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Ryou sighed and rolled over. They had finally gotten back to the village, after a long and very tiring journey. He was glad to be back, where he was safe. And he knew that he would be going home soon, by the next day, since Soy had gotten the other gateway stones, but he was a little sad.

Despite all the danger they had faced, and all the close calls they had had with death, he still felt oddly attached to the strange world. It was like he had been there before, even though that was impossible. He snuggled a little closer to the fire, wishing his Yami hadn't returned to his soul room.

It would be the last night he would be here. In less than 24 hours, he would be home. In his own bed.

Outside, Soy stood at the edge of the destroyed forest. The destruction had reached all the way to the village, but luckily, no one had gotten hurt. It was some comfort at least that her father hadn't taken any more lives. And she was lucky that Ryou was still clueless about their blood relation. Bakura had managed to confirm that before, by asking Ryou some careful questions.

It was going to hard for her, knowing that her brother was in another world. When he was dead, she could at least go to his shrine, and know he was at peace. Now though, she would have no idea. What happened to her brother in his own world would be unknown to her.

She would miss a lot of important events in his life. All the milestones that he would experience in his life would be lost to her. She had considered going back with them, but she knew too well, that she didn't belong in his world.

She cradled a small cherry blossom in her hands. She was going to re-grow the forest, and make it even nicer than before. She owed the village at least that much.

Placing the flower on the ground, she concentrated. The small blossom began to spread out, taking roots and growing into full trees. The small sapling became larger, growing bright green leaves and beautiful pink flowers. The breeze blew, tossing some petals into the air, as she finished her work. The forest was back, and much nicer. All green and pink, with a snow of petals.


The fox turned slowly, to find Bakura standing behind her. She blinked, remembering that Ryou had told her that he had returned to his soul room.

The spirit walked up to her, handing her something. She took it, and looked it over thoughtfully. It was a flat square, maybe 3 inches big that opened on a hinge.

Bakura watched her. "Open it up." he instructed.

Soy did as he asked, and opened the locket up. Inside, there was a small picture of Ryou and Bakura, standing side by side. The picture looked like it had been taken in Ryou's world. The other side of the locket contained a mirror, which reflected Soy's image.

"I'm sure Ryou would want you to have that if he knew." Bakura said.

Soy looked at it sadly. She would at least have something to remember them by. "Thanks." She said softly, closing the locket and looked back out towards the woods.

"You fixed the forest." Bakura said, trying to ease the uncomfortable silence.

Soy nodded. "I did." she sighed as her hair flew in front of her face, pushed by the breeze. "My hair won't change back, and neither will my tails."

Bakura nodded. He had noticed that before. "Why?"

"I don't know, really." She answered. "It doesn't matter though, I guess."

"You look less like Ryou now." Bakura added. It was true; they didn't look as similar anymore.

Soy glanced up at the sky. "Yeah." She turned toward Bakura. "You can tell him if you want. It's up to you."

The spirit considered. Knowing that Soy was his sister could really destroy Ryou. It would make him feel guilty and empty. He might not even to be able to enjoy his life back home as much, knowing where she was.

"No." he said. "Ignorance is bliss."

Soy laughed softly. "That's very true." She said. "Ignorance is bliss."

* * *

Ryou stood at the edge of the fire the villagers had prepared. Keiko had surrounded the fire with the gateway stones, and cast a chant, opening the gateway between the worlds. Ryou was a little nervous about walking into the fire, but he was assured that it would get him safely home.

He looked around, noticing the crowd that had gathered, but he didn't see one face he had expected to.

"Where's Soy?" he asked. Bakura, who was standing beside him, shrugged.

One of villagers spoke up. "She left the village last night."

Ryou looked around at the faces in the crowd. "I can't go until I say goodbye."

Keiko shook her head. "There's no time, you must leave soon."

"But I can't go! I have to say goodbye!" Ryou exclaimed. He didn't want to leave until he could thank her. She had done so much for them. Tears began to well up in eyes. He didn't want to leave yet.

Bakura placed a hand on his Hikari's shoulder. "We have to leave. We can't wait."

Ryou looked into the woods, hoping to see Soy coming through the tress, but there was no sign of the fox. He sighed sadly. He knew he had to leave, and he had to leave now. With a sigh, he silently said goodbye to his helping hand.

Turning back to the fire, he took a deep breath, and stepped into the waiting flames.

* * *

From atop the high Ferris wheel, Soy could feel Ryou and Bakura's presence disappear. They had gone back to their own world, and they had gotten there safely.

The breeze blew her long hair into her face, mixing it with the airborne petals of her forest. Her world had never felt so big or so alone before.

She had wanted to say goodbye, but knew it would be too painful. So she had left, putting the past behind her and swallowing the pain. Adding it to decades of sorrow that had already built up inside her. Her life had never been a happy one, but she had to keep going. She couldn't stop.

Ryou would be ok. He was home now. Where he belonged. She had always been part of a different world than he, and she realized it now more than ever.

But her brother was happy and at peace. He had people who cared about him, and a very possessive spirit that loved him. Bakura would protect him. She didn't need to worry.

Ryou may never know the truth, but as long as he was happy, she was ok. She took the locket out and looked at it. She might never see him again, but she would remember.

She smiled; letting the breeze carry the pink flowers off toward the village.

* * *

Bakura sighed. They were finally home. They had appeared back in there own world, safe and sound. Ryou had gone downstairs to see his father right away, but Bakura remained in his room.

He would never tell Ryou. Ever. He would take the secret with him forever, no matter what the cost.

Something small and pink suddenly caught the spirit's eye. Reaching out, he picked the object of the air.

It was a petal. Much like the ones from the trees Soy had grown. He smiled, staring down at the last thing he had to remember by.