"You did what?!" Kendall yelled, looking down at his best friend in disbelief.

"Lucy said she likes tattoos. So I got one." James shrugged, looking up at Kendall from the couch.

"Ok, one, do you understand that my mother will kill you? And then once that happens, Gustavo will kill you again. And Then Kelly will smack you upside the head and throw her shoe at you. And after all of that, I get my turn. And two, are you crazy?! You have a permanant thing on you without even thinking about it!" Kendall yelled, pulling at his hair.

"Calm down. No one is going to kill me. No one will even see it. It's not visable. It's on my shoulder, under my sleeve." James smirked, getting to his feet.

"What about when you go swimming?" Kendall asked, crossing his arms. James's smirk fell.

"Thought so." Kendall said, still fuming. He knew that there was nothing he could do though. It was already done, so he just uncrossed his arms and sighed. "Well, let's see it." He gestured to James's arm. He gently rolled up his sleeve and there on his arm was a black and red star. It was puffy and red all around it and looked like it hurt.

"A star?" Kendall raised his eyebrow.

"I'm a star. Why not?" James asked, carefully rolling his sleeve back down.

"What does Lucy think of it?"

"She hasn't seen it yet. No one but you has." James shrugged. Kendall sighed again, his anger subsiding a little more.

"Does it hurt?"

"Yeah, it hurt when I got it, and its really painful now. But it'll go away. I just have to take care of it." James stuffed his hands in his pockets.

"You do realize that Mom and Gustavo are going to find out eventually. And if you don't tell Carlos right away, he's going to think we're all hiding things from him and lock himself in his room for a day or two to cry and pout. And if you tell Logan, he can probably tell you exactly how to take care of it." Kendall explained.

"Yeah, yeah I'll tell them both. But right now, I'm going to go meet Lucy down in the lobby to show her." James smiled and began to push past Kendall.

"Wait." Kendall said, and James spun around to look at his best friend. "I'm sorry I yelled. It really does look pretty cool."

"Thanks, Ken." James smiled.

"I just, I care about you James. You're my best friend." Kendall said softly.

"Aww, you love me." James teased.

"No I hate you." Kendall laughed. He tried to push James back when he came in for a hug. "Get out of here." He laughed again.

"Love you too, Kenny." James chuckled and let his best friend go.

"Whatever, Jamie." Kendall laughed as the door to the apartment closed.

I love this. I don't know what prompted it, but I love this.