Epilog: Back To The Stars

Radiant Garden…

After a visit to the healers and another visit to Cid, Captain Marvelous, his crew and Super Sentai allies helped put out some of the still burning buildings and assisted the townspeople out of the shelters. It was an amazement to everyone that there were only a handful of civilian casualties; less than a score dead and only a few dozen seriously wounded during the initial attack.

"This world has suffered much," said Ansem as he, Quistis, Leon and The Gokaigers, stood on the undamaged balcony of the castle, "buildings can be destroyed, homes lost and lives shaken. But the people survived and so long as the people live, so does Radiant Garden.

"We can rebuild," said Quistis, "bigger, better than before."

"Starting with the new SeeD Garden, of course," said Leon.

"Well, it was on my mind," said Quistis, "but anyway, I'm more upset that The Grand Conclave turned out to be a complete flop."

"Hey, your meeting wasn't a failure," said Joe.

"Sure, you guys pretty much spent the whole thing arguing," said Luka, "but you made some progress."

"True," said Quistis, "right now, King Mickey is downstairs with the delegation from New Zumakalis. Reddik and Rakel have agreed to lend some of their improved Gummy warships and make new ones for us. And as soon as Professor von Drake works out the technical details, and as soon as Scrooge McDuck agrees to a budget, they'll help build the defensive satellites."

"In the meantime," said Leon, "some of our younger friends are in trouble."

They looked down to the Postern, where Goofy was happily embracing Max, while Pete was yelling exasperatedly at P.J.

"Are you really going to let those two into SeeD?" Leon asked Quistis.

"Yes," said Quistis, "they're over the minimum age for application, they're fit and know the basics of fighting, and they're pretty smart kids if I may say so. All they've got to do is fill out the paperwork and they're in."

"I'm sure they'll become great warriors," said Ansem.

"I ain't worried about the kids," said Captain Marvelous.

"It's Karlaz we should be worried about," said Doc.

"I still can't believe you let her go," said Luka, "you're at the top of her hit list, Marvelous."

"I still have an unlimited bounty on my head," said Captain Marvelous, "what's one more enemy out to get me?"

"This time it's personal, Marvelous-san," said Ahim, "you really hurt Karlaz."

"'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,'" said Gai, "that's what they say back on Earth."

"No, Karlaz isn't a threat right now," said Joe, "we beat her in more ways than one. She's no threat to anyone. And speaking of Earth, how are we getting back to our own universe?"

"Them magic users downstairs are gonna open portals for all those heroes to send them home," said Luka, "and they'll open portals for Akashi and the others."

"Can they open a portal big enough for Gokai Galleon?" Doc asked.

"Not likely," said Ansem, "however, there are other means to travel to other dimensions."

"Why don't you just do exactly what you did to get here in the first place?" Yuffie asked as she, Selphie, Tidus, Wakka, Ranma, Sara and Violet, walked out onto the balcony, "you know, but in reverse."

"Oh sure, we can do that," said Luka sarcastically, "we just need to find another star exactly the same as the one before, find a sunspot exactly the same as before, toss in a missile system, trigger a solar flair exactly the same as before, get caught in the star's gravity well, do the same escape maneuvers as before and activate the FTL drive just like before. Sure, simple."

"There's more too it," said Doc, "I'm pretty sure that what threw us out of our universe and into this one was a combination of the star's gravitational pull and the patch on the Relativity Condenser, and probably the patch on the Fluid Link as well. I talked with Cid and he told me that he completely replaced the Relativity Condenser. The chances of duplicating the patch isn't too good."

"So how are we gonna get Gokai Galleon back to our universe?" Gai asked, "can we take the ship apart?"

"And ship it part by part through a portal?" Luka asked, "that'd take forever!"

Just then Captain Marvelou's Mobalite rang, "hello?" he asked as he took the call.

"Hey, pirate boy!" said Cid on the other end of the line, "you're really giving me a hard time with your ship."

"How much is it going to cost to fix Gokai Galleon again?" Luka asked.

"Hang on," said Cid, "I haven't even figured out the invoice for the first repair job. Now, the new repairs from that giant monster battle, it ain't so bad, just a few circuits and wiring to replace, nothing too serious, I can get it all done in an hour or so. But before I give you my statement, there's one last thing. I had some folks recover one of those crashed Zangyack ships, pretty interesting tech they've got but not that advanced.."

"You'd think how easy they blow up," said Luka, "they'd be a little tougher."

"Don't jinx it!" said Doc, "we've still got to get to the Zangyack home world."

"Anyway," said Cid, "what was really interesting was that emergency dimension shifter. The warship I looked over, it's shifter is intact and with your help, I can rig it up to your FTL engine."

"So we could use it to go back to our universe?" Ahim asked hopefully.

"You do that and I'll pay you my entire stash!" said Luka.

"I'd like to see that in writing," said Joe.

"Keep yer shirts on," said Cid, "I haven't even gotten yer captain's permission to install the shifter yet."

"You have it," said Captain Marvelous.

"Okay, just give me a second to figure out what's owed," said Cid, "let's see now…uh-huh…uh-huh…okay, installing the new part, plus the minor repairs and the big repair job, I figure it out to 200lbs."

"200lbs of gold?" Luka asked.

"Or the equivalent in Munny or any other currency you have," said Cid.

"No, we've got 200lbs of gold to spare," said Luka, "I just thought it'd be way more than that."

"Hey, you saved Radiant Garden and everyone on it," said Cid, "if that doesn't earn you a discount, I don't know what does."

"We'll settle up as soon as the shifter is installed," said Captain Marvelous, "Navi will help out with the instillation. You still there, bird?"

"Still here! Still here!" shouted Navi, "and stop calling me bird!"

"I'll call ya'll when the shifter's ready," said Cid.

"And we'll get the gold ready," said Captain Marvelous, "thanks a million, Cid."

"Just doin' my job," said Cid. With that he hung up.

"In that case," said Captain Marvelous as he put his phone away, "we'd better start staying our goodbyes."

"You really got to leave so soon?" Selphie asked.

"The sooner we're back on course for the Zangyack homeworld, the better," said Joe, "when word gets out that Karlaz was defeated, it'll only stir up more chaos in the empire."

"All those nobles and warlords, not to mention entire worlds seeking freedom," said Ahim, "it could completely tear Zangyack apart."

"Not that we'll be sorry to see the empire go down for the last time," said Luka, "but we've got to try and grab as much loot as we can before someone else grabs it."

"Wait! What about the powers of Snow White and the others?" Gai asked, "they're still missing. Without them…"

"Merlin, Yen Sid, Fairy Godmother and Sylvia Dunbar are working on it," said Ansem, "and I already have ideas on how to help Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Alice, Belle and Jasmine until their powers are restored."

"Oh, well, okay," said Gai, "well, tell them that I hope they feel better real soon."

"Look down there," said Ranma as he pointed down to the postern. Everyone saw Akashi and the other Senshi talking with some of the heroes. Akashi was saying goodbye to Goofy and Donald, Hayner was talking with Ryunouske, Lyra, Pan, Will and Kirjava were talking with Ran and Hanto, while Olette was saying goodbye to Eri. Eiji was talking with Irvine, while Max and P.J. were being scolded by Pete.

Lara walked out and, after saying something to Akashi, opened five portals. After finishing up their goodbyes, Eri, Ryunouske, Hanto, Ran and Eiji entered the portals that would return them to where they were before they were recruited, with Eiji's portal returning him to Tokyo. Akashi was about to enter that portal when he paused, looked up to the balcony and gave the thumbs up to Captain Marvelous, then entered the portal, which closed up with the others.

"And that's that," said Captain Marvelous, "we'd better get over to Cid to help get the ship ready."

"Then this really is goodbye," said Sara, "I…I don't know how to say thank you for all you've done."

"Hey, it wasn't that big a deal," said Luka.

"Stomping Zangyack guts is kinda our thing," said Doc.

"So call on us if you run into Zangyack again," said Gai, "or any other villainous group that needs smashing."

"Count on it," said Leon.

A short time later the Emergency Dimensional Shifter was installed in Gokai Galleon's engine. Cid's bill had been paid, farewells had been made and the crew boarded the space faring pirate ship. Gokai Galleon was now in orbit over Radiant Garden. All around in space there was debris of the battle.

"Hard to imagine that only a handful of ships could wipe out an entire Zangyack armada," said Joe as he and the others looked out the windows at the wreckage floating among them.

"It only proves that this universe is in good hands," said Ahim, "though that Xehanort, that horrible old man, he's still out there."

"Not to mention Regina and the rest of her group," said Doc, "they're all bad news."

"At least they won't be coming back any time soon," said Luka, "and we should get going."

"Darn right," said Captain Marvelous as he stood on the bridge at the control wheel, "Doc, are we all set?"

"All set, Marvelous," said Doc, "the FTL drive is at 100%, the Fluid Link's full and we've got a full stock of mercury, the primary stabilizer gyro is factory fresh and the emergency dimensional shifter is up and running. Just press the button and we're good to go."

"Then let's go!" said Captain Marvelous as he pressed a button on the control consul. The entire ship shook for a split seconds and there was a loud 'POP!' then everything was calm again.

"Was that it?" Ahim asked.

"I…I honestly don't know," said Doc.

"Look! The stars!" shouted Luka as she pointed at the window.

"We're back where we started, in the asteroid field of Erandi Lambada 72," said Navi.

"And not even a speck of Zangyack in sight," said Joe as he looked at a readout of the ship's sensors.

"Uh, Marvelous?" Luka asked as the captain walked back onto the crew deck, "any chance we could stop over at a space port for a while?"

"We could use a rest, captain," said Doc.

"And a chance to restock the kitchens," said Gai.

"And spend some money," said Luka as she pulled out a wallet from her jacket pocket.

"Where'd you get that?" Doc asked.

"I lifted it from Quistis' pocket," said Luka as she admired her ill gotten prize, then pulled out several more wallets, "and from the pockets of our friends back on Radiant Garden."

"You picked their pockets!?" Joe exclaimed.

"And left them each a little going away present," said Luka, "just something to remember us by. Hey, I had to get something out of this, right?"

"We all got something out of it," said Ahim, while an exasperated Joe worked out his frustration by starting a set of sit-ups. "We saved an entire universe from the darkness and made many new friends."

"What a story this'll make!" said Gai, "and what an edition to my encyclopedia. I'll get started on it right now!"

"And we'll set course for the nearest port of call," said Captain Marvelous, "and after that, on to the Zangyack home world and the second greatest treasure in the universe."

"What do you think it looks like?" Luka asked.

"If it looks anything like the first greatest treasure," said Joe, "if it's just a wish that comes with a price, then I'm going to be pretty disappointed."

"Here's hoping," said Doc as Gokai Galleon once again set sail among the stars, in search of treasure, in search of adventure, in search of peace and justice, in search of a cause worth fighting for, but most of all, in search for the sake of searching.

…Radiant Garden…

"That yellow pirate bitch!" snapped Quistis as she felt her pockets, "she stole my wallet!"

"She lifted mine too!" exclaimed Tidus as he, Yuffie, Wakka, Selphie, Sara, Ranma and Violet, felt their pockets. They all then pulled out an autographed picture of Luka, whom was smiling and flashing the 'peace sign.'

"I'm not surprised," said Ranma, "I'm pissed, but not surprised."

"At least she didn't leave our pockets empty," said Violet, "but if I ever see Luka Milfy again, I'll give her a fist to the face!"

Just then Jacob ran out onto the balcony, "hey, you guys! There's fresh fires breaking out in the city!"

"You're kidding!" exclaimed Selphie.

"I wish I weren't," said Jacob, "Nessie, Victoire and some others are already helping the fire department, but the fires are popping up all over the place."

"Then what the frak are we standing around here for!?" Sara demanded, "let's go put those fires out!" With that she, Jacob, Tidus, Wakka, Selphie, Yuffie, Ranma and Violet, ran back inside.

"I'll bet that the fires were started by gas leaks," said Leon.

"I'd take that bet," said Quistis, "if I still had my wallet," she then looked at Ansem, "any chance you can loan me some, old bear?"

"No," said Ansem, "I never lend money. And we have other worries than how to pay gambling debts."

"Like how the hell are we going to put this world back together again?" Leon asked as he looked out at the wrecked city, "why don't we just let those fires be? It'd be easier if we let this entire city burn to the ground and start over from square one."

"I have to admit," said Quistis, "that's a tempting idea, but no. I'd prefer that there was something left for Sora, Kairi and the others to come back to,"

"And there are other worries as well," said Ansem, "Xehanort and Regina are still on the lose, and then there was the true mastermind of this latest catastrophe."

"Columbina," said Leon, "Karlaz said that she was the one who told her to go after the powers of the Princesses. What's her deal?"

"I don't know," said Quistis, "but if I ever see her, if she ever pokes her nose into the Realms of Light again, I'll make her regret it, and that's a bet I'd definitely win on."

…Castle Oblivion…

"Are you sure this is going to work?" Regina asked as she, Dio Brando, Sephiroth and Insano, stood in the lab of the mad scientist where two translucent water tanks lay. The tanks were filled with a deep green liquid, each containing a large floating object, while the tanks were hooked up to a wide array of computers and equipment, "we wouldn't want any mishaps."

"Mishaps!?" exclaimed Insano as he stood, "my dear woman! Don't you know who you're talking to? 'Careful Planning' is my middle name!"

"Gee, I didn't even knew you had a middle name," said Dio Brando.

"This plan of yours had better work," said Sephiroth, "your schemes so far have borne less than sweet fruit."

"In other words," said Dio Brando, "if this latest scheme of yours fails, not only are we going to have to kill you, you'll die a quack."

"Don't start digging my grave," said Insano, "it'll work. And I'll thank you not to insult my professionalism. I didn't spend all those years at Evil Medical School to be labeled a quack, thank you very much. Now, if my calculations are correct, and they are of course, the subjects should be ready for animation," he then pressed a button on the main control board.

The two tanks began crackling with dark purple energy and a high pitched humming could be heard. This went on for thirty seconds before Insano pressed the button again. The machines powered down and the energy ceased crackling, while the liquid began draining from the tanks.

"Did it work?" Regina asked as the liquid finished draining from the tanks and they opened up, unceremoniously dumping from them two humans, one male, one female.

"Pulse and respiration normal," said Insano as he scanned the two humans, "body temperature, brain activity, all normal. They're alive and conscious, but do they remember? Now that is the question."

The male human looked up, revealing himself to be identical to Gaston, while the female was an exact duplicate of Lady Tremaine.

"What the hell are you talking about, you goggle freak!?" snapped Gaston as he stood up.

"What is the meaning of this?" Lady Tremaine asked as she stood up, "how did we get here?"

"And why are we naked?" Gaston asked.

"It worked!" exclaimed Insano in a giggling manner, "It worked! I am one french-fry short of a Happy Meal!" with that he laughed like the lunatic he was.

"Will someone explain what is going on?!" Gaston demanded as Dio Brando tossed him and Lady Tremaine each a robe.

"You died, that's what happened," said Dio Brando.

"Died?" Lady Tremaine asked, "don't be preposterous! I did not die!"

"Me neither," said Gaston, "you think that if I died, I would have remembered."

"Well of course you don't remember," said Insano, "I took your DNA samples before we went to Radiant Garden. My rapid-growth cloning technique was has succeeded!" he then held up his finger triumphantly, "with SCIENCE no less!" he then laughed again.

"We…we're clones?" Lady Tremaine asked.

"Clones with the full memories and personalities of the originals," said Regina, "this is the insurance policy our psychotic scientist promised. So long as we provide him with regular samples of our genetic codes, he can bring us back from the grave with only minimal memory loss.

"This is the immortality denied to so many villains! Voldemort, Orochimaru, every Alchemist whom sought the Philosopher's Stone, even Maleficent, all of them sought after immortality and they failed. But we now have the means to triumph over those fools whom dwell in the light! With this, we shall be the masters of the universe!"

"How splendid for you," said Xehanort as he stood at the doorway of the lab, "quite an achievement if I may say so."

"Oh, it's you," said Dio Brando, "I almost forgot about you."

"I stayed behind on Radiant Garden to see how things turned out," said Xehanort, "you all missed quite the climatic battle. In case you were wondering, Karlaz has been defeated and sent on her way, while those rather interesting space pirates are no doubt preparing to go their way as well.

"Oh, and before I forget," said the dark master to Regina, "I must congratulate you on your victory over Maleficent. Though she is far from destroyed, it will be some time before she is strong enough again to be a threat to us again, so we have time to prepare, while moving forward in our plans for Sora."

"Yes, we have much to do," said Regina cautiously. She then shot her hand towards Xehanort and shot a beam of dark energy at him. Xehanort deflected the beam with a wave of his hand, then clenched his fist. A ring of yellow, green and purple energy surrounded Regina's neck and constricted, choking her and forcing her to her knees.

"THE WOR-ack!" sputtered Dio Brando as another yellow, green and purple energy ring began strangling him, while similar rings had ensnared and began choking Lady Tremaine and Gaston.

"Oh, how disappointing," said Xehanort as he looked at Regina as she clawed at her throat, yet the energy ring wouldn't yield, "here I thought you would use more cunning and patience against me like you did with Maleficent. Or maybe you just hit a patch of bad luck. It makes no difference. Maleficent is gone and I remain, so now you all will need a lesson in just whom your true master is!"

But then Sephiroth appeared above Xehanort with Masamune held downwards. The one winged angel dropped to the ground and impaled Sephiroth through the back, the blade exiting his chest as Xehanort gave a startled gasp that turned into a blood-choked gurgle and his hand unclenched.

Regina, Dio Brando, Lady Tremaine and Gaston all gasped and coughed with relief as the energy rings vanished from their throats.

"It's funny how often no one bothers to look up," said Sephiroth. He then kicked Xehanort off of Masamune, the old man collapsing to the floor as the one winged angel wiped the blood from his blade and sheathed it.

"Look who's disappointing now," said Regina as she and the others got up. She then walked towards Xehanort, whom was feebly trying to get back up even as his life blood drained out onto the floor.

"You're dieing, old man," said Regina contemptuously, "and your mad dreams of Kingdom Hearts die with you. But don't worry about your dream of the X-Blade. As soon as I find the body of Ventus, I'll send him over to Sora so he can give Ventus back his heart, fair is fair after all, and I'd prefer that it not be said that I was completely without a heart."

"YOU!" exclaimed Xehanort as he glared up at Regina hatefully, "you…you've won…nothing!" with that he let out a wet, rattling breath, collapsed to the floor again and didn't move.

"Is…is he…?" Lady Tremaine asked nervously.

"No pulse," said Sephiroth as he felt Xehanort for one, "he's dead alright."

"Oh son of a bitch!" snapped Insano, "I knew I had forgotten something!"

"What?" Gaston asked.

"The deal I made with Xehanort," said Insano, "I help him get the X-Blade and he'd give me what I need to open a portal back to my home universe! He's the only one who could get me the Unobtanium I need! Now I'll never get home and I'll never get revenge on Linkara!"

"Oh, do relax," said Regina, "so the door to your old life is closed and locked forever. But just think, a new door to a new future has opened."

"And how do you know that you can't get the stuff you need?" Gaston asked.

"Can't you try?" Lady Tremaine asked.

"Huh? Well, now that I think of it," said Insano, "I was so consumed with helping Xehanort that I never even considered getting what I need myself," he then chuckled slightly, "silly me."

Just then the door to the lab opened and there stood a young man in his late teens to early twenties. He was tall and well muscled with long, spiky silver hair and blue eyes. He wore a black t-shirt with a red X on the front, wide tan pants, black boots and a pair of black wristbands. The youth looked at Regina, Dio Brando, Sephiroth, Insano, Gaston and Lady Tremaine with assessing eyes, then looked down at the slain form of Xehanort.

"Well, isn't this a fine mess we're all in," said the youth to Xehanort's dead body, "you've expired, Maleficent's missing," he then looked at Regina and the other villains, "and you all think you've gotten the better of me. What a fine mess."

"Excuse me, but, who are you?" Regina asked.

"What's the matter, Regina? Don't you recognize me?" the youth asked, "oh, I'm sorry, you never knew me when I had this form," he looked at the other villains, "none of you knew me when I was like this. Allow me to explain; I am Xehanort."

At that Dio Brando, Insano, Gaston and Lady Tremaine all burst out laughing.

"This is no joke," said the youth, "I am Xehanort, or rather, his backup."

At that Insano stopped laughing, "oh yes, I remember now. He said he was planning to bring back the form that he took ten years ago. You're the one whom apprenticed himself to Ansem."

"Then you're the one who experimented with the darkness," said Regina, "the one whose experiments lead to the downfall of Radiant Garden and the rise of Organization XIII, not to mention that trouble making Heartless; Ansem: Seeker of Darkness. But I know what you really are."

"And what am I then?" the youth whom called himself Xehanort asked.

"You're Terra," said Regina, "one of the last of the old Keyblade Wielders before Sora took up his. You fought the original Xehanort and he possessed your heart."

"So you're the real original Xehanort," said Gaston, "just in someone else's heart. Wait, I'm confused."

"No surprise there," said Lady Tremaine.

"I am Terra in body but Xehanort in heart and mind," said the youth, "but if it will alleviate your confusion, you may call me Young Xehanort."

"Very well, Young Xehanort," said Regina, "so, what now?"

"Now we discuss our alliance," said Young Xehanort, "and how under your leadership, we shall bring about a more controlled unlocking of the secrets of Kingdom Hearts."

"Oh, not this again!" exclaimed Dio Brando, "Let's just kill him now before he embarrasses himself."

Just then Young Xehanort vanished and appeared behind Dio Brando and summoned a black Keyblade similar to Ultima Weapon and held it at Dio Brando's throat, "I'm quite unlike my multiple predecessors," said Young Xehanort, "I've learned from their mistakes. I know that if your head comes off, you're dead." He then glared at Insano, "and I know the secret to your cloning technique, I know because my previous incarnation," he glanced at the dead body on the floor, "he perfected it and slipped it to you, letting you believe that it was your own."

"Well, I can certainly feel my ego deflating," said Insano.

"You certainly an improvement on your predecessors," said Regina, "and you say that you will defer to my judgment in the affairs of Kingdom Hearts?"

"Like I said, I learned from my predecessors' mistakes," said Young Xehanort.

"I'm convinced," said Dio Brando, "now, do you mind if I decline on a very close shave?"

"Not at all," said Young Xehanort as he vanished his black Keyblade and stepped away from Dio Brando, the degenerate rubbing at his neck as Young Xehanort walked towards Regina, "I believe we have much to discuss, you and I."

"Indeed we do," said Regina as she smiled pleasantly, while Young Xehanort smiled back.

"The more things change," said a disgruntled Lady Tremaine, "the more they stay the same." At that an equally disgruntled Gaston nodded, while Sephiroth glared at Young Xehanort with suspicious and jealous eyes.

Someplace Dark…

On a world that had long ago fallen to the darkness, a world overrun with countless breeds of Heartless, there was a decrepit fortress built in the crater of an active volcano, with the lava forming a moat around the old castle and fortifications.

Maleficent's Raven soared across the lava moat and up to the tallest tower of the fortress. In he flew into a large chamber where, safe and sound on a table, lay the copy of Hecate's book. Off to one side lay the pulsating mass of proto-flesh that was the offspring of Xorat and Kiraxi. Between the table and the proto-mass was an altar inscribed with dark runes.

"Place me down, my pet," said the green stone that contained Maleficent's soul. The raven did as ordered, placing the stone on the table in front of the book. The raven, guided by Maleficent's dark will, turned the pages of the book with his beak until he reached the desired spell

The soul stone began chanting in a demonic language, the words in the book glowing with an insidious red light. After a few seconds, one third of the proto-mass detached from the main mass, moving through the air and gently landing on the altar.

"Hurry, my pet!" exclaimed Maleficent as the glow of her soul stone began to diminish, "I used up nearly all of my remaining power in the spell! Take me to the proto-mass!"

The raven grabbed the soul stone in his claws and took flight, circling over the lesser proto-mass, "drop me!" the soul stone shouted. The ravel let go of the stone and it landed atop the proto-mass.

"This will be my most difficult resurrection yet," said Maleficent, "it will cost me two of my remaining three, yet when complete, I shall be more powerful than before! No one will be able to stand in my way, and all whom dared to cross me shall suffer!"

The lesser proto-mass began to pulsate at a greater frequency and began glowing dark purple, while the glow of the soul stone began to brighten again.

"I cannot say for certain how long this will take, my pet," said Maleficent, "it may take weeks, months, years even. You, my most dear and loyal of companions, I now grant you the gift of sleep. Sleep, my pet, and awaken when I return." With that the soul stone flashed brightly for a second.

The raven cawed once, flapped over to a nearby perch, settled down and went to sleep.

"And now, it begins," said Maleficent. With that, the soul stone was absorbed into the lesser proto-mass, whose purple glow took on an even greater intensity, while the larger proto-mass began pulsating faster.

Radiant Garden…The Market…

"Are you sure everyone's out of there!?" Tidus shouted at Ranma as he and the others helped a team of firefighters put out one of the burning buildings.

"I just checked, the building's clear," said Ranma, whom along with Violet and Sara, were covered in soot and ashes, while Violet was coughing a bit and Sara was drinking from a large bottle of water.

"Thank goodness," said Wakka, "we were lucky with this one."

"Can we save the building?" Tidus asked as a window in the building blew out with a gush of flames.

"I don't know," said Selphie, "I don't think anything can be saved in this entire God forsaken city. It's almost like this world is cursed."

Just then they all heard a familiar voice shouting at the top of her lungs, "SELPHIE!"

"Kairi?!" Selphie asked as she, Tidus, Wakka, Yuffie, Sara, Ranma and Violet looked and saw Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aiden, Tess, Malcolm, Roxas, Naminé, Eugene and Rapunzel.

"Hey, Sora!" said Ranma.

"We didn't expect you any time soon," said Sara.

"Believe me, it's worse than it looks," said Violet. At that time the building collapsed, spewing flames and smoke high in the air.

"From where I'm standing, it looks pretty awful," said Eugene.

"Selphie," said Kairi as she walked up to her, "I'm only going to ask this once. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!?"

"I kinda knew you'd ask that," said Selphie. "Well, it's a long story."

"Figures," muttered both Sora and Kairi.

Gokai Galleon…

While his crew were in the galley preparing an impromptu victory feast, Captain Marvelous was taking a personal moment alone on the deck of Gokai Galleion, protected by the ship's shields as he watched the stars.

But then he sensed that he was no longer alone. He turned around, his hand on the handle of his pistol and he looked and saw Alegra Wells, now wearing a red and orange summer dress with a red and yellow shawl around her shoulders and a large straw hat set with a sunflower on her head.

"It's been a while, Marvelous," said Alegra.

"Too long," said Captain Marvelous in a slightly annoyed tone, "Last time we met, you told me it was a good idea to find a crew."

"And it was," said Alegra, "your crew turned out to be more than a crew. You're family now, right? Or did I make a mistake."

"You didn't," said Marvelous, "though you could have also mentioned the fact that the greatest treasure in the universe would turn out to be a bust. And while I'm at it, for an immortal time traveler, you have a habit of showing up a little too late. You could have warned me and my crew of our latest adventure."

"I could have," said Alegra, "but then where's the fun in that? Anyway, all turned out well during this latest exploit of yours; Radiant Garden was saved, Karlaz has been given the chance to gain some sanity, Maleficent and Xehanort have been delayed in their plans and a young girl's hopes have been reaffirmed."

"Yeah, Gai told me about Melody," said Captain Marvelous, "what's her deal?"

"Now now," said Alegra in a teasing manner, "you know I don't like to give out spoilers when I don't have to. Needless to say, her wish to be a champion for the light, to stand and fight against the darkness, it will come true, just not how she originally hoped it would. And before you ask, don't worry about the missing powers, Sora and his friends will find them before it's too late for Snow White and the others."

"That Sora, he must really be something," said Captain Marvelous.

"Indeed he is," said Alegra, "oh, I almost forgot. Keep an eye out for a passing through Kamen Rider."

"For what?" Captain Marvelous asked.

"You'll know him when you see him," said Alegra as she smiled. With that she vanished.

Captain Marvelous sighed with annoyance, then smiled as he looked up at the stars, "You really knew how to pick them, Akared. Alegra Wells, the unofficial 4th member of the Red Pirates. What a character. With that he went below deck to his crew, his friends, his family.

The end of the Special Volume.

And that's that, beloved readers and writers! The special Gokaiger volume is finally finished! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing. As you can guess, Alegra set things up for the Gokaigers that will lead them to Kamen Rider X Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen.

As for Sora and the others, their adventures will continue in the next volume as promised, for now Sora and his fellow Keyblade Wielders must track down the missing powers of Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Alice, Belle and Jasmine before it's too late. And what of Maleficent? How long until she is once again resurrected? And what of Young Xehanort? And Regina? What will they do next?

This and more will be answered in forthcoming volumes, but for our next grand adventure, Sora will fufill the promsie he made to Twilight Sparkle and visit Ponyville. Just what will happen then, that I'm afraid will have to wait a bit, but trust me, fellow readers and writers, you won't be disappointed.

Coming to in 2014…

Kingdom Hearts: Path of the Keyblade Master

Volume 8: The Equestria Caper

See you then!