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I laughed at something Merida said. We're really starting to get closer, and I really like her.

"So, Hiccup, this if your life? You're so lucky." She commented wistfully.

"What do you mean? You're the princess of Dunbroch! You get anything you want!"

"Yeah, but I never get to do anything fun..." She complained.

Snotlout and Fishlegs ran up to me. "Hiccup!" Fishlegs started, completely out of breath. "Astrid's back!" He finished.


"Yeah, and some weird girl with crazy long hair came back with her... That girl is hot." Snotlout got distracted.

I huffed at how annoying he was. "Wait, so Astrid's back? Now?!" I yelled.

"Who's Astrid?" Merida asked.

"Oh, she's my... my, uh-" I didn't know what to say.

"Astrid's his girlfr-" A girl tripped over Snotlout before he got to finish his sentence.

I heaved a sigh of relief.

"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry! I really should keep track of where my hair's going..." A girl with really long blonde hair apologized.

He got really mad, but when he saw who it was he stopped before he said anything that was going to ruin any chances with her. Not that he has any. "Oh, it's totally fine, really. Are you the new girl...?" Snotlout tried to act cool.

I noticed Ruff mimicking him behind his back. Of course he didn't realize that.

"Uh, yeah... Well, bye!" She tried to run with all of that hair. I laughed. Snotlout glared at me.

"What?" I said innocently. I saw Astrid walking towards me. "And this is the end of me." I put on a nervous smile.

"Hey Hiccup. Meet the new girl yet?" She asked nicely as she rudely punched my shoulder. Oh, the irony.

"Oh, uh... Yup... Crazy hair, right?" I rambled nervously.

She looked at me. "Hiccup, what are you hiding from me?" She asked.

"What?!" I acted hurt. "Why do you just assume that I'm hiding something from you?" I defended pathetically.

"I've known you for a while, Hiccup. What do you take me for?" She does have a point, and of course, as always, she was right.

I saw Merida approaching us. Oh great. The gods hate me. "Hi Hiccup! Is this Astrid?" Merida asked.

"Who are you?" Astrid asked abruptly.

"Well that's a nice way to give a first impression.. Me name's Merida Dunbroch. I already know who ye are. Pleasure to meet'cha." Merida shook hands with the slightly confused Astrid.

"Merr, can you give us a minute?" I asked. She got the hint, nodded, then walked away.

"Was that what you were hiding?" Astrid said, picking up the pieces based on my scared expression. "So what, you have a new friend. What I want to know is why you're trying to hide it from me. What, is she gonna kill me or something?" Astrid put her hand on her hips and waited for me to respond.

I was quiet for a while. "Won't talk? Fine, but you're probably not going to see me for another 7 months, remember that."


"No, it's okay. Just tell the new blonde girl she can stay at my place, be nice to her. Bye, Hiccup." She went to the dock and jumped onto the ship's deck. That's the last time I saw her for a long while.


I kept on walking. Something told me not to stop.

"Jack, can we take a break yet?" Tooth yawned as Sandy fell asleep. Again.

"Come on guys! We're so close. I can feel it. Please?" I pleaded.

"Oh alright..." Bunny rolled his eyes.

I went through a cave opening to see a beautiful valley and a tall tower. It was very aged and so torn apart it almost wasn't a building anymore. There was green ivy poking out of the rooftop and the window as it surrounded the grey bricks of the tower down to the last one.

I flew up to the top window and went inside. There were holes in the walls and some of the floor was coming apart. Due to my arrival, a herd of mice raced across the floorboard and headed to a crevice under a worn bed. When my feet hit the ground there was a loud creaking noise.

I looked around and saw an old withered black hood, a knife, and a lot of long brown hair. There were also shards of glass and a satchel lying on the ground. The satchel had a big hole in the worn leather bottom. There was a yellowing paper in the satchel that read 'Wanted, Flinnigan Rider.'

The shards of glass on the ground started to glow, then it showed a big vision. There was a big castle, and it was called, 'Corona Museum. Grand Opening.' Something told me to go there.

I jumped out of the tower and ran to my friends. "Guys! We need to go to some place called Corona, and fast! North, do you have your snow globe with you?" I asked eagerly.

"Yes, I do. Let's go!" North said as he got out the magic globe.

"You're not tired? Bunny asked, bewildered.

"I'm staying here to rest, I'm exhausted." Tooth admitted.

"Yeah, me too mate." Bunny agreed. Sandy was already fast asleep.

"Fine. Bye!" I said as North and I left.


Wow, Corona has a big museum. North and I easily got in for free, judging by the fact that no one believed in us.

"Attention!" A man with a name tag called out. "I would like to present the grand opening of this place with the 'royal' family of Corona, Princess Rapunzel's descendants, Camilla and Christopher Fitzherbert!" The man announced as everyone around us applauded.

A girl with big green eyes and straight brown hair smiled, and what looked like her father, who had brown hair, freckles, and amber eyes smiled as well.

"We would like to thank you all for being here, and welcome you! The story of our family's history is very hard to believe, and what I call- Magical!" Christopher introduced.

After he said that, everyone was free to roam around.

"Let's check out their history." I said, and walked to an exhibit with a long lock of...The brown hair I saw at the tower, a crown, and a very familiar purple dress. The label to the Exhibit said:

Princess Rapunzel was kidnapped at a young age and was found one day at an idle tower in the middle of nowhere. She was reunite with her parents that week, but unfortunately her seventy feet long blonde hair was cut, and turned brown. She was around longer than her descendants, up until the late 1990s, but then mysteriously disappeared, the only people that remember her and her remarkably true story, that unfortunately will not share their knowledge are Miss Camilla and Mr. Christopher Fitzherbert.

It all makes sense now! Why didn't I remember this before? She was the blonde girl from my vision!

"North, did you read this?!" I asked.

"Yes! It describes blonde girl from vision perfectly." He observed in his Russian accent.

" I need to talk to that man and his daughter, North, I'll catch up with you later. I think I need to do this alone." I explained.

"Okay. Goodbye Jak!" He waved as I looked for the man and the girl.

Finally, I caught them just before they left the building. I hope they believe in me, because that's the only way this will work.

"Hey! Mr. Fitzherbert!" He turned around.

Yes! He does believe! I ran up to him. "Can I talk to you and your daughter for a minute?" I asked hopefully.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry, but we were just leaving." He apologized politely.

"Please, it's really important." I pleaded.

"Well, we have to get home, how about you come to my house and we'll talk?" He suggested.


"Alright, follow me and I'll drive you there. What's your name?" He asked as we walked to his car. His 16 year old daughter was sitting in the front seat. "Milla, sit in the back, we have company." Chris ordered.

The girl was pretty. She looked like a brunette Rapunzel."But dad-" She stopped when she saw me and blushed. "Okay."

"My name's Jack." I said as I got into the front seat. I turned around to Camilla, holding my staff in my hand. "Can you hold this for me?"


"And that's why I need to find out a way to go back and get to know them." I said as I explained the last of why I had to find Hiccup, Rapunzel and Merida.

They were dumbfounded.

"I barely remembered her, but she used to tell me stories before I went to bed when I was a little girl." Camilla offered.

"I might be able to answer some of your questions." Chris said as he unlocked the door to his apartment and gestured for us to sit on the couch.

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