Hello, everyone!

I always wanted to write a purely humorous or crack story.

The drabbles are mostly centered on Kuroko, the other members of GoM, and Kagami. These are not posted/arranged chronologically.

I will post the next one later since this is just the beginning of the series. I would update it daily or every other day because I have finished writing the rest of my ideas. Just review any suggestions for a chapter or something.

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Seirin laughed at Hyuga's stories about his parents. I mean, who'd thought that a meeting behind a dumpster could bring them together?

"Mom wouldn't stop talking about how handsome Dad was underneath all that grime," The captain mumbled exasperatedly. "and my dad talks about how Mom smells really good despite standing right next to the garbage can." He tugged a bit on his hair. "Ugh, they kept hanging around random dumpsters to date and talk about each other."

"Ahahahaha, I can't take it!" Koganei guffawed, rolling on the floor. Mitobe's shoulders were shaking, and a lone tear dropped from his eye. The rest of them were either chuckling quietly or roaring in laughter.

They already talked about Kiyoshi's gloom-and-doom parents, Izuki's pun-loving mother and serious father with a lousy sense of humor, the confusing history of Kagami's parents, Riko's overbearing father and carefree mother, Mitobe's single otaku dad, Koganei's cat-loving mother, Tsuchida's abnormally ordinary mom and dad, and the freshmen trio's parents.

"So let's hear about yours, Kuroko." Kiyoshi slung an arm around their phantom player. "How did your parents meet?"

They had met the bluenet's parents back in the Winter Cup championship, and Kuroko has inherited everything from his mother sans his gender. His dad was a loudmouth and easily-remembered man. His mom was a simple, appear-and-disappear housewife.

The teal-haired male simply blinked at him. "Dad was a stage actor. Mom was a stagehand. Once, their respective companies made a project together and they were assigned to the same play. Mom was chosen to make Dad's clothes. Because of that joint project, the two of them became friends."

Everyone leaned in to listen to the rest of the story.

"Eventually, Mom fell in love with Dad because she noticed how he shone on the stage. She liked the way Dad made everyone's eyes glued to him during his acts and the way he made the play more vibrant with his acting. One day, she confessed to him," Kuroko explained. "She told him, 'Please let me make you shine brighter. As your moon, I will make you, the sun, the number one actor in Japan'."

They could only stare incredulously at their teammate.

"And because of that, they got together, married, and had me." He lamely finished in a monotone voice.

There was an awkward silence.

'Shit, that sounds just like the light-shadow speech that he gave me,' Kagami thought, mentally facepalming. 'Does that mean that he… he—'

Smoke came out from his ears.

He would never be able to look at Kuroko the same way ever again.

(And so did Seirin.)

And that's done! I hope you laughed a lot when you read this.

Ciao ciao~! -Flonne.