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Almost Is Never Enough


Try to deny it as much as you want

Edward didn't know what to think as he walked out of the airport.

Could he call Alice? No, his sister would kill him before he even explained everything. As soon as she heard that Bella was heading back to their previously shared apartment in New York, Alice would demand to know what Edward had done that would cause such a thing.

And then she'd blame Edward for all of it, not that he didn't deserve it. She'd also sketch out the details of how she was going to kill Tanya.

He had already decided that he was going to kill Tanya himself. Although he knew he probably wouldn't go that far, she'd certainly deserve it.

But Edward was still in denial. He couldn't believe that Bella had really just...left. And he couldn't believe that she most likely wasn't coming back.

There was no way Alice was going to let Edward visit them, not after Bella explains her version of what happened.

Now that he thought about it, Emmett was probably going to kill him too. Bella was like a little sister to Emmett, closer to him than Edward would ever become.

Alice would help Emmett, and so would Jasper.

Edward also knew that Rosalie, with her past, would actually murder him before the other three even finished planning out how to.

By the time he got into his car, Edward had figured out exactly how he was going to get killed.

But in time, our feelings will show

Lifting his head up, Edward realized that he had been in the parking garage of his apartment complex, head on the steering wheel, for five minutes now. He decided that he should call Alice now. If she heard the news straight from Bella first...he didn't even want to think about her reaction.

Glancing at the cup holder, Edward cursed himself for forgetting his set of the apartment keys earlier. He would've been able to get in and somehow, just maybe, been able to convince her. Those few extra minutes could've meant the difference between her staying and leaving...but now he'd never know. He knew it was irrational to glare at the keys. But he did, and he knew that he'd hate those keys for as long as he had them. Maybe he should get a new set made...or maybe just get a new apartment all together...

Reluctantly, he walked up the stairs, heading to his apartment. He honestly didn't feel like going back. Now that Bella had...left, the place just wouldn't feel like home anymore.

Slowly, he unlocked the door and, after closing it behind him, decided that going to sleep for an hour or so wouldn't hurt. He already had a headache from the day, and he still couldn't reach Bella. Maybe when he called Alice, he could convince her that he just had to talk to Bella and explain...

As he approached his room, though, he thought he heard something. Something that sounded a lot like...a lot like crying.

Moving quickly, he threw open the door to his bedroom.

And stopped dead in his tracks as the one face he thought he'd never see again looked up at him.

Almost, almost is never enough

We were so close to being in love

If I would have known that you wanted me

The way I wanted you, babe

Bella hung up before Angela could finish her speech. Thoughts raced through her mind as she stared blankly at her phone.

It wasn't true. It was all a lie.

I overreacted. I didn't even stop to listen to Edward.

Oh my God.

As if a switch had been flipped inside her, she suddenly unfroze. Grabbing her bag, she started running through the airport, unable to get to the exit fast enough, while at the same time praying that she wouldn't go sprawling on the floor.

She was breathless by the time she reached the terminal exit. Pushing her way through to the part of the sidewalk that was closest to the road, she almost collapsed on the spot with relief when she saw on old couple getting out of a cab.

"Wait!" she shouted at the driver before he was able to pull away. The car stopped just as suddenly as it started. The couple were staring at her oddly as she hastily got into the backseat.

"Hello, miss...where will you be going today?" the driver asked hesitantly, glancing at her disheveled state. He opened his mouth, as if to ask her if she was okay, but then thought the better of it.

Bella quickly listed the address. It was only once they started on their way that she relaxed, resting her head against the seat.

She still couldn't believe that she had been so stupid. Believing Tanya, of all people? But Tanya had been drunk, and confident. Drunk people couldn't usually lie convincingly...or could they? Tanya, however, was evidence that proved the opposite.

And now Bella wished that she could undo everything she had said to Edward earlier that day.

Then maybe we wouldn't be two worlds apart

But right here, in each other's arms

"Have a nice day, miss," the cabbie said as Bella stepped out of the taxi.

Bella didn't even have to force herself to give a genuine smile to him. In all honestly, he deserved an award for putting up with her 'episode'. "Thank you, sir."

As her drove away, she automatically, out of habit, glanced to the east side of the parking garage.

The side where Edward always parked.

She didn't expect to not see his car there, however, and when she didn't, she expected the worst.

Did he go off with Tanya again? Oh God, what if I completely ruined it?

But she immediately pushed those thoughts away.

Even if that's who he...chooses... Bella shuddered, fresh tears springing into her eyes. I still need to apologize. Just one minute, that's all I'll need. Then I'll leave, and I won't come back.

He'll never have to see me again. I'll make sure of it.

Now feeling a lot more relieved, though sad, at her acceptance that she'll never be with Edward again, Bella took a deep breath and started toward their―soon to be just his―apartment.

And we almost

We almost knew what love was

Surprisingly, it took Bella less than ten minutes to finish packing all her things. Maybe it was the sudden adrenaline rush she got from the revelation in the parking lot. Or maybe it was because she didn't have much to distract her. But whatever the reason, her three bags were neatly packed in the corner of the living room, and now she just had to wait for Edward to come back from wherever he was.

Bella frowned. That could take a long time, she reasoned. Until then, she decided that she could pretend, just this one time, that she was still with Edward.

But as she took the steps leading to his room, the tears that seemed to be ever-present in her eyes came back full-force, and started streaming down her cheeks. She didn't bother to wipe them away.

Her hand hesitated on the door handle, and she paused, wondering if she'd be able to cope with seeing their―his―room again. She swallowed, pushing back the tears, before making up her mind.

When she pushed the door open, she was once again stunned by the sudden emptiness of the room. All her things were packed, and she couldn't believe how depressing it looked.

It'll probably be fine again, after he finds someone new, Bella reasoned, even though it broke her heart just to think of it. After all, Edward was...well, Edward. It wouldn't be that hard for him.

She went directly to the bed, which looked to be the only warm and comforting place there was at the moment. She wrapped herself up in the comforter, so overpowered by the sense of being surrounded by Edward that she couldn't fight back the tears anymore.

She hoped he didn't mind having to wash his comforter again to get rid of her tearstains.

Bella didn't know how long she sat there, just thinking about everything. All their times together, all their memories, every little thing.

But she stiffened, suddenly, when she heard the lock being turned in the front door.

Bella didn't dare breathe as she heard the footsteps―his footsteps―pace around the living room for a few seconds before approaching the bedroom.

They suddenly stopped, a little ways from the bedroom door, and the next thing she knew, the door had been thrown open against the wall and she was staring at the one face she wished she didn't have to leave.

But almost is never enough