Harry shook his head denying everything though. He wholeheartedly thought that discovering how to be an Animagi to help a boy in his transformations once a month was a lot less dangerous that someone who was going to either spend their entire life running or facing death to destroy the worlds worst dark lord in ages. Harry thought that if he had to choose, he'd rather be a werewolf. Eventually though, Harry began to confide in those he considered his family. He was still very closed off though and radiated an aura of sadness.

Lily and James couldn't really understand why their son was so adamant on carrying the guilt, but when Voldemort and his 'Death Eater' minions attacked Hogsmeade one afternoon while they were there, Lily and James realised why. Their son's eyes turned a steely emerald and he turned around their tiny group to notice that Wormtail was missing. The boy smiled evilly and then stalked around the corner of the building that they were hiding behind. Curses seemed to be shot at him from all directions, but Lily stuck her head around the corner to see if her son needed help and then she realised why he was the hero of that era. He just radiated power, strength and disgust. A golden ruby force field surrounded him and it was just covered in curses. But at one point, Harry's eyes glowed a bright gold colour and he threw his arms up and every single Death Eater was thrown about three hundred feet into the air before disappearing.

Then a clapping sound was heard. The three heirs hiding behind the building came outside to see Voldemort coming through the deserted cobbled street that came up through the middle of the village. Lily, James, Sirius and Remus came to stand right beside what each thought of as their heir and son and watched as his face changed from one of slight disgust to one of cold hard anger.

The look on Voldemort's face was actually one of slight fright as he witnessed the change in Harry's eyes. That they flared with golden energy and an aura surrounded him, one of complete gold. James's eyes weren't much different and his were crackling with lightning and his fingers were shrouded in energy. Infact, all three heirs had lightning crackling through their fingers and eyes. Remus was just standing there, his anger building to epic proportions and bringing out the powers that his friends heirs knew he had. None of them needed a wand. They could all throw fireballs without them.

That is what started the duel. Voldemort was extremely interested in who was responsible for making nearly everyone of his death eaters disappear. He was disgusted that four children could make one hundred and fifty fully grown wizards nearly piss themselves with fear, but now after facing Lily, James and Sirius Potter for the second time, he understood why people feared them. But this boy in between them, this boy was someone to bow down before. His aura was one of complete anger that just radiated from him. And what surprised him that it was completely subjected at him. The boy had thrown curses faster and with more power and accuracy than Voldemort thought was possible for anyone, let alone children. But he knew that these five children were no normal ones.

So deciding to flee is better than to be squashed, Voldemort cast the killing curse one last time before apparating out. But Remus totally didn't see it coming and before he knew it, Harry had thrown himself in front of the curse and taken the brunt of it.

Then the boy fell to the ground and exhaled for what his parents thought would be the last time. Then as Lily, James, Sirius and Remus dropped to Harry's still form with tears streaming down their cheeks for their lost son, Remus noticed that he was still breathing. But what Remus also noticed was that Voldemort was coming back, like he couldn't leave. He appeared right back where he had been not seconds before and his face was one of pure shock.

Then to the entire alley's shock. Peter Pettigrew (aka Wormtail) then appeared right behind Lily, who had been standing behind the rest of her group. He grabbed her around the waist and knocked the poor girl out. Then like Harry and James could feel her moving away from them, the pair turned in tandem and scowled. Pettigrew quivered under the stares of both boys before apparating away with James's future wife and Harry's mother. This was when Hogsmeade got it's first earthquake since it had been built. Voldemort's mouth dropped open in horror, when Harry Potter began to glow a solid golden colour, his hair flared up like black flames and his gem like emerald eyes flashed a solid gold colour. The boy levitated for several seconds before falling back to the earth. His glow settled for a second but his hair continued to stand up like he had been electrocuted and his eyes settled for a golden emerald colour.

Then the fifteen year old mage turned to the worst dark lord in centuries and muttered "You, Tom Marvello Riddle, have just made the worst mistake of your life. And the boy screamed. And everyone heard it. Phoenix's cried their songs. Dragons crooned at the sound, fire lions growled, Royal Griffins roared. They all rose as one and disappeared to appear right in Hogsmeade, next to their master. Then like the boy was expecting them, he turned and with one signal, they all nodded and rose into the sky, or ran into the forest or just disappeared once again.

Eventually Harry's eyes retook their bare Emerald sheen, but mainly gold. His hair returned to it's unruly self and the golden glow lessened to a dull sheen surrounding him making him look almost godlike. He bared his teeth and his golden eyes flashed dangerously with anger. The four boys looked ready to kill to protect their lioness. The one that had been stolen from them.

The other people that had had the misfortune to be in Hogsmeade when the incident occurred, began to talk amongst themselves whilst trying to space themselves from the four fifteen year olds radiating immense power from the centre of the small alley.

Then like the four boys had summoned their red headed goddess from the sky, a Royal Griffin appeared right in front of them, a red headed woman delicately placed across his back. Harry and James thanked the Griffin, Shadow before relieving him of his burden and pulling Lily into James's arms. The four boys surrounded the pair and then disappeared in a blast of golden light.

Griffins, Dragons, and other mainly magical animals were seen perusing the Hogwarts towers over the next several weeks, and a Phoenix always stood guard of the dormitory room that the four heirs had resided in for their six and a half years schooling, no one entered their room and no one left.

Peter Pettigrew returned to Hogwarts without his friends, and as no one had seen the pathetic boy and what he had done, everyone welcomed him back with open arms, except for Severus Snape. The seventh year had just turned spy for Dumbledore and had been there to witness what had happened to the Potters. So say he was shocked at their power was an understatement. His father and mother were still missing. There had been no death eater activity in over three weeks. Muggles were going about their business and no wizard Aurors or important light wizarding families had been attacked. Voldemort had been neutralised.

Meanwhile in Avalon, where the three Gryffindor heirs had been previously, there were now four boys and one girl. The girl who was held in James's arms surrounded by his son and two best friends. Merlin and Taliesin greeted the seventh years and led them to a cottage with five beds. Harry, before even opening the door to the cottage, joined all five beds together and all five kids were group apparated to the bed and all fell asleep within a matter of minutes.

During the months that followed, education, and control were things that all the heirs learnt in abundance. Seventh years wouldn't have been able to follow the things that Lily, James, Harry, Remus and Sirius learnt. They learnt control over time, weather and nature. To work in symbiosis in harmony with everything. To be able to use their powers and talents to assist light in

Over the next several weeks, Harry mastered the ability to draw on that anger and power whenever he felt the need. His abilities where known as limitless, that he could do anything if he put his mind to it. The boy had learnt control over pain and learnt to completely ignore the pain in his scar. Harry spent almost all of his time with his unmarked godfather, his content werewolf uncle, and his living parents. He got to know them all over again and who they were and what they did. He became proud of his family all over again and gathered even more hatred for his Aunt. But Harry knew that he would have to return to his own world again, and destroy Voldemort once and for all. He knew that.

Harry had made his mother and father extremely proud. He had made his godfather and uncle proud. But he didn't want to leave them. He didn't want to go back to a place where he was revered. Where he was a hero, for something that he didn't even remember doing. It was a cloudy night two nights later when Godric and Merlin decided to send their only heir back to his own time. Harry had spent the entire day in the company of his parents and family and asked for the counter spell to lift the memory charm off his godfather and uncle. It had been granted and he would have Sirius and Remus in the future to help him.

Harry soon found himself in an abandoned part of the castle. He looked around wanting to know where on Hogwart's grounds this room was. When he noticed the specific writing on the walls and spots in the room, Harry smiled. This was the marauders dormitory. What puzzled the boy who lived was the fact that it still wasn't in the Gryffindor dormitory. Harry wandered around the beautifully restored room and added cushions, chairs and trinkets he believed needed adding, and making it his room before heading to the door. He opened it to be met by a phoenix. It trilled at him happily before jumping onto his shoulder. Harry replied to it and scratched it behind the ear. She sang quite a few notes before rubbing her head up against Harry's and then climbing back onto her watchful perch. She would watch for intruders into the marauder's room. Meanwhile, Harry searched for the entry to the rest of the school. There was no doubt in his mind that he had been missing for some time. Of course people would be worried about him. Harry soon found apart of the castle that he recognised. He opened the door to the moving staircase and found it rather late at night. He rushed up the stairs and towards the Gryffindor common room. He reached the fat lady and before he could begin guessing the password, she smiled and whispered "You've returned have you? I don't even need to ask who you are. It's written all over you. Your entrance is guaranteed." Then she opened up to a darkened common room with nothing but embers in the fire place. He ventured up the steps to the sixth year boys dormitory and opened the door. The curtains were all closed except for those around his bed. The bed was neatly made and his trunk sitting at the end of his bed. Like his body recognised the rest, he yawned and stretched. Harry divested himself of his clothing and climbed into the huge four poster bed and closed it around him. Then he smiled, automatically warding himself against the prophetic dreams he was prone to with Voldemort being the way he is and went off to sleep.

The next morning, Harry was awoken to him being shaken and yells coming from the other side of the room. Harry automatically looked up into the shocked eyes of Ron, Seamus and Neville. He pulled his well muscled legs out from under the quilts and smiled at the other three boys. He pulled his figure to the floor and ventured into the bathroom, completely oblivious to the astonished stares of the other three boys behind him. Harry showered and dressed in what had been his trademark outfit in his parents time. A pair of leather pants, a green silk shirt and a black duster over the top. Harry then walked back outside into the dormitory, completely ignoring the shocked looks that adorned the faces of all his dorm mates and headed downstairs, he was hungry. The looks that were on the faces of those in the great hall were not that different to those in his room. Especially with the clothing that Harry wore. He sat down at the Gryffindor table