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Elrohir chuckled to himself as he watched his brother and Legolas talk animatedly to each other, having been inseparable ever since they left camp on the other side of the mountains. Now, after a week of traveling, they could see the border of the forest that their home was concealed in. Elrohir smiled to himself as he patted his horse, Falor, as excitement seemed to race through the elven group. Having traveled so long, even they were anguish to get home. Even their woodland guest were getting excited as well as they finally entered into the forest, the first time they had trees over their head since they left his grandmother's home. Elrohir looked over at Legolas as he and his brother became a bit quiet next to him and he noticed the woodland prince looking up at the trees with a soft smile and a far off look in his eyes. Reaching out, Legolas let his fingertips brush against the tips of the leaves and a sigh came out of his lips.

"Well, someone is already back to hugging trees." Elladan's voice drifted over to Elrohir and Legolas blinked a bit startled. Placing a hand over his mouth, Elrohir stifled a laugh as the woodland prince frowned at his twin.

"Well someone has to do it; these trees are practically crying they're so sadden by your ignorance." Legolas said with a smirk on his face as he looked at the back of Elladan's head.

Elladan snorted at Legolas but didn't say anything as all three of them looked ahead towards Glorfindel. They had not heard anything but they had all felt it, like the trees were rejoicing and welcoming a long lost friend. It was a feeling of overwhelming emotions that mixed and mingled as they pulled at the elves' hearts. The trees were waking up, after hundreds of years of doing nothing but sleeping as creatures of all kinds lived and walked underneath their branches. The heavy sigh given off from them was long and low as the bark stretched and groaned but from what the elves could see, none of the trees moved. Then they saw what had caught their attention and Elrohir felt his heart race even more as he found it difficult to control his actions and keep himself remaining beside his twin who was feeling the same way as well by the look in his eyes as the whole elven group looked ahead towards Glorfindel and the elven nymph who rode with him.

Faeneth smiled as they entered the forest, reaching her hand up as she did the same thing her brother was doing, brushing her fingers over the leaves and receiving their welcome. This forest was old, and enchanting. So many stories it had to tell and no one to listen to them. A brighter smile appeared on Faeneth's lips as the trees instantly opened up to her and she slowly stood up on Asfaloth, climbing to his head and taking hold of a passing tree's branch and lifting herself into the forest. She heard Amathion curse under his breath but she ignored him as she embraced the forest and climbed higher so that she could take in all of its glory. She would not have to worry about getting lost here, for the trees would guide her back to the elven party. For now though, she wanted to learn this forest's history and know the home that she was about to stay in.

Elrohir gripped Falor's mane more and the horse snorted, shaking his head but Elrohir did not stop watching Faeneth as she climbed up the branches and through the trees. She was so graceful with her movements even for an elf. She looked so at home and happy as she walked among the branches, the trees moving to guide her path. It was amazing how she seemed to glow, even in the sunlight and yet, Elrohir could not look away. Her beauty was defiantly something rare to behold as it was so pure and innocent, something that many elves, even with all their grace and beauty, lacked. Perhaps that was just the nymph side of her that was making her seem so attractive to the elven party, pulling at their human blood and making it boil with lust. Elrohir closed his eyes and shook his head, trying to pull it out of the haze that it was in as he rubbed them with one of his hands and then ran it through his hair as he looked up just in time to see Amathion come up behind her and put her cloak on over her as Legolas was not far behind.

"Faeneth, control yourself." Amathion whispered as he pushed her hands out of the way and put her hood on before tying her cloak around her. Sighing, he shook his head and moved her hands again as she brought them up to try and take the cloak off.

"Faeneth, that's enough." Legolas said sternly as he stood in front of her and took her by the shoulders. Both of them whispering as the elven party below did not need to hear their conversation. "Stop letting the nymph control you, remember what mother taught you to control the urges." He looked her right in the eyes as he spoke to her, seeing that her eyes were glazed over as she was drawn into the forest and her nymphern heritage took over.

"Can you not here them, brother?" She asked as she blinked and smiled, looking around them. "They are singing, speaking to me. So many to touch, to learn from, to heal." She looked back to him and giggled, "And it's all to myself. You'll see, I will make this place even more beautiful than it is now. The trees will walk again." She gasped happily as she turned to her side in-between the two of them and placed a hand on Amathion's chest, "You will love it, you will see." She said as she looked back at her brother, "They are calling and I must answer, it is filled with so much light, no darkness." A sadden expression came over her face then as she thought about her home in Greenwood.

Legolas nodded his head, "Yes, home. Remember home, Faeneth. You already belong to a forest; Greenwood still needs you just as much as our people do." He said softly as he turned towards her and smiled, "Now calm down."

Faeneth bit her lip and shook her head, it was like coming out of a fog as her mind cleared and the voices of the forest subsided to whispers and she was able to think again. She took in a deep breath and brought a hand up to her cheek, feeling the warmth coming off of it in waves. Amathion rubbed her shoulders before making sure that her hood was secured on her head. "Keep this on for now until you are in the room they give you. That should keep you safe for now."

Faeneth could not help it as she rolled her eyes and sighed. She hated the cloak that she had to wear but it was for the best since if they were to pass humans they would become pretty much insane, at least those weak of mind and soul would. That was just how nymphs affected humans; it was why her people went into hiding so many years ago, to protect themselves from humans. It was also the reason why so many forest now a days lack spirit and warmth as it has slept for so long that it no longer remembers what it once was or what it could be once again.

Just like this forest, having been asleep for so long it was intoxicating to Faeneth as the forest welcomed her with opened arms. She felt so overwhelmed with emotions of both anger and happiness, it was a rather strange feeling to Faeneth as she was used to her home back in Greenwood where the nymphs roamed the forest freely and the trees were warm, patient and rather talkative for trees. Here, however, it was a different kind of warmth and patients that leaked from these trees, that underlying feeling of neglect and pain. Frowning softly, Faeneth let Amathion lead her back to the party and once there Legolas left their side to join Elladan once again who had moved his horse farther up to be with Glorfindel along with Elrohir on Glorfindel's other side. Faeneth smiled over at Glorfindel and Elrohir as they continued to ride on but no one questioned her as they continued deeper into the forest. Elrohir even avoided eye contact with her as they made their way closer to Rivendell.

An hour or so had passed when waterfalls filled Faeneth's ears and she perked up a bit as she lifted her hood slightly and looked out ahead as they came around a large rock and to the edge of a hill that over looked the valley of Rivendell. Faeneth's eyes sparkled as she took in the sight of the beautiful homes and waterfalls. Never in her life had Faeneth seen so much water at once and such grand waterfalls as well, for Greenwood was scarce when it came to water but here it was ever flowing and falling all around them. It almost looked as if the Rivendell was built on top of a waterfall as it over looked other smaller ones. Glorfindel urged his horse forward and soon they were making their way across the bridge and into the valley before the elves, who were waiting to greet them and welcome them back home. Amathion jumped down as well as Glorfindel who helped Faeneth off his horse, much to Amathion's frustration.

Faeneth looked around in amazement at how opened the place was as the elves all around her greeted old friends and other elves took the horses away to be washed and fed. Amathion remained silent next to her as her brother was just as absorbed as she was in the beauty of the place. Suddenly a hand was placed gently on her shoulder and she looked up to her side, turning slightly as she smiled up at Elrohir who returned the smile as the two locked eyes. "Welcome to Rivendell Faeneth and Legolas." He said as he looked over at her brother then took a slight bow as his brother came up and took them both in a large hug, to Legolas' and Faeneth's surprise. "Come on, we'll show you to your room." Elladan said as he let them go and motioned for them to follow them.

"Is there not some formal way of greeting first to be done?" Legolas asked as the three of them followed the twins up a flight of stairs that led them onto a bridge that had columns hold up the roof as a small water fall fell over it and into a small pond beneath them.

"Of course there is." Elladan began as Elrohir finished for him, "But that would just take too long and we know that you must be tired." They continued to follow the twins to a building that was found in the center of the village and then up a few flights of stairs before stopping in the middle of a hallway. "Here you are." Said Elrohir as he opened a door, "This is your room Faeneth." Faeneth smiled as she walked in and took in the living room then the bed in the back with thin white sheets blowing in the wind as they hung over the bed and the balcony that the wind was coming in from. She then walked over to a door that was on the side and poked her head through and then laughed as she saw Legolas walking into his room.

"Looks like I'll have to lock this door." She teased as she opened it completely and put her hands on her hips as she smiled over at her brother. Legolas laughed and shook his head, "You do that and I'll just get rid of the door completely." He smirked at her as she rolled her eyes before chuckling.

"This is your room as well, Amathion." Elladan said as he showed him a room on the other side of Faeneth's room. He did not say anything as he walked in and looked around before spying the door that connected their room together as well.

Faeneth tilted her head to the side, curiously, "Are all of your rooms put together?" She asked as she looked over at the twins.

"No, these three rooms used to be our rooms, back when the three of us did not mind sharing the space." Elrohir said, "We moved out of them though and they became guest rooms for those who were kin or did not mind having the doors connecting them."

"The one Legolas is staying in used to be Ro and my room and the one Amathion is staying in used to be Arwen's room. Your room, Faeneth, was our toy room that turned into a study before becoming a guest room." Elladan commented as they looked around the room, memories of their childhood coming to mind as they could see how the room used to be with their clothes and toys thrown all over the three rooms.

"For now, the three of you get some rest." Elrohir said, "Lunch will be served once the sun begins to descend the sky. So you have plenty of time to settle in and if you wish, Dan and I are just down the hall as well as Arwen. We will be happy to show you around if you are up for it." He smiled at them as he spoke before resting his gaze on Faeneth's, the hood making it a bit difficult to see her but with his elf eyes he could see her face clearly through the shadow her hood created.

"A tour around the place after lunch sounds good." Legolas said as he drew Elrohir's attention away from Faeneth. "For now I think a bit of rest will do us all good." He said with a smile as he motioned for Faeneth to go on and head into her room. Amathion took the hint and directed a protesting Faeneth back into her room and closed the door. "Can I speak to you, Elrohir?" Legolas asked and then looked between the twins, unable to tell them apart. "Alone?"

The twins looked at each other a bit confused as tension built between the three of them and Elrohir nodded his head, motioning for his brother to go ahead without him. Elrohir watched as his twin walked down the hall and then turned to look back at Legolas, whose smile had fallen into a thin line as he pressed his lips together and his jaw tightened a little. "Yes, Legolas? What did you wish to talk about?" He asked politely as his face became blank and his voice neutral.

"Do not give me that, Elrohir." Legolas said sharply, "Do not think that your subtle glances and touches have gone unnoticed by me or my brothers. Whatever lust for my sister is building up in you, you need to end it now. It is only the nymph you are drawn too, nothing more. I'll advice you to end it, or I will not hesitate to start a war protecting my sister. Do not pursue this anymore, for it will not be accepted by either of our people." He said lowly so that the others in the room behind him could not here then he turned around and went into Faeneth's guest room, her voice floating to Elrohir's ears as the door closed behind him and he took in the threat that was just given to him by Legolas, the last elf he had expected that from.

"Well now, that was rather rude of our future brother in law." Elladan's voice echoed through Elrohir's mind as he came back down the hallway. The twins took their leave from the halls and went to their rooms. "Did he really just threaten you, all because he thinks you have a crush on her?" Elladan asked astonished.

"They sure are protective of her. I guess I can understand though, she is their only sister." Elrohir smiled softly, "We can get the same way with Arwen at times."

Elladan snorted, "We don't go around making threats of starting wars." He was upset, and with good reason since the threat was uncalled for and rather rude since they had just welcomed them into their home with opened arms.

"Come," Elrohir said as he wrapped his arm around Elladan's shoulder, "Let us not worry about such things. He is only reacting the same way we would should someone we know nothing about seemed rather interested in our sister." Elrohir tried to reason with him but Elladan shook his head and did not respond as he was lost in thought. He had thought he had gotten to know Legolas fairly well after having been traveling with him for the past week but that had come out of know where. Elladan felt that his brother should be apologized to since he felt that the way Elrohir was treating Faeneth was not at all in anyway inappropriate. Then again he did know that they would one day marry, perhaps he should explain this to Legolas or would that only make things worse for Elrohir and Faeneth? Elladan shook his head and then parted ways with his brother as they went to their separate rooms to freshen up after their long journey.

Faeneth practically shoved both her brother and Amathion out of her room and locked her two side doors. She did not approve of the way they had departed with the twins, it was very rude and Faeneth knew that she would have to apologize to them when she saw them next but for now, she was going to enjoy what little peace she could have at the moment. Smiling, Faeneth walked out on the balcony and took in a deep breath as she closed her eyes as she listened to the trees around her. Then she opened her eyes and jumped onto the nearest tree branch, following the path the trees created for her as she raced through Rivendell unnoticed by the elves below and once she was about twenty minutes into the forest that surrounded Rivendell she stopped and dropped to the ground. She was standing in a small clearing as steam lifted into the air from the hot spring that was bordered by trees and a rather large rock. Faeneth stretched a bit before discarding her clothing and gently lowering herself into the spring, the hot water soothing her skin and relaxing her muscles as she sat down and sighed.

It had been too long since she could enjoy something as restful as this, just sitting and listening to the trees and animals all around her. She could see why this place was homely as it seemed to morph itself into the simple comforts that remind you of your home. A smile pulled at Faeneth's lips as she listened to the trees singing of times long ago. Faeneth hummed to herself as she listened to the trees, every now and then sinking under the water and holding her breath for a little while before coming back up for air.

I hear your voice on the wind

And I hear you call out my name

"Listen, my child," you say to me

"I am the voice of your history

Be not afraid, come follow me

Answer my call, and I'll set you free"

I am the voice in the wind and the pouring rain

I am the voice of your hunger and pain

I am the voice that always is calling you

I am the voice, I will remain

I am the voice in the fields when the summer's gone

The dance of the leaves when the autumn winds blow

Ne'er do I sleep thoughout all the cold winter long

I am the force that in springtime will grow

I am the voice of the past that will always be

Filled with my sorrow and blood in my fields

I am the voice of the future, bring me your peace

Bring me your peace, and my wounds, they will heal

I am the voice in the wind and the pouring rain

I am the voice of your hunger and pain

I am the voice that always is calling you

I am the voice

Dolneth raced through the halls as she quickly came to one of the twin's bedchambers. Quickly she knocked and tucked away a loose strand of black hair behind her ear just as one of the twins opened the door. She did not know which one it was but nor did she care; although a blush formed on her cheeks as she noted that he was without a shirt. "My Lord, I was hoping that you knew where Princess Faeneth may be. I went to check on her and see if she needed anything but she was not in her room and I've checked everywhere but no one has seen her. Prince Legolas and Amathion have already left to look for her, for they did not know she was missing either." She said breathlessly as she had been running around all of Rivendell trying to find Faeneth.

Elladan looked shocked as he listened to what Dolneth had to say and then looked over at his brother's door as it opened, Elrohir having heard as well. "Dolneth, stay in Faeneth's room in case she comes back before us. I'm sure she's just exploring out and about." Grabbing a shirt, Elladan threw it on and followed his brother down the hall. "I hope we can catch up to Legolas and Amathion before they stir up trouble." Elladan mumbled as Elrohir remained quiet next to him but the urgency in the way he was walking, told Elladan that his brother was thinking the same thing. As they made it to the gate, they stopped to talk with the guard who had seen the two wood elves racing out into the forest. The twins followed the direction the guards had sent them in and began to chase after Legolas and Amathion.

Faeneth sighed as she stretched out on the rock that she was drying out on, the warm sun beating down on her skin as she smiled to herself and listened to everything around her. Her muscles no longer ached and the layer of dirt that was on her skin was now gone. She felt refreshed and relaxed as she lied on the rock, the sun much warmer than that of Greenwood. Her ears twitched slightly as she felt the trees mood shifted slightly and they began to welcome an old friend back under their branches. Curiously, Faeneth opened her eyes and walked in the direction the trees were talking after getting dressed. Peeking out from behind a tree she watched as a party of men dressed in black rode upon their horses in the direction of Rivendell. Tilting her head to the side, Faeneth climbed up a tree and followed them for a little while but soon curiosity got the best from her and she lowered herself suddenly in front of the man who led them, hanging upside down as she looked at the man curiously, "Who are you?" She asked before dropped down in front of the party. The horses coming to a sudden stop, making them whine a little as the men looked around at each other in surprise to Faeneth's presence.

The leader held up his hand for silence and then smiled over at Faeneth, who put her hands on her hips as she stood standing before them. "I am Aranarth son of King Arvedui of the Rangers of the North. These are my men and also rangers of the north." He said as he motioned to his group of men back at Faeneth. "Who are you, my lady?"

Faeneth smiled back at him and nodded her head in greeting, "I am Faeneth daughter of King Thranduil of Greenwood the Great. What are rangers of the north? And why are you here?" She asked curiously and the men chuckled at her as they slide off their horses so that they may walk beside her on their way to Rivendell.

"We are here seeking refuge and time to heal," Aranarth said as he walked beside Faeneth, "We have travelled from a far distance and have been without food for many days now. My men are tired and we wish to rest here for a while before moving on and deciding our next plan. Rangers, as we call ourselves, are those who wish to protect others from evil and so we roam about the northern boarders and destroy any signs of evil that we can find." He smiled down at her and then looked back out at the road.

"I can get you to Rivendell." Faeneth said excitedly, having never been able to hold a conversation with a human before. She had seen them from afar but never this close before and she wanted to learn more about them. "And what you are doing is a very noble task and something to be very proud of. I'm sure all of Middle Earth is thankful to you and your men."

Aranarth smiled at Faeneth's innocent outlook on things and wish that what she said was true but it was by their own people that he was driven from his rightful thrown, which he hopped to claim back one day and preferably not by force. One of the younger men in the group, a boy just over the age nineteen, nervously placed his hand on Faeneth's shoulder to get her attention. Faeneth looked back over her shoulder towards him and smiled, waiting for him to say something but he could not get the words out as he lost his voice and he openly stared at Faeneth as he became lost in her soft glow. Suddenly, Faeneth reached up quickly as she caught an arrow that was headed straight for the boy right between the eyes. Broken from the trance, he gulped as he looked at the arrow and the men around them grouped together as they looked for the person who shot the arrow.

"Amathion, what is the meaning of this?" Faeneth said angrily as she walked in front of the group and Amathion jumped from the trees with Legolas not far behind him. "You could have killed him and you had no means for doing so either so do not even try to give me a lecture of why you were in the right to do so."

"And you know better than to go out on your own," Amathion shot back just as angry as Faeneth, "it is not safe out here on your own. You have already exposed yourself to men when you know the danger that can involve." He said as he slung Faeneth's hood over her as Faeneth began to fight back and try to take the cloak off.

"Faeneth," Legolas said as he walked over to her, "put your hood on, it is only for your safety." He was angry as well but it was more out of frustration than anything else as he should have seen this coming and should not have left Faeneth alone in the first place but he could not change the past so he was just going to have to deal with this situation and try to get Faeneth out of it as fast as possible.

"No!" Faeneth shouted as she stomped her foot like a spoiled child but as her foot hit the ground, the air between the trees shifted and became tense as the ground shook as the roots deep underneath them shifted, the trees moving slightly. The rangers looked around them in both worry and admirations as the trees moved but they remained close to each other should anything happen.

"What was that?" Elorhir's worried voice drifted over to them as the twins came running up along the path and met the party. "Is everyone alright?" Elladan questioned as they took in the scene before them and the tense air around them.

"Faeneth calm down." Legolas said as he walked closer to his sister while Amathion held her in place and keeping her from bolting into the trees.

"I know you're frustrated." Amathion said softly to her as he rubbed her arms, trying to get her to calm down. "It is not fair not being able to roam about and do what you want but you have to remember Faeneth you are not like everyone else and you must sometimes sacrifice things in order to keep others safe. That is after all the most important rule for a princess; she has to think about other's safety and what is best for her people." He spoke softly to her as he continued to rub her arms, knowing that it always had a calming effect on her.

Faeneth sighed as her shoulders slumped forward, the weight of Amathion's words falling heavily on her shoulders as he did not know just what she was sacrificing to make sure that her people remained in times of peace and happiness. She let Legolas lift her hood and place it over her head as she knew that Amathion was right. She was only going to make things harder for the humans who were here in search of rest. So with that in mind, Faeneth walked away from her brother and friend silently and walked up to Elrohir and wrapped her arms around his. "Take me back to my room, please." She spoke to him and him only as she was speaking through their minds, too tired and irritated with everything to muster up the strength to speak out loud.

Elrohir looked at her with a shocked face but then nodded his head as he began to lead her back to Rivendell. Legolas watched his sister go and moved to interfere between the two elves but stopped short as he looked down to see roots wrapped around his ankles keeping him in place. Glancing over at Amathion he saw that he was in the same position and the two elves cursed as they hacked at the unmoving roots. "Well, um, I am Aranarth son of King Arvedui of the Rangers of the North. These are my men and also rangers of the north. We seek refuge in Rivendell so that we may rest." Aranarth said as he bowed his head towards Elladan.

Elladan looked back at the group of men and smiled, "Of course, I'm sorry about what you just had to see but please follow me and I shall personally make sure that all of you are welcomed and given rooms to rest in." He motioned for them to follow him as he turned and walked away, not bothering to look over at Legolas or Amathion nor to help them as well.

Elrohir took a bite of his salad as he sat next to his twin and with his family and guest. He chewed on it slowly as he looked around and felt the awkward silence settle in between the wood elves and men. Aranarth sat next to Lord Elrond as he had welcomed the men with opened arms and offered a feast for tonight's dinner. Elrohir looked over at the meat that they had to capture with disgust as the men devoured it but was fairly shocked as he watched the woods elves eat it as well. Was their culture really that different? Why would any elf need to eat meat when they were built in such a way that they only needed plants to satisfy their needs?

Faeneth smiled over at Elrohir whom she was able to sit by, much to her brother's and Amathion's distaste. Arwen sat across from her and two elleths spoke a little throughout the dinner. "You should come cross stitch with me tomorrow. I can show you some of the teas that we have here." Arwen spoke very excitedly as she smiled over at Faeneth before taking a bite of her roasted vegetables.

Faeneth on the other hand raised an eyebrow at her, "I'm afraid I never learned how to cross stitch. When I was young I set a trap using the thread for my teacher and once she was ensnared in the string I ran off and practiced with my brothers instead. I never have had the patients for those things, plus I find them a bit pointless." She shrugged but smiled as she quickly added, "I'd love to see the tea though and we can walk through the gardens that you have here as well. How about that?"

Arwen frowned and became a little pale when she heard what happened to the last person who tried to teach her how to cross stitch but then laughed and nodded her head, "Alright, sounds wonderful. I look forward to tomorrow then."

"Hey, Legolas. Why are you eating meat?" Elladan asked as he looked over at Legolas' plate and saw the roasted deer meat on his it. Like his twin and pretty much everyone in the room except for Lord Elrond and Lady Celebrian.

"Because in Greenwood, edible plants are in short supply whereas animal meat is in abundance. So my people have just gotten use to animal meet as part of our daily diets." Legolas said as he shrugged himself and looked over at his sister as she popped a grape into her mouth.

"Plus, it is not all that bad taste wise," Faeneth added as she smiled at the Rivendell elves and rangers. "And the animal does not die in vain, we always use the whole animal and trade what is not used with the humans who are down the river from us."

"Where would that be, Princess Faeneth?" Aranarth asked as he smiled gently over at Faeneth. He was not familiar with Greenwood and never had he or his men ever ran into elves from the place either. So Aranarth was just as curious about them as Faeneth was of the rangers.

"I'm not sure what it called but I know the village lies between us and the Lonely Mountain where the dwarves live." Faeneth said thoughtfully as she tried to remember what the village was called. "Oh! Lake Town." She said as she looked over at her brother, "Right?"

Legolas nodded his head, "Yeah something like that." He was not interested in giving these rangers any answers about their home but Faeneth seemed more than willing to answer all their questions and ask even more in return. The dinner went well enough and it was not too long before everyone parted ways. Before the wood elves left, Elrohir got Faeneth's hand and held her back as she looked up at him curiously as he watched the other two continue to walk.

"I am sorry for how my brother had us depart earlier today." Faeneth said as she frowned up at Elrohir, their hands still intertwined as neither of them pulled away. "It was very rude of him and I don't know what came over him to have him act in such a way. He usually isn't so rude."

Elrohir smiled down at Faeneth, "It is alright. He just does not like the two of us getting so close." He spoke the truth, just not the whole truth since he did not wish to upset her by telling her about the threat her sister had given him. "I would like to show you a place in the forest I am sure you will love. Though it is only known to me and so I do not wish to show your brother or guard. When you can sneak away from them come find me and I'll take you there." He seemed to say all at once as he suddenly became nervous.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I did not realize you were having a private moment with someone." A voice drifted to the two of them and they looked away from each other to see the human boy from earlier. Suddenly the two of them realized just how close they were to each other and dropped each other's hand as Faeneth smiled over at the ranger, a blush forming on her cheeks.

"Not all, was there anything I could help you with?" She asked as she bit her lip slightly and glanced up at Elrohir as he looked at the boy in front of them.

"Well, I was not able to introduce myself earlier." He said before bowing, "I am Derek son of Killeen." He then paused as he seemed to be stuck on what he was going to say next.

"Very nice to meet you Derek." Faeneth said politely as she bowed her head towards him in a formal greeting. "Well if you two will excuse me. I really should be going to bed." She said quickly as she moved away from Elrohir, the knowledge of him being so close to her made her arms tingle as she felt his body heat against hers. Once in her room, Faeneth rested her head on her cool pillows and sighed as she cleared her mind and drifted to sleep.

Thunder roared throughout the sky as lighting raced down to the earth and lit the shadows to life. Animals remained in their dens as they comforted their young against the ranging storm but the young animals were not the only ones who were hiding away. Faeneth squealed as yet another roar of thunder shook the ground and lightening raced through the sky. She covered her ears with her hands as she lay underneath her bed, closing her eyes tightly. Never had she encountered such a storm, the dense trees of Greenwood having guarded them from such exposures. Her elven ears twitched slightly as a door creaked off to the side. She heard rushed footfalls as another roar of thunder filled the room and lightening lit Faeneth's eyes alight as she looked next to her to find not only her brother but Amathion too, as they hid under her bed while holding their eyes tightly closed.

"Are they usually this bad?" Faeneth asked as she looked over at the two of them, flinching as they heard thunder once again and the wind forced the trees to hit against the walls.

"I'm not sure but we decided to make sure you were alright." Legolas said as he gave her a sheepish smile and lighting lit the sky over them as the three of them clung to each other.

"Yeah, sure." Faeneth said as they remained holding onto each other and covering their sensitive ears to the loud thunder and piercing lighting. Once the storm was over, the sun was starting to rise and the three wood elves crawled out from under the bed as they sleepily fell onto the bed, somewhat shoving each other as they maneuver on the bed and got comfortable enough to fall asleep to the sounds of birds and elves singing together.