(A/N: Thank you for joining me on another outing for the Legend of Zelda. I can't guarantee that this story will strictly follow the canon that has been laid out, but I'll try my best to keep it true. Since this is a more undefined piece of the timeline, I'll have to take some liberties. This story will take some influence from the Skyward Sword prequel manga found in Hyrule Historia as well as the lore from Skyward Sword and Greek mythology. I greatly appreciate any and all support. A note to "Outlawed Love" fans, see my profile for info about the manga adaptation. Much love. –Infamous)

Summary: Hylia, Goddess of Time, is chosen by the Golden Goddesses to care for the Triforce after the mortals that inhabit the land below make a try for the golden power. It is here that she meets her future champion, the first hero. As adventure, infatuation and deception ensue, trouble brews in the heavens above as a jealous god begins to concoct a plan that will change the course of history forever.


"The perfect beings that created our wondrous land beneath the heavens were not that perfect at all, for they themselves were nothing more than glorified, immortal sinners." – The Book of Mudora

Act 1: Taboo

Once upon a time, in an era that has long since been blown away and cast aside like the dust in the wind, the world was simple. It was simple, but at the same time, complex. And though the world that the Golden Goddesses created was populated with simple minded people with simple minded goals, a world far more complex lived and thrived above at the same time in the heavens.

When most of the god fearing people in the world below carried out their short lives, they were acutely unaware of the complexity of the beings that watched over them and cared for them. As there were many things the human brain could never comprehend and an understanding of the divinities that manipulated their world was one of them.

But what is the difference between a man and a god? And I do not mean the obvious things such as one having an expiry date and the other being immortal. What is the real difference?

Before you learn the answer, we must start this tale with the heroine of it all, the heroine who would act as catalyst to a chain of events that would change both worlds forever. Our heroine's name was Hylia, the Goddess of Time.

The Goddess of Time was a humble and gentle soul in any sense of the word. She spent her days watching the time flow, making sure there were no unwanted kinks, rifts or splits forming where they were not needed.

Created by the Golden Goddess Nayru herself to solely perform this job, Hylia not only took great pride in her work, but also in her hobbies which included playing the harp, brushing her silky, yellow locks of hair and watching the mortals in the land below through a magic mirror that rested on the cloudy floors of her domain.

That last hobby was a most troublesome one as it led only to obsession. Watching people, as you may know, not only wastes time, but it is incredibly difficult to stop doing it.

Hylia would sit on her knees and peer into the large looking glass and stare into it for hours out of sheer fascination and curiosity.

There was one who did worry about the Goddess of Time's troublesome hobby. While the other gods ignored her, Hylia had a very dear friend in the Messenger of the Gods.

"I trust you are staying out of trouble, sister." A calm, male voice laughed from behind the Goddess of Time.

In the heavens it was considered respectful to refer to other gods as 'brother' or 'sister', even when they weren't. It was an honourific of sorts, comparable to 'Miss', "Mister" or "Master".

Hylia stood and spun around in her long, white gown to see a man with snow white hair, pointed ears and bright red eyes merely grinning at her with his arms crossed over his chest. He was garbed in a long white tunic with a slightly raised collar that had a red eye embroidered on the front. He wore light purple tights that tucked into dark purple boots. He was of a slim and athletic built that blessed him with the ability to move swiftly and quickly, which would probably prove useful for things such as sneaking up on his fellow gods. Such ability was necessary for the Messenger of the Gods.

"Shekai!" Hylia greeted her fiery eyed friend with a hug. "Tell me, brother, how was the land below?"

The red eyed messenger pursed his lips at his dear friend's first question. "Fine. Creations are behaving themselves, generally. My Gossip Stones tell me there is a family down there that believes that are divinely appointed. I will have to tell the Admirable Sisters about this at some point. I imagine Din will throw a fit."

"Gossip Stones? So, you took my idea after all?" Hylia nodded and crossed her arms over her chest with pride.

"It really is an easy way to collect information. One must simply place them and then no one expects a rock to be listening to them. Creations are such simpletons." Sheikai smiled before placing his hands on Hylia's shoulders. "It really is brilliant. I'm glad I asked you for ideas."

"Oh, I don't think mortals are simpletons at all, brother." Hylia scurried over to the large looking glass on the ground.

Various scenes of different people sleeping, sitting, swimming, talking, reading and doing just about anything else flashed in the mirror's reflection, much to Hylia's wonder, and Sheikai's dismay. There was no sound, therefore listening to the mortals speak was impossible, which was the downfall of the mirror and why Sheikai was needed.

"Sister Hylia, I truly believe you need to stop watching those... things..." Sheikai warned as looked over the Goddess of Time's shoulder. "You're getting attached to them and you know full well that once you get attached to something, it's very difficult to get free."

Hylia looked at her friend and smiled very sweetly. "Thanks for your concern, brother, but you need not worry. The flow of time is very uninteresting, whereas these beings are."

"What do you mean? What makes these creations so interesting?" Sheikai questioned nervously before fixing the raised collar on his long, white tunic. "You are not neglecting your duties to the time stream, are you? If more of those things start getting blips of, what is it they call it? Deja vu? The Admirable Sisters will be calling you out next."

"I'm not neglecting anything." Hylia turned her attention back to the looking glass and peered into it with a doe-eyed stare. She rested her chin her hands and sighed. "They're so... imperfect. They wake the day with the knowledge that they will one day die, yet it does not bother them. Instead, they occupy themselves with trivial things. Instead of trying to reach perfection, they try to be slightly better than whatever existed before."

"Sounds like a drag..." Sheikai chuckled and rolled his red eyes. "They work all their short lived lives to never have their wishes reach true form, and then they die."

Hylia looked at her friend in annoyance, her calm blue eyes narrowed. "That's why they're interesting!"

"No, sister, that is why they are weak and simple minded fools." Sheikai shook his head. "But what can you expect of souls that are attached to vessels with expiry dates?"

Hylia glanced at her feet to see the fluffy clouds beneath them. She narrowed her eyes as a thought flowed into her head. "Why did the Admirable Sisters create such beings in the first place?"

Sheikai stood a little taller when his friend posed this question to him. "We don't know. But if I had to guess, it would have been Din's demented idea. Having little toys to play with for a while seems like something the Goddess of Power would cook up."

"Well these toys don't seem to interest her anymore, do they?" Hylia shrugged before stepping away from the looking glass and running her fingers through her long, glowing hair that seemed to flow slowly and gently with an unfelt breeze.

"No, they don't. That's why our Admirable Sisters created us lesser gods to look after this world they created. They sit in the upper heavens doing... I don't even know what they do up there! Drink ambrosia, I suppose, and they come down here to our level and hold court every once in a while to point fingers when someone has done something wrong."

Hylia couldn't help but laugh at her best friend's statement, because it was the truth. Despite sharing the heavens with them, the lesser gods knew very little of "the girls upstairs", as they called them, who created them along with the world beneath the heavens. Every now and again outrageous laughter could be heard from above, as well as singing and sometimes angry screaming.

Sheikai smiled back and then looked away. "You know... Hylia, there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about for a while now."

"Oh?" Hylia raised her thin, yellow eyebrows curiously. "What's that?"

"Well... I... you see..." Sheikai bit his lip. And though gods did not normally blush, he felt his cheeks get warm. "I... ummm."

Before Hylia's dear friend could get his train of thought to leave the station, a horn blew loudly and obnoxiously from above.

Sheikai looked up with the Goddess of Time and frowned a bit. "Another meeting. I wonder who screwed up this time."

"We'll have to do this another time, brother." Hylia smiled before hurrying off, away from her friend.

"Yeah... another time." Sheikai hung his head down as if he were exhausted. He then lifted his head with worry and looked on as his friend ran away from him. "Please don't let it be you..."

Hylia and Sheikai stood next to each other in a room that was so white that it would blind the mortal eye. A large, oval pool with strangely calm white water that did not wake or even ripple was located at the heart of the room. The water looked like a pure slab of white marble within a large off-white dish. Overlooking the pool was a white bench, elevated about one metre up on a balcony. But there was one more thing overlooking this pool and the two gods below. A dozen metres above the first balcony sat another one. This balcony had three white marble thrones on top of it. Each throne had a different symbol engraved on the top in red, green or blue.

"We're the first ones here..." Sheikai looked around the circular room and then up at the ceiling.

He saw infinite clouds above, but he knew it was just an effect. They had entered the court of the Golden Goddesses, and it was indeed an enclosed structure.

"Hmmm..." Hylia gave her friend a crooked frown. "Does it not bother you that we're always here first?"

Sheikai raised his eyebrows. "No. It just means we take these gatherings seriously. Besides, first tiers like ourselves are supposed to arrives first."

"Indeed." Hylia nodded.

The clouds within the room began to darken as a crack of thunder boomed.

"Here we go..." Sheikai rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. "God of Weather, grandstanding again."

In a puff of black smoke and another clap of thunder a man appeared. His eyebrows were the shapes of thunderbolts and his hair was as dark as the darkest night, though it occasionally flashed a blinding gold colour along with the clouds on the ceiling. His toga was blue with a black belt wrapped around the waist and golden embroidery on the steams. With large pure gold bracelets on his wrists and a noisy rain stick attach to the toga's belt, the God of Weather, a creation of Nayru stood tall. "I was having a nice dream, and now I have to stand around with you fools."

"Brother Vane, good to see you." Hylia greeted her peer, ignoring his obvious anger.

Vane glanced at Hylia and scoffed. "Sister Hylia, was it your fault this time?"

Sheikai waved a fist at the angry god. "How dare you accuse her of such a thing!"

"Oh, the delivery boy wants to fight, eh?" Vane chuckled as he made a thunderbolt appear in his hand like a spear.

The Weather God then felt a firm hand grab his wrist and then yank on it so hard it caused him to flip over onto the floor.

"Sister Rayna!" Hylia exclaimed as a goddess with silver hair glared down at Vane.

"Behave yourself, children." The Goddess of Combat hushed as she let go of Vane's arm. A pink haired goddess and a brown haired god poked their heads out from behind Rayna and waved.

"Sister Nadine. Brother Armin. How are you?" Sheikai asked as he watched Vane stand up.

The God of Weather's hair turned grey, as did the clouds above as he walked away from his peers.

There was a bit of casual banter amongst the first tier gods for quite some time after the incident. It was mostly awkward small talk, comparable to what one has when they are stuck in a place with individuals they may not necessarily like.

First tier gods were part of the hierarchy of divinity. Above them were the three members of the second tier and the Golden Goddesses on the third tier. Each second tier god was responsible for occasionally overseeing two of the first tier gods, and one Golden Goddess was the creator of all three divinities.

There was soon a dramatic BANG from the balcony closest to the ground. Three figures stood tall. Saul, Ruler of the Spirit Plain, Quazah, Goddess of Space, and Dolorem, God of Destruction stood shoulder to shoulder.

Saul's long, white robe and large red hood, Quazah's black and gold dress that fell just above her knees with a train that touched the back of her ankles and Dolorem's black shendyt style skirt that overlapped dark violet spandex shorts, seemed to blow in a gentle breeze that could not be felt.

Saul pulled his hood back to reveal his charming features. He had a rather aloof expression his face. With a black chinstrap beard and a buzz cut to boot, his big, bold and crafty dark eyes seemed to slowly flow from side to side. The Ruler of the Spirit Plain, creation of Farore, overseer of Armin, God of Justice and Sheikai, the Messenger God, appeared not to be one to be trifled with. "Good day..."

The first tier gods bowed their heads in respect at the greeting.

Quazah looked at Hylia with a most concerned expression. She no doubt knew of Hylia's hobby and feared for her. But she had a right to be fearful, as Hylia and Quazah were true siblings. What older sister would not worry? She fixed her long, elegant, yellow ponytail before darting her intelligent, grey eyes to Vane, her other underling. With her bangs hanging over her left eye, she watched. She appeared annoyed with him but also seemed less concerned. Younger sister, you make me worry too much about you. Please don't let it be you.

Dolorem began to stare menacingly at Nadine, Goddess of Love and Rayna, Goddess of Combat. He knew Rayna would be fine, as she did her best to behave herself. But he knew all too well of Nadine's roving eye. He cleared his throat, adjusted his black and yellow neck collar and ran a stressful hand through his medium-length ginger hair. How did I get stuck with the love bird?

"I trust you are all well." Quazah stated before she and her peers sat on the bench nervously. Though she scanned the first tiers carefully, her eyes would not stray far from her younger sister as the air in the room became tense.

BANG! A puff of green, red and blue smoke rose up from the top balcony, demanding attention from those beneath it.

About time. Hylia winced as she and her peers looked up to see the Golden Goddesses appearing.

They all dressed in a similar, revealing fashion. Harem pants, bikini tops, golden hoop earrings and large golden bracelets. They were not as subtle and reserved as those beneath them. They were loud and possibly drunk off of either ambrosia or limitless power.

They sat down without saying a word. They only chuckled a bit, as if sharing an inside joke prior and recalling it at that very moment.

The lesser gods all bowed their heads in respect.

"I think you all know why we are here today." Nayru ran her fingers through her glowing, electric blue locks of hair as she crossed her legs and adjusted herself in her throne. "One of you has broken one of the Heavenly Taboos."

There was a gentle groan of annoyance amongst the first tier gods. Dolorem furrowed his brow at the disrespectful reaction. "Ingrates! This is why you will always be first tier!"

Nayru's calm eyes waited for the God of Destruction to settle down. "I realize that some of you get annoyed when this happens, but it must be done. We cannot let such acts slip by unnoticed. Before you know it, all of you will be breaking the Taboos."

Din tapped her fingers impatiently off of the arm of her throne. "Just get it over with, Nayru! Unlike you, we don't have time to sit around and read over all the facts. Let's just do this ritual and oust the troublemaker and punish them!"

Hylia remained silent as she looked down into her flawless and glowing reflection in the oval pool. She tucked her harp more securely under her right arm before doing a scan of her fellow first tiers. They all had the same bored and pained expressions painted on their faces. I wonder who broke the Taboos this time. Rayna, Goddess of Combat? No, she knows better. Maybe it was Vane, God of Weather? He's been causing a lot of trouble in the land below in the last few weeks, so maybe he stepped out of line? Armin, God of Justice? No, it was him last time. He would have learned his lesson. Maybe it was someone in the second tier? Saul looks after the Spirit Plain, he doesn't even pay attention to the world below. Quazah's the Goddess of Space, and my true sister, I don't think she has time to even look at other matters that don't concern her. Dolorem on the other hand, he's always up to something... God of Destruction, that's all he is good for. Sheikai...? Hylia looked at her white haired friend in the corner of her eye. He would tell me if he was in trouble. So that just leaves... Nadine, Goddess of Love...

"Okay, everyone let's get this over with! Get out your Immortal Gifts and dip them into the Pool of Eternity." Farore ordered. "You know how it works."

Hylia held her golden harp in both hands and then dip the bottom part into the white water of the pool in front of her.

The other first tier gods and goddesses followed suit. Vane removed the noisy rain stick from his belt, Armin slowly lifted the golden weighing scales that rested on his shoulders like a milkmaid's yoke, Rayna removed one of her large, gold hoop earrings and Nadine produced a beautiful hand mirror. Sheikai produced a purple magnified glass and quickly fixed his white, wispy hair before dipping the lens into the pool along with the other gods.

Saul, Quazah and Dolorem all snapped their fingers making a scythe, a long staff and a hammer appear in their grips. The three items floated down towards the pool, and ever so gently touched the white water.

"I hate doing this..." Armin groaned quietly in Nadine's ear in annoyance. "Waste of time and energy. I should be blessing mortals with karma, not doing this ritual to oust a troublemaker."

Nadine did not comment, and merely bit her lip and pushed some of her loose pink hair behind her ear.

"Everyone ready?" Farore inquired and all of her underlings nodded back. "Good. Nayru, begin the reading."

"Ugh..." moaned Vane. 'Not this. You call out the Taboos every single time. Can you not just read the ones that may apply to the rule breaker?"

"Silence!" Din shouted. The room shook a bit as the Goddess of Power barked. "Shut up and do your job, Vane."

Vane rolled his eyes as Nayru looked straight ahead and began to speak.

"Heavenly Taboos, as set out by the Golden Goddesses to keep peace and prosperity in the heavens." Nayru began, as if reading straight from a book. "Taboo number one, all gods are to be under the jurisdiction of the Golden Goddesses at all times. Taboo number two, any lesser gods caught meddling in the matters of other gods, will be punished. All gods must know their duties and fulfill them as they see fit without assistance unless aid is asked for. Taboo number three, all gods of the first tier must report to their second tier superior whenever asked to do so. Taboo number four, if a god need be punished, that punishment is to be selected and carried out only by the Golden Goddesses. If any god is caught delivering punishment, they too will be punished. Taboo number five, gods may only smite mortals if they have been greatly wronged or have asked for permission from the Golden Goddesses. If enough prayers have been sent from the mortals to the god in question to smite an individual, that god automatically has a duty to end that individual's life."

The list of Heavenly Taboos ran on and on for another hour. All the gods and goddesses stood still with their items still partially submerged in the white pool. The ripples continued to congregate towards the centre of the water

"Taboo number eighty-seven, gods are not allowed to pursue mortals." Nayru stated firmly. The pool then began to glow as she finished her sentence. The ripples in the white pool started to gather on the side of the first tier gods, and eventually they became more focused in one particular area.

Hylia's eyes widened as it seemed she was close to falling asleep. So it was Taboo eighty-seven again...

Din and Farore looked at Naryu and nodded with intelligent eyes.

Saul and Quazah sighed as Dolorem's face grew angry with rage. "Which one of you first tier ingrates is sexing a creation this time?"

All of the first tier gods stared at each other in confusion.

"It wasn't you again, was it, Armin?" Saul sighed and rubbed his temple in exhaustion. "Karma is not about physically rewarding people."

"No, Saul, it wasn't him this time..." Farore glanced at all six of the first tier gods and goddesses in disappointment. Her eyes then stopped at the pretty, pink haired Goddess of Love. "Nadine..."

"Nadine? I knew it!" Rayna screamed. "You little concubine!"

The Goddess of Love glanced at her hands that held the hand mirror. She said nothing.

"One of yours, Din..." Farore nodded.

"Yes..." Din sighed as she began tapping her fingers impatiently on the arm of the throne. "Nadine, what do you have to say for yourself? Plead your case."

The pink haired goddess glanced at her fellow first tiers with a pained expression. "He was so cute..."

"Ugh!" a haunted and collective moan echoed throughout the court.

Hylia again said nothing, but she could feel Sheikai staring at her, and she knew why. Hylia had a most dangerous and troublesome of hobby, and that hobby was watching the mortal beings on the ground below. Sheikai was of course afraid that the interest would become more focused on an individual and turn into infatuation with a specific mortal.

Din rolled her eyes. "Is there anything else you want to say before I punish you?"

Nadine nodded. "Yes, Admirable Sister, there is. And what I would like to say is that it was worth it. I'm the Goddess of Love, can you blame me? I hadn't had so much fun in centuries!"

Saul frowned at Quazah as if he were going to be sick from hearing Nadine's statement.

Din sighed. "Nadine, you know full well the punishment for breaking the eighty-seventh Taboo, your peers have only broken it three dozen times."

"Yes, Admirable Sister." Nadine nodded in agreement.

Din raised her right arm, and a red glow began to grow around it. "Nadine, Goddess of Love, you are sentenced to three hundred years of sorting."

I know what you're thinking, my friend... "three hundred years? Isn't that a little bit much?", but you do have to realize that to divine creatures such as the gods of old, three hundred years is nothing. When one has all of the time in the universe on their side without a fear of growing old and dying, without knowing true hunger, without a need to improve their physical form or feed their intellectual knowledge, three hundred years flies by.

Sorting... Hylia furrowed her brow. I'd hate to do that job for an hour, let alone three hundred years.

The act of sorting was the act of sending each individual departed soul to the Spirit Plan, the Underworld, Infinite Limbo or, in the most rare of cases, back to Earth for a second chance. It was considered grunt work for other worthy departed souls, even though it required a careful eye. Gods felt that they were too important and powerful for such foolish work, and that is why it served as punishment, it punished the ego. Sorting was also considered to be an incredibly dull job.

Nadine put her head down in shame. "Yes, Admirable Sister. I shame my peers, but as I said before, it was worth it. None of you could possibly understand unless you experienced what I experienced."

Dolorem cringed. "That's enough of that! Admirable Sister, deal with this mortal lover!"

Din sighed again as her gaze moved into Dolorem's direction. "Will you be quiet and let me do my job? You don't see me going around leveling mountains and whatnot. Why? Because that's the job I gave to you so I don't have to do those types of things. So pipe down and learn your place! And while you're at it, learn to check up on your underlings!"

The God of Destruction buttoned his lip after that.

Din then lowered her left arm and pointed her index finger at Nadine. A solid, red beam shot from her finger and hit the Goddess of Love in the forehead. "I am revoking your abilities until you have served your sentence. You will get them back when you have finished your newly assigned duty."

"Yes, Admirable Sister..." Nadine nodded.

"Now, get out of here and get to work!" Din waved her hand and the Goddess of Love disappeared in the puff of red smoke.

The rest of the gods were silent as they removed their Immortal Gifts from the white pool. They awaited more words to escape the mouths of the Golden Goddesses. What words? Any words would do, especially after ousting a god for breaking Taboos.

Nayru narrowed her eyes, as if she was sorting out an idea in her head. "Sisters, what say you to having a more indirect way of punishing any gods with roving eyes?"

"What do you mean?" Farore questioned, calling the rest of the holy divinities in the room to attention to the conversation.

"While we're all here, I figured we might as well do something to deter such acts." Nayru sat back in her throne, her blue hair wrapped around her neck and torso like a blanket. "Kiss of Death."

The Goddess of Wisdom would think of something as cruel as that. Sheikai raised his eyebrow at the upper goddess' words.

Din shrugged. "Do what you must, sister. It is obvious that we have a problem as some of the lessers just aren't getting it. I think they do need to learn the hard way."

"What would this proposed Kiss of Death entail, Admirable Sister?" Saul quizzed as he fixed the button that held his long, white robe together.

Nayru scanned the white room, looking down at her lessers with a calculating eye. "If our fellow gods and goddesses do not understand the reason for our resentment towards mortal-immortal relations, perhaps having a greater consequence should be in order? I propose that all lesser gods be given a deadly kiss that will immediately put any human out of his or her misery."

Din nodded. "Clever. Why didn't I think of that?"

Farore frowned. "That's cruel and unusual. How can we punish creations for being infatuated with immortals? It's natural for all mortals to find gods attractive. Din made them that way to please her ego."

Din frowned at her green haired sister. "Well excuuuuuuse me for wanting some appreciation for my hard work."

"It does not matter as I think it's a good idea." Nayru shrugged. "If any of the lessers truly love a creation, they will not do the one thing creations see as an act of love."

"Fair enough." Farore hesitantly nodded along with Din.

The three Golden Goddesses held out their hands and began to channel their energy.

Hopefully this will keep you away from mortals, Hylia... Sheikai felt his lips tingle a bit as the spell began to run it's course. He knew he would never need such a curse for he cared little for mortals; but as one who could see truth in the darkness, he knew one day his good friend would fall victim to the curse, and this caused the most disturbing, sinking feeling in his gut as he knew he could not protect his friend from her own devices.

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