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Queen Mithrildis walked through the halls of her beloved home among the beautiful forest, Greenwood the Great. A soft smile was on her lips as she looked out at the dense forest as wood elves gracefully walked from one branch to the other. Their homes high above the forest ground and built among the strong trees. Looking down, a wide smile spread across her face as her green eyes landed on the small bundle wrapped in her arms. Her youngest and only daughter cooed and giggled up at her as her big blue-green eyes stared back at her. Reaching out, Mithrildis cooed back to her daughter as she placed a slender finger into the palm of her daughter's small hand.

The young elfling giggled and tightened her hold on her mother's finger, buzzing her lips as small bubbles popped out of her mouth, making her giggle even more. Milthrildis chuckled as her daughter continued to entertain the both of them, the sound of music filling the air as she heard the elves begin to sing while they worked and went through their daily chores. Without looking up from her sweet daughter's face, Milthrildis turned and continued to walk down the hallway, stopping in the next room as she raised an eyebrow at her three sons.

All of whom were rolling around the floor, wrestling with one another. So entangled were the three that they did not even notice their mother standing in front of them as they continued to try and gain the advantage over each other. "Give it back, Legolas!" She heard her second son, Gilorthor, growl as he reached to grab a book that was in little Legolas' hands.

Legolas twisted around their elder brother and with a devilish grin, opened the book. "Dear Diary, I have fallen in love. With the library that is, since I am so terribly boring."

"Legolas! It does not say that!" Gilorthor flushed from anger and embarrassment as he reached to grab the book from Legolas once again but failed as he quickly moved out of reach.

"Enough the both of you!" Belegnir, the oldest, yelled as he tried to wrestle the two of them apart, caught up in the middle. A small smile tugging at the corner of his lips as he tried his best not to laugh at what Legolas had just said. "You don't want to wake Nana and Faeneth do you?" He asked, making them stop wiggling as much.

Gilorthor took the distraction as his chance and grabbed the book from Legolas. "Hey! Give that back!" Legolas said as he jumped towards Gilorthor but Belegnir stood in his way and held him back.

"That would be enough Legolas." Milthrildis finally spoke up as she took a few more steps towards her three sons, "You should apologize to your brother." She said with a smile on her face, unable to ever get very angry with any of her sons.

The three of them looked up at her quickly, "Nana! When did you wake?" Belegnir said as he came over to her with a smile. His footsteps firm but soft and elegant, reminding her of a younger Thranduil as their eldest son had the same hair and eyes of that of Thranduil but his face was soft like her own.

"I've been awake for a while I suppose." She smiled and hugged her son as he smiled down at the baby girl in her arms. "I thought I'd take Faeneth for a walk, as we both seemed to need one." She spoke gently as she watched her other two sons walking over.

Gilorthor took after herself, his silver hair flowing behind him as the wind blew through the house and his bright green eyes sparkled as he looked down at his little sister. Legolas taking after his father much the same way Belegnir did but his face was more like Thranduil's just like Gilorthor's facial features were. The small royal family stood in the small room that connected other hallways to each other. But just in front of them stood two grand oak doors with leaves carved into it and right in the center was the royal signal of Greenwood the Great.

"Let me hold her." Belegnir said softly as he reached out for a giggling Faeneth. The little girl reached out towards her older brother with small hands and Milthrildis handed him his little sister, watching closely to make sure that he had her before letting go completely.

Gilorthor chuckled, "Looks like she takes after Nana, look at those green eyes." He said as he placed a finger in Faeneth's hand, much like his mother had done only moments ago.

Belegnir snorted, "She doesn't take after Nana, her eyes are blue, like Ada's."

Gilorthor rolled his eyes, "No they're not. See, the green around the outer part of her eyes." He said as he pointed with his pinky.

Belegnir frowned at his brother, "And don't you see the blue around the iris of her eyes, she had blue eyes, brother."

Milthrildis chuckled as her sons argued amongst themselves. "They're both blue and green. Now wither they're green with blue specks or blue with green speck we'll never truly know. Now will we?"

"Ugh, no one cares about riddles, Nana." Legolas said with a heavy sigh. "All that matters is that I'm not the baby anymore and I'm finally an older brother." He said excitedly as he stood on his tiptoes and look at his little sister.

The three older elves laughed at what Legolas said and Belegnir lowered himself so that Legolas could get a better look at Faeneth, the newest member of their family. She gave a big yawn as Legolas put his face in front of hers and she blinked and rubbed her eyes tiredly. "Just you wait; you're going to like me best, little sister." Legolas whispered to her with a bright smile on his face.

"Looks like someone needs to go to sleep again." Milthrildis said as she reached out to take Faeneth back into her arms.

"It's alright; we'll put her to bed." Gilorthor said as he waved his mother's hands away. "Go talk with Ada, I'm sure he'll be happy to see you. He's right in the throne room listening to politics."

Belegnir nodded in agreement, "Yes, I'm sure he'll welcome the break. I know I would." He chuckled and kissed his mother on the temple. Milthrildis smiled at them and rubbed the soft fluff of light blond hair on top of Faeneth's head.

"I won't be long." Milthrildis said as the three of them nodded and turned to walk back to her room and, smiling, Milthrildis turned around and walked up to the grand doors. They opened on her silent demand and at first everything was foggy and hard to see into. Hesitantly, Milthrildis stepped into the throne room, the doors slamming behind her and sending a giant gust of wind blowing through the room. Milthrildis covered her face from the debris that flew up in the air.

As the wind died down, she looked around from behind her arms and she stood frozen in her spot. Everything was dark and damp, the throne room was empty was nothing but ash and dust floating around. Looking down the long room her eyes stopped on the thrown. There sat a form wrapped in a spider's cocoon. Milthrildis' blood ran cold as she saw the form and Thranduil's crown set upon its head, sparkling in what little light there was. Her heart started to bound in her ears as she took a small step forward, then something twitched behind the throne and out of the shadows crawled a very giant spider.

Its many beady eyes stared back at her as his fangs began to produce its poison and out of the corner of her eye, she could see more giant spiders crawling out from the shadows, surrounding her. Quickly, Milthrildis turned around and rushed through the doors, only to find the once bright and cheery room to be filled with webs and ash. Barely breathing she ran through the halls, calling out to her children but her voice did not seem to be working as nothing came out when she tried to yell.

Tears streamed down her cheeks she continued to run and look for her children, the sound of the spiders hissing and thundering through the halls behind her. Looking behind her, she saw a black sea of them as they rushed at her like a great wall of water. Closing her eyes tightly she covered her face as the spiders slammed into her and she suddenly fell over onto a small creek. With a gasp, she stood up quickly, the spiders gone. She was now deep in the forest, near Dol Guldur and as she stood up, she let out her breath making a small puff of mist form in front of her.

"Nana?" A soft voice drifted to her nymph ears as she quickly turned around. There in front of her stood Sauron, tall and dark just as he had before his death. He smelled of rotten flesh and his helmet hid his eyes, if he had any at all. Power and evil radiated off of him in waves as he stood in front of her and then he raised his hand, the ring shining on his finger as he placed it firmly on the shoulder of the person next to him.

The form was smaller and wore a black clock, hiding its appearance but soon softly glowing and slender fingers reached out of the clock and pulled back the hood, letting it drop softly behind her. There before her, stood her daughter, Faeneth. Her blue-green eyes held no life in them as she looked at her and her light blond hair fell in curls down her back. The soft point of her ears, poking out from under her hair and her lips were pale pink and dry.

Taking in a shaking breath, Milthrildis reached out to her daughter, "Faeneth, come back to me my child." She said softly, afraid that she might scare her away.

Faeneth tilted her head closer to Sauron as whispers started to drift from him and then Faeneth slowly turned her head back to her mother. "Mirkwood has fallen into darkness. Stubbornness and greed will creep into the antlers and all is death." She paused as hurt and sadness filled her lifeless eyes. "I must go, yes, but where? Rivendell has not come." Her voice trailed off as she looked down and then turned to follow Sauron into the mountains of Mordor.

"Faeneth!" Milthrildis found her voice a she ran after her daughter, screaming her name but she couldn't move, couldn't breathe. Webs wrapped themselves around her, pulling her back into the forest, the darkness consuming her as the spiders tore at her flesh and bit and clawed at her skin.

Screaming at the top of her lungs, Milthrildis awoke with a start and sat up, taking in a deep shaking breath as she stared at her familiar surroundings back in her room, safely in bed. Thranduil suddenly appeared beside her, a small golden dagger gripped tightly in one hand as he looked around to try and find what it was that had scared her. Guards burst through the door, as they had swords and bows at the ready, looking around the room and surrounding them, protectively.

Thranduil put a hand softly on Mithrildis' shoulder, worry plainly in his eyes. "What is wrong?" He asked softly as the elves finished checking the room and finding no one there. Thranduil waved them out of the room and got out of bed, walking down the two steps that lead to their living room and over to the small table that was in front of their fireplace. He wore nothing but a thin large shirt as he reached out and poured her some water. Walking back over to her, the moon's light reflected off of his deep blue eyes, filled with life.

As he sat down by her, she suddenly leaned forward and locked her lips against his in a feverish kiss. Thranduil was caught off guard by her sudden movement and nearly spilled the cup in his hand but just as quick as she had leaned forward she leaned back, her eyes bright with unshed tears and fear. Worry clouded Thranduil's eyes as he reached up and placed his hand gently on her cheek and frowned slightly. "What is wrong, mela?"

Taking in another deep breath, Milthrildis calmed herself and took the cup of water offered to her. She took a small sip and then held it in her lap, looking up at her husband's face. "I saw Greenwood the Great's downfall. Everything, everyone was dead." She said barely above a whisper as the tears started to fall down her cheeks.

Thranduil wiped the tears from her cheeks and pressed his lips in a thin line, "You were only dreaming, mela. Greenwood is still here; your home is still here." He said softly to her as he rubbed her cheeks to try and calm her down a bit more.

Mithrildis shook her head and stood up, placing the cup of water on the night stand by their bed and walking out into the cool night air to try and calm herself. She closed her eyes and her dream replayed over and over in her mind. How could she prevent this? What did she have to do to make sure that her family still lived and didn't fall to Sauron? Thranduil's strong arms wrapped around her and rested his chin on top of her head.

"Faeneth was the only one left alive but she might as well have been dead. If Greenwood continues on its current path darkness will consume it and our daughter will sit on the throne next to Sauron." She said as she looked out at the dark forest and everyone slept peacefully among the trees.

"It was only a dream, Sauron is no more. He was killed long ago and he will not return. And what path is it that Greenwood is following?" He asked as he started to sway them from side to side slowly.

Mithrildis narrowed her eyes as she tried to remember what it was that her daughter had said in the dream. Stubbornness and greed most surely must have been about Thranduil, for as much as she loved the elven king he always had a stubborn streak and he did appear greedy to those who did not truly know him. But what about Rivendell? "Rivendell did not come." She repeated her daughter's words out loud and she felt Thranduil stiffen behind her.

Of course, how could she have not seen it before? Thranduil was always so stubborn when it came to asking for help but when it came to Rivendell he was unmoving like the rocks in the mountains. "What did you say?" Thranduil asked as anger seeped softly into his words.

Mithrildis suddenly turned in his arms and looked up at him, fear still plainly written in her eyes. "You must forgive Rivendell and start mending the hatred between the two elven kingdoms." She spoke with hast but also caution, unsure of Thranduil's reaction.

Thranduil didn't move and remained silent as he looked down at his wife but his eyes were far away as he thought about what she said. His arms fell from her and he shook his head, "I can't." He said softly as he turned and walked back inside the room.

Mithrildis followed him back inside, her face set and her mind determined. "You will, Thranduil. I will not have my sons killed and my daughter sitting next to Sauron." She said, flustered and angry with her husband.

"Sauron is dead, he isn't coming back." Thranduil said back to her, turning to face her as anger flashed in his eyes. "You tell me that I must accept the Rivendell elves because you had a dream about Greenwood's fall to evil? An evil that is already dead and we no longer have to worry about?"

Mithrildis shook her head, "You know as much as I do that Sauron is not gone for good. Maybe I feel the evil clearer than you because I am a nymph and connected to nature more strongly than you. But I know you feel it, you aren't blind." She sighed and took Thranduil's face in her hands, "It is time that you let go of your hatred. Like it or not, sometime in the future we are going to need the help of our neighboring elves to keep Greenwood safe. You cannot do everything on your own." She frowned and sighed as Thranduil gently pulled her hands off his face.

"I cannot simply forgive the people who are responsible for my father's death. They are the very reason that our children no longer have a grandfather, why Greenwood's people no longer have their King." He said looking down at her sternly.

"But you are their King and they love you." Mithrildis said her face softening as she looked at her husband.

"Only because of my father's death. If he did not die he would still be ruling over this forest and doing a great deal better than I." He shook his head and sighed, "I only got the throne because the Elrond believed my father's actions were foolish and so did not help him. They didn't believe what my father was doing to be right. Because of that he is dead and now you are asking me to forgive them?"

"I am asking you to mend this hatred for the sake of your people, of your sons and of your daughter." Mithrildis said, "I cannot go on living should you die, my race will die with Greenwood's fall and I will not have reason to live anymore."

Thranduil's face softened as he pulled Mithrildis close to his chest and he felt her cry in his arms. He pressed his lips together in frustration as he was torn between his family and his hatred. They stood there for what seemed like ages as Thranduil was at war within himself and Mithrildis couldn't stop the tears from flowing down her cheeks. Finally, Thranduil lead her back to bed and silently walked to their door. He opened it and looks at the guards, "Wake the counselors and ask the cook on duty to make some tea. We have a long night ahead of us."

Ada = Father

Nana = Mother

Mela = Love