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Almost Is Never Enough


I'd like to say we gave it a try

I'd like to blame it all on life

"It's over, Edward!" Bella shouted behind her. "Leave me alone!"

"Bella, please―"

"Stop following me!" She ran up the final flight of stairs before reaching her floor, too impatient to wait for the elevator. She could hear Edward's footsteps behind her.

Finally reaching her apartment, Bella hurriedly unlocked and shoved the door open, grateful that she got it open the first time, and immediately slammed it behind her. There was a loud bang against the door.

"Bella, I told you, nothing happened―"

"Save it for someone who cares, Edward!"

Maybe we just weren't right

But that's a lie

That's a lie

"Bella..." Edward groaned as he pounded his fist against the door again. She was being completely irrational...and he was going to kill Tanya. "It was a lie, Bella. None of that ever happened. It's Tanya, for God's sake!"

He paused, listening for some kind of reaction.

His heart broke when he heard a muffled sob against the door.

"Bella, please, just open the door. I can explain―"

Edward cut himself off when he heard the sound of a door somewhere else in the apartment. It was obvious Bella wasn't listening anymore. He sighed in frustration, running a hand through his hair.

And we can deny it as much as we want

But in time, our feelings will show

Bella ignored the tears that were streaming down her cheeks and blurring her vision. She didn't need that many things, anyway―she'd just buy more when she got back to New York.

I might even let Alice take me shopping, she thought. She threw a few more shirts into the duffel bag before grabbing her purse from the dressing table where she'd thrown it. She reached for the apartment keys, too, but backed away when she realized that she wouldn't need them anymore.

She quickly walked out of what used to be her room, not wanting to change her mind, and stopped for a few moments in front of Edward's room.

Bella remembered when he had asked her if they could just sleep in the same had only been a month after she'd moved in with him. He had been so nervous, pacing around the living room for fifteen minutes before she had told him to just spit it out.

She quickly snapped out of it when she felt her face breaking into a small smile at the memory. Shaking her head, she started toward the door.

'Cause sooner or later

We'll wonder why we gave up

The truth is, everyone knows

Bella was startled to see that Edward was still outside the door. His head shot up when she came out, eyes immediately becoming confused when he saw the duffel bag in her hand.

"Where are you going?" he asked slowly, forgetting that he was supposed to take this chance to explain what really happened.

Bella sniffled, fresh tears sliding down her face as she stared at Edward, before wiping her cheeks with the back of her hand. Her eyes, red from crying, were emotionless as she spoke. "I'm going home."

Edward paled at those three words. He was unable to think for a few seconds, and Bella took that as her chance to start walking away.

Almost, almost is never enough

So close to being in love

If I would have know that you wanted me

The way I wanted you

"Bella, wait!" Edward called out as he came back to his senses. He sprinted to catch up with her. "You can't leave! It's the middle of the afternoon―O'Hare will be packed!"

She ignored him, keeping up her fast pace until they left the apartment building. She stopped on the sidewalk of the busy road, looking for a taxi.

"Just one minute, Bella, I can explain everyth―"

"You know, Edward, you could've just stayed with her." Bella couldn't look at him; she knew that the second she caught sight of those green eyes again, she'd burst into tears right on the spot. Memories of what Tanya had said flashed through her mind, and she forced herself to block out the mental images. "Tanya, I mean. You didn't have to lie to me. You didn't have to give me this...this false hope that 'we' could actually work."

Edward stared at her in disbelief, not even noticing the taxi that had pulled to a stop in front of them. "You can't possibly believe that. How can you possibly believe that everything between us was a lie? That our love was a lie?!"

Bella froze, her hand on the door handle of the cab. The driver, a young-looking man, was looking between Bella and Edward, seeming to understand the situation, and fortunately kept quiet.

"I just...I can't stay here when you still like her, Edward."

"That's the thing!" Edward shouted, barely trying to keep his voice in check. It's not like the people of Chicago cared, anyway. "I don't like her! She lied, Bella, because she wants you to leave! Please, just let me ex―"

"Good-bye, Edward," Bella muttered quietly, refusing to look at him even one last time. She quickly got in the cab and Edward watched, helpless, as the light turned green.

Less than ten seconds later, the cab had disappeared from view.

And in the next half second, after his body had already started moving toward the parking lot, he had made up his mind: he had to stop her. He had to get to the airport.


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