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A young girl by the name of Lily Evans lay on her bed in her room in Manchester, England with a young man by the name of Sirius Black. The two were best friends with a boy named James Potter who was in America with his father at the moment. Sirius had volunteered to look after Lily who was recovering very slowly from the death of her dad which had occurred only three months ago. He had been dying for a long time but still it was a shock. Lily had fallen apart when he had passed away while she was at Hogwarts and although she had wanted to return for the funeral, her headmaster, Professor Albus Dumbledore had refused saying that it would be the perfect opportunity for Voldemort to attack the home. It was that at that point that her over protective boyfriend and best friend had refused to let her leave the school without one of them. Sirius knew that his best friend would end up married to Lily and knew that the two loved each other deeply, but what made their relationship so special was that Sirius was pulled into their triangle.

He was like Lily's other boyfriend. Sirius was the only person that James trusted Lily completely with and therefore was the reason why Lily was entrusted to stay with her mum at the moment. James knew that Petunia, Lily's sister had taken her father's death as a point to be able to blame everything on Lily because Lily's father had been the only one to support her becoming a witch, having boys instead of girls for friends and excelling in school. Petunia and her mother were just too alike and that was what worried James. It was a loud ring that sounded from the hallway that brought Lily out of her deep thoughts. She ran to pick the phone up but was tackled by Sirius and pulled under him. He whispered to her "I don't want anyone knowing that we're here that doesn't already know. So we'll just let Petty answer the phone hey." He brushed aside a couple of strands of red hair out of his best friends face and kissed her forehead before letting her steadily up and letting her sit back on the bed. Then a large yell was heard from the hallway "Sirius, it's for you. Some guy named James." This brought Lily on her feet before Sirius even had a chance and was running for the phone. Sirius chuckled for a moment before remembering that James wanted to talk to him. He walked out of the room like a dark angel that would leave any woman stuttering and down on their knees.

The seventeen year old was dressed in a pair of faded muggle jeans that hugged his butt very nicely and a fitted white shirt. His long black hair was hanging just above his shoulders and his black eyes twinkled with mischief but behind that was worry for his best friends. He looked up to see Petunia's mouth dropped open before he noticed her watching and looked quickly away. Lily was chatting excitedly into the phone telling her boyfriend about everything that they had done and that she missed him. Then her face seemed to fall when James said something "Baby, I really want to see you and I will be over as soon as this phone conversation finishes okay. I just need to talk to Siri for a minute." The petite girl nodded before whispering out "I love you James. Goodbye" James reciprocated before the phone was handed over to Sirius. Sirius kept a hand around Lily's waist keeping her glued to his front while he talked to James "So, man what's up. When are you coming over?" James managed out "right now man, but there's something I want you to do. Pack you and Lily some clothes. Good ones, leather pants are really good. Both of you bring leather pants. We're going to LA for the rest of the holidays and Dad said that he wanted you two to come. This means that dad really wants Lily away from her mum. Dad met Mrs Evans once and detested her. And my dad just doesn't detest people, it's not in his blood, but he really gets a bad vibe from her. Me too. That's why I wanted you to stay with her while I was in Chicago. I'd better go, I'll be over in about an hour to pick you both up. Think up a story to tell Mrs Evans, but even if she says no, Lily's coming. Alright man, see you very soon. Bye" Sirius hung up the phone and then turned to Lily "Let's go pack some clothes, we're going to America for the last two weeks of holidays." Lily squealed before turning somberly to Sirius "my Mum will never say yes Siri, how am I going to get to go?" Then Sirius smiled before replying "Mr Potter is coming to rescue us in approximately one hour. And I mean James's dad, you know how much he hates your mother so getting you out of here should be no problem." Lily nodded before pulling out of Siri's tight embrace and running down the hall giggling happily. Sirius ran after her tackling her to the ground before hoisting her over his shoulder and carrying her into her room chuckling to himself. Lily would look so good in leather pants. Let's just hope she has some or James will end up making her buy a pair. Sure enough, there was no leather in sight in Lily's wardrobe, making Sirius feel really bad for the girl. The only things she had in her wardrobe that were remotely good were the clothes that she had hidden away when Remus and himself had dragged her off to Hogesmeade when they saw what sort of clothes she was wearing in third year. Her mother just didn't seem to care. James was going to have a hissy fit that his girlfriend didn't own anything remotely party like. The only things in her wardrobe seemed to be plaid, cotton and little children's party like dresses. It seemed as though Lily had been deprived of a wardrobe for her entire life. Sirius's angry glare reached Lily and she slinked back like a mouse at the familiar look of anger that crossed her best friends face. He had seen her wardrobe, or lack of it. Sirius whispered one word and his magid abilities pulled every item of clothing from out of the wardrobe and sorted it. The fireplace in the corner of her room suddenly lit up and nearly every item of clothing bar a couple of pairs of jeans were thrown in there. Lily gasped but knowing that Sirius was angry enough to take it out on her mother was enough to keep her mouth shut. She didn't want her mother to disallow her trip to LA even though she probably would, and maybe the chance of a new wardrobe. So she just let Sirius destroy the years old clothes that most didn't fit. And the others were just Petunia's hand me downs. It showed how much Mrs Evans cared. Sirius meanwhile just re packed his bag which had every single item of cool clothing that he owned. He had been told before hand that James was going to drag them off somewhere in America when he came back and for once Sirius was glad for it. If he had any say in the matter, Lily was never coming back to the Evans home. Never.

It was the doorbell ringing that dragged his mind back to reality and he scanned the room to see Lil sitting on the floor in front of the fire place with shock written all over her face. Yet she seemed happy to see all of the shitty clothes that she owned gone. Meanwhile downstairs Petunia had reached the door first. She flung it open expecting to see her friends coming over to talk about what they were doing after school finished but she was shocked to see the most handsome man she had ever seen standing there. He was dressed to perfection in a pair of cord black slacks and a cream turtleneck sweater. Her mouth hung open watching the smile wipe off his face and soon turn into a sneer. "Are Lily and Sirius here" the man asked. "Who are you?" Petunia managed to sneak out. "James Potter, Lily's boyfriend and Sirius's best friend, Petunia. Where is my girlfriend. Why isn't she down here ready to go." "Ready to go where" a voice came from around the corner. "She's coming with us for the rest of the summer " a voice sounded from behind James, and a replica of him walked out from behind the door to stand beside his son. Mr Potter stood at a gracious six and a half feet tall, just a few inches taller than his son who was right now about to rip someone's arms off. But it was that point when Sirius came walking down the stairs dressed in similar attire and Lily followed him down. She was dressed in her baggy jeans and a long sleeved cream shirt. She ran toward James who kissed her deeply in greeting and wrapped both his arms around her waist. He turned to the remainder of the Evans family to see both women fuming "She's not going anywhere Sir. She has plenty of housework to do as well as her homework. Not to mention the fact that she has no clothes to wear." James growled at that point. Lily had always known that she had not had many clothes and was resigned to be a tomboy until Sirius and Remus had taken her to Hogesmeade to get her a sufficient wardrobe. But that was four years ago and many of the clothes had gotten to small for her growing figure which right now looked undernourished and sallow. James growled before replying "No, ma'am Lily will not be staying here. In fact, Lily is never returning here again. You had your chance to look after your daughter and you gave it up. So myself and Sirius are taking up the vacant position as her family. You will never have to worry about her again. Not that you ever did in the first place."

With that James turned his girlfriend around and began to lead her out of the door. But a word made James's father angrily turn around and look the middle aged angry woman right in the eye and say "What did you say woman. My son has taken better care of your daughter during the past seven years than you have ever in her life." Then Mr Potter turned to the three teenagers that he considered all his children and led them down the path towards the family vehicle and left the two racist women standing at the door in shock. James wrapped his arm around Lily and watched as his girlfriend finally burst out in tears. He had waited for several months for this to happen. After Mr Evans had died, James had watched as she hid it deep inside of herself and dug head first into her studies oblivious that her fathers eventual death was slowly killing her. Finally James had had enough and had sat her down in the common room of the Gryffindor tower and not let her out of his embrace until she told him something. Sirius had eventually come downstairs and the two men had waited until Lily had been ready to talk. Eventually the shy sixteen year old had come out of her shell to her two best friends and things had never been the same again. Sirius and James never left her alone anymore. She was often found snuggled into either James or Sirius's arms or holding hands with the most popular boys at Hogwarts, but neither boy cared. They still went with Remus every month to help with his werewolf transformations and he too became a close knit member of the group. But one Peter Pettigrew became rather jealous of the attention that the red head that had claimed James Potter's girlfriend of the month status. But he knew that she was more than 'girlfriend of the month' and Sirius had bashed him unmercifully for it when it had escaped his mouth. The four of them had been extremely close from first year onwards and he had managed to weasel his way into their close knit group only in the middle of fourth year. He had noticed that Lily still seemed skeptical of him most of the time and that was what ejected him from their group. The red head.

Meanwhile Mr Potter was sitting in the front of his car driving toward the Potter Mansion. Sirius and James sat on either side of Lily, both of them right close to her and she was crying softly into James's arms. But what surprised Mr Potter so much was the amount of hatred that Lily's mother had for her daughter. Harold wondered how someone could hate anyone as beautiful and pure as Lily Evans. Eventually they arrived at the Potter Mansion and brought all their stuff into the international fire place. Everyone brought their stuff through and then Lily, Sirius and James jumped through the fire yelling the name of the hotel that they were staying at "Hyperion." Mr Potter had left most of his belongings there already after telling the porter that there would be another person coming to stay. The muggle behind the desk had been utterly happy to oblige and now watched as the four wizards came through the door. Several muggles turned from what they were doing to watch the very handsome group walk in the door. Sirius swore that he even heard some women swooning over his surrogate father. Meanwhile James was carrying Lily up the stairs toward their room and Sirius followed him like a hawk spotting him to make sure that he was okay with Lily's slight weight.

The next day, Sirius angrily told his best friend about his girlfriends clothing situation. It was that point that got James so angry that several glasses and pieces of china exploded. Sirius chuckled before grabbing his muggle jacket and heading out the door to get Lily into some sort of order before her boyfriend came and dragged her out to Neiman Marcus. Sure enough, ten minutes later Lily was ready to go. Mr Potter had secretly given Lily about three hundred pounds of which to spend on clothes not knowing that his son was going to demand that he pay for everything. The three eventually arrived as the most prestigious shopping center in LA and Lily gasped. She began to back away from the threatening looking shopping center whimpering "I can't go in there James. I can't afford anything in there." Sirius snickered before grabbing one of Lily's arms and James the other and they pulled her inside. Once inside, the patrons seemed to look down on the three teens that had just walked into the shopping centre. Especially the whimpering girl between them. Eventually Sirius got her calmed down and the three were watched for shoplifting while they perused. Sirius and James picked outfit after outfit for her watching her nod occasionally and snicker at some things that she thought were outrageous. But both the boys had a laugh at the clothes expense as well. Eventually James had prodded her towards the dressing room and dragged her into a huge stall. Both men wouldn't leave her alone and so she just settled with having them turn their backs. Both men had seen her naked but it just didn't seem right. Eventually she gave the signal that they could look and when they turned around two mouths dropped open in shock. Lily was dressed in a tight pair of spandex jeans with a white boob tube that showed off her shoulders and accentuated her eyes and hair. They agreed to get that outfit and it was like that for many other outfits that the boys had picked for her to try on. Eventually it came to the best item of clothing. Both boys were waiting impatiently outside now waiting for Lily to open the door. Eventually she did and Sirius nearly dropped to the floor. The leather pants hugged her every perfect curve and looked as though they were made to fit her. Both boys nodded and Lily just agreed with them too tired to complain. She had never tried on so many different outfits in such a small amount of time. In the end Lily ended up with about twelve different outfits not including the leather pants, jacket, suede jacket and cur dory slacks. Eventually Lily was dressed in her baggy jeans and cream top again and they headed toward the checkout.