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In this fic, normal Bakura will be called Ryou, and Yami Bakura will be just Bakura. ^_^

'Where am I?'

Ryou slowly opened his eyes, finding himself staring up at the tops of trees. He was lying on his back, in what appeared to be a forest, but that made no sense to him. He had been in his home just a few minutes ago, so how did he get here?

He sat, looking around. Sure enough, he was in a forest, but he had never seen it before. And where was Bakura? He had been with Ryou the last time he remembered, so where was he now?

Ryou tried to reach his yami through their mental link, but he couldn't detect him. He was slightly disturbed by this, and even more disturbed by the realization that his millennium ring was gone. He began to search the ground franticly, wondering where it could have gone.

'What's going on?' he thought. He should have been used to weird stuff by now, but he wasn't ready for this. I mean, one minute he's in his home and the next he's in some unknown forest? Without his yami? He suddenly felt very alone. He had grown very used to Bakura's presence, and now that he was gone, he felt very small and venerable.

Even though in the beginning he had been willing to die to get away from Bakura, things had changed significantly in the past weeks. Bakura had finally gotten nicer and admitted his feelings for Ryou, which made both of their lives a little easier. Still, Bakura was far from perfect. And that's the only way Ryou wanted him. He couldn't imagine his yami being any nicer.

He got to his feet, deciding to walk until he found someone or something that could help him. He was reluctant to leave the area, since he still hadn't found his millennium ring, but knew that staying would do him no good. So, he spun around a few times, and headed off in a random direction, hoping it would led him somewhere.

The entire forest looked the same, and several times Ryou wondered if he was even moving. Every tree looked the same as the ones before. Even the markings on the tress, made by some kind of animal, looked all the same. Ryou was starting to get worried, wondering if he was just walking in circles. He began to walk a little faster, hoping to reach a river or stream of some sort.

"Child! Are you crazy? Wandering the woods all alone, when Soy is roaming about."

Ryou stopped in his tracks. He was sure he had heard a voice but from where? He looked around, only spotting trees and the random animal.

"Come back to the village child, before Soy find you."

This time the voice was right behind him. He turned quickly, finding himself face to face with an older woman with long, graying hair. The woman smiled, a warm smile.

"Come now."

* * *

Ryou looked around nervously. The woman from the woods had led him into a small village, before disappearing, saying she was going to the get the priestess. Ryou felt odd standing in the village all alone. There were several people around, all doing chores or working. A few small children were playing, but not many.

Several villagers gave him odd looks as they passed, which made Ryou feel even stranger. They were all whispering to each other about his resemblance to someone named Soy. He remembered the name from when the woman had mentioned it in the woods. He really wished Bakura was with him now. He had a strange feeling about this place.

It didn't seem right. Everything looked too old fashioned, and it still didn't explain why he was in the woods to begin with.

He brushed a stray strand of silver hair out of his face, and looked around, hoping to spot a friendly face. But everyone just turned away, as if afraid.

Ryou was startled out his thoughts when the woman he met earlier returned. With her, was a shorter, older woman. Ryou gave a slight smile, hoping to ease tension, as the older woman dismissed the woman from the woods.

"Tell me, child. Who are you, and what do you want from us?" the woman said, looking Ryou straight in the eyes.

Ryou blinked his chocolate brown eyes. "My name is Ryou."

"Then tell me Ryou, why have you come?"

Ryou shook his head. That's what he wanted to know too. "I don't know."

The woman frowned. "I was told you were found wandering in the woods."

"I was looking for a way home. I just woke up in the woods. I don't know where I am." Ryou answered truthfully, shifting uncomfortably.

"So you are lost?"

Ryou nodded.

The woman started to turn away. "Very well. You may stay here." She started to walk away, but stopped. "Be so good as to follow me child."

Ryou hesitated, not sure he wanted to follow the woman or not. He toyed with his silver hair for a moment, before taking a deep breath and deciding to follow.

* * *

"I am Keiko, the village priestess." The woman said, poking at a small fire.

She had led Ryou back to her house, and had started a fire while Ryou sat down and made himself as comfortable as possible. The house had no furniture, and only a bare wood floor with a small pit for a fire.

"I do apologize if we have scared you by bringing you here, but it is not safe to be wandering in the woods alone. Especially is no one knows you are there."

"It's alright." Ryou said, he was starting to get a little more at ease, but only slightly. "But how do I get home?"

Keiko stopped poking the fire and looked at him. "From the look of you, you are from the living world. Am I correct?"

Ryou nodded. Of course he was alive.

"I thought as much. We often get people from the living world showing up in our woods." She picked up the poker and began to tease the fire once again. "We are in the middle world, a place halfway between the living world and the world of the demons. Many people fall through gates into our world. But sadly, very few ever leave the woods alive."

Ryou felt a bad feeling come over him. "But how do I get home?"

"It can be done child. But it will be awhile before we can send you back."

Ryou touched his neck, saddened by the lack of the millennium ring. He couldn't leave until he found it. But he had no idea where to look. What if it had been left behind in the living world? And how did he get here anyway?

"I have lost something very important to me. I have to find it before I leave." He said, a tiny bit of hope inside that perhaps she had seen his millennium ring.

"Is that so?" Keiko turned back to him.

Ryou nodded. "Yes. A necklace."

Keiko nodded. "I believe I can help you." She laid her poker down once again. "I will ask Soy. If anyone had seen it, Soy will know where it is. But for now, rest."

Ryou looked away. He didn't want to rest. Not when he was lost and his yami was missing. How could he rest? How could anyone rest in a situation like this?

After everything he had been through in his life, he never felt more alone than he did now.

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