I'm new to this so this story might be a little on the corny side... :\

Don't judge

Here goes...

"Astrid, I'm gonna miss you." I admitted.

"Oh, Come on Hiccup! It'll only be for a few months!" she said playfully.

"But, I will too." She kissed my cheek. "well, bye!" She ran off and jumped onto the ship most vikings were going on. They were on a journey to search for new dragons or something...

I sighed. I'm gonna miss having her around.

"Tuff, where's my helmet?! I need my helmet now!" Ruffnut yelled at her twin brother.

I rolled my eyes and turned around to see all my friends: Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Fishlegs, and Snotlout.

I jumped. "Oh my gosh, Ruff, you're really having a bad hair day." I told her. Her hair looked absolutely crazy without that helmet of hers.

"Shut up." She crossed her arms.

"Who invited them to come here?" Snotlout looked to the shore.

"What do you mean?" I was confused.

"Turn around, Hiccup." Fishlegs said as he pointed to the shore.

I did, and I saw a big fancy ship park here in Burk. I know we don't usually get unsuspected company like this.

"Coming through, get out of the way!" Gobber shouted as he hobbled through the crowd.

"Hiccup, what's going on?"

"What, do I know everything now?" I asked sarcastically.

He sighed and pushed me out of the way. "You're no help whatsoever."

A buff man came out of the ship and headed towards Gobber. They talked for a few minutes, then the man got angry.

"I take one trip and I get stuck here?! There's no way I can fix me ship on time! I have my family up on board!" I heard him complain.

"I think I can have your family stay somewhere..." I heard Gobber offer.

"I wonder what's happening over there." Snotlout commented.

"Let's go find out!" Tuffnut said.

We all walked over to Gobber and the strange newcomer.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"This is the king of Dunbroch! His family's going to stay at your home for a while since your father's gone." Gobber said with a stern tone and a look that said, 'say anything and you're done for.'

What?! "Uh, okay, I guess..." I said as calmly as possible.

"I can't thank you enough!" the man thanked sincerely.

A woman came out of the ship. "Fergus, what's going on out here?" She asked.

"Eleanor, we're going to have to stay here for a while until we get a new ship built." He told her. I think she was his wife.

"What's wrong with the one we have right here?" She protested.

"A lot of things. Get the kids out of that thing with their belongings. We have to take everything out now." He ordered.

"Oh, alright." She rolled her eyes. A few minutes later three cute little boys ran out with a bunch of pastries in their arms and the woman came out with a big box.

"Merida! Get out here now!" The woman yelled sternly.

"I'm coming, mum!" A girl yelled, clearly annoyed by her mother. Then she ran out of the ship with a bow and arrows.

Wow. she was beautiful.

"She's hot." Tuff commented. I think she heard that, because she glared straight at Tuffnut.

"Mum, where are we stayin'?" the girl asked.

"Ask yer father." her mother replied.

"Oh, uh, in that guy's house." Her dad pointed at me.

I hesitated. "Dad's not gonna like this... When he gets back, I'm so dead."

"Yeah, good luck with that." Snotlout laughed.

"While you go work things out with that weird family, we're gonna go riding." Tuff said.

"I'm not going anywhere until you give me my helmet back!" Ruffnut growled to her brother.

"Not happening." Tuffnut laughed then ran off with Snotlout.

"Hey guys! Wait for me!" Fishlegs tried to catch up with them.

I took a deep breath. Life's just perfect. "uh, Ruffnut? You can borrow my helmet if you want..." I offered.

"Give it. Now." She ordered rudely.

"Hold on! I gotta settle one issue at a time. Come on, follow me. It's in my house somewhere..." I walked to the family that was waiting for me on the shore.

"Um, if you guys come with me I'll bring you to where you're staying." I forced a hospitable smile when really I could care less about their comfort. Maybe save for that pretty redheaded girl...

"Hurry up Hiccup! I need a helmet now." Ruffnut screeched.

"I'm getting to it! Gosh, you're annoying." I snapped.

The woman exchanged judging glances with her husband.

"Let's go." I ignored them and led them to my house and prepared extra beds for them all in my dad's room.

"Where's you helmet?" Ruff asked, exasperated.

Annoyed, I grabbed the helmet and threw it at her head.


I rolled my eyes and got up. "Since I gave you the helmet, help me out! Now!"

"Yeah, I don't think so... I'm gonna ride my dragon if Tuff didn't take it yet.. Oh well, I'll find a way. Bye!" She said rudely and ran out of the house. I sighed. I should've seen that one coming. Oh well, there's nothing I can do about it now.

"Need some help?" The girl from the ship came out of nowhere. I jumped.

"Oh, uh... Sure." She was really pretty. I couldn't think straight around her. She must think I'm a complete idiot.

She laughed."Yer not like most vikings, are ye?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" I confronted, offended by her comment. I hear stuff like that way too much.

"Oh, nuthin' really... Thanks for letting us stay here by the way, I know you don't really want us too, I can tell..." She admitted. Yeah, I can live without all of this, except for her of course. She can live here for the rest of my life for all I care.

I've never felt this way about a girl before.

"Hello? Anybody home in there?" She grabbed my attention. "What were ye thinkin' about?" she asked with curiosity in her tone.

"Oh, uh, nothing... I didn't catch your name. Mine's Hiccup, by the way." I smiled.

She giggled. "that's a, well... unique name! I'm Merida." She introduced.

I ignored her comment about my name.

I heard Toothless coming in the distance.

Oh no.

"Hey, we should really get going... Uh, things to do! Places to be... Come on!" I pushed her outside.

"What on earth- what are ye hiding?" She stopped and crossed her arms.

"What? Why do you just assume I'm hiding something?"

She glared at me.

Toothless appeared behind her.

My eyes widened. "You know what? You're right. You got me! Let's go back inside and pretend nothing happened.." I motioned for her to come inside.

"I wasn't born yesturday." She turned around and jumped. A few seconds passed and a smile appeared on her face. "Oh me goodness! A dragon! A real life dragon!" her fear turned into giddiness.

"You're not even scared a little?" She gave me a dismissive look

"What do ye take me for? a wee lass?" She rolled her eyes.

"Sorry..." I corrected.

"Well why aren't ye surprised, huh?" She questioned.

I hesitated. "Well, here in Burk, we ride dragons. Train 'em. Keep them as pets, ya know?"

She was bewildered. "So, they're tame? Like, even ye can ride them?" she asked.

I was so offended. "Hey! I was the first viking in history to ever ride a dragon! Ever!"

"No way! 'Yer takin' me on a ride, right now!" Man, she is straight-forward.

I smiled.


I headed to the North pole to meet up with all my guardian friends. They said to come as fast as possible, that it was urgent. But, what could honestly be that important? It's not like Pitch is still a threat anymore. When I got there, everyone was staring at me.

"Jack! You're okay!" Tooth ran up to me and gave me a bearhug.

"Of course I am! Why wouldn't I be?" I asked, confused.

Everyone exchanged glances. "We saw a vision of you dying on North's globe." Bunnymund said seriously.

"wait, what?" This doesn't make sense at all. "What happened? How did I 'die?'" I put quotes around the word die.

"You were with three teens. One's really long blonde hair was cut by a crazy redheaded girl. The redhead was crying and the 'blonde' was mortified. Her hair got short and brown. She cried and ran to you. You looked really hurt, but not physically. There was this brown haired boy that started screaming at the redhead, then a portal threw your staff back, but it was shredded to pieces." Tooth explained.

...? "That sounds interesting enough, but I'm pretty sure that didn't happen." I remarked sarcastically.

"Man in moon told me this will happen in time." North said distinctively.