So this is what I did with this chapter. It's like an extended version of the last. So trust me, it's not déjà vu! This one is for if I decide I want to make a second story off of this one, because I just don't know if I can let go yet! Anyways, enjoy!

"Whaaaaaa! Whaaaa!" Muffled screaming comes through the monitor, the baby monitor that is, waking both Jace and Clary. Jace shuffles to his side, facing away from the monitor. Clary groans and yawns at the same time.

"Whaaaa! Whaaaaa! Whaaaaaaaaa!" More crying in between sniffling.

"He's your son. I bet he is hungry. Go feed him." Jace grunts out.

"He was my son last night, it's your turn." Jace makes a noise. Clary thinks he said "ugh", but is not sure. "Please, Jace? I'm so tired. Please, for me?" She begs him.

Jace sighs. "Okay, okay. I know I promised I would help out. I'll go." He tells her; she mumbles out a "thank you". He kisses her cheek, then crawls out of bed to go warm up a baby bottle, then get their son out of his crib.

Clary rolls over in their bed, inhales Jace's scent, and quickly falls back asleep. She is only asleep a little over a half hour before waking up again to find herself very cold. She decides to snuggle up to Jace's warm chest but then realizes he has not come back to bed.

Clary throws the comforter off of her and walks towards the living room. She shivers in her baby pink lace nightgown. When she reaches the living room, she sees Jace sitting on the far end of the couch with the baby laying stomach down on Jace's torso and shoulder, both asleep.

Clary smiles as she walks closer to them. The closer she gets, the easier it is to see the light freckles on their baby's small nose and chubby cheeks. Jon Luke, short for Jonathan Lucas, has light blonde hair, which Jace claims will cause him to be great with the ladies. Sure, he looks like his dad in some ways, like his hair, but he had some of Clary's traits, too. Jon Luke not only has Clary's freckles, also has her eyes. When his eyes popped open, all you could see were big green eyes that resembles the color of green grass that still has the dew from the night on it. They shine bright. Although he had the color of Clary's eyes, his eye shape and eyelashes came from Jace.

She smiles again, grabbing the baby bottle off of the table next to the couch and goes into the kitchen to throw away the bag and clean the bottle. Once in the kitchen, she glances at Jace and her wedding day picture sitting on the bar. Her red hair was in a high updo, letting some of her curls frame her face, much like the night of the Gala.

They had had a small country wedding. He wanted to have a huge wedding to show her off to everyone he had ever met, but Clary had explained that she wanted a smaller, more intimate wedding, and he instantly agreed.

Clary was wearing a simple white laced wedding gown, but no vail. Although she was sure he was the one, and that she was ready for this commitment, she was feeling very nervous.

"Oh, calm down, Clary. He's my brother and I know him. He's never even LOOKED at a another woman the way he looks at you. He loves you, girl, and there is nothing you can do about it!" She teased. "It's gonna be alight, I know he would never hit you," She said seriously after seeing Clary tense up. "And I'd kick his ass for you if he even thought about it!"

"Haha, Iz, I know he wouldn't. I'm just... Scared." She whispered the last word.

"Scared of what?" The raven haired beauty arched an eyebrow.

"What... What if he gets bored with me?" She asks unconfidently.

"Ha! Clary, you will NEVER have to worry about that! I promise." Isabelle reassured her. "Now, how bout you go get hitched?" Clary smiles back at her and Isabelle left to go get lined up.

"I do." Jace said smiling, showing off the small chip in his incisor. The minister continued on asking Clary the same set of questions while she was just smiling as big as she could.

"I do."

"You may now share your first kiss as man and wife." They leaned in and mashed their lips together, still feeling the strong sparks they felt the first time they had kissed.

"I love you, Mrs. Clary Herondale."

"I love you, too, Mr. Jace Herondale." She smiled.

Clary places the bottle on the drying rack and dries her hands with a bright red dish towel. She walks back into the living room seeing that Jace nor Jon Luke had moved a muscle. She smiles thinking of one of the small arguments on what to name the baby.

"Jace seriously, if you do not help me come up with some names, I'm going to pick one whether you like it or not." Clary threatened Jace, who was sitting on the couch watching Sunday football.

"I already told you the names, woman. If it is a boy, he will be Jace junior; we could call him J.J." he mused, " and if it's a girl, well she will be Jacie, with an 'ie' at the end, not 'ey'." He said matter of factly. She rolled her eyes and waddled over to the couch to sit beside him. She reached over to the coffee table to grab the remote and pressed the red power button.

"Hey! I was watching that!" He turned with an almost murderous glare.

"I like Rileigh for a girl. And if it's a boy, I would really like to name him after my dad. And you. Please, Jace?" She looked at him and he stared back. He pursed his lips and let out a heavy sigh, obviously giving up to her stubbornness.

"Well, what did you have in mind?" He asked.

Grinning, Clary reaches for Jon Luke. She cradles the sleeping baby in her arms while walking him back to his nursery and carefully lying him on his back in his crib after kissing his forehead. She walks back to the living room to wake Jace up.

"Jace, baby, come on. Wake up." He grunts. "Jace, get up, it's cold by myself." He stretches out, making Clary think he is about to get up, but lies back down, asleep. "Jace!" She hisses, trying to stay quiet to not wake Jon Luke. "Come to bed with me, please?" His golden eyes pop open and he gives her a devilish grin.

"Well, baby, all you had to do was ask." He says waggling his eyebrows up and down. Despite her efforts not to, Clary giggles.

"You, Mr. Herondale, are impossible." She rolls her eyes and turns to go back to their room, but before she can, Jace wraps his strong tan arms around her waist and pulls her tiny body on top of him, causing her to gasp.

"But you love me anyways." He kisses her forehead, both eyelids, nose, both cheeks, jaw, neckline, the captures her lips with his own.

"Yes, I do." She replies.

Waking up some weeks later, Clary hears noises coming from the kitchen. She lies back down and pretends to be asleep when she hears her door open.

"Morning, sunshine." Jace announces loudly. Clary stays still, feigning her slumber. "Clary, I know you are awake." He says with a smirk. She smiles and rolls over to face him.

"How did you know?" She asks eyeing the tray of breakfast foods in his hands.

"Cause I'm good, baby, duh." He says as if it is the most obvious thing in the world. She rolls her eyes, something she does regularly on a daily basis when talking to him. "Now get up and eat this amazing breakfast I prepared for you." He commands teasingly. Then, he leans in really close to her and whispers in her ear, "then maybe I can squeeze in some birthday sex for you." She blushes wildly.


"Wow" Clary mumbles out for the fifth time that morning.

"Yeah, you said that already." Jace says with that annoying smirk on his face. "Now as much as I would like to ravish you again, you need to get up." He tells her as he stands up looking for his blue jeans.

"What for? Has Jon Luke been fed and changed this morning?" She wonders allowed.

"Of course he has; I wasn't going to make my birthday girl work today." He says winking at her and she catches the double meaning behind it.

"Well why do I gotta get up?"

"Because there's a surprise coming." He replies. She huffs, but does what he says.


Half an hour later, Clary and Jace make their way downstairs with Jon Luke in Clary's arms. The second Clary's feet hit the floor, the doorbell rings. She looks over at Jace, who just smiles.

"You didn't." She says.

"Oh, but I did." He says wiggling his eyebrows up and downs. He makes his way over to the door and reveals Jocelyn, Luke, Isabelle, and Simon. Behind them are Alec, Jace's brother, and Alec's boyfriend, Magnus, both whom Clary are just starting to get to know.

Clary squeals loudly and hugs all of them quickly with one arm, still holding Jon Luke.

"Can I hold him, Clary?" Jocelyn asks.

"Of course, mama." She hands her son over to her.

As Clary mingles with everyone, watching her baby being passed from guest to guest. She hears the phone ring and is about to go get it, but sees Jace going for it. She turns back to the small party that was thrown for her, laughing as she watches Simon make baby noises to Jon Luke.

She grows a bit concerned after realizing that Jace hasn't returned yet. She walks towards the kitchen; the closer she gets, the louder Jace's voice gets.

"What the HELL do you mean he wasn't there?!" Jace barks into the telephone. "I saw it myself, I was there!" He yells. "How could this have happened?" He asks in a low but threatening voice after he realizes Clary is standing in the entry way. "Okay. Take care of it. Let me know when something changes." He hangs up.

Clary wraps her arms around herself. "Is everything okay?" She asks.

"Everything's fine, babe." He says unconvincingly.

She raises her eyebrows. "Jace, I know when you're lying. Tell me what is going on right now." She says.

"Not now."

"Yes. Right now, Jace." She says in a warning tone.


"Jace, please?" She begs and he takes a deep breath.

"Sit down." He tells her. She pulls out a chair out from under the kitchen table and he kneels down right in front of her. He takes two deep breaths before continuing. "Clary, when I stabbed Sebastian, I thought he was dead. I called the police and ambulance right after I got to you and realized you were going to be okay. I never looked back after I got in the ambulance with you. The police are just now informing that Sebastian's body was never found." He whispers.

She stares at him, mouth shut and being completely still for what seems like hours. After the moments pass, she looks down to see that Jace had interlaced his fingers in to hers and was holding her hands tightly. She looks back up to face him. His golden eyes plead for her to say something, but he never asks her to. Finally, she speaks three words, "oh my God."

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