Brando.

"Count us in," said Gaston, while Lady Tremaine nodded.

"I'll need a moment to muddle this over," said Xehanort.

"I too wish to contemplate," said Maleficent.

"Take your time but not too much," said Karlaz, "the longer we delay, the smaller our window of opportunity gets."

Regina then spoke to Gaston and Lady Tremaine while Xehanort and Maleficent were deep in thought, "this may very well be our chance," said the former evil queen.

"To off Maleficent and Xehanort?" Gaston asked, "maybe."

"But how can we trust these aliens?" Lady Tremaine asked.

"We don't," said Regina, "but we can make use of them. If Karlaz and her forces can provide a situation where Maleficent and Xehanort are vulnerable enough for us to destroy, then we'll take that chance. And if we can eliminate a few of our other enemies, then all the better for us."

"Yeah, but what's to stop Karlaz from turning on us after she's smashed Radiant Garden?" Gaston asked.

"It's a risk we'll have to take," said Regina, "we'll just have to keep our senses sharp and vigilant."

Xehanort and Maleficent then faced Karlaz again, "we've reached a decision."

"But I have one more question to ask before we give you our answer," said Maleficent, "what of the space pirates whom murdered your father and brother?"

"What is to stop them from meddling this campaign?" Xehanort asked, "if they're as tenacious as rumor says, then they could prove to be most problematic."

"They are a pain in the ass," said Karlaz, "but you've nothing to fear from Captain Marvelous and his crew. I know exactly where they are. They've left Earth in search of the Zangyack home world so they can loot it's vast treasure houses. Trust me, they'll never even get close."

"And how did you manage that?" Xehanort asked.

"Because I know the driving force of the empire," said Karlaz, "greed. My sources informed me of where the space pirates are, but rather than dedicate any of my forces and risk their annihilation, I manipulated one of the rival factions into going after them. No doubt the pirates will make mincemeat out of this minor faction, but then more and more nobles and warlords will send their forces after Captain Marvelous and his crew.

"By the time I'm ready to return to the empire and claim the throne, enough of my rivals will have been destroyed and the pirate scum will be weakened enough for my forces to finish them off. Captain Marvelous and the Gokaigers will die by my hand. It will the ultimate proof of my worthiness to claim the throne and be the empress of Zangyack!"

"Then let us begin the campaign," said Maleficent.

"Together, we shall conquer Radiant Garden and crush anyone or anything that stands in our way!" said Xehanort.